Monday, May 30, 2011

Bonus: End of the year reflecting...

By answering this prompt, you can earn up to three points of extra credit (they will be added onto your lowest grade in 4th quarter). 

What was your favorite TOPIC that we learned about this year? Why?

What was your favorite WAY to learn? Why?

If you could change anything about this year in Honors C&E, what would it be? Why?

Do you have any additional comments about the class?

Thanks for a great year. You all did very well on the EOC and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching you! Have a wonderful summer and please come back and see me next year. :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time to review! Play some games!

Check out these links to review for the EOC. Copy and paste the URL for a game that covers something that you need to review and get to work! Remember, this test counts for 25% of your grade and could REALLY improve your overall average for the class. Prepare yourself and you will do well. :)

Goal 1 Foundations of the American Political System 
Fundamental Principles Matching 

Fundamental Principles Millionaire 

Early Documents and Principles Matching 

Foundations of Government Matching 

Fundamental Principles Flashcards 
Constitutional Government Millionaire 
Citizenship Crossword 

Federalism - Fling the Teacher 

Government Match Up 

Preamble Match 

Foundations of American Government – Penalty Shootout 

Foundations of American Government – Walk the Plank 

Goal 2 American Government 

Government 101 Flashcards 

Duties of Government Flashcards 

Federalism – Penalty Shootout 

State and Local Government – Fling the Teacher 

Branches of Government – Walk the Plank 

Branches of Government – Penalty Shootout 2 

Branches of Government – Grade or No Grade 

Goal 3  North Carolina State and Local Governments 

State and Local Government – Fling the Teacher 

State and Local Government – Grade or No Grade 

Goal 4 Roles of Citizens 
Political Parties – Walk the Plank 

Political Parties – Hoop Shoot 

Political Parties – Penalty Shootout 
Political Parties – Fling the Teacher 

Goal 6 Enactment, Implementation, and Enforcement of Laws 
Law – Grade or No Grade 

Law – Fling the Teacher 

Law – Penalty Shootout 

Law – Walk the Plank 

Goal 7  Economic Choices 
Economics Millionaire 
Basic Economics - Fling the Teacher 
Basic Economics – Hoop Shoot 
Basic Economics – Grade or No Grade 

Basic Economics – Walk the Plank 
Basic Economics – Penalty Shootout 
Economics Crossword 

Mini Quiz (True/False) 

Goal 8 The Economic System of the United States 
Economics Systems Flashcards 

Economics Systems Matching 

Types of Businesses Flash Cards 

Types of Businesses Millionaire 
Types of Businesses - Fling the Teacher 

Government and the Economy Flashcards 
Types of Businesses – Hoop Shoot 

Types of Businesses – Grade or No Grade 

Goal 9 Factors That Influence the United States Economy 
Influences on the US Economy – Grade or No Grade 

Influences on the US Economy – Hoop Shoot 

Influences on the US Economy – Multiple Choice Quiz 

Influences on the US Economy – Penalty Shootout 
Government and the Economy – Fling the Teacher 
Government and the Economy – Grade or No Grade 
Government and the Economy – Hoop Shoot 

Government and the Economy – Penalty Shootout 

Government and the Economy – Walk the Plank 

Review Questions

Sample Questions by Goal 

DPI Sample Test Questions 

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Sadly for me (maybe not so much for you), this is your last required current event posting of the year. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your current events from week to week and will truly miss hearing your perspectives. I hope that you have a learned a little bit about the world, yourself and your classmates along the way...I know that I have. Thanks for the insight, C&E. For your last posting, the topic is your choice. Finish strong! :)