Sunday, September 25, 2011

4th period: Current Event due 9/30

This week in C&E we will be discussing the foundations of American Government and the ideas, documents and people that influenced our Founding Fathers. For your current events assignment, I would like you to find an article that deals with influences or new ideas. Your article could deal with scientific, political, social/personal, economic or philosophical ideas or influences. In United States history, our best national ideas are borrowed from somewhere else...find an article that deals with new ideas or the current borrowing of old ideas. There should be a wide variety of posts this week. Articles are generally written about new stuff, so go and find something amazing. I cannot wait to read about your discoveries. :) Happy Blogging. 


  1. Jill McLeod/ Period 4
    Title: Saudi Women to Be Given Right to Vote and Stand for Election in Four Years
    Author: Martin Chulov
    Date: 9.25.11

    87-year-old monarch, King Abdullah announced that Saudi Arabian women will be able to vote and stand for elections. Though this will not be effective until 2015, this reform is a huge step in the unyielding Islamic culture. Not only will women be allowed to vote, but run in the election as a candidate as well. King Abdullah proved that he is a great advocate of women’s rights by supporting a non-segregated university and proposing that more women should be in senior positions. This proposition could be the first small push towards more civic freedom for women, and could influence equality between genders in the Islamic sovereign.

    When I saw this article I was very excited because it seems that all females in the Middle East are refrained. If this new idea is implemented by the time 2015 rolls around, it would be a major revolution not only in Saudi Arabia, but in multiple surrounding countries. Hopefully more of these Middle Eastern countries will endorse this idea, so that our world can become more equal and tolerant towards women's rights.

  2. Nate M. Pd. 4
    Title: New Intel chip runs on solar power
    Author: Christina Bonnington
    Date: 9/26/11

    Researchers at Intel debuted an experimental processor at the company's developer forum this week, which could lead to devices with significantly lower energy consumption. The chip -- codenamed "Claremont" -- is known as a near-threshold voltage processor, which allows transistors to operate at super-low, near "threshold" voltages to increase efficiency and decrease energy consumption. In the demonstration, the experimental low-power processor was used on a PC running Linux OS, powered only off a solar cell the size of a postage stamp. The processor was used in conjunction with another experimental project, a concept DRAM called the hybrid memory cube, which is a super efficient memory interface.

    Wow was the first thing the popped into my head. I actually was surprised that we are able to develop a processor that runs on solar power. Having a solar panel the size of a postage stamp and is able to power a PC. I thought those things would be possible by 2015 or later, but seems like to me technology evolving once again. Having these processors can be really energy efficient since most of our daily life requires a computer. I cannot wait to see when Claremonts are released and how well they perform.

  3. Anna Baynes Period 4
    Brewing Up Double-Edged Delicacies for Mosquitoes
    Donald G. McNeil Jr.
    The New York Times
    Tuesday, September 27, 2011

    About five years ago, Yosef Schlein, a parasitologist at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and his research partner Gunter C. Muller, did an experiment in a desert oasis by the Red Sea. Since mosquitoes’ diet usually consists of various kinds of fruits, they had a theory that we can significantly decrease mosquitoes by attracting them with poisoned fruit juice. In their experiment they put out poisonous juice (Attractive Toxic Sugar Baits) and all the mosquitoes that fed from it died. Their experiment showed that 97 percent of all the mosquitoes living in that area had visited the poisoned fruit juice. The mosquito population decreased to nearly zero and stayed consistent for a month. Later he did tests in West Africa. The solution used is harmless to humans, so it could be used to help decrease malaria which is a major health problem in many countries. This solution does not cost very much, but it is unknown if it works in areas that have nectar for mosquitoes to feed on. This research was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
    I think decreasing the number of mosquitoes is good to help prevent malaria. In Mali, malaria infected mosquitoes decreased by 90 percent. I also think it is cool that they found something that could decrease the amount of mosquitoes because I do not like mosquitoes and they seem to really like me. However, if the mosquito population decreases too much it may affect other animals which could eventually affect us. In class we are discussing how America came to be and the different ideas and opinions on how to run the country. This article is discussing a different idea on how to decrease the population of mosquitoes and therefore decrease malaria. I would like to know if this solution would work in areas that have natural nectar for mosquitoes to feed on.

