Sunday, October 16, 2011

6th period: Current Event due 10/21

This week in C&E we will begin discussion the Constitution. Yay, I love the Constitution! Perhaps you will learn to love it, too. :) Your current event this week should be about compromise. The Constitution itself is made up of a series of compromises and has a built-in flexibility that allows for compromises to be made in the future. Look for an article that discusses some sort of agreement made between two or more parties; the article may be about politics, but can certainly involve social or economic issues as well. Happy hunting...I cannot wait to see what you find!


  1. Natalie Bulik-Sullivan, Pd. 6
    U.S. Cuts Back the Proposed Size of Its Force in Iraq
    Author – Michael Schmidt and Tim Arango
    CNN, 15/10/11

    The Obama administration recently suggested that several thousand American troops remain in Iraq after the year ends in order to train the Iraqi military. Iraqi politicians also requested the American trainers, but later announced that they will not provide them with protection should they be given. Negotiations are still being held to determine how many trainers will be permitted to remain (if any). The amount of troops left in Iraq is expected to be fewer than the originally proposed 3-5 thousand. There is some controversy regarding this arrangement, as the two countries created an agreement three years ago that required all American troops to be withdrawn by 2012. In order for troops to remain, this agreement would have to be edited or the troops given diplomat status. No compromise has yet been reached by the two parties, as the Pentagon and White House recently announced.
    I think that this shouldn’t be a very complicated issue to resolve. Apparently, even if the negotiations don’t lead to a compromise by the time the 2008 agreement says that American troops must be withdrawn from Iraq, negotiations could resume next year when it would be easier to arrange for troops to return. This article relates to the topic we are studying because it is about negotiations that will eventually result in a compromise.

  2. Mikko Rich-Voorhees 6th
    Gilad Shalit swap: Israel names Palestinian prisoners, BBC World News
    BBC, October 16th 2011
    Israel in exchange for a single living soldier will trade 477 Palestine prisoners. Israelis who oppose this trade have 48 hours to appeal to the supreme court, however a list of the 450 men and 27 women have already been leaked. The court is unlikely to reverse this, and the president Shimon Peres has begun to pardon the prisoners for the swap. Israel still refused to release three of their most dangerous prisoners, all of which are serving multiple life sentences and are deemed extremely dangerous.
    I myself admire Israel for this; it is a very mature, moral decision and explains just how much they value their own people. The constitution and the American Revolution gave up the safety net of England for freedom and independence; in this case people are physically being traded as opposed to freedom in general. If this were the 18th century I do not think that the American’s would have done the same thing if in Israel’s position.

  3. Allie Rives 6th period
    Food crises compromising fight against world hunger, warns UN report
    By: Mark Tran
    The Guardian October 10, 2011
    The plan for 2015 is to, halve the total amount of people that suffer from hunger. However with the food crisis going on in the world right now, that plan seems highly doubtful. According to the FAO, Ifad and the WFTP organizations, countries such as Africa who are dependent upon imported goods are prone to suffering, due to the fact that they recently faced an economic crisis. The United Nations food agencies are dealing with the fact that food prices are most likely going to increase, therefore putting poor farmers, consumers and countries at risk of poverty and food insecurity.
    One quote that had seemed to catch my attention was said by the UN, "Having 600 million people suffering from hunger on a daily basis is never acceptable. My opinion on that is that I'm glad someone has come to their knowledge and to know that, that big of a number IS unacceptable. It seems to me that people in government sometimes doesn't come across that big of a number concerning this problem. Although it states that food prices will likely go up, the work that the UN is putting into trying a fixing this is highly looked upon. The way this leads to compromising is to keep predicting policies and openness to trade resulting in less risking prices and lower prices on international markets.

