Sunday, October 16, 2011

4th period: Current Event due 10/21

This week in C&E we will begin discussion the Constitution. Yay, I love the Constitution! Perhaps you will learn to love it, too. :) Your current event this week should be about compromise. The Constitution itself is made up of a series of compromises and has a built-in flexibility that allows for compromises to be made in the future. Look for an article that discusses some sort of agreement made between two or more parties; the article may be about politics, but can certainly involve social or economic issues as well. Happy hunting...I cannot wait to see what you find!


  1. First. :D
    Title: US Drops Plans to Keep Troops in Iraq
    Date: October 15, 2011
    Author: Associated Press

    In Baghdad, Iraq, the US are abandoning plans to keep US troops in Iraq. The Associated Press has learned that the decision to pull out fully by January will effectively end more than eight years of U.S. involvement in the Iraq War, despite ongoing concerns about its security forces and the potential for instability. In recent months, Washington has been discussing with Iraqi leaders the possibility of several thousand American troops remaining to continue training Iraqi security forces.

    Well it is about time that we withdrew from Iraq. Now the US can focus on other things like the war in Afghanistan. I think before we leave Iraq we have to make sure that the Iraqi government can maintain control, if not they can count on us being back. There is nothing in Iraq now, Saddam Hussein is gone and a new government is in place. It is up to the government to maintain order not the US. We are actually the only remaining force in Iraq, the UK and other countries have already withdrew a year before or earlier. It is time we bring the veterans back home.

  2. Jill McLeod; Period 4
    Title: Appeals Court Suspends Parts of Alabama's Immigration Law
    Author: N/A
    Date: 10.14.11
    Source: Fox News

    Recently Hispanic construction workers, students, and landscapers have not been showing up to work or school due to Alabama’s immigration law, out of fear that they will be arrested due to issues concerning their immigration. Just this past Friday, the federal appeals eradicated parts of Alabama’s immigration laws after the Justice Department suggested that it should be abolished. Although police are permitted to corroborate the immigration status of anyone suspected to be an illegal immigrant, they may not incarcerate any foreigners for not carrying documentation of citizenship at all times. In the state of Alabama, illegal immigrants are proscribed from purchasing a vehicle, acquiring a driver’s license, or opening a business. State officials claim this law is necessary to ensure the fortification of the jobs of all legal citizens, but a concluding decision won’t be made for a few months in order to permit more time for arguments.

    In my opinion, these laws against immigrants are very unfair because they should be allowed equal opportunities. Coming to America would be conducive to their lives because it would provide more economic opportunities. The police should concentrate their effort on catching illegal immigrants, but more states should compensate for foreigners to allow more advantages.

  3. Sean Dawson
    “US Drops Plans to Keep Troops in Iraq” by Associated Press

    The moment we have all been waiting for is finally coming into play. Finally, after over 8 years of fighting in Iraq, we are taking our troops out of there. They are said to be out by January of 2012. There have been many debates about this situation, like the one in 2008 that stated they would take the troops out this December 31st. U.S. officials took so long to make their decision mainly because they wanted to make sure we were going to be safe without them and that 4400 lives that were taken from this war since 2003 were not wasted.

    I am thrilled to hear about this. I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t be. So many fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, etc. have been lost in this war, and it needs to stop. Of course there are going to be risks for taking the troops out of Iraq, but it is worth taking them. The soldiers there belong with their families. I am surprised it has taken us this long to come to this compromise.

  4. Anna Baynes Period 4
    Israel and Palestinians Prepare to Swap Prisoners
    Stephan Farrell and Ethan Bronner
    The New York Times
    Tuesday, October 18, 2011

    In Rafah Crossing, Gaza Strip, on Tuesday, October 18, 2011, Hamas activists are preparing for the release of 477 Palestinian prisoners by Israel. In two months another 550 prisoners are also going to be released. The other end of this compromise was the release of an Israeli soldier, Staff Sergeant, Gilad Shalit. Gilad Shalit has been in captivity for five years but many Palestinian prisoners have been held much longer. Gilad Shalit will be the first Israeli captured soldier to come home alive in 26 years if this compromise succeeds. Shalit was captured in June 2006 when the Hamas had a surprise attack on a military post in Kerem Shalom. When Shalit arrives back he will be checked to make sure he is in good physical and mental health. From there he will be taken to his family. There are many parties planned to celebrate his arrival back home. However, not everyone in Israel is satisfied with this compromise. Many of the 1,000 prisoners that are going to be released have committed terrorist acts against Israel. This is important because Israel and Palestine are constantly fighting about something and they finally agreed on something.