  4. Annie Wilcosky/ Period 4
    Saudi Reform: Will Women’s Driving Protests Spread?/ Jonathan Welsh
    The Wall Street Journal
    September 27, 2011

    King Abdullah's recent announcement that Saudi Arabian women will partake in the 2015 election was met with much celebration both inside and outside of the country. However, this leap in women's rights was tainted by a recent event in which a Saudi woman was caught driving and sentenced to ten lashings as a result; it is illegal for women to drive in Saudi Arabia. The fever for rights has been spreading among Saudi women, and this event in particular sparked many protests throughout the country. Many women have decided to drive in defiance of this ban, and hope to garner support in other countries as well as their own. Last year, a Ukrainian group marched outside of a Saudi Arabian embassy in Kiev to protest the unjust law. As the women's movement draws more and more attention to itself, the likelihood for future protests increases.

    I absolutely hope that these protests continue and gain momentum, both inside and outside of Saudi Arabia. Hopefully, international outcry concerning the punishment of the woman caught driving will keep harm from coming to her. I believe that she, as well as the other protesting women, are extremely courageous and inspiring; they continue to fight against oppression without knowing their chances of success. Winning the right to drive along with the right to vote would be a colossal achievement and milestone for Saudi women.

  5. Casey Molina
    Of Dogs and Men
    WRAL news posted September 17, 2011
    American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation

    Lou Gehrig, the man whom amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is named after, dies from ALS in 1941. In today’s modern society, 5600 people are diagnosed per year. Researchers from University of Missouri and the Broad Institute have discovered that dogs can have the same gene which causes ALS in humans. Similar to human symptoms ALS in dogs starts in the hind legs and the paralysis moves up the body until respiratory failure causes death. By studying dogs scientists can see more natural occurrences of ALS and study the varying symptoms which are similar to human ALS symptoms. Dogs are proving to exhibit similar traits in disease development and symptoms for many other human diseases such as Lymphoma, and meningionomas. Also diseases related to cardiac, neural, orthopedic, and ophthalmic problems can be advanced by studying dogs.

    The influence of technology on our societies is substantial and helps us advance as a species of this Earth. The fact that we are able to use the qualities of other species to better understand our own problems is both phenomenal and resourceful. Studies on this disease in particular, ASL, are very important and a new discovery could impact a large number of United States citizens. I think that this article shows how our own perception of other animals and patterns among the organisms around us influence us the most. Unlike most species, our main influence is not related to weather or climate, instead we relate ourselves to all of the interactions we have with other life including ourselves and our pets and this is what makes us human.

  6. Caroline Stanton
    4th Period
    Perry says he'd stop drug trafficking, violence

    Governor and republican candidate Rick Perry has told CNBC that “we need to have immigration policy that's thoughtful.” Meaning our current immigration policy is to harsh, he supports tuition assistance for children of illegal immigrants in this country. He believes that we need to educate these people rather than kick them out. This is only one of his ideas for his election campaign, he also says he will stop trafficking and violence along the borders. On this matter he says "we will stop the drug cartels and we will stop the illegal immigration."

    This story was interesting to me because most people do not have this particular view about illegal aliens. I think that the other two topics are important too because they are issues we are having with illegal immigrants in this country. This has significance to what we are discussing in class because these are the ideas new or influenced the Governor Rick Perry is putting forward in his campaign.

