Saturday, September 17, 2011

4th period: Current event due 9/23

This week in C&E we will be bringing our study of the American Colonial Era to a close and gearing up for the Revolution! To prepare us for our study of the American Revolution, the current event topic this week is political change. Remember, a revolution is nothing more than a change. Find and then report on an article that deals with some type of political change or transition. You can focus on events here in the United States or look abroad.  Internationally, there are many uprisings and revolutions going on right now! Have a great week and happy hunting. I can't wait to read about your findings. :)


  1. Nate M. Pd. 4
    Revolutionaries face fierce fight in Gadhafi's hometown
    By the CNN Wire Staff
    September 18, 2011 11:09 a.m. EDT

    Fierce fighting broke out in the city of Sirte, the birthplace of Gadhafi and home to his tribe. Moammar Gadhafi's forces put up stiff resistance again Saturday as revolutionaries fought to wrest control of the loyalist strongholds of Sirte and Bani Walid. At least eight anti-Gadhafi fighters were killed and 31 others were wounded.

    Looks like the loyalists are still putting up a fight against the rebels. But the anti-Gadhafi fighters are not alone, NATO forces are aiding them with air strikes and maintaining air superiority. The Civil War is far from over even with Gadhafi not in power. The outcome of this war is still unknown but all we can do is support the rebels and wait.

  2. Jill McLeod;Period 4
    Title:Obama's 'Buffett Rule' to call for higher tax rate for millionaires
    Author:Carrie Budoff Brown

    This Saturday, the White House confirmed Obama’s proposal towards higher tax rates for millionaires. The “Buffett Rule”, named after the investor Warren Buffett, will make the rich pay a larger portion of their income taxes than the average working and middle-class. Obama has hopes that this change in tax rates will help Congress create a plan which will lower debt by $1.9 trillion. This plan would also cause there to be billions of dollars in cuts towards Medicare, Medicaid, and defense programs. The raise in tax rates for millionaires is still undecided, but it will only affect .3 percent of taxpayers in America.

    I personally think that this is a great idea because if you have more money to contribute you should be giving to the government. The article states that “wages are taxed at a higher rate than investment income”, so if you’re making an average income with additional cash you are still taxed the same amount as people who might make half your annual income. This could be a big step towards lowering our debt rates, and hopefully it will show some major improvements in our economy as well.

  3. Alex Adams: Period 4
    “Libya fighters put pressure on regime holdouts”
    By CNN Wire Staff

    Summary: Libyan rebels have forced pro-Gadhafi forces into a few small holdouts in a few northern towns including Gadhafi’s hometown of Sirte. However for now, they have focused on Bani Walid, which has been under siege for a while now. Rebels claim that pro-Gadhafi forces have been killing men women, and children, who want to join the revolution. The revolutionaries have surrounded Bani Walid and are waiting for the call to attack. After the major attack on Bani Walid, they will turn their attention to the final stronghold of Sirte.
    Response: I think it’s amazing what a few people can do if they are passionate enough about a cause. These rebels are throwing out a terrible dictator just because it’s the right thing for their country. This story relates to what we’re doing in class because it’s a revolution that created America and now it’s a revolution that will create a free Libya.

  4. Jayson Williams
    Young Adults Make Gains in Health Insurance Coverage
    By: Kevin Sack
    New York Times
    September 21, 2011

    More and more young adults are now getting covered by insurance. There has been an increase in people aged 18 to 24 getting insured by private policies, last year the uninsured dropped 2 percent to 27.2 percent. More young adults are getting insurance from their parents because of a new law that was passed last year. In the past people were uninsured because of job loss from the recession, which made more and more young Americans unemployed and uninsured. Before this year people aged 18 to 21 had to get off of their parents plans after they left college, because of the Obama administration, but now people can wait until their 26th birthday. Before this year 18 to 24 year olds were the highest uninsured, but they have now seen an increase in rates. People who are married can still be on their parents health plan, however if they get a job with benefits they are dropped from the plan.