  4. Grant DeSelm- Awhaaadup Sixth!
    $1.2b deal to return water to Murray-Darling
    Reporter: Emily Stewart 10/18/2011

    In Australia, the Federal and Victorian governments have signed a deal worth $1.2 billion dollars. This compromise deals with upgrading irrigation infrastructure and buy back water from the Goulburn-Murray district. It has been very hard for the people living in this region to farm but as a result of this irrigation system, it is expected that the government will save 214 billion liters in water savings. This money will be used to revive the Murray-Darling River system. This deal will be great for farmers because of the great water supply. Irrigators say that this compromise in infrastructure is important in the long term for people living around the area, especially those living in the Murray-Darling River Basin.
    I think that it is great that the Federal and Victorian government decided to compromise on this deal to give these people easier access to water. In a way it helped out the government too because it saves them 214 billion liters of water. Also, when they build the irrigation system, even more water will be lifter out of the soil. Over 88 gigaliters of water will be added to the already plentiful amount.

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  7. Ryan Castellano 6th period
    Arab Spring helped free Israeli soldier
    By Frida Ghitis
    CNN News 10/19

    There was a huge compromise fulfilled today, Gilad Shalit was freed from Palestinian grasps. He had been held captive for five years only seeing the faces of his captors. He has been let go for the exchange of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners. Freeing these prisoners for only one man has been a difficult decision for the Israelites. Prisoners that have been released in the past have gone on to kill more people and commit more terrorist actions. This has been a sign of an attempt to work together towards friendly terms between the two sides. The only reason for these negations is because the people have not been very happy with the government lately. This will hopefully help these protests go away and help draw the two parties closer to allies than enemies.

    I agree but also disagree with this idea. I think that this idea is foolish because Israel is trading hundreds of convicts and prisoners for one mere soldier. On the other hand this is smart to try and help relations between the two. I know that I would be happy if I was Shalit. I think that this was a good idea for the relations between them, but not the scale at which it happened.

  8. Anna Zhang 6th
    Democrats defend tax increase in jobs bill, say GOP must compromise
    CNN Congressional Producer Ted Barrett
    October 18th, 2011

    Democrats have recently proposed a plan that will increase taxes and help prevent teachers and firefighters from being fired so easily. Senators will be holding a vote on the issue later in the week, but the bill is not likely to pass. The new tax is supposed to give the states 35 billion more money to work with, but the republicans are unhappy because they don’t want to pay the extra money. When the Democrats were asked why they decided on such an unreasonable tax, they responded by saying that they have made too many compromises with the Republicans and have received no accommodation in return. Senator Chuck Schumer, a democrat from New York summarizes, “It seems to me we have compromised a great way towards the Republican view and we have seen no reciprocal compromise."

    Does the bill (that one that’s receiving the tax increase) only protect teachers and firefighters from being fired, or are teachers and firefighters just examples of government paid jobs that need protection from being fired on a whim? Also, I don’t think stubbornness (the democrats not changing their tax rate) versus stubbornness (the republicans refusing to agree) is going to result in anything worthy. What we need is for both sides to put their brains together and come up with the best possible solutions to our current issues. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.

  9. Kaitlin Jones, 6th
    Obama touts jobs bill; firms pledge to hire 25,000 vets and their spouses
    Written by the CNN Wire Staff,
    October 19, 2011

    President Obama has recently been touring around in North Carolina and South Carolina to encourage Republicans to support his new jobs bill. Many Republicans oppose this bill because it means higher taxes. The tax would increase 0.5% for millionaires. Obama reasons that more jobs need to be created so less people are out of work, and one way to do that is to raise taxes. Obama also states that, veterans who return from war after leaving their families shouldn’t have to fight for a job when they return home after fighting for our country. The Republicans will not compromise or agree to this jobs bill because they think that raising taxes would be hurtful to the country at this time.

    I agree with both Obama and the Republicans. I think that it is bad that many veterans are out of work, and also many other Americans, and that something needs to be don’t about this. However, I do agree with the Republicans when they say that it would be bad to raise taxes. A lot of people can’t afford for their taxes to go up. If it is just the millionaires who are getting a tax raise, then I think that the bill would be more reasonable than if everyone get a raise, because they have more money to spare.

