Sunday, September 25, 2011

6th period: Current Event due 9/30

This week in C&E we will be discussing the foundations of American Government and the ideas, documents and people that influenced our Founding Fathers. For your current events assignment, I would like you to find an article that deals with influences or new ideas. Your article could deal with scientific, political, social/personal, economic or philosophical ideas or influences. In United States history, our best national ideas are borrowed from somewhere else...find an article that deals with new ideas or the current borrowing of old ideas. There should be a wide variety of posts this week. Articles are generally written about new stuff, so go and find something amazing. I cannot wait to read about your discoveries. :) Happy Blogging. 


  1. Natalie Bulik-Sullivan/ Pd.6
    “New Data Put Cosmic Speed Limit to the Test”
    Author – Richard Harris
    NPR News/ 23 September 2011

    It has always been accepted by scientists that nothing is capable of achieving a speed greater than that of light. However, physicists working at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) believe that they have recorded neutrinos (a type of subatomic particle) traveling at speeds that exceed 186,000 miles per hour. Neutrinos are capable of passing through solid matter, which means that CERN is able to produce and fire them from a particle accelerator on the Swiss-French border, and from there they travel over 450 miles to an underground “target” in Italy. There the neutrinos are observed and their behavior recorded. In order to measure the speed of the neutrinos as accurately as possible, the scientists working on this project had to measure the distance from the particle accelerator to the target to within a foot and sync their clocks to within several billionths of a second. The results of this project were presented at a seminar held at the CERN laboratories on the 23rd of September. Labs in the USA are beginning work to replicate the result of this experiment.
    I believe that these data are very exciting. It’s always fun when a fundamental law of physics is violated. This article relates to our current topic of study because it is an example of a new idea replacing or modifying an old one. However, new ideas are always met with skepticism, and this one is no exception.

  2. Allie Rives/ Period 6
    Kid's Sugar Cravings Might Be Biological
    Gretchen Cuda Kroen
    NPR News/ September 26, 2011

    Most everyone thinks that kids just simply like sugar for the fact that it's sugar and it tastes good. However, in this article Kroen tell us readers that their biological background could have something important to kid's liking of sugar. It has been known that even newborns can detect and prefer sugar, and that has been there before they were born. Hospitals have even realized that sugar is a natural pain reliever. Children often prefer more intense sugar amounts over adults possibly because, during the child's rapid growth not only did it taste good it also made them feel good. There have been studies shown that around the age of 15 and 16 their cravings have taken a turn towards adults cravings.
    As mentioned by Coldwell in this article , "Understanding biology behind their cravings is the first step." That is going to help motivate scientists to first look at what the children are dealing with, other than just wanting sugar. Coldwell is also unsure about whether or not the bones are trying to communicate to the brain or the tongue saying that energy is needed and needing that preference to increase. I think that is a wise remark, considering that people usually tend to think that when a kid wants sugar, one just wants the sweet sensation. Needing and wanting sugar are two completely different things that scientists need to be aware of. The topic of this article relates to what we are studying as far as new ideas, because people are now searching for the biology background of kids wanting sugar, than just wanting it for the yummy taste. Although we are not studying sugar, this topic questions the history of sugar towards children.

  3. THIRD
    that's like a new record
    David Hicks
    6th Period
    Title: Music Influence On Society
    Date: December 7th, 2007

    This article deals with the effects of music upon our society (Amuricah). It examines how different eras of our country were affected by different types of music, such as the Beatles and the “hippy” era following their discovery. It indulges into the clothing and the society that different types of music created, such as the recent rap movement having a direct correlation with the sales of apple bottom jeans. New language is created, such as the transition from the word “ill” to the word “cool”(ill is still iller). The author of this article closes by asking the question of how outrageous you would let music trends become before calling it quits. This is significant because one of the most influential factors on today’s youth are trends created by artists/the media.

