Sunday, September 11, 2011

7th Period: Current Event due 9/16

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  1. Olivia Clayton Period 7th
    9/11 Memorial Opens To Public
    By: Ed Payne , CNN
    September 12, 2011

    Paragraph #1:

    Recently the 10th anniversary of 9/11 passed. There was tons of shows on the television about this tragic happening. Ten years and a day after the terrorist attacked the twin towers, the memorial was opened to the public on Monday, September 12, 2011! People came from all over to come honor those who were killed in the attack. The foundation of where the twin towers stood was made into a water fountain. To surround the fountain are bronze plates that are engraved with the names of almost 3,000 people who were killed in the attack.


    I am devestated that this happed to these people for no apparent reason. Why attack a country to kill thousands of people? I am glad that I wasn’t around or there but it should of still never happened. The terrorist should have never attacked these people and then at that the twin towers who was practically the landmark. I feel bad for the people who lost a loved one.

  2. Jason Cohn / Period 7
    Investigators Assess Threat of Bombing Tied to 9/11 / Scott Shane
    New York Times / September 8, 2011
    Investigators say that there is a threat of an attack on New York City connected to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 a few days ago. They say that the threat is a car or truck bomb. This threat was called “specific, credible, but unconfirmed.” The mayor of New York said that they would set up vehicle checkpoints, increase bag checks on the subway, and keep a close eye on bridges and tunnels. This threat did not change the ceremonies that were held on Sunday.
    I think that it would be tragic for there to be an attack on the United States on 9/11 and I hope this is not a real threat. It was already a terrible tragedy in 2001. It is terrible for us on the anniversary of 9/11 to have to worry about such a threat.

  3. Anna Emslie
    7th Period Honors C&E

    “Imagine a world with fewer bombs and more ice cream.”

    Spoken on September 11th by Shane Claiborne, he and his colleague Ben Cohen (co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s) took to the stage in Philadelphia in order to raise public awareness about federal military. That Saturday evening, in front of a completely sold out audience, Christian author and activist Shane Claiborne spoke with colleague Ben Cohen in hopes that people would learn and understand more about the billions of dollars being spent on war. The evening started somberly as Cohen poured 10,000 BB gun pellets into a metal container in order to represent the power of the United States’ nuclear arsenal. The author later used Oreos, with each one representing the ten billion dollars spent entirely for military supplies. After reading Shane’s book, Jesus for President, Ben Cohen decided that Claiborne was “on to something.” This was the foundation of the two partners coming together to form the “Jesus, Bombs, and Ice Cream Tour” that has been going on for the past year. The duo hosted the 90-minute variety show by critiquing violence, military spending, and war. Their program included Logan Laituri, an Iraq veteran-turned activist, and Terry Rockefeller, who had lost her sister to the September 11 attacks. Despite the unsettling facts, the event ended on a light note with some live entertainment and a spreading hope for change. And, of course, there was ice cream.

    I personally am very glad that attention is being brought to this issue. Although I verge on the idea that some things people stand for are a little over-the-top, I believe that there is concrete and tangible evidence to support what both Cohen and Claiborne are trying to support. We have spent billions and billions-even trillions-of dollars on the war, and for what cause? As Shane states, we need to shift our budget to what helps people live instead of killing people. Having fancy weapons and men carrying twenty pounds of supplies and killing others will not strengthen our country. It by no means symbolizes the need for justice in the world, for much of it is based off of injustice and innocent lives lost. The line between fighting for what is right and fighting on with a continuous day-to-day march has grown very thin, and it is definitely time for a change. We need to prioritize working on our own country before we can work anywhere else.

    Published: September 11th, 2011 at 13:26 PM EST
    Article: Jesus, bombs, and ice cream
    By: Sarah Hoye, CNN

  4. Aaron Smith/7th Period
    Taunton Family Filing Lawsuit After Halloween Prank Mishap At School/CBS
    CBS Boston/ September 14, 2011

    A Halloween pranked that happened at Taunton High School is starting to cause some legal problems. In October of last year, a student was told by a teacher to answer the door. When the student opened the door he was very frightened to see a man in a costume with a chainsaw. The student then took a step back, fell over and fractured his knee cap. The child’s lawyer said “He was extremely terrified. He wasn’t expecting something like that,” The student had to have surgery and spend 4 months in crutches. To this day the boy is still rehabilitating his knee. The family of the student is planning on filing a lawsuit but they are trying to avoid any trail. The family is trying to receive more than $100,000, which is more than allowed when suing a city employee.
    After reading this article I was very surprised to see that the family was mad enough to try and sue. I understand why they are mad and I think they should be. It was a cruel prank but, I think that its intentions were good. I think the family should have complained to the school but suing the teacher for something that was an accident? I think that is a bit ridiculous. I feel bad for the student and hope he recovers soon.