  7. Alex Adams/ Period 4
    Title: “US condemns Iranian pastor’s conviction”
    Author: Dan Merica
    Date: 9/29/11
    The United States if furious with Iran for imprisoning a pastor based on his religion. Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani refused to renounce Christianity and convert to Islam so officials arrested him and are calling for the death penalty. The United States Commission on International Freedom called Iran “hypocritical and barbaric” for first arresting the man, and then asking for the death sentence. Luckily, in order to be executed, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Ruler of Iran must sign off on the execution in order for it to take place. Iran has taken so much heat for the arrest that it is doubtful that Nadarkhani will be executed. Some sources say that he will just be jailed and his sentence will be increasingly more lenient.
    Reflection: I think Iran should be held in international court for this incident. Lack of acknowledgement for an inalienable right is unforgivable. I’m so surprised that the media hasn’t been all over this topic. This article relates to our studies because freedom of religion is an idea that is a cornerstone of our entire country.

  8. Gabrielle Pura period 4
    Title: Making Fuel Out of Thin Air
    Authors: Ayesha Durgahee and George Webster
    Date: September 29, 2011

    In Germany, a laboratory of the name Sunfire has created an idea relevant to fuel and recycling. Sunfire’s idea is based on a former way of creating energy that was efficient and did not emit as much carbon unlike the current carbon emissions. Their idea is to convert the carbon from carbon dioxide into a fuel. The fuel resulting from the reuse of carbon is called a synthetic fuel. The downside to Sunfire’s idea and course of action is that a lot of electricity is needed in the conversion and it will take a long time before the fuel process will actually meet the commands of today’s fuel.
    Despite the disadvantages of this idea, I believe that reusing carbon dioxide is a bright idea. The recycling of carbon dioxide does not only help in the process of creating fuel, but it also does not emit any more or any less amounts of CO2. Along with a Swiss engineer named Dominique Kronenberg, I also hope that Sunfire will bloom in their topic, be successful and will soon find more electrically efficient ways to make the fuel.

  9. Justine Lockhart. Period 4
    Self-healing materials take cue from nature
    By: Leila Battison
    BBC News

    There is a new technology that repairs cracks in materials called micro-capsule technology. It has been used for different materials such as metals, plastics, or carbon composites. Small syringes release the healing agent, such as resin, into the crack and repairs it whenever a crack appears. This method has been inspired from something found in nature--the circulation system of an animal. This is an efficient, new way to fill large cracks. It's a fast process, liquid resins are pumped into the crack and harden so it's good as new. The process of self-healing technology has been attempted for a decade and finally Professor Nancy Scottos and her team at the University of Illinois have discovered this method.

    I think that it's cool that this new self-healing technology has been created. Our society never fails to impress me, new inventions are popping up daily. It's interesting that this method was inspired by our very own mother nature. It was inspired by animal's circulatory system. The way the resin pumps into the cracks in materials is similar to how blood pumps in our body.

  10. Max LeMoine/Period 4
    Man, 26, charged in plot to bomb Pentagon using model airplane/ CNN Wire Staff September 29,2011

    A 26-year-old man was arrested for attempting to blow up the Capital and the Pentagon. He was going to do this with plastic c4 explosives. The new part about his idea though was that he was going to use model airplanes that cost around 6500 dollars. He lived in Massachusetts and was going too use a gps function to control the planes. He was also planning an armed attack but he had no idea that he was working with under cover FBI agents. Finally he was arrested and authorities said that the public was never in any danger.

    I think that this is a very clever way to try and blow up those buildings but I don’t think it will ever be used again. This is because the model airplanes are too slow and they are also easily detectable because they can’t fly above the clouds. In the end, I think that his plan was stupid but it was also very clever.

  11. Hannah Hodge, Period 4
    Obesity expert: Sugar is toxic and should be regulated/Tiffany O'Callaghan
    New September 28, 2011

    Recent studies have come out saying that sugar, specifically Fructose, is not just bad for you, it is actually a toxin. The idea is that Fructose has more negative effects in one calorie than say one calorie of Glucose. Our regular white sugar is made of Fructose and Glucose, and Fructose is present in most of the sugary things we eat especially those that are processed. Fructose is an addictive, toxic substance that causes potentially fatal diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. These illnesses are not only taking a toll on our health but also on our healthcare budgets. Our addiction to sugar is an epidemic that could have catastrophic effects if people continue to be uneducated about the issue. The conductor of the study even goes as far as comparing sugar to heroin saying that it is a toxic, addictive substance and should be treated thusly with strict regulations on it. The author however, is aware that such drastic changes can not be implemented immediately. By continuing to educate others and become more aware of our diets, one by one people can combat the obesity epidemic.