  10. Catherine Romaine
    6th Period
    Democrats defend tax increase in jobs bill, say GOP must compromise
    By Ted Barrett

    This article is about how the Democratic Senators want a tax increase. The Senate will take a vote later this week about whether or not to give $35 billion to states to stop teachers and first responders from being laid-off. This change would also include a .5% tax increase for people that make a salary over $1 million. Republican Senator Mitch McConnell said that paying for teachers and first responders hasn’t worked in the past so it won’t work now. Robert Menendez, a Democratic Senator was frustrated at why the Republicans can’t accept a small tax increase on wealthy Americans.

    Compromise is very important in government. The Democrats did not want to compromise with the Republicans because they say that they have compromised so much already and do not want to do it anymore. “Governing is about compromise and negotiation. It seems to me we have compromised a great way towards the Republican view and we have seen no reciprocal compromise," Menendez said.

  11. Crescentia Cho/ 6th period
    Cain’s Tax Plan: More than 9-9-9/ Jeanne Sahadi
    CNN/ October 17, 2011

    Cain has proposed a new idea: the 9-9-9 tax plan. This plan would replace the current taxes with a 9% income, a 9% corporate tax, and a 9% national sales tax. He also wants a fair tax and Mike Huckabee also wanted it in 2008. A fair tax is a national sales tax that would replace the current tax code and system. It would replace all the credits, deductions, and all of the exemptions too.
    A lot of people have difference opinions about this. Some say that this is good because it will improve our economy, but others say that it is bad because they don’t have any prove that it will help the economy. I don’t have an opinion on this topic because I see how it could go two ways. I think that Cain’s new idea is good, but no one knows if it is better, but he is trying to come up with new ideas to help the country. This relates to the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan because it is a compromise that could happen.

  12. Julian Wilson
    6th Period
    Occupy Wall Street and Labor Movement forming uneasy alliance by Peter Wallsten
    The Washington Post

    This article is about the recent Occupy Wall Street Movement and how it has been developing. Many labor unions have recently been trying to attach themselves to the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement, perhaps in order to gain support in the next election. The labor groups have helped to donate and provide food and meeting places for OWS activists. In return the people of OWS have helped local labor groups/workers in disputes with their employers. They plan to work together in many upcoming protests against large firms. Although both groups do not agree on everything, they are coming together to work toward many of the political viewpoints that they do share. So far, it has seemed to be a rather successful union. Both groups have been willing to help the other and have come to a mutual agreement that they can both benefit from working together.
    I was interested by this article because there has been so much information and talk recently about the OWS movement and I hadn’t heard anything about their work with labor groups yet. I think the whole idea and massive support of OWS is very interesting and I am excited to see if it goes anywhere. I wonder how long the intensity of the movement will last and if it will actually cause any concrete changes in our government and country. This article relates to what we are learning in class because it is about two groups of people getting together and working to benefit both of them. This is similar to the founding fathers writing the Constitution because there were people coming from very different places (states) during the writing of the Constitution also but they all managed to get along well enough to do something that would benefit them all.
    P.S. I also thought that the Occupy Wall Street website with their lists of “They” do this and “They”do that was very reminiscent of the Declaration of Independence talking about King George III when they said “He” did this and “He” did that. (The OWS website is

  13. Gabe Foster 6th
    Senate Expected to Vote on Portion of Jobs Bill
    By: CNN Wire Staff with Ted Barrett and Tom Cohen
    CNN, 10/20/11

    The Democrats in congress are trying to raise taxes on the wealthy for education and other causes like it. Republicans oppose the tax and say it will only hurt the economy. The democrats believe it could help because it will raise money to use for good causes. They only plan on an increase of half a percent on people making over a million dollars. The bill is not likely to pass but democrats have said they will try to get individual parts of the bill to pass.