    This is such a great thing for young adult’s healthcare. Now young adults who are having a hard time looking for a job can have health insurance without worrying about their income. Since the job market has crashed quite a bit, its harder for young adults to get a job since they are inexperienced.

  5. Max LeMoine
    AU recognizes new Libyan leadership by CNN Wire Staff Wed. September 21, 2011

    The African Union has been keeping a close watch on Libya and its changing government. TH AU has promised to help the National Transition council work to make a better government. The South African President has led the AU meditation group to Libya and has also recognized the new leaders in the nation. Finally the new leader ship in Libya has been noted and they will have a close watch on them for along time.

    I think that the new government is great in Libya but I agree they need to be watched. Also I think that it is good for the to start to be included in more things so they feel like they can have a brand new start. In the end I like the way the AU is handling the change and government and I want to see where it goes next.

  6. Anna Baynes
    Yemen Protesters Take Base
    Ahmed Al-Haj and Hamza Hendawi
    The Herald -Sun
    Tuesday, September 20, 2011 (pA3)

    In Yemen, on the Monday, September 19th 2011, civilian protestors took control of a military base of the Republican Guards, an elite government force. Some of Yemen’s army, the 1st Armored Division, has broken off and is now helping the citizens of Yemen take control of the government. Protestors took over the military base without any weapons, using rocks and sticks. They also used sandbags for protection from gunfire. President Saleh’s soldiers did not fight back and just left. This victory could be the start of the end of Saleh’s 33 year rule of Yemen. Currently Saleh is in Saudi Arabia recovering from an attack in June. Previously, Yemen soldiers have been shooting at unarmed protestors. They also used snipers, antiaircraft guns, grenades, and mortars. At least 50 people have been killed and 1,000 are injured. This uprising has been going on for seven months. Now the final battle may be between the 1st Armored Division and the Republican Guards. The Republican guards are lead by Saleh’s son, Ahmed. Ahmed was expected to be the next president. What happens in Yemen is important because the country is unstable and al-Qaida could become very strong there.
    I think it is great that the Yemen people are rising against their government which has been corrupt for many years. The country is very poor and has a lot of political and economic problems. It helped that the 1st Armored Division broke off from the rest of the army and is fighting with the rebels. Unfortunately, many people have been killed and injured in the protests. Next week we will be learning about political upheaval. I am worried the uprising in Yemen may result in a civil war and conditions may get worse for the people.

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  8. Casey Molina
    US military milestone: end to ban on gay service
    WRAL news Wed. Sept. 21, 2011

    On Tuesday the United States military repealed the ban on gay military service. President Obama states that this ban forced members of our military to “lie about who they are.” The legal provision “don’t ask, don’t tell” was repealed and now gays are allowed to serve openly in the military. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen thinks that allowing gay service will make the military stronger , more tolerant and more honorable. Defense Leon Panetta has pledged to address the other issues concerning equal opportunity in the military such as women serving combat roles. Some military members believe that this acceptance will not be achieved as easily among fellow soldiers, however commanders believe rules can be enforced with enough persistence.

    This change in law has been met with celebration and criticism. I believe it is valuable to recognize the larger perspective. Whether one accepts homosexuality in the United States or not, there are people who are being prohibited from serving our country on account of their views. Each citizen of the United States has equal rights as stated in the constitution so each citizen should be allowed the honor of serving his or her own country. Besides doesn’t every citizen appreciate the military service? In this specific situation I believe too much emphasis is being put on the “gay” idea instead of the “military service” idea. After all acknowledging the fact that some of the soldiers are gay or lesbian does not mean that one has to agree with or support homosexuality. Also this act to create equal opportunity for a larger group of citizens is promising for future actions towards issues such as pay dependant on gender.

  9. Stefan Steiner 7th period
    Palestinian leader: Why our occupation must end now
    Mustafa Barghouthi CNN

    Palestine is under the occupation of Israel and has been for many years. Palestine will apply for a membership of the United Nations this week. This would secure freedom and statehood for the Palestinian government and would devalue the occupation for the Israelis. Palestine is pushing for political change. The United States is the only nation that will not accept the application for the UN at this point.
    The Israeli occupation is a terrible thing for the world that shows how many wrong things that some governments still do. The United States should not veto the bid and we should support the cause. After are, are we not a nation founded on the principles of democracy.