    I do not think this was a very fair compromise because Israel got one person back in exchange for about 1,000 people. It is hard to judge if this is a good compromise because the released prisoners may do more terrorist acts against Israel. However, it may be good that more people are now freed and can go back to their families. I am thinking that Israel decided to get Shalit back was because he was an important military figure. It would be better is Israel and Palestine would agree on a larger compromise so they are no longer fighting. In class we are studying different compromises that were made that would best satisfy the people of the United States of America. My main concern is that the released prisoners will cause more attacks on Israel.

  5. Sam Williams period 4
    Police Pension Compromise reached
    Sarasota Patch 10/18/2011
    Sarasota City commissioners and the Sarasota police reached an agreement regarding police officer pension. The city was trying to cut costs by reducing the pension of Police officers and changing the type of plan for retired members. The Police complained that this would discourage the best police officers to join the force and reduce the amount of new police officers. The compromise does not change the retirement plan but reduces the cost of living adjustments from 3.2 to 1%. This does not apply to already retired officers. This will still save money for the city without being too much of a change to attract new officers.
    This shows compromise because the two parties came to an agreement about police officer pension. This agreement is acceptable for both parties and helps with the city’s debt. I chose this article because police officers are an important part of enforcing laws and reducing crime.

  6. Max LeMoine/Period 4
    Senate votes to end 'Fast and Furious' gun program/ Andrew Taylor 18, 2011

    The United States senate has compromised to abolish the Fast and Furious gun program. The program was designed to track “small-time illicit gun buyers. The Justice Department has already ceased to program but the senators were voting to make it official. The biggest problem with the program was it focused too much on the smaller arrests and not enough on the major arrests. Finally, the senate is abolishing to Fast and Furious plan because it focus too much on the small problems and not enough on the bigger problems.

    I think tat it is a good idea because of the target group of the plan. I also think that congress must come up with a revised plan in order for the to be less problems. In the end I think it is a good idea what congress is doing but they must also come up with another plan to make their action right.

  7. Casey Molina
    Period 4
    WRAL: New US envoy on NKorea faces tough mission

    The United States envoy on North Korea now has a difficult task ahead of him. He must convince North Korea to give up their nuclear weapons in exchange for aid. North Korea often brags about their superior weaponry so this may prove to be impossible. As an effort to control a nuclear threat from the north we are offering them aid if they will give up their weapons. However the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong II, says that denuclearization is a testament to his late father. North Korea speaks of denuclearization as a necessity but they have taken no action yet. The US has made a compromise to maintain “open channels” with North Korea, but they will not continue negotiations until serious commitment is shown by the Koreans.
    By making this compromise, the US attempts to gain trust with North Korea and make the possibility of North Korea’s denuclearization more probable. However in doing so The US does not want to send the message that they accept and support the fact that Noth Korea has yet to take any action. This plan certainly involves give and take but over all I think it is necessary. If we ever plan to convince a nation of a different coarse of action, it is understood that they will most likely respond better to suggestion or guidance as opposed to commands. Nations expect to be treated as equals and if the US tries to tell the North Koreans to surrender their weapons, the realistic response would be negative and would create an environment where it looks as if the US is trying to dictate North Korea. Compromise is necessary in many heated debates and patience and trust are often associated. IN this Case North Korea will probably not respond well to any sort of “order” we give and our cooperation is as important to this deal as theirs.

  8. Alex Adams
    Period 4
    Article: “Israeli intelligence failure”
    Author: Yosi Melman

    Summary: A few days ago the Israeli government agreed to a trade off of prisoners between them and Hamas. Hamas, a Palestinian militant movement, captured an Israeli soldier, Galid Shalit, who has been in captivity for the past 64 months. A deal has now been made for the release of Shalit, in exchange for the release of 470 Palestinian prisoners now, and 550 more in the next two months.

