Saturday, September 17, 2011

7th period: Current event due 9/23

This week in C&E we will be bringing our study of the American Colonial Era to a close and gearing up for the Revolution! To prepare us for our study of the American Revolution, the current event topic this week is political change. Remember, a revolution is nothing more than a change. Find and then report on an article that deals with some type of political change or transition. You can focus on events here in the United States or look abroad.  Internationally, there are many uprisings and revolutions going on right now! Have a great week and happy hunting. I can't wait to read about your findings. :)


  1. Eric Reinstein
    Turkey predicts alliance with Egypt as regional anchors
    Anthony Shadid, New York Times
    September 18, 2011

    In Ankara, Turkey, in September of 2011, the foreign minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu, gave a speech in which he described his vision for a new Middle East, involving a democratic partnership between Turkey and Egypt which would create a true democracy, increase military power, improve the economy, and diminish American influence. He also blamed Israel and Syria for the problems in the Middle East, due to their isolation and unwillingness to help, and, as he phrased it, “breaking promises and lying to the government of Turkey”. He added that these dictators and their regimes think that they can control the protests forever, and they need to stop the cycle and work together, for once, to create a democracy.

    Though I do like the idea of these murderous dictators in the Middle East working together and making a democracy, this Turkish minister makes it sound like he wants a new world power. If they govern in the same, brutal style as today, a powerful network of countries that, in essence, blame America for their problems, and have the power to do something about it, this could be a major concern for countries like the US. I hope this doesn’t happen, but if it does, it will affect everyone in our nation.

  2. Jack Kleissler 7th Period
    Libya revolution filters slowly to desert towns
    Brent Jones, USA Today
    One of the largest revolutions in recent history is going on right now. The Libyan revolution began on February 15th after several peaceful protests were met while military opposition enforced by the Gaddafi Regime. Gaddafi had oppressed the Libyan people for years and they finally had enough. Regular citizens began a campaign to over throw Gaddafi and his followers and intend to hold democratic elections when the country is stable again. The fighting as slowed recently and it is now being fought town by town, slowly getting rid of Gaddafi supporters and moving in to take control of the country.

    This is an amazing thing happening in Libya today, people who are oppressed standing up for their rights. They have lived under the Gaddafi regime their whole lives and have known nothing but fear and oppression but they stand up for them selves peacefully at first and eventually have to turn to a military run revolution. I believe the UN made the right decision by aiding the rebels; they are standing up and promoting democracy and are over throwing an oppressive and corrupt government.

  3. Olivia Clayton 7th Period
    Obama hits new low in another poll --39%
    David Jackson, USA Today

    The 39% job rating is the beginning of a bad situation for the White House. Barack's job approval, favoribility and rating on economy have hit the low percentages of all times. This is the first time that the 52% disagreee with what he is doing in the office . But 9% of the people aren't really sure. A director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion says, " President Obama needs to reboot his presidency." -- "His GOP opponent could still provide him with running room.

    I'm not sure what Obama is doing in the office, but nothing is going wrong that I know of. I actually think he is doing a good job in the office. I wonder why he has received such a low percentage for his job approval, favoribility and rating on economy. If I had the chance to grade him on these topics, I would have! I personally think Obama deserved to get a higher percentage on these things. Overall, I think President Obama is doing a good job at his job and whatever he is doing in the office.

  4. Luke Ciocca
    Yemen cease-fire breached; 16 dead
    Brent Jones, USA Today
    Political turmoil has once again risen in Yemen. On September 21, 2011, Yemen government officials fired on a funeral as well as an occupied military base. The funeral was taking place for protestors that had died earlier in the year in protested of Yemen’s government. The government officials also fired on the 1st armored division military base in Sanaa that had mutinied in March. During this attack 16 people died and many other people were injured.

    This is very disturbing. During a period of time where relations in Yemen had seemed to have died down due to the cease-fire, tensions have risen up again. Hopefully these attacks don’t lead to a full out war in Yemen. The reason behind these attacks was the government officials fired snipers on active protestors as well as tried to reclaim the military base. There is a large fight over the Yemen capital and it may lead to tensions and unfortunately, maybe escalations in violence.