  10. Sean Dawson
    4th period
    “Obama's 'Buffett Rule' to call for higher tax rate for millionaires”
    By Carrie Budoff Brown

    Last week, President Obama announced that he was starting the “Buffett Rule,” which is a plan to have millionaires pay more taxes. This is the opposite of what the Republicans want. The name comes from a billionaire, Warren Buffett, who has always disagreed with the normal system. Since wages are taxed higher than investment income, lower and middle-class people are taxed more than the millionaires. Buffett agreed that that was not right. The “Buffett Rule” is supposedly going to save billions in cuts to companies like Medicare.
    I completely support what Obama is doing. If you are already rich, it is not the end of the world to pay a little extra in taxes. Why should lower-class people have to pay more than people who have more money? I’m curious to see how this new rule works out.

  11. Garrett Young-Wright Period 4
    Title:Aung San Suu Kyi sees signs of political change in Burma
    Author:Ian MacKinnon
    Source:The telegraph
    Date:Tuesday September 20

    Aung San Suu Kyi, who has won a Nobel Peace prize and is known as the face of democracy in Burma, says she sees things looking up politically for the country. Burma's military rule, which had been the rule for many years, ended last March when the military leaders gave power to an all civilian government. While military men clearly still have a grand effect on the government, Suu Kyi believes that these men are truly interested in making the nation of Burma more democratic. Last week, the Burmese government unblocked international websites that had been previously blocked from the view of its citizens. The government blocked sites such as bbc, youtube as well as any other site that could possibly contain any anti government information previously. Suu Kyi says that the Burmese people are far from free, but conditions are steadily improving.

    I think it is awesome that the there was a regime change in Burma. It seemed as if the old government, ruled by military men was very oppressive and did not allow its people complete freedom. It is unfortunate that the Burmese people were not allowed to go on any sites that were against the Burmese government. This seems unjust and unfair and I am glad that the rule was changed by the civilian government. As Burma becomes more democratic and listens to the people more, I think the people will respond better to any governmental demands.

  12. Sam Williams
    4th period
    Libya fighters put pressure on regime holdouts
    CNN 9/20/2011
    CNN wire staff
    Libyan forces of the new government are fighting against the last groups of Gadhafi supporters. Cities that are still held by loyalists of Gadhafi are being cleared out by the National Transitional Council, or NTC. The NTC forces have been besieging Gadhafi's hometown of Sirte and are planning an assault on Bani Walid, which is held by loyalists. Gadhafi loyalists have accused the NTC of taking the country by force and that the citizens do not support the new government. The NTC has accused supporters of mass killings of Libyans trying to join the revolution. Many NTC fighters have been injured in the streets of Sirte by rocket propelled grenades and could not fire back because of people in the way. Red Cross workers are nearby and ready to enter Sirte and Bani Walid but have not yet been able to.
    This article covers the change in government in Libya from Gadhafi's dictatorship to the NTC. Gadhafi has abdicated Libya and fled, but his supporters still fight against NTC forces. This period of political change is causing confusion and Red Cross workers are unable to enter areas where they are needed. I think the rebel fighters and NTC need to unify the country or drive out the loyalists quickly and establish a new government.

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  14. Gabrielle Pura period 4
    Title: Former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani assassinated
    Author: Laura King
    Source: Los Angeles Times
    Date: September 22, 2011

    On Tuesday of this week, a former president of Afghanistan, Burhanuddin Rabbani was assissinated in his own. His murder was caused by a member of the Taliban who supposedly had a bomb hidden in his turban. In this assissination, fatal victims included the half brother of the current Afghanistan president, and four of Rabbani’s bodyguards. The injured included a member of the High Peace council. The timing of this assissination occured before the current president Hamid Karzai and resident Obama discussed the reduction of U.S troops in Afghanistan. Even with the tragic event that happened, Karzai still plans to have U.S troop numbers decrease in the following year.
    This news article has a common feature compared to other Afghanistan articles. The common feature they share is the assissination of a political figure. Rabbani’s death stands out because of the involvement of the Taliban whom he tried to negotiate with during his presidential reign in the 1990’s. Since Taliban forces are getting wider, stronger and more violent, it is concerning if Afghanistan will begin to split. This is an unsure idea according to a news article of The Week ( but in my opinion, it may be likely that this event may happen later in the years especially since the Taliban are dominating the largest ethnic group of Afghanistan and when they are rebelling and harming the government.

