Sunday, October 30, 2011

7th period: Current Event due 11/4

This week we will be discussing federalism, amendments to the Constitution and the amendment process. The Constitution is so amazing---your current event should be, too. :) Your topic this week is: your choice. Please stay away from the Entertainment news (it is NOT that entertaining), but everything else goes. Remember to find a story that interests you...that way it will interest me, too. Happy Blogging! 


  1. Jack Kleissler 7th Period
    Colonel Gaddafi Dead: NTC Say Former Dictator Killed in Gun Battle
    Paul Vale and Michael Rundle
    Huffington Post 10/20/11

    The civil war in Libya has been going on now for all most a year. The Libyan people have been oppressed for years unjustly by the dictator Gaddafi. Finally on October 20th after many long desperate months of fighting Colonel Gaddafi was finally found in the town of Sirte and killed in a gunfight with Libyan rebels. The war had not been looking good for Gaddafi for quite some time after NATO joined in the civil war and he has been hiding for months now. He was caught transferring locations with his bodyguards and taken out with the help of NATO. They played a critical role in the civil war providing air support, medical care and supplies for the rebels as they fought across Libya looking for Gaddafi. Even though the war is now over the true test is whether or not they can rebuild their country and accomplish what they set out to do.

    Libya is now a much safer place with Gaddafi gone. He was an oppressive and cruel dictator and he deserved to be over thrown. I am happy for the people of Libya, now they have an incredible opportunity to rebuild and start anew. I really question if they are able to do so on their own though. That area of the world has been unstable for a long time now and a sudden dramatic change from dictatorship to democracy might not work as well as they think. I think they need a slow and gradual change to make this work, I hope they can do so after such a tremendous accomplishment of winning their civil war.

  2. I hate you Jack kleissler

  3. Saturday, October 22nd, hundreds of Indian girls were given the chance to change their Hindi names and have a fresh new start in life.

    In Indian culture, families living in poverty hope to give birth to males so that they may have a better chance of prospering in the future. Not only do males gain money for families due to receiving a dowry; males are also viewed as the masculine, working figures in Indian society. It is for this reason that so many Indian girls are given the name Nakusa or Nakushi, meaning “unwanted.” Some Indian women are even known to kill their own daughters so that they do not have another mouth to feed when it is not a males’ mouth. This discrimination is an outrage, and it is good to see that there are people out there trying to work for a positive change. While the ratio of girls to boys under the age of six keeps depleting (x girls to every y boys; i.e 881 girls for every 1,000 boys) due to abortion, neglect, and abuse, there is still a light of hope that these girls may be living a life where a new, brighter future will come for females living in India.
    After shedding their names, many Indian girls decided to choose more glamorous names such as the names of Bollywood stars or Hindu Goddesses. Nakusa and Nakushi turned into Aishwarya and Savitri. Other girls chose happier names, such as “Vaishali,” which means that one is prosperous and beautiful.
    “Now, in school,” a fifteen year old girl says, “my classmates and friends will be calling me this new name, and that makes me very happy.” The girl decided that her new name would be Ashmita, which means “very tough” or “rock hard” in Hindi.

    I am thrilled that a central Indian district decided to take matters into their own hands and make a decision like this. I think it is a fantastic thing to see young girls given the chance to relieve themselves of such a burdened name. No one should ever feel as if they are unwanted, no matter what race or gender you are. It is wrong to give people the belief that they do not deserve to feel wanted and appreciated in life. I hope that this is just the beginning in a long and well-earned path to equality between men and women in India. I truly believe that this is the start of an event that is going to make history-not only in India, but around the entire world.