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  6. Kabir Kumar-Hardy 7th Period
    Blood of the Yemeni Revolution
    Hakim Almasmari, CNN

    Protesters in Yemen are calling for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to reseign. Yemen adds to list of revolutionary countries in the Middle East, however, their revolution may not be as successful as Egypt’s or Tanzania’s. 700 protesters were injured and many were killed by the Yemeni government in a three day conflict. Saleh is hiding in Saudi Arabia after protesters attacked his palace last June. The Red Cross has called for calm in Yemen and even Yemen’s own Vice-President wants to end the violence. The Government is not making a distinction between civilians and protesters, so no one is safe.
    The violence happening in Yemen is horrific and isn’t getting much airtime in America due to Obama’s jobs bill. I think the Red Cross needs to do more then just call for “calm”. The Red Cross and the UN need to get involved in Yemen; especially when so many lives are in danger.

  7. Aaron Smith/7th period
    Iraq Calls for Change of Syrian Regime/Michael S. Schmidt
    New York Times/ September 20, 2011
    For many months the Iraq government has been putting up with Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria, and finally they have had enough. Iraq recently sent a message to Assad requesting that he step down from his position. They feel that the people of Syria deserve to test out Democracy after the many years of a Tyranny. Recently the Iraqis seemed to be on Assad’s side and defending him. In June violence started to break out and the people were asked to stick to protests of peace while the government figures out what to do. Iraq is worried that if the Syrian government falls apart that violence will spread into Iraq and cause problems. Iraq seems willing to work with the United States and is opened to stop anything big from happening.
    After reading this I was very happy to see that they were finally doing something about the problems in Syria. Those people deserve to have a democracy and some freedom. I was also pleased to see that the United States are helping out and not forcing anything. Hopefully everything works out well and there is not too much chaos. The people of Syria deserve better.

  8. Jonah Horwitz 7th period
    Obama's 'Buffett Rule' to call for higher tax rate for millionaires
    Carrie Budoff Brown

    Saturday, the white house confirmed that President Barack Obama would propose a new high tax rate for millionaires called the “Buffet Rule”. This bill was named after the billionaire, Warren Buffet, who formerly criticized the fact that the rich pay a smaller portion of their income then middle class citizens. This new “Buffet Rule” will simply now make the rich pay more income in taxes than the middle- and working class. There are many positive things this proposal would include, for example, hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and defense programs.

    I think this is a very exceptional idea because if you have extra money to give away, why not pay more taxes. Any millionaire that disapproves this new proposal would be very greedy. This could make so much money for good cause like as I said Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Instead of rich guys spending money on vacations every weekend, maybe they could lend it to places and people in need in tax form. This could be a huge enhancement to our ecomomy.

  9. Juno Park 7th Period
    Republican shake-ups in Senate leadership
    Ted Barrett and Kevin Liptak 9/20/2011

    Earlier this month, Senator Lamar Alexander announced that he would be resigning from his current position as Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference. The news was spread through an email he sent to the other senators, the reason for his resignation being that he wanted to put his efforts into other pursuits in the senate. He will officially leave his post in January and will not be running again for the same job. When Alexander was asked if there was a certain reason for stepping down, he said, “No, it's just a recognition that in the United States Senate if you want to achieve a result you got to have 60 votes and that means you have to have 60 senators who have good credentials in their own caucus and are willing to work toward a result. I'd like to be one of those senators." When the spot opens up after Senator Lamar has left John Thune, the Senator of South Dakota, plans on running for his post. Although Alexander stated that he resigned simply because he wanted to be more involved, some of the more conservative members believe that he was not up to the job because he was to moderate. By January of next year there will be a new Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference.

    I think that this was a good move on Senator Lamar Alexander’s part that will benefit the rest of the party. If some members of the Senate have their doubts about him then there must be some small problem that is evident. Who knows more about his than the members of the Senate? In a leadership position you need someone driven and with an almost unrestrained want to succeed; this seems the opposite of someone who is considered “too moderate.” This connects to political change in a most literal sense as someone who has a top position in politics steps down and someone else will take his place.