    I think this is a really interesting and engaging article. It has a lot of ground breaking research and ideas but is written in a very understandable way. The measures that the author says we should be taking are quite extreme and it's still too early in research for it to be accepted as fact, but I like that someone is really thinking out an issue that is so prevalent in our society. It also talks about how when people just say that if you eat less you will lose weight but what this article goes on to say is that it's more about the effect of the substances you are eating. I hope that more research is put out and if this does become accepted as fact, then we will make some serious changes as a community and as a country to put a stop to obesity.

  12. Charles Wang / 4th Period
    Judge again blocks parts of tough Alabama immigration law/ Bill Mears
    CNN / September 29, 2011

    A federal judge has temporarily blocked the enforcement of a tough immigration law in Alabama. The law would require many people in the state to show their identification and not allow aliens to work in the state. Some highlighted points of the immigration law that was blocked were that aliens cannot work, cannot be harbored by others, and prohibits employers of taking a state tax deduction for paying an alien. These laws were very oppressive to some people who believed that the state should welcome visitors. Some people agree with this law and want it passed, others disagree because it can be harmful to some people they know. The people who support it say that it will reduce illegal immigration into the state and provide equal opportunities for all legal people who come to Alabama. The people who are against it think it is unethical and all people should be welcome.

    I personally feel like it is a bad idea because if it is passed, it will apply to Alabama only. Many other states may not feel the same way about immigration because it would be unethical. Many people can disagree about this because Alabama is taking away their unalienable rights. Even though they may not be a citizen, they should still have some rights of their own such as living in a specific state. Some religious people may still go against the law because it is against the will of God. I also feel it is very unfair for people who live in Alabama because they will have to move if they are an alien. It pretty much destroys everything they have worked for and will have to move to a different state because of their citizen status.

  13. Connor Smith – 4th
    Title: Raising Cain: Whirlwind week awaits GOP upstart
    Author: Jim Acosta

    Herman Cain is making a splash in the presidency pool. Most people found him to be somewhat of a joke at the beginning of the presidential race, but republicans seem to be taking a liking to him lately. Cain finished first in Florida's recent GOP straw poll, shocking many republicans. The former CEO of Godfather’s pizza has been wooing GOP members with his strong opinion on foreign policy and confidence in himself. It seems the farther into the race he gets, the higher up in the polls he climbs.

    I think that the republican party is thrilled with Herman Cain simply because he is a new face in America’s political realm. After years of horrible decisions by the people in the white house, and the fact that Obama was left in a ditch that he couldn’t climb out of, republicans are jumping at the possibility of something new. Cain’s charisma and confidence have impressed enough people to make him a frontrunner in the candidacy for commander in chief.

  14. Sam Williams
    Period 4
    Judge again blocks parts of tough Alabama immigration law
    Bill Mears
    A federal judge has just blocked parts of an Alabama state law dealing with immigration. The parts blocked include not being allowed to harbor, transport, or unlawful presence of illegal aliens. Religious leaders from Christian churches sued that the law was unjust. They are happy that these parts of the law were blocked because they provide food shelter and transportation to anyone that needs it, regardless of status. Other issues like showing identification to go to public school were not blocked. These sections were blocked because they could interfere with the U.S. government’s power over all immigration matters.
    This article stood out to me because illegal immigration is a large issue. Arizona recently made new laws about immigration and I was interested in what Alabama was doing. This fits in with the topic of political change because this new law is having a big impact on many people lives. I personally feel like laws like this cause racist opinions to be formed and that it will cause profiling.