    Published: October 22nd, 2011
    Article: Name chargers: 285 Indian girls no longer ‘unwanted’
    By: Chaya Babu

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  5. Jeremy Howell
    New Libyan Leader
    7th 11-1-11

    What does a former an Alabama University engineering professor have to do with Libya? Not much, until a few months ago. A Libyan named Abdurrahim El-Keib lived in the United States ever since he was exiled in 1975. His profession as an electrical engineer earned him the teaching positions across the globe, but these jobs could not have prepared Abdurrahim El-Keib for the positions that 26 out of 51 Libyan diplomats appointed him to. Now, while Libya writes a constitution, the professor will leave his classroom to be prime minister of the recently revolutionized Libya. Abdurrahim El-Keib has made statements that ask for the media to not bother the Libyan diplomats during this critical time.
    I am personally thrilled by the new of this mans appointment. Having someone who understands the west will be greatly beneficial to the Libyans. It is my hope that this man will steer the manifesting Libyan government towards becoming a strong alley of the United States. This could be the start of an excellent relationship with a Muslim nation. That is what we need for our PR right now. Hopefully the Libyans won’t forget the ones who helped them along.

  6. Sam Dunson
    Tony Stewart Deserves Chase Lead
    7th 11-1-11

    Tony Stewart has been making a real comeback in this years chase and a lot of people believe he should win the title. He is currently eight points behind Carl Edwards in the cup standings even though he has won three races during the chase, while Edwards has not yet won a race. This has sparked some criticism about the way NASCAR is scored and the author of this article believes that a change needs to be made. He thinks that there should be a lot more emphasis on wins and that the driver who is always going for it and winning deserves to win the cup. Carl Edwards is only in the lead because he has an average finish of 6.1th place, while Stewart has an average finish of 8.3rd.
    Personally, I agree with everything the author is saying about the NASCAR scoring system and believe that a change is needed. I win should count for a lot more points than it does now because winning a race is a lot more important than just always coming in second. You also do not want to remember the person who always came in second but the person who actually won. That is why Tony Stewart deserves to win the cup this year instead of Carl Edwards and why NASCAR should modify some of their scoring rules again.

  7. Briana Noel
    Period 7
    By JIM GOMEZ, Associated Press; TIM SULLIVAN, Associated Press

    On October 31,2011 in Manila, Philappines, a baby girl was born, and is pronounced to be the 7 billionth person in the world. Her name is Danica May Camacho, who was born into a poor Manila family. She weighed 5.5 pounds, and about a month premature. There is no way to precisely tell how many people are living on earth because of the many deaths. Some are beginning to worry about our overpopulation.

    Our populations is growing really fast and could cause problems. This is not a great thing, because people are still having children which adds to the problem. There is not even enough shelter, water, and food for the people living. Plus, people are losing their jobs and cant' support themselves. It's great to have kids, but if you cant support them on your own you should not do the acts to have them.

  8. Peter Norwood
    The Bellingham Herald
    Federal laws could shut down some saltwater fishing

    Summary: In this article, Steve Waters examines how the federal government might set laws that stop some saltwater fishing. The reason for wanting to stop the fishing is because of Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. This act limited fishing for 528 species. The reasoning for this bill was to prevent overfishing. These laws would prevent the fishing of some species even if the species were thriving. If fishing was limited the Florida economy would suffer significantly according to the article.
    Reaction: I think this is absurd. First off, why is the government talking about fishing regulations when they could be doing something productive like working on creating jobs? Second, if making these laws will hurt the economy, why would you even think about passing them?! Sorry but I think that the American economy is more important than a species of fish thriving right now. Maybe I’m heartless for thinking that, but it is rational and plausible. Also, if fishing was limited it would take away from American’s rights. As stated in the Declaration of Independence, “with certain unalienable rights, that amount these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, this shows how if you take away rights if you take away fishing. Part of pursuing happiness for many Americans is being able to fish, therefore if you take away fishing you are clearly un-American and should be stripped of your political power. If America wants to fish, then Washington should let America fish!

    Dear Ms. Logan,
    Sam and I agree that this is the most passionate and best current event ever. Therefore I should receive extra credit. That is all.

