Monday, May 30, 2011

Bonus: End of the year reflecting...

By answering this prompt, you can earn up to three points of extra credit (they will be added onto your lowest grade in 4th quarter). 

What was your favorite TOPIC that we learned about this year? Why?

What was your favorite WAY to learn? Why?

If you could change anything about this year in Honors C&E, what would it be? Why?

Do you have any additional comments about the class?

Thanks for a great year. You all did very well on the EOC and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching you! Have a wonderful summer and please come back and see me next year. :)


  1. 1)Colonies; it was interesting to learn about the foundations of our government.
    2)Simulations; it was a more interactive way for us to learn concepts.
    3)More simulations ^
    4)Wonderful class :)))))))))))))

    jenny vaughn
    period 6

  2. 1) The economics part of it because one day I'll really be able to use that
    2) Simulations, it was an unique way to learn a topic and it was very helpful
    3) I liked all the different and creative things we did in your class other than take notes.
    4)Nope, fun class

  3. Leila Doerfer
    Period 6

    1. juvenile crime and watching the movie, "When Kids Get Life." I'm not really sure why i liked it so much it was just a really interesting unit.
    2. My favorite way to learn was talking about things as a class. I liked all the group activities that we did throughout the year as well. It was easier for me to learn when i could talk with other people about the material we were learning.
    3. I can't think of anything that i would change about Civics and Economics.
    4. Thank you so much for being such a great teacher i learned a lot from you this year :)

  4. Maria Yao, 6th
    1. The Judicial Branch; I enjoyed watching "Law and Order" and the "When Kids Get Life" film. Overall, it was a very engaging topic.
    2. I liked playing review games like bingo. It made reviewing for tests a lot more fun than usual.
    3. Probably doing the same current event topic for the entire 3rd quarter. It got kind of hard to find interesting articles on the topic.
    4. This was a very fun class, thanks for being a great teacher!

  5. Kim Rubish, 6th
    1. The economics section, because it was a lot more relatable to real life (credit cards, payments, etc.)
    2. My favorite way to learn was doing simulations, they made the concepts a lot easier to understand.
    3. More simulations would be nice.
    4. This was a really great class, and I learned a lot. Thanks for being awesome!

  6. Jessica Yin, 7th
    1. The crimes, especially the juveniles.Maybe one of the major reason is that I love watching crime shows (like Laws & Orders, NCIS, etc.), and teen crimes really draw attention.
    2. My favorite way to learn...simulation and taking notes--the latter sounds lame but it works for me.
    3.Maybe some researches,and make it fun. Researches may sound painful,but it rocks on helping learning things every time!
    4.I love this class I love this class I love this class I love this class...Thanks for letting me have such a great time, both Mrs. Logan and all my classmates!

  7. Hey Ms. Logan!!!!

    My favorite topic that we have studied this year would definently have to be the crime unit. I love watching crime shows, so maybe thats why i liked it so much, but i did really enjoy learning about it. The movie that we watched about child incarceration was soooo intersting and really opened me up to what was going on in this system.

    My favorite way of learning would have to be simulations. My favorite simulation was the mock trial we did. I loved it because it was hilarious and taught me a lot. I like the simulations because they help me to connect what we are learning with real life. I also really liked the group activities that we did like when we made up our own political parties.

    I honestly can't think of anything that I would want to change about this class. It was one of my favorite classes of the day and i could always count on you to wake me up :) Keep it up Ms. Logan! I'm gonna miss you and this class sooooooo much!
    -Tristin V

  8. favorite topic-Crime. It's just really interesting, and if nothing works out for me I will choose to be a private detective.

    favorite way of learning- simulations, presentations, etc. I liked the mock trial and creating your own political party, they were really fun, especially the political party one because i learned that there were two other awesome people in the world who had the same views as myself.

    I would probably want to take less notes, but outside of that this was a great class, learning was easy, fun time.

  9. 1) Economics; I thought it was important and fun to learn, but it's my favorite topic because it largely impacts our lives.
    2) My favorite way to learn was through the different games we played, because it became easier to remember the information after we played the game.
    3) More video's because I thought the videos we watched were very interesting
    4) Ms. Logan was a GREAT teacher

  10. This is from Chiara:

    1. I enjoyed the section about economics and the national deficit. It is interesting to learn about things that affect everyone from day to day.
    2. I loved the simulations and group projects. It was nice to be able to learn information in a different way than usual. It is good to mix it up a bit.
    3. It would be fun to have even more guest speakers. There were a bunch this year, but having even more would be cool. It is interesting to hear an expert speaking on a topic of which that they have first-hand experience.
    4. I am going to miss this class! Civics was really fun. You are awesome Ms. Logan!

  11. 1. I liked the economics unit the most because we did a lot of simulations during it.
    2. I liked learning by simulations because they were the most interactive.
    3. More simulations and less notes.
    4. Great job teaching this year Ms. Logan!

    Chris Barth

  12. Eric Plevy

    My favorite topic was economics because it helped me to better understand the vast complexities of the world economy and how it is run.

    My favorite learning method was simulation because they provided interactive, accurate examples of topics we were learning to help us better understand the topics in a fun way.

    I honestly wouldn't change anything because only you know what is best for us, and I really enjoyed the class.

    The only thing I can think of otherwise is to thank you for such a fun and enjoyable civics class!

  13. 1.) My favorite topic that we studied this year was economics. I really liked finding out how the economy works.
    2.) I really liked learning with simulations. I felt that simulations made some topics that could have been a little boring really fun, because everyone interacted.
    3.) I would have done more simulations. They really made the class even more fun.
    4.) I really had a good time this year. You made the class fun and interesting with all of your enthusiasm for the subject. Thanks!

    Brady Strine
    6th period