  10. Jason Cohn Period 7 Clashes escalate in Yemen Erika Solomon and Mohammed Ghobari IOL News September 20, 2011

    In Yemen, many soldiers are opposed to Pesident Ali Abdullah Seleh. These soldiers exchanged fire with government troops in Sana’a on Monday. 28 people were killed and 54 in the last two days. These soldiers want a democracy and this has been going on for eight months. Children have been killed in the crossfire and many people think this will get worse. Saleh has ruled for 33 years and is now recovering from an assassination attempt. Yemeni Diplomats have a plan to get him to give up power.

    This is a really sad time for Yemen and I find it horrifying that this many people have been killed. I think it is ridiculous that it has gotten to the point where children have been killed. I hope that they can work it out soon and that Saleh steps down as ruler and lets the nation become democratic.

  11. Luthfi Bustillos 7th
    Anti-Gaddafi fighters take Sabha author unknown
    BBC news 9/22/2011

    Forces from Libya's new government have taken control of key city Sabha. This city controls the road that leads to niger. Soldiers have been celebrating for some time now. This means Anti-Gaddafi forces now control southern Libya. Gaddafi has been in hiding for some time. But the Anit-Gaddafi forces have been capturing more cities and are closer to victory. A new government is expected to be announced within ten days. Prime Minister al-Baghdadi was arrested after he entered Tunisia illegally.
    I think that this is great news for Libya. I think that now that they have control of southern Libya they
    now have more of a chance of taking all of Libya. I think that Gaddafi has done a horrible job in Libya and its good that they are making advances to take back Libya. If they take Libya back I think they can form a new government thay can be successful.

  12. Peter Norwood
    Rick Perry Florida Debate Performance Could Be Key Moment For Campaign
    Summary: In this article, Jason Cherkis and Jon Ward of The Huffington Post examine how tonight’s debate could hurt or help Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry. Nationally Rick Perry has been leading in polls, but Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has been gaining ground on him. In an earlier debate Perry called Social Security a ponzi scheme. This helped and hurt him at the same time. The far right and tea partiers praised the comment, but the more moderate Republicans thought the comment was too radical. Perry was also criticized for his decision to give all 11 and 12 year old girls in Texas a vaccine that prevents STDS and cervical cancer. Overall that comment also hurt him. This debate is even more important tonight because it is hosted by FOX. The writers predict that other candidates will go after Perry heavily tonight, another potential danger to the Governor.
    Response: The reason I chose this article is because it related to the topic of political change. Honestly whoever is the Republican nominee will have a hard time not beating President Obama in the upcoming election, so this is a major political change. I think Rick Perry will have a hard time looking good tonight. Everyone will be against him, and it is extremely hard to look good when everyone is bashing on you. I think that Perry’s unintelligence will override his speaking abilities and supposed good looks. The race will turn into Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul and we will see where it goes from there.

  13. Protesting this protest!
    Lying then or lying now?
    Recanted testimony PHOOEY.
    ~Bob Kaylor of Jackson, Georgia, protesting outside the prison holding Troy Davis.

    Americans are raging against the death penalty all over the U.S. after witnessing and hearing about the execution of Troy Davis, a supposedly innocent man, on Wednesday. While Casey Anthony, the mother deemed innocent of killing her own daughter, is offered a book deal, Troy is sentenced to be killed. The case has brought into question not only underlying racism but the death penalty itself and whether or not race is a factor of who is or is not sentenced to such a tragic ending.
    Troy Davis, a forty two year old African American man, was pronounced guilty and sentenced to death for murder charges claiming that he had murdered police officer Mark MacPhail. A total of thirty four witnesses claimed that Davis had indeed murdered the police officer, yet the evidence of the .38 caliber pistol Davis had used failed to show up in court and the evidence they used to back up their claims came from previous, smaller charges. Spencer Lawton, Troy Davis’ prosecutor, stated that the case withstood every legal challenge but could not win the opinion of the public. Davis was pronounced dead by early afternoon.
    According to the Death Penalty Information Center, only fifteen white defendants have been executed for the murder of black victims, but a total of two hundred and forty six African-Americans have been executed for killing white people. Those supporting Davis are in a riot, demanding that the capital punishment is re-examined in our country. Both former President Jimmy Carter and Pope Benedict XVI are among the voices against Davis’ lethal injection.
    “If one of our fellow citizens can be executed with so much doubt surrounding his guilt,” Carter writes, “then the death penalty system in our country is unjust and outdated. We hope this tragedy will spur us as a nation toward the total rejection of capital punishment.”