    It sounds like this bill will not pass unless both sides are willing to give up something. The democrats seem like they are willing to compromise by trying to get parts of the bill to pass. I hope they do get it to pass, either in part or all of it, so that education can get the money it needs. I think the republicans argument is kinda weak because it will only raise taxes on the wealthy. If the bill would raise taxes on everyone there point would make more sense. If you are making a million dollars I think you will be ok taking a slight tax increase so that education will get the money it deserves.

  14. Paul Miller
    NBA Lockout
    By Ian Thomsen
    October 21, 2011

    The players and owners of the NBA are talking over money or the annual revenue created by the sport. The revenue used to be split 57-43 in the players favor but in this lockout a major talk is maybe leveling this to a 50-50 split. They have brought in a mediator, who was used in the NFL lockout, and they hope he will help resolve things so they can get their season back on track. Once they decide on the distributing of money they then have to decide on the salary cap. The owners are saying they want to get rid of the “guaranteed” money to players and only pay them yearly, but that is a big issue for players because it is one of the things that holds them together on a team. This happened in New York and people are speculating that a deal will not get done by the end of the season because the two parties are so far apart.

    I think that there will not be a compromise to resolve the lockout for a couple of months because there is so many issues they have to review and so far there has been little progress. There is a minor deal coming with the split of the revenue which is a big leap forward but still pretty far away from the ultimate goal. They have already cancelled preseason and the first two weeks of the regular season, you never know they could just keep going until there is no more season left. I think they should just let the players get most of the money and get their side more favored because they are the ones that actually bring in the money. This is just like the creating of the constitution, they have to make a compromise that will benefit all and everyone is happy. I don’t see why the owners need so much money they are already millionaires and don’t bring in any revenue.

  15. Alex Walker, 6th Period
    Nevada Governor Expects Caucus Date Compromise
    Author: The Associated Press
    Publishing Date: October 20, 2011

    Nevada governor Brian Sandoval has been working on a deal with the national Republican leaders over the mid-January caucus election date. As of right now, the election will take place on January 14, 2012, but many candidates and even the state of New Hampshire are angry about this. Because of this, Nevada is now considering changing that date in order to create a compromise. Sandoval said that he hopes that a solution will be reached that benefits Nevada and the Republican candidates. Meanwhile New Hampshire has threatened to move their primary date to December if no deal is reached.

    I think that all this disagreement and trouble in politics is one reason why nothing is getting done. If people sat down and made compromises that were beneficial to both sides, more things would happen at a much quicker rate. This is related to what we are talking about this week in class, which is the constitution. When our founding fathers were writing it, there were multiple arguments over representation in congress, slave trade, and tariffs. Although these disagreements led to conflicts, eventually a deal was struck which kept things moving in the right direction.

  16. David Hicks // 7th Period
    Democrats defend tax increase in jobs bill, say GOP must compromise
    Date: October 18th, 2011
    URL: ay-gop-must-compromise/

    Recently, the democratic party proposed a small tax increase to those who make in excess of 1 million dollars a year. The increase in tax was proposed to maintain jobs for firefighters and teachers. This proposal was met was much criticism, as well as praise, from Republicans and Democrats alike. The tax would provide 35 billion dollars to prevent the layoffs of teachers, resulting from a .5% surtax on those with significantly large incomes. Many republicans have argued against this cause, suggesting that maintaining government jobs won’t significantly effect the economy. The democrats are suggesting compromise from the republicans.

    Being a poor hick, I support this bill. Teachers are trained professionals that could use some extra money as motivation. Firefighters risk their life’s everyday for the good of others. We owe these public workers compensation and jobs, because the less we pay them, the less motivated they will be. This applies to our current subject because compromise applies to the constitution. We have to make compromises on our taxes just like we had to make compromises for our constitution.