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  6. Solyndra failure shows rift over taxpayer role
    Perla Sanchez/ period: 7th

    The solyndra is a Solar power industry; this company has now bankruptcy. Not many people knew about this company. But sense people notice the bankrupt , this case has gained much attention . The issue was display at a congressional hearing. And now a Republican from Florida wants to banck a $535 million loan to the company. This would make solar energy panels. The Department of Energy backed the loan to Solydra in 2009, so they would support renewable and clean energy technology.
    The question is: what went wrong with Solyndra?
    Republican attacks on this program have increased since Solyndra bankruptcy late last month.
    They say that the company’s loan was almost complete before Obama took office and the private sector gave the company billions in funding.
    Reading this article help me to understand how companies in the United States work. Not many of us know were all the money that companies have come from. But the US is not the only one that loans money to companies that have bankrupt. China is also a competitive country and is willing to loan billions to this companies.

  7. This is from Briana--

    By Teresa Masterson Tuesday, Sept 13, 2011

    Sunday, September 11, 2011 a 29 year old woman was sexually assaulted at a cemetery in Cape May County. She was visiting a plot in the cemetery. The man was described as a white male,wearing shorts and a baggy t-shirt. He had a light beard, and a buzz cut. She was able to break free of the attack and get to someone's house, in the process she was bleeding. The police say the man was hiding behind her car, waiting for her. She was taken to Cape Regional Medical Center, where she was treated and released.
    This is very unfortunate for many people, because a cemetery is a place where people go to feel close to their loved ones who are no longer here physically. I feel like this situation has taken a lot from people. When you go to a cemetery you do not expect someone to SEXUALLY assault you, or assault you at all for that matter. It's a shame that people don't even feel comfortable going to see the people they love. I hope that this never happens again, because it never should have happened in the first place.

  8. Erin Peck 7th Period
    Obama's Uncle Arrested In Massachusetts
    From Jessica Yellin CNN Chief White House Correspondent
    Posted: 4:45 pm EDT August 29, 2011
    Updated: 10:30 am EDT August 30, 2011

    September 9th 2011 Barack Obama’s uncle was released from custody. He was being held on immigration charges and a DWI. It was his DWI August 24th that brought light to his presences here in the U.S. More then 20 years ago he was told to return to his homeland of Kenya and never did. District Attorney Gerry Leone is the prosecutor for this case. He says he will not stop his pursuit of pressing charges for the DWI, Friday he had this to say “I’ll pursue the criminal case because drunken drivers pose a significant public safety risk."

    When I read this article I was a little torn, I feel like Obama should be prosecuted for his DWI and at the same time he is not even allowed to be here legally. After learning about the process people have to go through to be come a citizen I feel like it is unfair he is here. People wait for a long time and struggle to get here. People should not be able to just hide out. It’s a good thing he was caught and he should be sent home. He should have to go through the naturalization process like others did. Presidents uncle or not, it must be fair.

  9. Juno Park 7th Period
    Canceled and delayed buses have kids missing school: Parents
    Rachel Monahan and Ben Chapman 9/15/11

    In New York City, many children who rely on public school buses to take them to and from school are missing class time because of buses that arrive hours late, or never come at all. Many parents in the city are making an uproar because they can’t afford to skip days at work to drop off their kids, which leaves them unsupervised at home, and not in the learning space. For the entire first week of school parents have been reporting that bus routes have vanished and their kids have stayed at home, but a representative from the Education Department has adamantly insisted that all buses are running as usual. The first week of school by itself is a stressful time for students, but facing the embarrassment of being late can only add to the anxiety. Yasmin Torres, a health aide from Long aide, has had to miss 4 days from her job to ferry her children to school. When she confronted the administrators she was offered a metrocard for each child; one of them is in kindergarten. This has been a big problem for families with working parents as they’re kids miss out on precious learning.
    I think that the public school system is really failing in one of it’s duties to provide children with an education. It’s very unfortunate because many of the families that are affected by this problem are those from lower-income homes that send their kids to inner-city schools, and they can’t afford to not work and instead take their kids to school. I thought the idea of giving kindergarteners metrocards was ludicrous, and somewhat of a joke. Did they really expect these kids who aren’t even supposed to sit in the front seat of a car to navigate their way to school on the city underground? This article ties into our school discussion because it takes place in New York, which was one of the original thirteen colonies.