    I believe that this author has brought to light an excellent point involving artists and those who listen to them, an artist has a large effect on the individual who listens to them. Whether this is physical (clothing, hair, shoes) or mental (tree huggers, conformists, etc.), it is quite apparent throughout our society. I know for a fact that music effects my mental state, even if I cannot afford to change my physical one. This relates to what we are learning in class because the US of A took a lot of influence from other cultures as they began to establish themselves as a nation, both physically (architecture) and mentally (democracy/other ideas we stole).

  4. Kaitlin Jones, Period 6
    Title: Wealthy Man Asks Obama ‘Please Raise My Taxes’
    Date: September 26, 2011

    A wealthy man named Doug Edwards recently asked President Obama to raise his taxes. Edwards was a successful businessman who worked with Google. Also in this article, Obama defends his new raise on taxes on the rich. He explains that he returned to the same taxes as the 1990’s, because during that time period the rich became richer and the middle class expanded. He also clarifies that he is not ‘punishing the successful’, but that this is a new idea that will help America afford to continue making investments that will benefit America.
    I think that it is fair that more successful people are required to pay greater taxes than others. If they truly are successful, then an increase in taxes shouldn’t do a significant amount of harm to them. This makes more sense than increasing taxes on America as a whole, because many citizens cannot afford to hand over any more money than they are right now, and the wealthy do have that wiggle room that they can give to the government, and that money will eventually (hopefully) benefit everyone in America.

  5. Anna Zhang
    Ringing in ears may have deeper source
    By Laura Sanders
    Science News
    Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

    Tinnitus is a symptom in which the victim is harassed with strange noises such as high-pitched ringing, squealing, hissing, clicking, roaring, buzzing or whistling in the ears. Originally, scientists believed that tinnitus was an ear disorder. However, this idea is countered by the fact that cutting off the auditory nerve results in deafness with no impact on the ringing. This signifies that tinnitus is a disorder of the brain.

    People with normal hearing test scores also reported having tinnitus, which is strange because tinnitus is usually related with an evident amount of hearing loss. After several experiments, scientist realized that people with apparently normal hearing and tinnitus have the same amount of electrical activity, but an abnormality in the brain’s electrical reaction to noise (in this case, the form of loud rapid clicks.) Scientists now embrace the new idea that tinnitus may be caused by the brain trying to adjust with minor hearing loss. It does this by exaggerating the volume of the sound that it is perceiving, thus producing ringing, buzzing etc. This newfound discovery may soon prove that a number of people in our society have some degree of hearing loss.

    The article was overall pretty interesting. The only time I ever experienced ringing in my ears was when I banged my head really hard on something. Generally, I think this discovery is kind of sad. We’ll soon find out that our currently society is not only blind, but is deaf as well. (I have poor vision and I can tell you it sucks, but at least I can hear.) This article related with our civ&ec class because the scientists are presenting a new idea (the cause of tinnitus and how we may be more deaf than we know) to the public.

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  8. Ryan Castellano
    Period 6, Ms. Logan
    Patient, doctors encouraged by ALS trial
    By Miriam Falco, CNN
    September 28th, 2011

    In 2010 Ted Harada was diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. This disease is fatal and can progress very quickly. ALS patients lose muscle function in the lungs until they can no longer breathe. Most people die within 3 to 5 years of experiencing the first symptoms, most will die of lung failure. Harada decided to participate in a clinical trial at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. The doctors there were injecting neural stem cells into the lower part of patients spinal cords. Before he accepted to do this trial he barely had enough energy to open a plastic bag or pick up his baby. A few weeks after his injection he said he was already starting to feel more strength. Two of the twelve patients of this trial have died. They realize they have not been cured but they do have the opportunity to live their lives longer than they should be.

    In my opinion what Ted is doing is very brave and unselfish of him. He knows that he has chances of dying from this but he did it anyway. He not only did it to try and help himself but also for the future discovery of a cure so no one will have to experience what he had to. This man deserves some recognition as well as the others participating in the trial for their willingness and bravery.