    I am outraged by this case. It is a complete shame to allow someone to die with so little information while other people are allowed to go off freely and live their lives for worse crimes. Troy Davis is a perfect example of this. On one side, I can understand why someone would prefer the death penalty versus a life in prison. It is fairly painless. You fall asleep and you do not wake up. But what if you are dying for unjust reasons? What if someone decided that they wanted to point their finger and say, “You’re next,” and BOOM, a statement becomes and idea and the idea spreads around until everyone is scapegoating you. The biggest issue is that the fact that Troy was suspected in murdering a police man makes the case ‘more important.’ Shoot a police man, and you’re going to be sentenced to death. What makes a police man more important than a student at Chapel Hill High School? What makes him or her more important than me or you or both of us? A death is a death. We all have hopes and dreams and breath and hearts that beat. The death penalty needs to be re-evaluated. Killing a man who could be innocent is wrong. What happened to, “Innocent until proven guilty?” Innocent until proven guilty.
    Tony Davis’ case was not proven.

    Published: September 22, 2011
    Article: America divided on death penalty, Troy Davis
    By: Writer at CNN (name not provided)

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  15. Kiara L. Luna / 7th period
    Lybia fighters put pressure on regime holdouts
    CNN Wire Staff
    September 20, 2011

    Troops loyal to the new leader of Lybia have been planning to attack cities that are being held by who are loyal to Gadhafi. Through an audio message said to be from the deposed Lybian leader it has been said that Gadhafi’s political system could not be overthrown, that it is a wonderful system. Forces loyal to the deposed leader are bringing nothing more than disaster to Bani Wallid. Troops on the side of Gadhafi are stealing from stores and leaving the people starving with no food. Gadhafi followers trying to join a revolution have killed big number of people trying to destroy the town before it can be liberated at last.

    I think that being liberated is the best thing that can happen in Lybia. It is obvious that Gadhafi does not care about the people. Innocents shouldn’t be victims due to this. It is sad how they kill men, women, and children trying to join this revolution.

  16. Brian Mack/ 7th Period
    Libya fighters put pressure on regime holdouts/ CNN Wire Staff September 20, 2011

    Libya’s people have come together to invade Bani Walid which is the hiding place for pro-Gadhafi loyalists. Gadhafi’s loyalists are taking the attempt of the invasion as a joke because they believe that since he has been ruling for such a long time it will be impossible for him to be overthrown. In Bani Walid, Gadhafi’s loyalists are going on a killing rampage of anyone trying to join the revolution against their beloved leader. The citizens of Bani Walid believe that it is Gadhafi’s final attempt of destroying the city before he becomes powerless. The anti-Gadhafi soldiers are bordering Bani Walid waiting for the signal to raid the town. The reason the NTC (National Transitional Council) hasn’t helped the revolutionists with Bani Walid is because they are more focused on Sirte which is another Gadhafi loyalists hideout, and they don’t want to be responsible for the deaths of innocent casualties. In Sirte over 20 NTC officials were killed by RPG shots when they attempted to liberate Gadhafi’s hometown.

    I believe that it’s great that the Libyan people are coming together to overthrow Gadhafi for the better of the country. Gadhafi has been in power far too long, and I believe that this revolution couldn’t come any later because he continues to slaughter his people. It’s inspiring to see what people can do when they come together, and rebel on what they believe needs to change.

  17. Oskar Marszalek/7th Period
    8 Months After First Protests, Yemen Enters Dangerous New Phase
    Robert F. Worth

    This article takes place in Yemen, another middle eastern state in which violent protests are taking place. The protests, analogous to those in Libya, aim to remove the long-term president Saleh from power. The article describes a recent turn of violent protests that seemingly arose from nowhere, after officials announced that a hand over of power was days away. Some believe that government officials allowed protesters to advance into an area the officials knew would lead to violence, in this case five deaths.