  10. Stefan Steiner / 7th Period
    Lost 5 Years, a Colorado Cat Finds Her Way to Manhattan / The Associated Press
    New York Times / September 14, 2011
    A stray cat was found on East 20th Street in Manhattan on Wednesday. It was taken to a shelter where a microchip was found in the cat that led to a family in Boulder, Colorado near the Rocky Mountains. The family was contacted and they immediately recognized the calico cat as Willow, a family pet who disappeared into the wilderness five years ago in Colorado. The Squires assumed that Willow had been eaten by coyotes but somehow the cat ended up in Manhattan five years later. Transportation is being arranged for the cat back to the family.
    I think that this story is amazing and inspiring. The family never stopped looking for their lost cat and it finally turned up across the country. The fact that a cat can survive for that long and make it that far is also crazy. Although this story seems random and silly, it relates to our studies in class. In the times of the thirteen colonies, New York City was the center of trade and business. All roads led and still lead to this city. NYC is a destination that even a cat can be swept away to. It is a beacon of America. Also, this cat probably had an overwhelming interest of colonial America.

  11. Luthfi Bustiillos 7th period
    mark mardell
    BBC news September 14

    In New York recently there was a big scandal concerning congressman Anthony Weiner resigned after a scandal broke. Congressman Anthony posted a photo of himself and it leaked causing him to resign. In the elections for the new congressman the democratics were beaten by such a big margin that the democrats were anxious. The democrats have a big concern for next years elections. New York which was a group that rooted for Obama in the 2008 elections are now more republican than democratic. This is a big concern because many are starting to think obama will not be reelected when the time comes.
    I think that this is not good because, Obama might not get relected. I think that Obama has done a good job with the recourses that he has been given.
    Many of the good changes that he has tried to make have been rejected by the Republicans. I would be very dissapointed if Obama was not reelected in 2012. I think that if he was reelected than he could finally finish the work that he started in 2008.

  12. Oskar Marszalek/ 7th Period
    New York Chooses Company to Run Bike-Share Program/CHRISTINE HAUGHNEY
    New York Times/ September 14th 2011

    This article focuses on the selection of a Portland-based company Alta Bicycle Share to run a bike-share program in New York City. The release date of this program is set for 2012. The project is fairly ambitious, as Mayor Bloomberg hopes to add over 10,000 bicycles in this rental program to the already crowded streets of New York. The city has become more bike friendly over the past four years, with the addition of over 250 miles of bike lanes. The program mimics those in Europe, most notably the cities of London, Paris and Barcelona.

    Perhaps the portion of this bit of information that relates to our current study is that of the incorporation of private companies into the government. Colonial New York, at that time referred to as New Amsterdam, was essentially a hub for the Dutch East India Trade Company. This could be troubling, because whenever politicians have the extra incentive of money, decisions can be made poorly. However, any money made on advertisements on the bikes would have to be split with the city.

  13. Peter Norwood
    North Charleston police get an earful
    Schuyler Kropf: The Post and Courier
    August 31, 2011
    Summary: In this article written, Schuyler Kroph examines how the NAACP of North Charleston is accusing the North Charleston Police Department of racially profiling African-Americans. The NAACP claims that the NCPD is pulling over African-Americans then searching them for no reason. North Charleston has the 7th highest crime rate in the United States. In response to the NAACP, the NCPD police chief, Jon Zumalt says that the police have been instructed to pull over people at random. Since they have been instructed to pull over people randomly, there crime rate has gone down a significant 33%.
    Response: The reason I picked this article is because I noticed that it had the most comments of any other article on the whole site. I figured that it would be interesting. It also interested me because a similar situation has been happening in the county just west of us. The Alamance Country sheriff’s department has been accused of racially profile Hispanics, pull them over then see if they were a citizen or not.
    I would come out and say this is obviously racially profiling, considering the NAACP wouldn’t be involved if there wasn’t some truth to back it up, but the fact that crime rates have gone down 33% is an impressive number. As stated earlier North Charleston has the 7th highest crime rate in America, so reducing crime is a good thing. Maybe this isn’t the best way to approach the crime, and most likely is racial profiling, but it has cut down on crime. Later in the article they quote an anonymous man said that the NCPD has started monitoring his drug infested neighborhood, and the neighborhood has really cleaned up. This is hard to support the NCPD because most likely there was racial profiling going on, but it is hard to not support them because it is working. I cannot decide which side to support because there is no quality solution here.