  9. Crescentia Cho
    How a Small Red Fruit Performs Taste Miracles for ‘Flavor Trippers’/ Eliza Barclay
    NPR/ September 27, 2011

    3 centuries ago in West Africa, westerns found a tiny berry that can turn everything sweet, sour to sweet and sweet to sweeter. The little berry can bind to the sweet parts of our tongues and make unripe strawberries sweet and it can last for 1 to 2 hours. Restaurant chefs are trying to use this ingredient as a low calorie sweetener in their foods. It’s a great way to reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes. Also, in poorer parts of the world they can use this fruit to sweeten the not tasty foods that they eat.
    I think that this is a good idea! It defiantly can help reduce the health risks in our nation because it is natural and sweet at the same time. It helps reduce world hunger too. Although it was founded 3 centuries ago, this discovery is new. If all of the restaurants had more of this fruit to sweeten their food scientists say that there is a good chance that the obesity levels will decrease.

  10. Colin Bergey
    Period 6, Mrs. Logan
    China Launches First Space Docking Mission
    by Jaime FlorCruz
    September 29, 2011

    China is launching its first docking mission, stage two of three, to build their own space station. They are launching two pieces of equipment, the Tiangong 1 and the Shenzhou 8. This is an experiment to see if Shenzhou 8 can succesfully dock with the Tiangong 1. If they succeed, Tiangong will stay in orbit while Shenzhou will fall back to earth. As I said before this is stage two. Stage one was sending a man into space, and stage three will be ultimately building a station of their own in the year 2020. China is not part of the International Space Station with other European and Asian countries. China decided to have a station of their own.

    I think this is great that China is starting space research. Although, I think it would be better if they joined the already up and running ISA. My only question is why didn't they join the ISA? The only thing I can think of is conflicting governments.

  11. Arianna Brown
    period 6
    We might be able to turn ageing off (20 new ideas in science)
    by Michael Brooks
    August 16th 2011

    Recently scientist have been researching ways to change the effects of ageing. These scientist have been working on experiments for over a year on this subject. In the past, in biblical times peoples life spans have been recorded to be nearly in the thousands. While today the average life span for us is 70-80 years of age due to more and more people and more and more illnesses. What if it was possible to end the effects of age? For us to be able to live to however long we wanted and look young while in our 70s.
    It very may well be a possibility for those dreams to come true, no more plastic surgery or crazy diets. In these scientific experiments preformed on mice, worms and fruit flies scientists have been able to dramatically change the effect of age. By manipulating genes in the organisms DNA, more or less of certain chemicals has been shown to keep them living longer by a long time. Maybe one day in the future, 60 year olds will still look like their 30 or maybe even younger.

  12. Carly Narotsky Pd.6
    “Twitter Study Tracks When We Are :)”
    By Benedict Carey
    The New York Times: Science section
    September 29, 2011

    Sociologists at Cornell University did a large scale study on how the average person’s mood fluctuates throughout the day, week, and season of the year. They did this by analyzing tweets on the social networking site Twitter from over 2 million people from 84 countries worldwide. They found that the overall tone of the tweets followed a similar pattern even for people with many different cultures, and the “mood curve” throughout the day was the same on weekends as well as weekdays. Those two points gave scientists reason to believe that our changing moods are partly based in our biology and “transcend culture and environment.” However, there are potential flaws in this study. Twitter users are a generally young, tech-savvy, self-selected crowd that doesn’t accurately represent humanity as a whole. Also, twitter users often use sarcasm and it is impossible for the automatic text analyzers to pick up on that.

    I think that this study was very interesting, and even though there are definitely flaws I believe the results are still quite accurate. For example, the study showed that people’s moods are lowest on Monday and Tuesday and get better as the week progresses, peaking on the weekend. Anyone would agree with that! Because the study was done on such a huge number of people, it was able to shroud variables like the sarcasm issue. Therefore, the results are accurate for the average twitter user, but the average twitter user is not the same as the average person.