  15. Sean Dawson
    4th period
    “New 75 mph limit puts Maine in the fast lane”
    By Glenn Adams

    Citizens of Maine are very thrilled about their new idea of changing the speed limit to 75 mph in one section. The previous limit there was 65 mph, which was just too slow and boring of a drive. The new law is enforced on I-95 near Old Town, Maine. Daily drivers there say that this 110 mile stretch “is just trees, trees, and trees.” The only downfall of this is that people will use more gas and get in more serious accidents. Also, people who have been doing 75 mph even with the 65 mph zone will now go much faster.

    Even with these risks, this law is definitely worth taking them. I know exactly what it feels like to go 65 on boring stretches, and there is no reason for it. As far as wrecks go, they can happen anywhere at any speed. I don’t think the rate of wrecks will change that much. I wish this new law would come down to North Carolina. It would make beach trips much better.

  16. Jayson Williams/ 4th Period

    A Way To Make Motor Fuel Out of Wood? Add Water

    Matthew L. Wald

    September 27, 2011

    Renmatix a company from Georgia has found a way to try and turn agricultural waste into fuel and other chemicals. They have been experimenting with new scenarios to figure out the new way, some of the ways have included compressing heated water to very high temperatures. This company has plans to conduct research and a development center on Tuesday in King of Prussia, Pa. The goal of this new project is to commercialize the makings of cellulosic biomass, wood chips, and switchgrass and nonedible crops. When this products starts to work this new technology could reduce the use of oil imports. By switching to a cleaner substance it creates a healthier environment. This new substance is also way more inexpensive than regular fuel, which in return will help with the United States economy.

    This can be a really great new product for the United States especially in a bad economy. With this product being inexpensive, this will help the United States save money on oil. Also this will help our environment since it’s a healthier alternative to regular gas. Overall if this product can work, his will help in many different ways.

  17. Maddie Mesaros
    Period 4
    Title: Experts Fear Listeria May be Moving into Produce
    Author: Elizabeth Weise
    Source: USA Today
    Date: 9-28-11

    Tons of people are frantic due to a bacterium that’s taken over cantaloupe. At least thirteen people have died to far after ingestion of this fatal fruit. Listeria has been usually from deli meats and soft cheeses, but now they are finding a link to it from the infected cantaloupes. On Tuesday The Centers of Disease Control listed 72 different illnesses from the melons grown in California. Officials are asking people to check their whole cantaloupes and if it is from Jenson Farms in California, or they aren’t sure, throw it out. Scientists still consider it a debacle as to how the cantaloupes got infected to begin with. "This is the deadliest outbreak of a foodborne disease that we've identified in more than a decade," CDC director Thomas Frieden said.
    I think this is kind of a scary event. I personally eat cantaloupe a lot and the fact that already thirteen people are dead and 72 illnesses is worrying me. I’m curious as to why it is taking so long for researchers and scientists to figure out what the true cause of all these deaths are. We can’t continue to sit around waiting; the death toll is slowly increasing due to uninformed Americans. In 1998 a similar break out occurred but in meat. 101 people were sick and twenty one people died. Scientists might be a little more prepared this time and might be able to stop this outbreak before it gets too out of hand. What I also find surprising is that it says that this isn’t the first time cantaloupe has had deadly bacteria in it, but it is the first time it’s caused listeria.

  18. Marc Ordronneau
    Miracle Fruit Secret Revealed
    Rachel Ehrenberg
    September 27, 2011

    Scientists have finally found out how just a small berry can turn anything from sour candy to beer, sweet. It comes from a protein in the berry called Miraculin. The protein has been known for a while, but no one knew what it could do. The lower the pH levels, the more of an effect the berry has. The berries don’t actually generate much sugar, but the protein can trick us into thinking it’s sugar. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration hasn’t passed the use of Miraculin in foods yet but when it does, it should be a big hit.

    I chose this as a great new idea because I think it could be a great alternative for sugar. Sugar can be unhealthy and I had no idea that things could be sweetened without sugar so I think this is big. I can see why the FDA hasn’t approved this protein because it could definitely be harmful. But when it does, I think it should be a big hit and I can’t wait to try it out on my moms cooking!