  15. Caroline Stanton
    Rep. Vos cites cost, political motivation in his effort to change recall rules

    A republican representative from Rochester: Robin Vos is trying to ratify the constitution. He wants to put stricter limits on recall elections. He says that there would be many benefits in doing so, cost effectiveness and fairness in when it is used. He claims that this was supposed to be used by the citizens to take a stand, but has now been used by the government for political purposes. According to Vos the recalls in the past have taken money away from important things people depend on, the past nine recalls have taken taxpayers money that could have been spent more effectively.

    This story is important because it shows how our government works, that the representatives are having issues. It discusses the issue of money and how we don't have money to spare with the recession going on. This is related to what we are learning in class because it deals with ratifying constitution like during the colonial era and the revolution.

  16. Justine Lockhart--period 4
    Young adults gain health insurance under new law
    By: Washington Post
    September 21, 2011

    Since our U.S. president, Barack Obama has passed the law of health insurance in 2010, about 1 million more young adults have gotten health insurance. The health insurance law that was passed was to allow children to stay on their parents' health plan until they're 26 years old. This is necessary, because so many young adults weren't receiving health insurance. Young adults spend thousands of dollars to go to college and often can't afford health insurance. From recent statistics and polls, it became a realization that the health law really has helped so many people.

    I think that this health law benefits so many young adults, I support it fully. You never know when something bad will happen to you that will require health insurance. With children being able to stay on their parents' health plan until age 26, lives are being saved and insurance companies are probably getting more business too.

  17. Casey Mickunas Period 4
    CNN Wire Staff 9/20/11

    Rebels in Libya move in on the city of Bani Walid to take it over as it is one of Gadhafi's last strongholds in the country. Anti-Gadhafi forces surround the city and are planning a final siege. Gadhafi's forces are staving the city and killing anyone inside who wants to join the rebellion; including men, women, and children. Gadhafi forces are firing into crowds of citizens to kill or injure rebels within the area. The rebels refuse to fire back in fear of killing any civilians in the area.

    I think this is an important event in the current world. Libya is finally getting rid of there dictator, and starting a new government. I do think though that the new government will need to be watched closely so they do not become an anarchy, or terrorists take control of the country.

  18. Shelby Casabura
    4th period
    African Union Ready to Help Libya Build Democracy
    By: Peter Clottey September 22, 2011

    After the rule of Moammar Gadhafi the African Union is trying to rebuild the Libya. They are ready to start to build a democratic society they hope the international community will join in and help Libya start to build there democracy. Last month the head of states from the African Union meet to decide how join the country back together. After they say they are almost close to a resolution, but other saying it’s going to be a hard task to bring the war torn country together after Gadhafi. The African Union has many experiences with countries in Africa recovering from civil war in building democratic institutions which seems bright for Libya.
    My opinion on this situation is that it has been going on to long and Libya need someone good to step in a fix what has been done wrong. With all the experiences the African Union has with war torn countries. They should know who to add to the government to balance what the citizen of Libya need.

  19. Annie Wilcosky/ Period 4
    Libya conflict: Anti-Gaddafi fighters take Sabha/ no stated author
    September 22, 2011

    With much celebration, anti-Gaddafi fighters have recently gained control of Sabha in southern Libya.
    As it was one of the last of Gaddafi's strongholds, this is an important victory for Libyan forces. Reports indicate that there could be snipers loyal to Gaddafi still located in the city, but almost all resistance has been swept out. Sabha is strategically located on the main road to Niger, and is the largest Libyan city in the Sahara desert. Although Sabha was indicated to be a possible hiding place for Gaddafi, no intelligence has been gained so far as to his whereabouts.