  13. Alex Walker, 6th Period
    Using Twitter to Tap into the Mood of the Planet
    Author: Christopher Joyce
    Publishing Date: September 29, 2011

    In order to make a scientific discovery on social behavior, you have to have a source of information that tells you what people are doing in their everyday lives, and you also need a large sample size because everyone’s life is different. Scott Golder recently discovered an easy way to gather social information while fulfilling both of those requirements: twitter. He was trying to figure out how peoples’ moods change throughout the day, so he decided to use people’s tweets to answer that question. A computer program was devised that finds keywords in tweets which reflect the mood of the writer (positive or negative). Then, using this program, Golder discovered that there is a correlation between time of day and peoples’ mood. As it turns out, people begin and end their day more positive than in the middle. Overall, this news may lead to whole new dimension of scientific research through the use of twitter and other “social media” websites.

    This article is relevant to our classwork because this week we’re learning about the new ideas that changed the way people thought about government. This idea of using twitter to find new information and statistics could potentially influence the way people conduct research in the future. I Think the article is very interesting because I find it surprising that twitter could be used to make new discoveries. Learning how to use it for scientific purposes is a discovery in and of itself. Meanwhile the research twitter was used to obtain is also interesting, even though it is not as relevant to our classwork. I never would’ve guessed that the time of day influenced people’s mood.

  14. Katie Mimmack pd 6
    Who Are You, Really? Activists Fight for Pseudonyms by Martin Kaste on September 28th, 2011

    All over the internet, social media sites are shutting down the accounts of users they believe to be operating under a fake name. The most noted of companies who are taking these actions include Google Plus and Facebook. These companies say that they’re trying to stop trolls from infesting their sites, and that many people who want to spark controversy and cause problems usually don’t use their real name. As Jimmy Orr, managing editor of the online Los Angeles Times said, “Trolls don’t like their friends to know they are trolls. While taking these measure may make social media sites a better place to be, there are a large number of people who are angry at the movement. A woman who goes by the online name of Garidin Winslow believes that allowing users to operate under a pseudonym allows people the freedom to express their real opinions and feelings without offending the people they live and work around.

    I think that what social media sites are doing is good, to an extent. I agree that deleting obviously fake profiles is a step in the right direction as far as internet safety and general well-being goes. However, I don’t think that these profiles which are obviously used by non-trolls in real and non-degrading ways should be removed just because the name of the person is not real. People have published wonderful works and accomplished many things under pseudonyms, and shunning this aspect of the internet would turn away many interesting people with amazing ideas and voices. When operating with a fake name, we often feel as though we can be more open about our real opinions and not have to endure the same criticism or judgement from our peers. In class this week we have been talking about new ideas and influences on America, and this article is about new ideas regarding internet anonymity. One question the article raised for me was just how many accounts websites like Facebook have deleted. It would be interesting to know the scale of this movement, and how many of these accounts were one-comment-trolls, and how many were being used regularly by real people.

  15. Julian Wilson
    6th period
    Yeast thrives with partially synthetic genome by Roberta Kwok
    Nature News
    September 14, 2011

    This article is about replacing certain genes in yeast with synthetic (man-made) ones. It is important because the yeast was still able to grow and thrive. This was the first time they had ever managed to substitute chromosomes in eukaryotic (more complex) organisms. One of the main figures in the research and experiments was a biologist from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine named Jef Boeke. They hope to one day be able to make an entire synthetic genome for yeast and be able to do experiments with mutations within that. Further research on this could lead to major advancements in our understanding of genetics as a whole and could also lead to being able to cure diseases and fix harmful mutations in the human genome.
    I think that it is really great that they were able to do that and that it went so well. It really shows a huge amount of progress in human knowledge and understanding of the world around us that we are actually able to change the genetic make-up of an organism. I hope that using this new work they will eventually be able to cure genetic illnesses in humans someday in the future. This article connects to what we are learning because it is about people having new ideas and pioneering something new that hadn’t been done before. It also will hopefully influence new ideas and research in the future of genetics.