  19. Shelby Casabura 4th period
    Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan: Buy Less, Pay Less
    By: Amy Binham
    September 27, 2011

    Herman Cain who is one of the Republican candidates running for president, and is in now forth place after he won Florida. His plan is the 9-9-9 plan which is 9% income tax 9% capital gains tax 9% VAT tax or national sales taxes. It would replace the Federal Taxes taken from your check each week and making everything simpler when it’s everything is 27%. If he cut the capital gains tax by itself it would allow 23,000 millionaires to pay no income taxes that would add $11 billion to the deficit each year. Cain would plan to stop all taxes on corporate profits that are earned overseas and then bring that money back into America. This would drop the federal earnings by $80 billion over the next decade; this is from the tax center.

    My opinion on the 9-9-9 plan it seems that it would be a simple concept to make everything equal. And it looks like it would save money in the end if it worked. Also it would make people pay the same amount of money on there taxes so that there is no difference between social classes.

  20. Danielle Bailey Pd 4th
    Title: Raising Cain: Whirlwind week awaits GOP upstart
    Author: Jim Acosta

    Herman Cain is becoming pretty big in the presidential race right now. Many people looked at him as a joke in the beginning of the race, but republicans seem to like him a lot now. Cain was the first to finish in the GOP straw poll. Former CEO of Godfather’s pizza has been getting GOP members on his side, with his strong opinion on foreign policy and confidence in him. The more he gets into the race, the more people start to like him.

    I think that the republicans are really liking Cain right about now, just because has new and they think he’ll be able to make a change. Also because of what he believes in! After Obama tried to fix everything and succeed somewhat I think Cain is going to piggyback on what Obama has done to try to fix the country, if he wins in the race.

  21. Nakeisha Revels/4th period
    Supreme Court term could influence 2012 election/Joan Biskupic
    USA Today/ 9/30/2011

    In Washington the Supreme Court is having a debate that can change the 2012 president election campaign. In the coming week, they will talk on the two major power disputes over the federal power and the new requirements that most people will be buying heath insurance in 2014. It can be BIG depending on how it breaks; the heath care case can be a consequential term if the justice grants it. On Wednesday the Justice Department asked for to renew the constitution of insurance mandate and a part of heath laws overhaul that is the plan of president Obama domestic agenda. A professor at Georgia State University and expert on immigrations law Neil Kinkoph said " A maguee term for a on court " because immigrants disputes has become for compelling because other states have passed a law trying to discourage people from costing the border illegally that affects the civil rights and treaty on federal power.

    This affects me because I have family members on heath care and they take it way then what's going to happen to them if they get hurt and need to go to the hospital but they can’t because they can't afford the bill. Its making me mad because they think president Obama is doesn't know what he is doing, he has so much on his hands and the confess should get off his back little. Obama needs to be careful because he knows it’s hard to gain people on his side and how easy it is to lose the same ones because he said something they didn't like.

  22. Garrett Young-Wright
    Period 4
    Title: Internet of things: Should you worry if your jeans go smart?
    Author: Katia Moskvitch
    Source: BBC News
    Date: 9-22-11

    It is possible that in the near future we will see many things become "smart", even the clothes that we wear. With small Radio Frequency Identification devices, clothing could release the location of the wearer without the person knowing. These RFIDs are small chips that use radio frequencies to set location and other information to a data reader that can put the info on the internet. RFIDs are being used now, specifically at Walmart, for employees to check the inventory and stock of products and also to track products from manufacturing to store. Cars are also getting similar technology where they can send messages to drivers when the car needs to be charged or needs other maintenance. But the car will also be able to update its location which could be problematif for privacy.

    I don't really think this new technology is very safe. I think it would allow for too much tracking and knowing where people are. Although in some instances it could help, it is probably too risky. A pair of jeans or a car releasing the wearer/drivers location without there consent could lead to problems. I don't think I would feel comfortable where if someone wanted to know they could know where I was at all times.