  17. Nate Hebert-6th
    Nevada governor expects caucus date compromise
    Las Vegas Sun
    October 20 2011
    Brian Sandoval is working on a compromise deal with Republican leaders over a caucus date(Jan. 14th). Sandoval is the most recent Nevada GOP leader to say that the party leaders are considering changing the caucus date. They argue that the date is too close to Nevada’s voting and Iowa’s caucuses. Different party members want a different date. Some want a January 17th date to make New Hampshire (the state Nevada is arguing with) happy. Others want it to be on February 4th. The rest keep supporting the original January 14th date. Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, Herman Cain and three others said they would not attend if the date is not moved back.
    Although caucus dates are very rarely changed, I believe that the date will probably stay the same. Jon Huntsman and Herman Cain will have to make it out even though it cuts into Nevada’s voting time. Plus New Hampshire has always had the first caucus of the year for 100 years which has turned into a tradition and some things need to stay the same. This relates to the Constitution because they are working on a compromise.

  18. Timothy Bogan / 6th Period
    South Korea: Japan to Return Looted Korean Royal Documents
    Author – The Associated Press
    The New York Times – 19/10/11

    The prime minister of Japan, Yoshihiko Noda, will return stolen Korean royal documents to South Korea during a meeting this week. The move of the Prime Minister is in an effort to improve relations between Japan and South Korea. Japan colonized within the Korean Peninsula from 1920 to 1945, when the documents were stolen, and many Koreans still have resentment toward the Japanese because of it. The Prime Ministers action was also somewhat provoked by the barring of three Japanese lawmakers at a Seoul airport. This was in reaction to an ongoing dispute of the ownership of islets between the two countries.
    I think that the Prime Minister is making a very smart move in the pursuit of improving international affairs with South Korea. The hostile actions and intrusions of the Japanese in Korea are long in the past and only old people complain about it today. The disputes over the islets are themselves current affairs that have been going on for a while but hopefully they will be settled soon. South Korea and Japan would be better off as close allies; they both have strong militaries which may come in handy in the event of a crisis.

  19. Laura Sullivan 6th period
    After 5 years in captivity, Shalit is back home
    Authors: Michal Zippori, Paul Colsey and Kareem Khadder
    CNN, October 18, 2011

    This passed Tuesday morning Shalit was sent back home in exchange for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners. Shalit suffered more than five years in Hamas captivity. The people of Israel were ecstatic to see Shalit back home. They welcomed him with white roses and multiple banners. His dad said that this was the happiest day of his life to see his son back home again. Shalit too "felt good" and "very glad to be home". Shalit did suffer from some minor injuries though. He suffered from Shrapnel wounds and also the effect of the lack of sunlight. He will receive the appropriate treatment and soon will hopefully be as good as new.
    I think the experience that Shalit went through is definitely life changing. Having to live in a prison for 1,942 days would be extremely tough. I am really glad that he was eventually brought home even if it was in an exchange for 1,027 prisoners. The compromise was definitely worth it. This has to do with what were doing in class because it is a compromise between Israel and Hamas to settle a disagreement.

  20. Emma Beck
    Per 6
    "In Battle of the E-Readers, Booksellers Spurn Superheroes"
    David Streitfeld
    October 18th, 2011

    Amazon just made a deal with DC Comics, the comic company that printed Batman, Superman etc. Barnes & Noble, didn't like the agreement epically because they hadn't come up with a compromise. Barnes & Noble therefor took all of the physical copies off their shelves, saying that they would not sell any more unless they were able to sell the digital version. The company Books-a-Million soon followed suit. Many chains are desperately trying not to go out of business.

    I think that this is rather extreme. I understand trying not to go out of business, but boycotting a company all together, is ridiculous. I also think that it is crazy to have this many limitations on a product. I think it is weird that DC Comics would only let you buy their comics on the Kindle Fire, but none of the other Kindles or Kindle apps. I also think that it is ridiculous that people are that upset that they can't buy a book on their e-book! What is the problem with getting a physical book?