  16. Ashley Powell
    6th, 9/29/11
    Paley series examines history and influence of music
    Jazmyn Burton
    Temple University

    it has been known for a long time that music influences life in many different ways. At Temple University they are further researching how different generations of music changed the life style of the generation. They are discussing how music unites people all around. They say it also tells the human story. These discusions will take place at Paley Library on Oct.6 at Temple University.
    I find this article important because I play the violin myself. Music has already been shown to improve grades in school which is important. This article relates to what we are talking about because the revolution had a lot of different influences helping them do different things.

  17. Natalie Ragazzo
    6th period
    Clothes influence race perception
    No author is listed
    BBC News

    In a recent study scientist dressed people in either business attire or work overalls and then asked other people to put the person in one of two racial groups, white or black. It was discovered that when a person was dressed in business attire they were more likely to be chosen as being white. When a person was dressed in overalls they were more likely chosen as black. It was discovered that when a racially ambiguous faced person was up, onlookers where 6% more likely to choose them as being black when wearing overalls rather than the suit. Even looking at the onlookers hand movements researchers were able to pick up on hesitation when deciding if the contestant was white or black while wearing a suit, their hand would more likely head for the choice for white, but then change their mind.
    I think this study is very interesting. I think its interesting to see how people really do think of different races. People make many choices subconsciously without even thinking if its stereotypical or not. I would also think it would be interesting to know what age group the people deciding the races were? Also where the people deciding are from? Some areas of the world are more racially diverse and could have some effect on someones decision. Even considering these aspects I think that it is terrible to stereotype people on anything, especially race because every person is different. I do think as years go on stereotypes regarding race will vanish completely, because in history people have had difficulties with people being different races but these issues are just about terminated.

  18. Gabe Foster 6th
    For Kids With ADHD, Regular 'Green Time' Is Linked to Milder Symptoms
    Science Daily
    September 19th 2011

    After conducting a recent study of over 400 kids with ADHD discovered that there's a relation between where kids play and how bad they are affected. Researchers discovered that the kids who got outside to play more had less severe symptoms than those kids who stayed indoors to play. Studies before this one have shown that kids with ADHD who are exposed to more green space, like trees and grass, find it easier to concentrate. The studied showed that kids who played in open spaces the amount of hyperactivity was lowered and even larger improvements were seen if they were grassy or other green open spaces. They saw no difference between kids of different race, gender or income bracket. In other studies before this one similar results were shown.

    I think this articles interesting because so many kids have ADD or ADHD symptoms and it would be neat if they could improve their focus by just playing outdoors. I think most kids should play outdoors more especially if it could help some of them focus better. I wonder how scientist come up with these ideas of what could help improve symptoms. I also think it would be interesting to see just how big the differences are between kids who play mainly indoors and those who play mainly outdoors even f they don't have ADD or ADHD.

  19. Grant DeSelm Pd. 6
    Belfast firm set to launch App Builder in US
    Many Authors
    September 29, 2011

    A Northern Ireland company called JamPot Technologies, which was founded this year, is going to launch a new product. This Product will enable people to build, publish and update Apps from their mobile phone. This new idea was created by James Scott, chief executive on JamPot Technologies. The App will be launched at a conference in Los Angeles early October. Scott says that making this app cost up to £10,000. He says the cost was so high because the technology was so complicated. Some buyers are worried by the £25 per month fee. It influences how much you actually need or want the App.
    I think it is a little ridiculous to make an App that updates your Apps. It doesn’t make sense. The only way someone could use this App effectively and worth the £25 per month fee is if you own a worldwide App that is a top 50 seller. Then, you might be making money off of it. I think it is a great new idea but might not catch on. I also think this will influence very few people around the world.

  20. Paul Miller 6
    Bank of America to charge $5 monthly debit card fee
    By Blake Ellis
    CNN September 29, 2011

    Bank of America had introduced a new monthly charge of $5 if you use a debit card. This is because a new implementation of rules came into effect cut banks fees they have on retailers. Banks can now only charge the retailers roughly one-half the usual amount they would when a customer swipes a debit card. They now can only charge a maximum of 21 cents almost half of the normal fee before. Bank of America is the only bank so far to put this new policy into effect and they are hoping will limit loss of profits due to the cap regulation. This policy will start in 2012 and customers will be notified 30 days before it is put into place.