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  24. Diego Lewis - 4th
    Military chaplains now allowed to perform same-sex marriages
    Author - staff and news service reports
    Source - MSN news

    This article is about a new idea/change in military policy, where religious officials in the military are now allowed to marry gay couples. This is a follow up to the abolition of the "Don't ask, don't tell" law. Depending on what side of the homosexuality issue spectrum you are, this could be seen as progression or regression. The law that gays couldn't serve in the military was in place for 18 years and was repealed on Sept. 20th. Of course, there is still progress to be made, for example: "same-sex Navy partners would not get any health, housing or other benefits that are provided to married couples involving a man and woman." In summary, military chaplains are now permitted to marry gay couples.

    I think that gay marriage is a matter of free will and should be up to the states, not the federal government anyway, so I think this is a step forward. First of all, if you are picky with whom you enlist in the army, then you will have fewer fighters to fight with. Gay men are still men, and if they are able and willing to fight for your country, why wouldn't you allow them? There is really no reason except for fear of "catching the gay" to oppress gays. It's just a sexual preference! It doesn't even have to do anything with personality, behavior, or physical ability. Sure, there are stereotypes, but you can't say that all gays are ____ because there are too many to be able to group together.

  25. Desaree’ Johnson 4th

    Title : Poll : More than half of teens , young adults harassed online

    Author : Doug Gross

    September 30, 2011

    More tha half of all teens and young adults have reported being abused online . In an MTV Poll 56% of the people who took the poll between the ages of 14 and 24 said the have " experienced abuse" from an online source . 3 of the most common forms are showing text messages that were meant to be kept private to lots of people , writing something that is false , or even saying something that is mean . Because of the ability to stay anonymous when doing these things , resaerchers think this could be a reason why harrasment has gotten so bad . "Most say the perpetrators of the bad behavior are people they know very well," the survey reads. " Sexting" has also become a problem for web user . Sending nude photo or sexually intended messages to people that they only know form offline . 10% say they have taken part in this sexting , 56% said they would likely intervene if they saw bullying going on compared to the 47% in 2009 . "The campaign is built on the understanding that there's a 'thin line' between what may begin as a harmless joke and something that could end up having a serious impact on you or someone else,"

    I feel like this is an important thing to stop . I like that MTV especially is trying to intervene and help out with this situation . MTV is a big production so them taking a part in this is a big deal . It will also make more awareness and maybe more people will start to realize this is not good and it needs to stop . I agree with this article completely .

  26. Samantha Straughan/ 4th period
    You’re the Boss by Gene Marks
    New York Times

    As jobs are continuously being lost and scare in today’s society, employees have become creative and developed their own ideas. These ideas rang from being the world’s fastest cigarette roller to becoming a YouTube star (they reference Justin Bieber.) They describe that in times of desperation, the population comes up with unique ways and inventions to make money. Whether these ideas are ridiculous (ex: a snuggie) or actually practical (ex: the fan without blades) American’s have taken it upon themselves to invent money-making products.
    Personally I am all for taking advantage of the consumer crazy lifestyle that we live in. Although I think some of these ideas are rather extreme and unnecessary I realize that money is money and how you get it is up too you. For example, Jibbitz, the little plastic accessories you put on your crocs, were just a craft between a mother and daughter that blew up into an entire franchise. While I would never personally wear them (or Crocs in general) her unique perspective on a day-to-day item made her a multi millionaire.

  27. Jamella Smith
    4th Period
    Kids of Parents Who Smoke At Home Miss More School
    By Allison Aubrey

    September 6, 2011

    This article interested me, because I know different children who live in “Smoking” homes... The study shows that kids who live in “smoking” homes miss about 1 day per year and if there’s two smokers 1.54 days. I know second-hand smoke increases the risk of respiratory ailments and asthma attacks, but I never knew how illnesses related to smoking influenced absenteeism. When these children get sick working parents need to stay home. And that adds up to lots of lost wages — about $227 million a year. Nevertheless it’s not good to smoke in homes with children present, let alone smoke AT ALL!!!!!