  21. Carly Narotsky Pd.6
    Protesting Students Seize Chile’s Senate Building
    October 20, 2011

    Students in Chile have occupied the senate building to protest for education reform. They want free public education for all students, not just the poorest, better quality of education, and state subsidies for private colleges reduced. They are demanding a referendum, or national vote, on this issue because they want it to be solved by the people and not the legislators. However, referendums are only allowed in rare circumstances such as when Congress and the President cannot compromise and find a solution. Senate President Girardi promised that the protesters would not be moved by force, which got him a lot of criticism, though he did talk with the protesters to try to get them to leave the senate building on their own. President Pinera said it’s unaffordable to make public education free, but he is sending his own ideas about education reform to Congress. The public as a whole is in favor of the protesting students, and Pinera’s support has declined according to opinion polls.
    I don’t know much about the education system or the government system in Chile, so I’m not sure what kind of education reforms are plausible and practical. I know that education is important, though, so I hope the student protesters get at least some of what they want. Ideally, Congress and the president can work out a compromise to get much needed improvements in the education system. If they can’t come to an agreement, a referendum would be necessary to bring this issue to the table. By the looks of the public opinion, the students would get what they want from that public vote!

  22. Maddie McNeal, Period 6
    NBA Lockout 2011: NBA Players Need to Compromise with Owners
    Author - Max Mickey
    Bleacher Report, October 10, 2011

    The NBA has been in a lockout as they try and settle financial disputes between players and owners. The article says that though things have improved they are still not very good. They players have been publicly posting comments saying “Let us play,” giving the impression that all they really care about is playing basketball. It is shown by their actions that they really care more about the money aspect of being in the NBA. The owners have locked out the players but only because the players have gotten unfair shares of the BRI; the owners want a new deal. The players currently want 53/51 percent splits but the owners are willing to go 50/50 percent with the players. It is a very large number to be paid just for playing a game. Is this really a fair amount for player’s to be paid?

    I agree that athletes are paid WAY too much for contributing virtually nothing to society. The article points out how employees of any other company wouldn’t even come close to getting the percentage of a company’s income that the NBA players get. The players need to compromise in order to do what they supposedly love. They are getting paid enough to be set for life regardless of whether they get one percent more or not. All people really want is to watch a good basketball game. That isn’t too much to ask for. Both parties of this dispute most compromise.

  23. Camden Van Ord
    NBA Lockout 2011: NBA Players need to Compromise with Owners
    Mac Mickey
    Bleacher Report, 10/10/11

    The NBA lockout started in the end of June/early July this summer. The lockout is essentially similar to the notorious NFL lockout. The players basically want more money. What they said is that they deserve about 53% of the BRI (basketball related income). The NBA is saying that they will be ok with a 50-50 split, but that's not good enough for the players. So far, the NBA has cut out the first two weeks of the season because of the disagreement. People are hoping for a compromise, but right now it doesn't look hopeful.

    I think there are good points on both sides of this argument. The players are right in that they deserve more, they put in so much hard work. However, they are being a bit unreasonable with the 3% of BRI that they're fighting so hard for. It seems like it wouldn't be hard to compromise this problem. However, I would like to disagree with Maddie. Basketball players work really hard, they deserve a lot of money. Also, they do contribute to society. They help the economy. They help entertainment, they revolutionize sports all the time. I dare you to tell me that Michael Jordan wasn't a great man. Magic Johnson has done so much in the development of AIDS curing.

  24. John Morales
    Calif. governor signs compromise on Internet taxes
    By Marcus Wohlsen
    Source, Yahoo News
    Publishing Date Fri, Sep 23, 2011

    On Friday Governor Jerry Brown signed a legislation that delays new sales taxes rules that would have affected California's online purchase. The bill that was compromised was to be for in which retailers wanted to raise revenue. The compromise was set because there was two sides in which were online retailers and traditional retailers. The compromise was passed but the people really hope for it to be effective. Amazon stated if the effort for the compromise fails they will start collecting sales taxes for online customers. Under the bill of compromise being passed many money will be waisted including California's loss of $200 million for revenue.In California there will be 10,000 full-time jobs and hire 25,000 seasonal employees in the state by the end of 2015. Paul Misner who is vice pres. of the public global policy states that this must be resolved in congress because he doesn't appreciate what is being done. Amazon has been said to have a ground breaking moment Bill Dombrowski said in which can affect California a lot.