    I have the same opinion as others in that the protesters were political pawns by one of two Yemeni factions grasping for power. In Yemen and in the middle east in general, Martyrdom is revered, perhaps stemming from the country's roots as a conglomeration of tribes. Government officials clearly take advantage of the desire of protester's to die for their cause, and may have used this violence to slow down talks.

  18. Jeremy Howell
    7th 9-22-11
    Could No Child left behind be history

    CNN reports that on Friday, the President will make it known that he will look at states request to lower the standards that the No Child Left Behind bill put into place back in 2001. Since it has become a law, No child Left behind has been the cause of much argument in the academic community. Many believe that the law, which makes schools reach certain achievement levels in a certain amount of time, actually hurt students. This proclaimed review by the president could be the first step in abolishing the 10 year old law. Some say that with the law gone teachers will be able to focus more on the material and less on test scores.
    I think that repealing the law is a very good idea. Schools have become factories that, as Pink Floyd put, add “another brick in the wall.” Schools are moving further and further from what they should be doing, teaching the youth to think. We learn how to take a test, but we don’t learn apply what we learn to our lives. Students don’t know how to apply anything to their lives. So many students say about their math class is useless. Galileo said math was crucial to understanding the universe. Some say English is a waste of time, but it is in the stories written by authors such as Dickens (whom we do not read in high school, and that is a complete joke) that we learn how to survive and flourish in the harsh realities of life. School has become only about test scores with no child left behind, and that is putting every child at risk for the biggest test of all. Whether we will become great, or “another brick in the wall.”

  19. Salomon Ariza/7th period
    Libya military site yields possible radioactive material/ By the CNN Wire Staff
    September 22, 2011
    This article talks about how Anti-Gadhafi forces found possible radioactive material in a military base in Libya. This is crucial since nobody knows exactly what type of use the people at the base were going to use it for. In the past Gadhafi had oromised to take down his nuclear project however people are not really sure what happened. Focusing a little more on the revolution occurring, the NTC which are the new rulers of Libya are continuing to conquer more and more land. They do not plan to make a new government however until 3 specific cities in Libya are liberated and the borders are secured by Anti-Gadhafi officers. The government will include a prime minister who will decide how he wants to set up his council with the consent of the NTC
    I find this to be very interesting. I had never really imagined that countries had their government being overthrown during this time period. However I believe that if a government suppresses its people then the people have the right to overthrow it. I find it quite interesting, the emphasis on liberating 3 cities and protection of the country. I think it is so that the NTC has full support of its people and for when it come to a decision, then the people will accept it.

  20. Katie Alexander 7th Period
    Obama to propose new tax rate for millionaires
    CNN (Jessica Yellin) September 19, 2011

    On Sunday, White House officials reported that they are going to propose a new tax rate for people earning more than one million dollars a year. This tax rate will guarantee that millionaires pay the same percentage as middle-income Americans. This new tax rate is named the “Buffett Rule.” It is named after billionaire Warren Buffett, who voiced his disapproval that wealthy Americans do not pay their fair share of taxes. According to the White House officials, the Buffett Rule would impact only 0.3% of taxpayers, which is less than 450,000 people.
    I selected this article because I believe the “Buffett Rule” is a great proposal and will have immense political change. The “Buffett Rule” ensures a tax rate that would be the same for all Americans tax payers. I feel this important, because I believe that the United States values equality and fairness for all their citizens. Also, the “Buffett Rule” would increase the tax revenue, resulting in a way to pay off the enormous debt the US has.

  21. Sam Dunson
    period 7
    Challenger Michael Sata wins Zambia Presidential Election
    Published September 22, 2011
    Associated Press
    Zambia recently held its presidential elections and the opposing candidate Michael Sata beat the now former president and while become the new president of Zambia. Sata won with 1,150,045 votes, or 43 percent of the popular vote while president Rupiah Banda only had 961,796 votes, or 36.1 percent. There were eight other minor candidates also running for the presidency. This means that the Banda party, which has controlled the country for the last two decades has lost power and the patriotic front party, which Sata formed in 2001, has finally gained power of the country. Sata has run for president multiple other times, but has never been successful before. Sata and his supporters celebrated their victory, although in the past his supporters have rioted when he lost.
    I am glad that Michael Sata has won the zambian presidential election and a feel really good for him. I definitely deserves the win after all of the previous times he has lost and after all the hard work he put in over the last decade. I also find it very interesting that he created his own political party and that that party in now in control of the country. That is not a very common ocurence in most countries today. It also a good thing he won because he supporters would have rioted and caused violence if he had lost and that would have been very bad.