    This capture is an important development. In addition to closing in on Gaddafi, the takeover of the city was crucial in stopping other former government leaders from escaping; the roads to Tunisia, Chad, Egypt, and Sudan have already been controlled for some time by anti-Gaddafi forces. Until now, Sabha was one of the last escape routes for Gaddafi loyalists fleeing the country. This event marks another victory for forces loyal to Libya's new government.

  20. Charles Wang / 4th Period
    Road to GOP nomination rolls through Florida / Paul Steinhauser / September 22, 2011
    The Republican presidential candidates are debating in Florida where they will be able to show who the best nominee is. They will be debating in Florida because it is a state that has a big impact on electing in the 2012 GOP’s runner for president. Here when they debate, they will show the people who are able to bring them the most change and things they want for the nation as a whole. The debate is expected to have a very long battle over Social Security because there are a very large number of senior citizens. Florida is also has a very big impact in the battle for the GOP nomination because it is expected to vote early and should be a very important place for the Republican nominee. These debates are very important as it will be who the Republican nominee for the GOP is.

    I feel that this will be very important for America that these people are debating because it shows their interests in the public. It also shows what they will do later when they are the Republican nominee for the GOP. This shows the voters which nominees care about their wellness and being and which do not care that much about it. It is very intense for the debaters to make a good impression on the people in order to get their vote especially since Florida is very crucial. This does not relate to anything we are studying in class because Florida was not one of the first thirteen colonies and I think it was settled by Spain. I also do not have any questions or concerns about this current event.

  21. Hannah Hodge/ 4th Period
    Yemeni President returns home/ the CNN Wire Staff

    The president of Yemen has returned to his positions in Yemen although many people in Yemen want him out of government. He was away for three months on a medical leave after attacks on his palace in June after ruling for 33 years. He has been in treatment in Saudi Arabia and was not welcomed home by all of the Yemenis people, having been attacked by some of the many protestors of him and his government. Upon Saleh’s arrival, the military shot off tanks to celebrate and it attracted supporters of Saleh in Sanna. There have been protests in Yemen against the government and anti-government forces had fought with the Republican guard earlier on the day of his return in the capital. There is a sense of upheaval and uncertainty in Yemen. Many suspected Saleh would name his son in charge of Yemen but he returned and is considering writing a new constitution to implement a monarchy. Many government and military officials are quitting and protests are on going with 200 dead and over a thousand hurt.

    I think that Saleh has truly abused his power and is hurting the country of Yemen. Over and over we hear the Yeminis people demanding a new leader and government. Protestors are insistent on change. I think that Saleh has to step down. He is being asked to step down by his people and his country is in turmoil. If it was me, I would want to fix my country but I would know that true change couldn’t come about without the support of the citizens. I hope that these protests, inspired by those in Egypt, effect a very needed change in Yemen’s government and politics. People want Saleh out and they are expressing these wants against brutal government force. I think their stand is admirable and it’s my hope that Yemen has a turn around in the months to come.

  22. Danielle Bailey Pd 4
    September 22, 2011
    Toronto Restricts Sales of Cats and Dogs
    Dan Karpenchuck

    Toronto recently had a unaimolesly vote about pet shops selling dogs and cats in their store. They decided to vote on this, after they found out about the Quebec puppy mill that held over 500 puppies. This was thought to be one of the largest cases of animal cruelty. All of the animals now are in a humane society suffering from skin and repertory problems. Now animal shelters can’t sell dogs or cats unless there from the animal shelter. Many animal activist hopes this law will carry on around the world.
    This law has been good for some people and some don’t like it! The animal activist love this law because no animals will be getting harmed anymore, and some people are upset because they cant by puppies from their local pet stores. I think the law didn’t have to band them from selling them at all; they could’ve just restricted it a little bit. Saying that there would be check ups on the animal, every blank times a week. I understand that there trying to help the animals but I don’t think everyone is going to hurt cute little kittens and puppies!