    Response: I believe the Israelis got ripped off. They could’ve gotten a much better deal than 1 guy for 1020 convicted criminals. This relates to what we’ve been studying because although it was an unfair compromise, it was a compromise nonetheless.

  9. Caroline Stanton
    4th Period
    “Nevada governor expects caucus date compromise”
    By Cristina Silva

    Brian Sandoval, the governor Nevada is seeking a compromise on the date of Nevada's caucus. Candidates in the state of New Hampshire are unhappy with their date of January 14th saying it is too close to their caucus. Sandoval is trying to work with the Republican officials on the issue, but has yet to say if Nevada will definitely change the date of the primary. New Hampshire's candidates are being stubborn and say that if Nevada refuses to move their date they will hold their primary in December. The Nevada governor says he hopes he can find middle ground that benefits all parties involved.

    I thought this story was interesting because I think it relates very well to what we are discussing in class. The founding fathers had many disagreements particularly from different states, this is like that because New Hampshire doesn't feel like this is fair to them. This is also similar to the large state small state issue because Nevada is a much larger state in population and geography.

  10. Jayson Williams
    Period 4
    New York Times
    Amid Protests, Greece Adopts New Austerity Plan
    Author: Rachel Donadio

    In Athens, there has been extremely violent riots after Greece's unfortunate debt crisis. Concerning this problem Greek lawmakers met earlier in the on Thursday, to give a final approval to a raft of new austerity measures. This proposal would be the last effort to help Greece's in securing financial aid. Some of these unfortunate measures have been wage cuts, pension cuts, layoffs for public sector workers, also changes to some rules such as bargaining, and hiring and firing. Even though the day started out calm, some demonstrators started to get extremely violent towards each other. One person died of a heart attack, and many others were seriously injured, there were even firebombs thrown.

    Hopefully the Greeks and their government can settle out a plan where everyone can benefit from. This article shows that not only the United States is in a financial crisis, and that other areas of the world are suffering. This definitely is a huge compromise because, this will effect many peoples income, which is always hard to deal with.

  11. Justine Lockhart
    Period 4
    By: Lucy Williamson

    The congress passed an agreement between South Korea and USA for free trade. This will increase US exports to Asian and support 70,000 American jobs. South Korea is benefited in the way that their trade is now more open and they get American imports. South Korea is the seventh largest trade partner for the USA, there was $80bn worth of trade last year between these two countries. This pact had been delayed for for years, because of disagreements about the tariffs in South Korea on goods from USA such as cars. This agreement is passed in the USA but still has to be passed by the South Korean parliament.

    As far as I know, trading between countries is for the most part beneficial. It's relieving that employment will improve a lot among Americans. Free and fair trade between USA and South Korea will be helpful to both our country and South Korea.

  12. Shelby Casabura 4th period
    EU Adopts Stricter Rules on Short Selling
    Gabriele Steinhauser
    October 14, 2011
    ABC News

    After discussions between the European Parliament and the EU members they have compromised on new rules and regulations. They agreed on Tuesday to become stricter, and regulate short selling’s of shares and bonds. The rules, which are finalized, are to get the last approval, from the European Parliament and EU finance ministers in the next few weeks. They will become in force before November 1, 2012. The agreement is supposed to bring more stability and responsibility to short term transactions.

    My opinion is that it’s good to be making compromises, and to fix things so they will work better. Also if the new rules are supposed to create more stability for the countries in the EU it should benefit them. With the EU having many bumps over the summer its good they all sat down and agreed on something.

  13. Charles Wang/Period 4
    U.S., North Korea to meet next week / October 19, 2011
    According to U.S. officials, Ambassador Stephen Bosworth will meet with a North Korean delegation in Geneva, Switzerland. The United States wants to talk with North Korea and encourage them to abandon their nuclear ambitions. The meeting will give the United States a chance to see if they can come to a compromise and see what their intentions really are. These talks will settle many things and speculations of what is really happening in North Korea since it is very secluded. The talks will also see if North Korea has listened to the United States about stopping their nuclear ambitions since there will be more security for its people. This is because no one will think they are creating dangerous weapons and the rest of the world will be more likely to engage in trade and such with them.
    This is a compromise of North Korea and the United States coming together and having a talk. There will be a larger compromise at the talk to see how things are going. I feel that it is very important for them to be doing this because of the somewhat recent North Korean attack on South Korea. That attack sunk a ship which could have caused lots of retaliation. The compromise that will occur at the meeting will be very important to what will happen next and if they have nuclear weapons or not.