  22. Colin Schenk 7th period AU recognizes new Libyan leadership
    By the CNN Wire Staff
    updated 7:19 AM EST, Wed September 21, 2011

    On Wednesday the African union recognized the new Libyan government. This is just more bad news for the former Libyan leader, Moammar Gadhafi. Gadhafi has been on the run from the rebels for weeks now and is going from town to town being protected by his dwindling number of supporters. It took about two weeks but the AU and south Africa have finally welcomed the new government.
    I chose this article for two reasons. The first one is that this is the start of a new government in Libya and I think that most people don’t find that very important. After months of fighting the rebels have finally pushed Gadhafi out of power and are starting their own government. My second reason is that this ties in with what we are going to be learning! The colonists rebelled against England and eventually pushed them out just as the rebels did with Gadhafi.

  23. Zunzun Aung / 7th period
    By Hadeel Al-Shalchi - Associated Press
    updated 9/19/11

    On Monday, three cars road right into an ambush by Gadhafi forces on a street. Pro-Muammar Gaddafi fighters fired anti-aircraft guns at revolutionary forces holding the northern gate of a loyalist stronghold for a second day Monday, as frustration with weeks of halting advances grows among the former rebel ranks.
    Anti-Gaddafi forces have been massed outside Bani Walid since shortly after Libya's new rulers gained control of Tripoli and other parts of the country in August, leaving just a few major holdouts remaining loyal to the fugitive leader.

    I think this political change will affect a lot on the people of Libya. We're not sure if it's a good or bad kind of change but i choose this article because it is a change in politics of Libya. Also, it is similar to what we were learning in class about the The World, how the colonist are against Mother England and in the end the colonist got the new world that they deserved just like the rebels did with Gadhafi.

  24. Justus Heizer
    Zambia At Political Crossroads
    7th Period
    Zambia Lately has been in a crossroads of there politics. John Maxwell said "If we're growing, we are always going to be out of our comfort zone." What he is saying is that someone has to be brave and courageous and step out in-front of everyone and say what is on there mind. The government wants to change the roads so that there are more highways then just one. The People think that its a waste and that it wouldn't be helpful and plus in my opinion its a lot of expensive work and effort.
    The government should ask its people what they want. Also check the amount of money that it will cost to much could drive them into the ground or if it doesn't end up working a giant waste. This is is a crossroad like how in 1964 Zambia went against the British to get there independence. I just don't understand why the government wants to build another highway when they already have one. Why not just stay with the one you have?

  25. Cameron Baker
    NTC Begins Sunday, to discuss new, temporary government
    Published by CNN on 9/23/2011
    Period 7

    Libya’s National Transitional Council plans to hold an urgent meeting this Sunday to talk over forming a temporary government. Mohammed Nasaer is the head council member, and he claimed that the formation and structure gained by creating this government would be extremely beneficial to libya, but this doing this could take a week. His fellow members agreed with him that this new government was to include a premier, a vice premier, and 22 ministers. Word has been said that the formation of a Libyan government would not be announced until the anti-Gadhafi forces had the borders of the country under control, as well as liberated the three cities that are currently under loyalist control, those cities being Bani Walid, Sirte and Sabha. This is no simple task and could take up to one month. The NTC will expand as cities are liberated in order to give representation to all regions of the country. The council could have approximately 80 members by the end of this, and it currently has 43.

    I think that it is extremely good that there is finally some order in Libya, and that it's previous situation was hard to hear about. I think that the cities will be liberated as soon as possible, and that is mostly due to Libya's new found motivation. I hope the best for their new government run country, and think good things will come from this meeting.