  9. Juno Park 7th Period
    Boeing Brings New Jobs to Florida's Space Coast
    CNN Wire Staff 10/31/11

    The NASA Kennedy Space Center and Space Coast in Florida have recently announced that through a collaborative effort they will be creating more than a hundred jobs over the next few years. The location is a prime spot seeing as Florida has been one of the leading areas for research and discovery over the last few decades. The Crew Space Transportation-100 will be built and tested there alongside the Commercial Crew program headquarters. These projects are estimated to bring 140 jobs by June 2013 and 550 by December 2015. In a time where jobs are few and far in between this is a God-send that will truly help the state of Florida. When the shuttle program ended it threw 1,200 workers into an economy where their specialized skills often have trouble finding fulfilling replacement jobs. Even so, with the addition of 550 jobs the hopes of many surge upward. The Obama administration has been thanked by the NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Beth Garver for giving them support and she said this the “latest sign of tangible progress.” With luck, there will be more people employed in the near future with test flights for the new spacecraft scheduled for 2015.

    I think that the new program being built at Cape Canaveral in Florida is a great idea. At this stage in time the need for jobs is greater than ever. As previously stated in the first paragraph more than 1,200 people lost their job when the shuttle program was shut down. The 550 new jobs will not even replace half of those lost. The Obama administration is obviously making an effort to make jobs and revive the economy which is evident in the plans for NASA and Space Coast. Although I haven’t been directly affected, I can imagine how tough being unemployed is. This does not in any way relate to the Bill of Rights. But I have to wonder, would 550 jobs really make a difference?

  10. -Stefan Steiner/7th period
    -Boeing brings new jobs to Florida’s Space Coast/ The CNN Wire Staff October 31, 2011

    Boeing has partnered with NASA to revive the space program of Space Coast in Florida. Florida had always been a leader in the space industry until the NASA program was ended following budget cuts that left thousands of people without jobs. Boeing’s plans, which include testing their new CST-100 spacecraft, are expected to create 550 jobs by December 2015.The Obama administration is being thanked for their support as the space center transitions from a government-only facility to a commercial space port. Boeing Co. is taking radical steps to advance spaceflight, and they are creating valuable jobs in the process.

    I am very happy that Boeing is doing something that will create jobs where they are desperately needed. While doing this, they are taking big steps in the very interesting field of space travel that needs reviving in the U.S. Hopefully, the move from government to commercial will be for the better and solve the problem of lack of funding in these economic times.

  11. Jayson Williams
    7th Period
    U.S. Report Accuses China and Russia of Internet Spying
    November 3, 2011
    New York Times

    The United States American intelligence agencies criticised China and Russia for their internet theft. On Thursday, they met with Congress to discuss their technology theft. They also said that these two countries hide behind third world countries, lack of technology so that they can further their own economic development. It's also said that they have targeted governmet agencies and our universities. Since there is no reliable estimates of money lost from them, it cant fully be catogorized as an economic and trade info threat to America.

    I think that this could potentially pose as a threat to our economy, if we do not monitor these to countries. The reason why it could be a major threat is, there are reports that they are stealing info, that could help them and possibly hurt us. I also think that other countries could start to do the same thing to other countries, if China and Russia succeeds in their conquest.

  12. Luthfi Bustillos 7th period
    Cuba passes law allowing private home sales
    Author unknown
    BBC news 11/03

    Cuba has passed a law that allows Cubans to buy and sell homes. This is the first time they are allowed to sell homes since the Cuban Revolution. This law will take effect on November 10th and citizens and permanent residents will be affected by this law. A law was passed in October that allowed Cubans to buy and sell cars but it had many restrictions. These restrictions made it hard for an ordinary Cuban to buy a new car. The law that banned the buying and selling of homes was passed back in 1959. The only way to get property was through your parents. The new law allows you to have two houses; a holiday house and a main home. The previous law meant divorced couples would have to continue living with each other for a while, because they would have trouble finding a home.
    I think that this is great for Cuba. They have many restrictions and I think that this new law will allow them to live a better lifestyle. This will also mean people who have money in their savings will be able to buy a house. Large families have also had to live in small homes and now they will be allowed to buy a home.