    I think that this can be very affective to many people especially online customers. I do think the compromise is good however if its not passed it would be a terrible thing. Overall i think that the congress should step in because many money is being wasted and it could affect California tremendously.

  25. Katie Mimmack pd 6
    More Cuts Voted In Greece; Riots Leave 100 Hurt by The Associated Press on October 20, 2011

    The second day of riots in Greece has left one person dead and over one hundred people injured. The protests were in opposition of the new measures that include civil pay and staff cuts, pension cuts, and tax hikes across Greece. The Greek lawmakers have ignored the demands of the rioters, and on Thursday they caved in to international creditors once again in order to avoid national bankruptcy. The new bill is expected to generate around 11 billion dollars, which will be vital to keep Greece afloat. This new movement has made protesters irate, and the riots are only expected to get more violent from here.

    It’s really terrible how violent the riots are getting. I heard about Greece’s bankruptcy over the summer, but I didn’t give it much thought then. Now that the tax rates are getting even higher and people’s jobs are getting cut, I can understand how angry the citizens must be. People are very angry about the state of the economy here in the United States as well, which has spurred the Wall Street protest. Luckily it isn’t nearly as violent over here, since the protesters aren’t set on forming into a riot. This article relates to what we’ve been studying in class because it’s a compromise between Greece and its international creditors and the rioters. Greece gave into its creditors’ demands and passed a new bill to avoid bankruptcy, and the rioters reacted by showing their protest. I am curious how long the riots are expected to last and what the plan is for the Greek lawmakers if the riots continue.

  26. Colin Bergey / Period 6
    Democrats block GOP jobs bill over spending cuts
    By Andrew Taylor
    WRAL / 10/20/11

    On October 20, 2011, the Senate blocked a legeslation that prevents the government from withholding three percent of payments to government contractors. The legeslation failed to get the necessary sixty votes. Although, congress and the president support the idea. It was not voted for because it would be paid for with 30 million dollars from cuts in domestic agency spending. The White House also promised a veto if it was passed. The whole idea of this law was to prevent contractors from not paying their taxes. This is important because the government is finally trying not to waste as much money.
    I feel that this is good because congress is trying to save a little bit of money. This is a compromise they had to make. Many of them (Republicans and Democrats) wanted to pass the bill, but at the same time they didn’t want to because they would have to spend too much. They all agreed to save the money over passing the bill. I think this was a good decision. Although, I am also concerned because money is dictaiting if the government should do what is right or not.

  27. Collin Vilen pd 6
    'Suck for Luck' could be best hope for NFL's worst
    Some NFL fans want their team to lose instead of win, the purpose being a star college prospect named Andrew Luck. Andrew Luck looks like a great pick for the NFL. He has great numbers, and a tall build which is good for quarterback. He will almost certainly go first in the NFL draft, and some fans want their team in line to get him. In the NFL, the worst teams draft first, so in order to pick up this star prospect, their team would have to have the worst record in the league. Most teams say they would never lose on purpose, but it is still on the minds of many people. After all, this player could be a major franchise player that any team would want playing for them. But is it enough to sacrifice a season for?

    I think its pitiful how some people want their team to lose more to pick up a player in the draft. It's really pathetic, and a lot of college players that look good end up just decent in the NFL. Bottom line, you just cant tell how that player will perform in the NFL and it's not enough to give up on a season. Some of the best qarterbacks, like Brett Favre, were not acceptional in college but performed great as a pro. This article does represent a compromise, but not in the normal sense. A compromise can be described as a sacrifice in one area to better another. This certainly fits this article, although their is not two parties involved. I am interested in who wil end up with him, and how he turns out in the NFL.