    I think that Bank of America already makes enough money and doesn’t need to implement this high of a policy and should lower it to $2. I understand they will lose money but there is no need to take it out on the customers and make them pay this fee. I think this new policy will just drive people away from using debit cards and start using cash or credit. My brother and sister have debit cards and I don’t think they will be willing to pay $60 a year to have a debit card, they will just use cash. This relates to what we’ve been studying in class because it is a new idea and was influenced by another event.

  21. Nate Hebert 6
    This 90 Percent Successful Vaccine May Be Our Best Chance to Eradicate AIDS
    By Jesus Diaz
    Gizmodo September 28, 2011
    Spanish researchers have believed to discover a new possible cure for AIDS. It was tested 90% affective on a group of 30 volunteers. The doctors are using are using a virus called MVA-B, a variation of the vaccine that was used to get rid of smallpox. According to the research there are no secondary effects in any of the patients which was very important news for the doctors. Even though the doctors have had great success, they are very cautious. They say that the treatment has only been tested on 30 people so it is too soon to tell if it actually works. Although this is breakthrough, it is not ready to be commercialized until it is tested on a larger scale and more in depth.
    I think that this is amazing because I never would have thought in my lifetime that we would be able to cure this disease that effects so many people. Although it is far from being sure this is a great scientific advance. We would be able to save so many more peoples lives and make the world a safer place.

  22. Tim Bogan / 6th Period
    “Americans Seek Answers As New Egypt Emerges”
    Author – Michele Keleman
    NPR News / 29 September 2011

    The Egyptian foreign minister was in Washington this week, assuring the Obama administration that the state of Egypt is good. For Americans, two issues on the status of Egypt are the state of the elections and the state of Egypt’s relations with Israel. Earlier this month, Egyptian protestors assaulted the Israeli Embassy in Cairo. During this, Mohammed Kamel Amr, Egypt’s Foreign minister, was on the phone in the middle of the night with Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton. While in Washington, Clinton thanked Amr for his efforts in maintaining peaceful relations with Israel by pledging to abide by the peace treaty instated in 1979 between Egypt and Israel. Amr reassured everyone who asked that during this transitional period, interim rulers will abide by all treaties. Although, he added that he could not speak for future governments.

    I think that this is great news and that the foreign minister is handling the situation very well. Abiding by the already set peace treaty is a perfect way to avoid an unnecessary conflict between Egypt and Israel. The attacks on the Embassy, while they are very serious matters, should not be a reason to become hostile towards another powerful allied country. A couple questions I had from this would be, what the diplomatic actions will be towards the attackers on the embassy, and also what may the response of some possibly “extremist” Israelis be to the attack.

  23. Saudi woman driver's lashing 'overturned by king'
    Mikko rich-voorhees 6th
    BBC world news, sept. 29th 2011
    In Saudi Arabia women have been placing more and more pressure on the monarch in order to receive more freedoms. The king Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud had just granted women the right to vote comes 2015. Unsatisfied with the little freedoms they have women in Saudi Arabia have been driving, which is illegal for women there and results in ten court lashings. The importance of this article is that the king pardoned a specific woman from this punishment. Throughout the article women claim that it creates optimism.
    As a very liberal equality loving person myself I disagree with a majority of Saudi Arabian laws, many of which are restrictions for women and to me seems unfair and complete ignorance towards humanity. The way in which this relates to our class is that reforms are taking place, although it may not seem it this is a small devolutionary step and hopefully more will soon follow. In My Forbidden Face by Latifa she tells us of women walking down the street beaten to the point of heavy bleeding for no reason other than wearing the wrong color of shoes. In the future my hope is this nothing of that caliber will be herd of in not just the Middle East but throughout the globe.