  13. Jason Cohn/7th Period
    Risky Business/Sandra G. Boodman
    Washington Post/11/3/11

    Jamie Arliss is a nurse in her 30's and had a large tumor in her heart. Surgeon Christopher Cove tried to do a procedure in order to choke off the blood supply to the tumor. Instead of slowly getting smaller, the tumor formed new blood vessels and made the procedure worthless. A later MRI found that the tumor was growing outside the heart. The tumor was very rare and was mostly only reported in autopsies. Therefore, she did not have much time. Cove consulted a neurosurgeon that worked at his hospital to figure out what to do about the tumor. The neurosurgeon had been using a drug called Onyx, or medical super glue. He and Cove agreed that they could probably inject Onyx into the tumor. The goal was to fill the entire tumor with Onyx in order to cut off the blood supply and kill it before it could grow new blood vessels. The risks were heart damage or possibly a massive heart attack, but Arliss agreed to the procedure. They used the entire hospital supply of Onyx, but would not find out any results for weeks. Since then, the tumor has shrunk about one third of its size and it will take about a year to find out if it has disappeared completely. Arliss is much better and back at work. They are very optimistic about the results.
    I think that this is a great advance for the medical field and could be greatly appreciated by future patients. I hope that the procedure works and she gets better soon. It is such a great accomplishment and it should be greatly recognized.

  14. Oskar Marszalek/7th Period
    Extreme Poverty Spikes in U.S., Study Finds
    New York Times/ November 3, 2011

    This article reports that the number of Americans living in extreme poverty has increased from 9.1 to 10 percent over the past decade. An area of extreme poverty is one where over 40 percent of the population live in under the poverty line. Concentrated poverty was first measured in the 1960s, when social activists described that the flight to the suburbs left metropolitan areas in deep poverty, creating cycles of high crime rates, joblessness and poor school systems. The biggest rises are still in these metro areas, particularly in the sun belt where the housing bust was felt the worst.

    I believe that this data comes at a particularly interesting time considering the Occupy Wall Street Protests, which certainly point to statistics like extreme poverty in order to build their argument. Although I do not support the Occupy movement, I believe poverty is a crippling issue in America, mainly based on its social effects. The government should look towards effectively educating the youth of these metropolitan area to mitigate the vicious cycle that has been described for nearly 50 years.

  15. Kabir Kumar-Hardy 7th Period
    The Panthers Might Be the Most Optimistic 2-6 Team in League Because of Rookie Cam Newton
    Associated Press
    Washington Post 11/3
    The Carolina Panthers are 2-6 a third of the way through the season, yet they remain optimistic. This is mainly because of rookie quarterback Cam Newton. Newton has shown that he can be the face of the franchise through his leadership skills. Newton was selected first in last years draft after extensive research by The Panthers. Carolina's coaching staff are stunned by what Cam has been able to accomplish in his rookie season. He is second in passing and has eighteen combined touchdowns. He has revitalized the Panther's offense. However, The Panthers still have a losing record. This is partially because of injuries to the team;s linebackers and offensive linemen. If Newton continues to progress, The Panthers will have a bright future ahead of them.

    Cam Newton is the greatest quarterback alive. Not only has he set records for rookie quarterbacks, but he has made The Panthers relevant in the sports media. In addition to his solo contributions on the field, Cam (we're on a first name basis) has invigorated pro-bowl wide receiver Steve Smith. Smith, a perennial Panther, asked for a trade at the end of last season. Until Cam showed up Smith refused to come to practice. After a dismal and injury ridden season last year, Smith has racked up 918 yards making him the season leader so far. As as fan, I am incredibly excited about Cam and the direction the Panthers are moving.

  16. Jonah Horwitz 7th Period
    Asteroid to pass closer to Earth than the Moon
    CNN / November 3rd, 2011

    An asteroid the size of four football fields in length is expected to pass closer to Earth than the moon. This “potentially hazardous object” will pass .8 lunar distances from earth expected on November 8th. If this enormous asteroid comes to an impact with Earth on land, it will cause a 4,000 megaton blast with a 7.0 earthquake. If it hits the ocean, it would result in a 70 ft. tall tsunami within 60 miles of the crash site. WOW. NASA can already tell that another encounter of a space rock this big will not occur again until 2028, expected to come within .6 lunar distances.