  23. Maddie Mesaros

    Period 4

    Title: Politics takes priority in Obama's deficit plan

    Author: USA Today

    Source: USA Today

    Date: September 19, 2011


    President Obama is starting to really pick up his act in the white house. Him, as well as
    everyone else in the nation, knows very well that the 2012 elections are just around the corner.
    President Obama decided to try to make a new plan in which wealthier Americans would pay
    higher taxes. USA Today’s writer includes that the economy is dangerously weak and the
    Congressional Budget Office predicts that it will add another half a trillion dollars to the debt of
    our country over the next ten years. With Obama’s new plan of cutting Medicare costs in half a
    percent above the rate of economic growth, it would be a helpful start at getting the country’s
    extreme debt under control.

    Personally, I believe that they are going about this the wrong way. Yes Obama’s plan
    could give America a good push towards no more debt but wealthy Americans work towards
    what they have. They already have a lot to pay with personal finances. Raising taxes on them
    alone is a little unfair towards the people that worked hard for it. We haven’t really covered
    this in class yet considering we are still focusing on the Colonies but this subject is coming up
    soon. I don’t think I can relate this to myself personally yet because I’m still trying to
    understand our government and the state of our economy. What I would like to know is how
    the debt even began. What did we do that made us owe so much money?

  24. This is from Marc O.
    In South Carolina, Perry and Romney Lead the Pack
    Gabriella Schwarz
    September 20th, 2011

    Rick Perry is only slightly ahead of Mitt Romney in South Carolina’s latest GOP poll. The University of
    Winthrop poll says that Perry leads with 30.5% compared to Romney’s 27.3%. They are followed by
    Herman Cain with 7.7%, Sarah Palin with 5.8%, and Newt Gingrich with 5.3. The other candidates did
    not reach 5%. When asked who they thought would win regardless of who they voted for, Perry still had
    the advantage. About 60% of voters said it was better to vote for someone who matches their beliefs
    while about 30% said they would vote for the candidates that they thought had the best chance to beat
    Obama. A lot of the voters described Obama as a socialist. A lot of voters also thought that he is Muslim
    and that he was born in another country. But he was actually born in Hawaii.

    Even though I am not a republican, I found this article interesting because 1. I didn’t know what GOP
    meant and 2. I was surprised that Palin was so far back in the voting. I did find out that GOP means
    Grand Old Party. I was surprised about Palin because she was elected as McCain’s VP so shouldn’t she
    be pretty popular? I found it good that most of the republicans were voting for whom they liked the best
    and not for which candidate they thought had the best chance of overthrowing Obama. I did not like
    though, that a lot of voters criticized Obama for being born in another country when he was definitely
    born in Hawaii.

  25. Desaree Johnson
    4th Period
    “Obama's 'Buffett Rule' to call for higher tax rate for millionaires”
    By Carrie Budoff Brown

    On Saturday , The White House annouced that President Obama wants to propose a new higher tax rate for millionaires . This will help the Democratic base but will also most likely bring opposition from the Rpublicans . Obama will call it the “ Buffett Rule” inspired by Warren Buffett a billionaire investor . The billionaire has critized that system that allows the rich to pay a smaller amount of their income taxes than middle and working-class Americans . This new tax that Obama is going to include will be in place starting Monday . This is his last effort to guide the Congress to a plan that lowers the debt by $1.9 trillion by both spending cuts and new tax revenue . The proposal is expected to include hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and other helpful programs, as well as a call on Congress to overhaul the Tax Code. The proposal is going to revive the progressive base , which has wanted Obama to make more of a distinct contrast with the Republican party for defending tax breaks for the wealthy .

    I agree with this proposal because I thought it was ridculous how the rich didn’t get taxes as much as normal Americans . They are the ones with the most money so they should be that ones that have to give away more . Besides this is only going to help our country get out of debt faster . I think Obama is a really smart man . If the Republicans don’t like it then oh well !