  14. Eric Reinstein, 7th period
    Doctors reach breakthrough in finding cure for ebola virus
    Rhema Thompson
    New York Daily News

    At Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx of New York City, in September of 2011, a team of researchers have moved one step closer to finding a cure for one of the worlds deadliest diseases - ebola. Ebola kills around 90% of those infected with it, and it is common in in southern Africa. But Dr. Kartik Chandran and his colleagues have discovered that a protein called NPC1 that transports cholesterol in the human body is essentially the gateway that ebola can enter and infect the body. Without this protein, it is nearly impossible for ebola to enter body cells, making it harmless.

    I can see that even though this is just the beginning, it looks pretty certain to me that soon in the future, we will have a cure for ebola, saving millions of lives every year. Even though this isn’t common in the US, I can see that if these researchers can not only have a breakthrough, but develop a treatment method, not only will they save lives, but eliminate the virus forever, making the world a safer place, even for us.

  15. Brian Mack/ Period 7
    Philadelphia overwhelmed by the homeless, turning many away/ Jennifer Lin 15, 2011

    Homeless/jobless people fill the waiting room in Appletree homeless shelter not knowing where they are going to sleep that night; nonetheless what they’re going to do with their children. Philadelphia is dealing with their highest rate of homeless people and aren’t certain what to do about it. Appletree homeless shelter was forced to reject 591 families from living there because all 1,544 beds are taken. The state cut the funding for homeless shelters by over 2.3 million dollars this year; which has not allowed the homeless shelters to expand at the same rate as the amount of people coming in. In 2008, Philadelphia made a deal with the PHA (Public Housing Administration) that would provide 300 homes for the homeless; which would free space in the Appletree homeless shelter for short term visitors. The PHA only provided 45 of the 300 houses that they agreed upon. The PHA claims that they couldn’t uphold their side of the bargain because they have a waiting list of 100,000 families in need of shelter.

    I believe that it is Philadelphia’s responsibility to provide more money for the homeless shelters to expand, and that the PHA must come through with many more homes for those in need. When 591 families are turned down by the homeless shelter in one year there is a huge problem, and Philadelphia needs to act upon it. The homeless shelters also need to make sure that those who are staying there don’t have any family members who they could live with; which would free up only a little space. Even the little room that the homeless shelters can make could have a huge affect on those who are actually living on the streets with their families.

  16. Salomon Ariza / 7th period
    Bike sharing program to start next year across New York's five boroughs/ Jonathan Lemire Thursday, September 15th 2011
    This article talks about a bike sharing program planned to start next year in this city of New York. What is planned to happen is set up several kiosks across the city with locked bikes. The residents can then pay to rent the bike for a day and when this would happen the bike would unlock and the person could return the bike to any other kiosk in the city. People could also get yearlong memberships to use the bikes all year long. This would cost less than $100 making being able to get transportation very affordable.
    I believe that this is a fantastic idea. There are many positive things about starting a bike sharing program. Transportation would become super affordable for every resident of the city. Also if anyone were to need immediate transportation, the bike stations would be available. The riding of bikes instead of driving cars would decrease the amount of pollution going into the air. After a good amount of years this project would also bring in profits for the city. I believe that having a bike program is a great idea and that it should be tried out in other towns such as Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

  17. Jack Kleissler 7th Period
    9/11 memorial plaza open to the public
    no author, Associated Press
    September 12, 2011

    This past Sunday was the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. to honor they people that were killed in the attacks there were many memorials all around the country. But the main one took place at ground zero, where it all began. Now there is memorial to remember that day and those who lost their lives. There is the worlds largest man made water fall in the center and on the edges peoples names who were killed are engraved into the fountain.
    This attack on America is probably the worst tragedy to take place on American soil since the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. almost 3,00 people lost their lives and hundreds of firefighters trying to get people out of the towers were killed as well. I believe it is great that we have created a monument to remember these people, and it is even better that the Freedom Tower will be built in the Twin Towers place. people are complaining because it the most expensive monument in America but I think that should be low on the list of our concerns. It is a day that needs to be remembered and in the end it isn’t that big of a deal how much it costs, people are just looking for something to complain about.