    This is truly amazing. I had no idea about the rarity of such an event. Hopefully it will not impact Earth because of all the damage it can cause. I think that by coming this close to Earth, it will give astronomers the chance to observe such a large figure. There is so much in this universe yet to know. Another cool thing about this is that we might even be able to see the object. It is supposed to come close enough to see at 4 PM. I’m gonna have my eyes open because this asteroid is about to be awesome!

  17. Kiara L. Luna 7th period
    New law creates real estate market in Cuba by: Mariano Castillo
    CNN/ November 3, 2011

    On Thursday the Cuban government announced a new law that allows the sell of real estate, something that may reform the island’s economy. This goes into effect in November 10. This new law allows for the sale, trade, donation and gifting of real estate but it still has some limitations. It limits the ownership of more than one resident and vacation home. Due to the restrictions buyers have to swear under oath that they won’t own another property. With a population around 11 million people and a shortage of housing, a black market existed where houses where swapped before this law existed.

    I think it’s good that the Cuban government is cutting on their restriction a little bit. It may be that there is an economical crisis in Cuba and a capitalist movement had to be made to improve the economy. This can be a signal of Cuba moving towards capitalism but there is still a long way until a real change in the political aspect occurs.

  18. Eric Reinstein 7th period
    Cambodia Floods Affect More Than a Million
    Thomas Fuller, New York Times
    November 2, 2011

    The October 2011 floods in southeast Asia have affected people in Thailand, Vietnam, and now, Cambodia. Recent estimates have stated that the floods, which are the worst ever, may be affecting almost three-quarters of the country, and over a million people. Farmers and fisherman have become trapped on patches of dry land in the new lakes that have formed in the remains of the rice fields. To make matters worse, the government is very poor and cannot help the people with helicopter evacuations, as it’s richer neighbor, Thailand, is doing. What’s scary is that this is a country built to withstand monsoons, adapting by farming the water-loving crop of rice and fishing. The floods are reportedly receding, but many people will struggle to survive with their villages destroyed.

    After reading this, I realized how much that Americans take for granted everyday, while these people had their whole lives swept away in days and can’t do much to help themselves. It’s a horrible situation, and this is extremely important because it shows us, as Americans, that we, even with are problems, are not suffering as much as these people. We need to help this poverty-stricken nation after their disaster, when they are in need.

  19. Sir Danner Morrison, 7th Period

    “Amazing, AOL Still Has 3.5 Million Dialup Subscribers”

    Dial-up, a service often considered to be a relic of the early days of the internet, still has many adherents. AOL, once of the most prominent providers of dial-up internet in the country, still has 3.5 million subscribers, although that figure is down from last year. Subscribers declined by 630,000, although it gained over 200,000 more subscribers in the 3rd quarter through a promotion. During a comparable time in 2006 and 2007, AOL lost 5 million subscribers both years. Although the figures are not as high as they were during AOL’s prime a decade ago (30 million subscribers at the time), 3.5 million subscribers is relatively significant considering that dial-up is widely perceived as an “inferior” service to only relatively more expensive broadband connections.
    Being a relatively “heavy” internet user, I find it amusing that there are still several million AOL Dial-Up subscribers. I understand how there would be individuals part of a low socio-economic class, individuals living in rural areas without broadband access, and elderly individuals or other individuals who do not have a need for “fast” internet. Up until 2-3 years, my elderly grandparents were in the latter camp; they may still be trying to figure out how to use the internet, but they have already dropped their dial-up line for a broadband connection.

    Frommer, Dan. "Amazingly, AOL Still Has 3.5 Million Dialup Subscribers." Business Insider. 03 Nov. 2011. Web. 03 Nov. 2011.