  26. Desaree Johnson
    4th Period
    “Obama's 'Buffett Rule' to call for higher tax rate for millionaires”
    By Carrie Budoff Brown

    On Saturday , The White House annouced that President Obama wants to propose a new higher tax rate for millionaires . This will help the Democratic base but will also most likely bring opposition from the Rpublicans . Obama will call it the “ Buffett Rule” inspired by Warren Buffett a billionaire investor . The billionaire has critized that system that allows the rich to pay a smaller amount of their income taxes than middle and working-class Americans . This new tax that Obama is going to include will be in place starting Monday . This is his last effort to guide the Congress to a plan that lowers the debt by $1.9 trillion by both spending cuts and new tax revenue . The proposal is expected to include hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and other helpful programs, as well as a call on Congress to overhaul the Tax Code. The proposal is going to revive the progressive base , which has wanted Obama to make more of a distinct contrast with the Republican party for defending tax breaks for the wealthy .

    I agree with this proposal because I thought it was ridculous how the rich didn’t get taxes as much as normal Americans . They are the ones with the most money so they should be that ones that have to give away more . Besides this is only going to help our country get out of debt faster . I think Obama is a really smart man . If the Republicans don’t like it then oh well !

  27. Diego Lewis, Period 4
    Title: "No More Special Last Meals For Death Row Inmates In Texas"
    Mark Memmott

    This article is actually a bit humorous. Texas has a traditional practice where inmates on death row get one last meal of their choice before being executed. White supremacist Lawrence Brewer asked for "a triple-meat bacon cheeseburger, three fajitas, one pound of barbecue and a half loaf of white bread, pizza meat lover's special, one pint of 'homemade vanilla' Blue Bell ice cream, one slab of peanut butter fudge with crushed peanuts and three root beers." Worst of all, he didn't even touch it before being executed. Texas officials have decided that this tradition is not worth keeping anymore, and have ended the practice of serving one last meal to the inmates.

    You have to think on both sides of this argument. The man was clearly upset with his sentence, and did anything in his power to get back at the authorities. I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing in his position. Then again, it is not right to ask for so much food, just to throw it all away. Honestly I think temptation would give and I would scarf it all down.

  28. Eli Grobin, 4th Period
    "Obama allowing states to opt out of educational reform requirements”
    CNN Wire Staff

    This article talks about how Obama is allowing states to not meet the
    requirements set out by the No Child Left Behind Bill of 2001. It
    states, vaguely, what No Child Left Behind really requires and the
    penalties states face for not meeting them. The article also goes on
    to say that Obama is not completely getting rid of it. Obama has
    given states the option to say that they don’t want to have to meet
    the No Child Left Behind requirements. However, The President is not
    getting rid of accountability; if States opt out they have to meet a
    different set of requirements. Also Teachers and Principals would be
    held to a new sense of accountability.

    I like this policy as I think it will increase education standards.
    The No Child Left Behind Bill made states teach to the test. It also
    prevented students who would already pass the test from learning.
    Teachers focused so much on getting the bottom 5 percent to pass that
    everyone else wasn’t learning anything. Also this new policy will
    allow for teachers who are good to be rewarded better. With No Child
    Left Behind states would only be granted funding based on an overall
    pass rate. There could be a great school that gets shut down just
    because the rest of the state sucks. I really like this new policy
    and I’m glad Obama is finally doing something about out education.

  29. Nakeisha/ 4th period
    The Revolutionary unity tested as Libya’s ex-rebels face setbacks/Hannah Allam
    The Kansas City Star/Tueday,September 20, 2011

    The movement with the military and political setback in the struggle to the rest of Libya from Moammar Gadhafi loyalist. On Tuesday rebels showed an escape route to the neighboring Niger if it’s not cut off. Former rebels attacked Gadhafi family compound in Tripoli where Gadhafi members stayed for the weeks. The death and arrest of Gadhafi would make the revolutionary forces Morales boost and persuade the rest to surrender. On Tuesday the council chairman met privately with president Obama in NY to talk about United Nations helping to work toward National Reconciliation and democracy.