  24. Laura sullivan, period 6th
    "Amazon Unveils it's Tablet, The Kindle Fire: Can it Compete?"
    Author: Linda Holmes
    Source: NPR News
    Date: September 28, 2011

    This article is about the introduction of the new piece of technology called The Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire was introduced by Amazon. Amazon hopes that people will want to buy the Kindle Fire over the IPad because of the price difference. The Kindle Fire cost about $200, when the IPad costs about $500. Therefore, the Kindle Fire would be a better choice, but there are also a lot of down sides to the Kindle Fire. For example, it is 2.7 inches smaller than the IPad. For some people that size makes a huge difference in their choice and they might want to spend the money on the IPad just for the extra 2.7 inches. Also it only can hold 8 gigabytes worth. Therefore, Amazon is worried that there will be too much "stuff" on people's Kindle Fire.
    I think that because of the price difference most people are going to want to buy the Kindle Fire. Unless someone needs to use their device for specific things that the Kindle Fire can't provide then the Kindle Fire is the best way to go. This has to do with with our subject because it is a new idea being put out into the world.

  25. Arjun Raghavan

    Pd. 6

    Saudi King Gives Women Right to Vote

    Asma Alsharif


    Sunday, September 25, 2011

    On Sunday, the King of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah, gave women in Saudi Arabia the right to vote. The King stated that, after much deliberation with fellow religious clerics and other leaders, the women have been given the rights to be members of an unelected council and to vote. The King also said that the changes have been made in accordance with Shari ‘a religious law. This change is significant because this is one of the few times Saudi Arabia is looking into women’s rights and reforming the system. Women, in general, are limited in Saudi Arabian society, and do not have rights such as being able to drive cars, and being able to leave the country without a male’s permission.

    I believe that this change is a welcome one for the country. Although, I respect deeply the Muslim law by which the Kingdom abides, I believe that some reform is needed in the country. The King’s gesture will hopefully help Saudi’s leaders notice any other flaws in the countries system and help them fix it immediately.

  26. Maddie McNeal
    Period 6
    “Vegas teen runs own radio show”
    Author: Jon Castagnino
    Fox 5 Local News – Las Vegas
    September 29, 2011
    In Las Vegas, Nevada a very popular place for kids to hang out is the Englestad Boys and Girls Club. Kids come here after school to take part in games or to just hang out for awhile. While other kids are playing four other teenagers along with two instructors and a webcam are broadcasting a live radio show for anyone who wishes to listen. A teenager named Carson is responsible for coming up with the idea of broadcasting live every Wednesday night. You may wonder what they discuss on the show, but that decision is entirely in the hands of the kids. They talk about a variety of things from influential court cases to celebrity sleaze. Finally after four months their nerves are starting to fade and the process is becoming more natural. The most important part they say about broadcasting is to practice so that you sound like you know what you are talking about.
    I love this idea! I think that it is super important to hear teenagers who are close to my age talk about issues in the world and share their opinions on them. I would love to get involved with something like that because I think kids can be influential if given the chance. Just because they are young doesn’t mean what they have to say isn’t important. Sometime kids make more sense than adults. This is a somewhat new idea; it is something I am unfamiliar with. These kids affect their listens and can possibly make a difference in their community. I just think this is super cool!

  27. Emma Beck
    Per 6
    "Twitter Studies Track When we are :)"
    By Benedict Carey
    September 29th 2011
    Sociologists at Cornell University tracked twitter posts from 2 million people from more than 84 countries. They found that 7 percent posted at night, and 16 percent posted early in the morning. They found that of the posts most of the positive posts were between 6 and 9 am. They also found that between 3 and 4 pm were generally the most negative points in the day, and gradually got more positive after dinner. The line was 2 hours later on the weekends but the shape that the curve created was still the same. Mr. Golder says that an explanation is that people just dislike work but the curve is the same on the weekends showing that there is something more biological.