  20. Salomon Ariza 7th period
    Suspect in Mexico City slaying denies killing flight attendant
    CNN Wire Staff, November 2nd 2011
    The article talks about a murder that occurred in Mexico City. It is believed that a suspect, Jose Manuel Ramirez Perez, killed a flight attendant Nick Aaronson in a Hilton Hotel. The suspect claims that he attacked the victim because he had sexually harassed a friend of his. Other people however have a different story. They claimed that Ramirez robbed and killed Aaronson. Evidence seems to be on the prosecutors’ side since his Ramirez’s fingerprints are in the room and he was caught by a hotel camera going into the hotel with Aaronson.
    I find this to be an interesting case. I also find it to be a sad one for several reasons. It’s interesting how perhaps the victim was murdered because Ramirez was getting revenge for his friend. However this could just be a typical robbery case. The sad part about this case is that a life was lost because of this crime. Another reason is because this is just one of the many cases of murder that Mexico has every year. The death rate in Mexico has gotten way to high and has become one of the highest in the world today. I think that the government and people need to come together to find a solution to this problem.

  21. Olivia Clayton
    7th Period
    November 3, 2011
    Group wants Chapel Hill out of Halloween festival business
    By: Matthew Burns

    This article is about how a community group doesn’t want Chapel Hill to keep spending money on the annual “gathering” that they have on Franklin Street. The Halloween bash first started as a local family event, but over time has turned into a noisy night for drunken college students, teenagers, and outsiders. The Director of the coalition stated, “With alcohol-fueled misbehaviors, a significant component – families – have been forced away mostly by a collegiate crowd. It is no longer a suitable place for young children or families. Chapel Hill spends about $200,000 for paramedics, police and street crews.
    “The Town Council should not be paying for anything that enables excessive drinking.” Chapel Hill is trying to make it safer by shutting down the streets and taking away pubic parking, making it difficult for people out of town to attend. About $35,000 people participated in the event that happened this past Monday, which decreased compared to about four years ago when there was about 80,000 people crammed on a two block area. They are actually trying to turn Franklin Street back into a safe environment so families can attend again.
    Honestly, I don’t think they should change anything. Little kids shouldn’t be out there by themselves anyway. If they want to be out there, they need someone older to be with them. It’s not that hard! If you and your family can’t handle walking around drunken people, then you shouldn’t attend. Maybe they should just move it so it is more room for the people to roam (block off more blocks). It would be easier if they just said that you couldn’t enter that part of Franklin Street if you are drunk.

  22. Katie Alexander 7th period
    Refugees face organ theft in the Sinai
    By Fred Pleitgen and Mohamed Fadel Fahmy
    CNN Thu November 3, 2011

    The New Generation Foundation for Human Rights and the EveryOne Group, from Italy, have presented evidence that the bodies of African refugees have been found in the Sinai desert with organs missing. It is believed that the Sawarka Bedouin tribe is stealing organs from refugees who are unable to pay their demands for large amounts of cash to take them into Israel. Al-Azazy, head of New Generation Foundation, says "The organs are not useful if they're dead. They drug them first and remove their organs, then leave them to die and dump them in a deep dry well along with hundreds of bodies." Corneas, livers and kidneys are reportedly among the most sought-after organs.
    After reading this article it made me sick to my stomach to think of how humans can be so cruel to there own kind. It makes me shudder to think what might be going through the minds of victims. They are virtually like animals in a slaughterhouse waiting for their turn. Then they are disposed of like a piece of trash. I hope the people behind this are found and punished accordingly.

  23. Colin Schenk 7th
    Asteroid to pass closer to Earth than the moon
    November 3rd, 2011
    01:13 PM ET
    Post by: CNN's Sean Morris

    In under a week, an asteroid that is over four times in diameter will come within .8 lunar distances of the earth. This is the largest object to come close to the earth in over three decades! Are you wondering what would happen if it crashed into earth? According to an expert at Perdue University it would cause a 4,000 megaton blast and at least a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. If it crashed into the water it would cause a 70-foot high wave that could reach over 60 miles. Although this asteroid doesn’t have a high threat of colliding with the earth it will be a great opportunity for scientists to do some studies on it. The next asteroid that will come this close to the earth will be in 2028.