  18. Jonah Horwitz 7th Period
    Investigators Assess Threat of Bombing Tied to 9/11
    Scott Shane, New York Times

    Counter Terrorism officials were investigating a repot of an attack in New York City including a car bomb or truck bomb. These threats are tied to the September eleventh attacks exactly 10 years before. The attack was considered unconfirmed by Matt Chandler, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security. American Intelligence Agency pursued to go overseas to find out how serious these attacks were. The day of 9/11/11, police kept an eye on vehicle checkpoints, increases bag checks at the subway station, and bridges and tunnels. Nothing credible was found.

    These threats display how vicious the terrorists are. Even the day of mourning when people commemorate all the citizens we lost during that terrible day, they want to give an extra attack. I wasn’t surprised when I saw this. These terrorist need to be stopped and America does not need the fear that any day another attack could happen. I am glad that nothing happened that day and we were left in peace to mourn the death of our innocence civilians.

  19. Zunzun Aung /7th Period
    South Carolina governor calls the reporter “Little Girl” over a story by: Associated Press
    Published September 10, 2011

    This article is about the South Carolina’s first woman governor called a female reporter a “little girl” over an article about other state officials spending $127,000 on a European trip from tax paper dollars. The article states that Nikki Haley, the governor, was asked on a radio talk show interview about last Sunday’s article by Renee Dudley in The Post and Courier of Charleston. Her response was “God Bless that little girl.” However, she did apologized for her words, but it wasn’t really a sincere apology. Nikki Haley said “I’ll forgive her bad story, if she forgives my poor choice of words.” Which I think is totally rude!
    I mean, who is this mother earth planet give an apology like that! Even if you don’t like the girl, at least try to act like you appreciate her hard effort on the article. And I can’t believe a woman like that is a governor of South Carolina! I think she should write a speech, apologizing to Renee Dudley. The girl deserves it, for being humiliated on a talk show. After all, she was just doing her job by reporting facts, not creating conflicts to sell papers, and it’s the public choice to read the story and make their own decisions. I don’t know much about South Carolina, but I can now understand why my class mates hate that state.

  20. Justus Heizer/7th test
    Hogfish Catch Possible New World Record by:
    The Post and Courier
    Published Friday, September 16, 2011
    Wes Covington was out fishing with his friends and Caught a 21 pound 15 ounce Hogfish. This is a world record for the hogfish. When he was fishing he thought that the fish he was fighting against was a Grouper a very large one when it turned out to be a very large Hog fish, largest hogfish caught in South Carolina. The fish is a orange, red, yellow, and purple, a very colorful fish. The bite of the fish was abnormal from its weird mouth shape that Wes couldn't seem to hook it until the very last second. This Fish was so strong that Wes after he pulled it up was exhausted the fish had worn he out so much that he couldn't pull it up onto the deck his patron had to do it.
    This is amazing it takes true skill to fish and o be able to hook a fish like a hogfish is pretty amazing. You have to be strong and have to be able to hook it just right. Especially since Wes has caught a record hogfish, it must have been even more tiresome. The fish is rare in general and also with the fish weighing at a whooping 21-pounds, 15 ounces. Its so strange to think about a fishing pole being able to even hold up that much weight.

  21. Cameron Baker period 7
    How Reflecting Absence Became America’s Most Expensive Public Memorial
    Published September 11, 2011 by Gizmodo
    To commemerate the events and lives lost during the 9/11 terrorist attack, After a decade New York has finally has a constructed a worthy tribute. The momument: “Reflecting Absense” was built after a design contest, with more than 5,000 ideas submitted, with one lucky artist’s chosen. The astounding centerpiece takes up 16 acres of New York, where the towers once stood. Included in the tribute is a large plaza, over looking the Memorial Museum, also built for 9/11. These events sure deserve this recognition, but was it worth the mind boggling 500 million dollars it took to put it all together?

    I that the monument is astoundingly beautiful, and the New Yorkers could hardly disasgree. However, with our country already sofar in debt, the overall cost does take away from it all. Realisticly I think the momument was blown out of porpotion, but I can understand how it would’ve been hard to build anythign less for such an event.

  22. Jeremy Howell 7th
    Mass. Senate Reveals Gaming Bill
    Boston news 7

    According to Boston news 7, the Mass. Senate met in the city to propose a new bill that would permit three new casinos in the state as well as a new slot machine parlor. The bill will also cut casino application fees be $50,000. A similar bill was proposed in the Mass. House. Both the Senate and house bill have begun to stir up trouble amongst some citizens. Several Catholic Bishops wish for the state to rethink the bill.
    I think that this bill is a great way for the state to make money. The gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Even a small piece of that pie is large. The tax dollars you would bring in from the new casinos would be well worth upsetting some citizens.