    At first when I saw the heading I thought that is was a little creepy to think that someone reading someone’s tweets. Once I read the article thought I thought that it was interesting. It shows however different we all think that we really are, we all are still a lot more alike than we like than we like to think. I do wonder though if it is just the people on twitter or if you did the same thing on facebook would you find the same thing. I think that the article should have compared and contrasted multiple twitter posts to see it if makes a difference where you live or the type of environment you live in.

  28. John Morales, 6th period
    Kenya to hold a state funeral for Nobel laureate Maathai
    By CNN Wire Staff
    Source: CNN News
    Publishing Date 9-28-11

    The president of Kenya declared two days of national mourning Wednesday for Wangari Maathai, who was the first woman from Africa to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize award. Wangari Maathai died due to cancer. The president Murai Kibaki also stated that a funeral would be held for the influential Wangari Maathai. Wangari Maathai died at age 71, but left a good name because she was an environmentalist who helped human rights and the empowerment of Africa's impoverished people. The president will honor Maathai and will hang the national flag Thursday and Friday. The government as well has gotten representatives to help the family committee who's arranging the funeral. Maathai is very influential in Africa because she's helped with her organizations like Green Belt; it helps plant tress, get clean water, and access to resources. In the year 2004 she was awarded Nobel Peace Prize for being very helpful, her effort, and the democracy and peace she gave. Maathai also was the first to get a doctorate degree in both east and central Africa. The people admired her so much that she got 98% of votes for Kenya's parliament. Maathai was ranked in 2005, 100 of the most influential people in the world.

    I believe that Maathai deserves to be honored for all her influence she has given to Africa. Her influence is very powerful that even the president had the courage to honor her. I think that Maathais ideas of helping Africa were great and now she will influence more people to help Africa.

  29. Catherine Romaine
    Banks to Make Customers Pay Fees For Using Debit Cards
    6th period

    This article is about how the Bank of America is going to start charging people
    five dollars a month to use their debit cards. Other banks such as Wells Fargo and Chase
    are going to charge three dollars a month. The fee used to be about 44 cents per
    transaction. The new rule will start on Saturday. The banks decided to do this because
    there was a rule called the Durbin amendment that limited the amount of money that
    banks can impose on people every time they use their debit card to buy something. This
    new rule will probably cost the banks 6.6 billion dollars a year. Citibank will be one of
    the only banks that does not start this new rule.
    This is a new idea for America because it will limit the amount of debit card use.
    People will cut back on the amount of times they use their debit card which will cost the
    banks a lot of money. This could cause a problem for the economy because the banks
    will lose money.

  30. Collin Vilen, 6th Period
    Military Chaplains Allowed to Perform Same-Sex Weddings, Charley Keys, September 30, 2011

    The government is now allowing military chaplains, or spiritual leaders in the
    military, to perform same-sex marriages. This new policy has been issued only 10 days
    after the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy was abolished. However, the chaplains are not
    being forced to participate in a marriage if it goes against their religious principles. This
    is a major step for gay and lesbian couples who serve in the military, because they can
    now be married on military bases if it follows along with local laws and the Federal
    Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as the act of joining one man and one
    woman together in matromony. The secretary of Defense, Clifford Stanley, says that the
    chaplains participation in a marriage does not mean the Department of Defense is behind
    the marriage, which clarifies that the department is not completely behind the movement.
    I think this is a major step forward in giving gays and lesbians all the rights they
    deserve. Although marriage is defined as being an act between a man and a woman, I
    think all people deserve to be able to follow their heart and not be forced to conform to
    traditional ways of doing things. After all this is the 21st century. We have given women
    and african americans full right and priviledges, why not homosexuals? We need to
    redefine the term “marriage” to fully give gays and lesbians their deserved rights. In my
    personal experience, most people I have talked to on this subject agree with me. This has
    to do with what we are studying in class because the idea that homosexuals can openly
    serve in the military was just opened back up. While “Don’t ask, don’t tell” was in
    affect, it would never have been thought that gay or lesbian marriage on a military base
    would be aloud. This definitely represents a new idea from our government. I hope this
    policy works out well for the U.S. because I think it is the most fair and just thing to do.