    I think that this is a pretty big event and I wonder why it isn’t being talked about more. If this asteroid were to make contact with the earth it would affect thousands of peoples lives! Luckily though it doesn’t pose a large threat, but it will be the only asteroid of this size that many people will ever see in their life!

  24. Luke Ciocca/ 7th period
    Tiny saber Tooth squirrel found
    Elizabeth Landau
    11/3/11 CNN
    Scientists have recently discovered a miniscule saber tooth squirrel. This squirrel is from the period between 60 and 120 million years ago, the time period where mammals came into existence. This animal is a mouse-sized squirrel with extremely long teeth. The squirrel lived 94 million years ago and it has been shown that is a mid evolution of the present day mammals we know. Now extinct, these animals lived in the world during the period of dinosaurs, legged snakes, and crocodiles. It lived in present day Argentina and is believed to have fed on small insects.
    This discovery is great for society. This allows an in depth look at the evolution of mammals. This animal shows up sings of how and where mammals evolved. If more information comes out, this can lead to solved what happened during this period of history and will help show evolution at work. This could end up linking up two animals as ancestors as we never had thought of before

  25. Brian Mack/ 7th Period
    Occupy strike descends into chaos/Demian Bulwa, Matthai Kuruvila,Justin Berton
    San Francisco Chronicle/ 11/ 4/11

    On Wednesday, a peaceful occupy strike in Oakland turned into chaos. The protesters broke many windows, set off 15 feet high fires, and drew graffiti on business buildings before the police entered the scene dispersing the crowds with tear gas. In the chaos three protesters were hospitalized and some policemen were injured. The protests went bad when thousands of furious protesters were livid at economic inequality filled the Port of Oakland, completely shutting it off. Disturbing messages were hung on banners, such as “kill cops” from buildings that protesters took over. Once a policeman was hit with a bottle over the head the cops began to arrest the protesters that didn’t run, and beat the one’s that did.
    I believe that these occupy strikes are unnecessary considering that a lot of people don’t even know what they are protesting for. The cops might have handled the situation badly, but what are they supposed to do when there are thousands of angry protesters taking over the streets? I believe that it’s the protesters fault that the policemen had to act the way they did.

  26. Jutsus Heizer/7th period
    The Amazing Story Of Chipotle
    Business inside 11/4/11

    In 1993 there was only 1 chipotle in the world and in 2011 there reached a amount of 1000 chipotle restaurants around the world. For those who don't know Chipotle is a mexican fast food restaurant with delicious food. Mc Donald's invested in Chipotle it was the only restaurant chain that mac Donald's has ever invested in. As soon as mc Donald's invested people started to buy from Chipotle and it became a bigger food chain.

    In my opinion mc Donald's isn't as good as other fast food restaurants. Chipotle has amazing burritos and is a exceptionally clean restaurant. it is good to hear that it has reached over 1000 restaurants. I think that this is important because it explains how a small store can grow to be a giant food chain as a small empire with the right king or ruler can make the empire stronger and bigger.

  27. Zunzun Aung
    "REPORT SHOWS A MERE 80,000 JOBS ADDED IN U.S. IN OCTOBER" By: Catherine Rampell
    URL -

    This week, employers added 80,000 jobs on net. That's nothing compared to the month of August and September. In September, 158,000 jobs were added and 45,000 Verizon workers who has been on strikes returned. And the chief economist at RDQ economics, john ryding, said that the government's initial take on jobs may be underestimating employment growth in October. The article says that if the government does not materialized the situation then the economic outlook could still be in trouble.

    I'm kind of confused with this article. Isn't it a great thing that people are starting to get jobs? Because it's helping them with their financial problems. However, there has been a lot of bankruptcy for American financial service company this week after making some bad investments in European markets. And it could lead back to more people losing their jobs. If this continues, there could be a severe drag on economic growth.