    The civilians volunteer such as women’s an association and restaurateurs send to the battleship often and the fighters don't get paid. I feel bad for the fighters and I can relate because my uncle had an uncle who was a fighter in Egypt and they didn't get this enough food to make it though the day and he wasn't getting paid. I know the fighters were excited when Gadhafi died but they had to be extra careful.

  30. Jamella Smith p.4
    Obama's "Buffett tax" roils Congress tax debate
    Richard Cowen
    September 22, 2011 6:50 p.m

    When Senator Charles Schumer urged action to raise taxes on the rich people like Warren Buffett -- he expected to face Republican opposition. But this senator is also getting a tepid response from some fellow Democrats. The "Buffett rule" plan floated by President Barack Obama to raise taxes on those making more than $1 million a year. Some Democrats say if there is to be a higher tax on the rich to reduce budget deficits or help pay for Obama's $447 billion job creation plan; it possibly should be aimed at those individuals making $200,000 a year, not just those in the $1 million category.

    In my opinion President Obama has some interesting ideas; he just never gets the support needed to enforce them. The Buffett Bill is causing a revolutionary uproar and a serious political change! The rich people don’t want to give up their money, because they feel I worked hard to get where I am, why do I have to pay more because these people didn’t invest in their future as I did? I totally agree…. But I also feel like people that make more than $1 million a year should pay more, because they make MORE!

  31. Connor Smith, Period Four
    Title: Libya military site yields possible radioactive material
    By the CNN Wire Staff

    Amidst all the political turmoil in Libya, rebels have stumbled across a radioactive military base. The base has thousands of barrels and bags filled with radioactive material. There is no known reason for the barrels, or the bags, and has been no knowledge of the contents of the base previously. There has been speculation that this material was to be used in the development of nuclear weapons, despite the promises to dismantle the nuclear program by Moammar Gadhafi. There are still searches being done to discover the purpose of the site.

    This is important to the justification of the revolution in Libya, because it shows the distrust between the government and its people. The secret nuclear base has proved the corruption of the Libyan government and its former leader. I think in a small way this can be compared to the high tax and constant opression of colonial America.

  32. Laura Buczek/Period 4
    Obama unveils plans to cut US deficit/BBC

    BBC/ 9.19.11

    Obama said that “if the US did not act now, the burden of debt would fall on future generations.” This
    quickly came to action when president Obama proposed cuts to healthcare benefits but said that the
    wealthy and businesses have to pay higher taxes. His new plan is expected to save more than 1.9 trillion
    over a decade. This could pay for his plan to boost jobs, and half would come from the tax increases.
    Obama believes that the middle class shouldn’t have to pay higher taxes than the wealthy so he suggested
    a “Buffet rule” to even out the payment of taxes to all Americans.

    I agree with Obama’s decision. I think the Buffet rule is a great and fair idea. Middle class Americans
    shouldn’t have to pay different taxes than those wealthier. I think the fact that Obama said that it can
    save almost 2 trillion dollars over the decade makes it an even better idea because it could improve our

  33. Laura Buczek/period 4

    Ministers to Consult on 80mph motorway speed limit/BBC

    BBC News/September 29th, 2011

    Due to improved motoring technology in the United Kingdom, a higher speed limit is desired on the highways. The Department of Transport said that 49% of drivers go over the current 70mph speed limit therefore the limit should be increased to 80. As a result of improved technology, more than a 75% drop was seen in the ones who died in accidents on British roads since the new 70mph speed limit was introduced. Enormous economic benefits are seen if the speed limit were to be increased to 80mph. The speed limit of 70mph was introduced to the highways of England and Wales in 1965 and ultimately, the desire to increase it to 80mph is very high.

    I think that this is not a good idea. Although this is a new idea that may seem beneficial to the economy I don’t think that it will do anything to decrease the number of accidents on the highways. In a way increasing the speed limit seems more dangerous to me. Just because statistics show that 49% of people go over the limit anyway shouldn’t call for such a change, especially since the people will probably go over the limit once it’s increased anyway. New car technology does not necessarily mean that people are safer drivers, personally I don’t see this as beneficial to anyone in the United Kingdom.