  14. Annie Wilcosky/ Period 4
    Delegates to North-South Korea relations summit call for adherence to past nuclear agreements/ Associated Press
    October 20, 2011
    The Washington Post

    This Thursday, a meeting between representatives from the U.S., South Korea, and North Korea resulted in an agreement to cooperate to provide food aid, recover lost troops, and reunite separated families as well as abide by past nuclear weapons commitments. This informal conference is expected to be followed up next week with a talk between the Obama administration and North Korean government to discuss the nuclear program in Pyongyang. North Korean party official Ri Jong Hyok believes that the talks will “produce results”, and that North Korean animosity towards the U.S. Can be overcome. Although the United States and North Korea are still technically at war, the delegates agree that a permanent peace accord should be established between the U.S. and two Koreas.
    I believe that the cooperation between these three countries is very promising. Relations between North and South Korea, as well as the United States have been tenuous for past years to say the least, and these negotiations will hopefully result in more compromises. The cordial discussions currently taking place about the nuclear program in North Korea are a huge improvement on past attempts, and the willingness of the countries to work together shows the potential for change and improving relations between the countries.

  15. Gabrielle Pura period 4
    Title: London Underground: RMT drivers vote for new action
    Author: N/A
    Date: October 20, 2011
    Source: BBC News

    Although recent voting has not contributed to a concluded compromise, the Rail Maritime and Transport union (RMT) and the London Underground (LU) are still leaning themselves to a possible path for agreement. Among the members of the RMT, there has been a unanimous vote, which was four to one, that they take action short of a strike towards railroad safety. The reason there has not been an agreement already is because LU wants the RMT to reconsider their plans because they have discovered RMT’s votes only counted for the 30% of the members who voted as opposed to the majority of 70% that did not vote. On the RMT side to have the LU agree, they have stated that they are taking action for a reason. While LU continues to reduce the quantity of staff members, the reduction has no effect in relation to the unsafe procedures exhibited in the underground station.
    I chose this article because even though there is not a current official compromise, this topic still leans towards a possible compromise. Because of RMT’s and the LU’s remarks towards each other, I feel that they will soon realize that one of them was just being stubborn the whole time and they recognize what the real problem at stake is, which is about the reduction of overcrowding and delays. This is a very important concern because considering the size of the tunnels remaining if the rail tracks were subtracted, the space is rather slim. If there were to be a lot of people waiting at once for a train to come, there could be injuries and the train capacity would leave some people to remain waiting.

  16. Desaree’ Johnson Pd 4
    Obama touts jobs bill; firms pledge to hire 25,000 vets and their spouses
    By the CNN Wire Staff
    Wed October 19, 2011

    President Barack Obama and his wife and his vice president made a public campaign
    to try to convince the Republicans to join Democrats in passing the $447 billion jobs
    plan. The first lady said that 270 private companies have agreed to hire 25,000 veterans
    and their spouses by the end of 2013. These companies are part of a trade group called
    the American Logistics Association. Then Obama made his speech talked about the
    importance of American veterans during the stop of the Join Base Langley-Eustis. He
    feels that it makes no sense for veterans to come home and then struggle to look for jobs.

    I agree with Obama. It isn’t right for veterans who have fought for our country to also
    have to fight to find jobs when they get back. I have family members who are now
    veterans and they are still in search of jobs. It’s sad that people who fought for our
    country have to also fight for jobs when they get back home just so they can make ends
    meet. We definitely need to change this!

  17. Marc O.

    TRENDING: Romney gives Obama some credit for Gadhafi death
    Shannon Travis
    October 20, 2011

    On Thursday, republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney stated that Obama deserves praise
    for the death of Moammar Gadhafi. At a public appearance in Council Bluffs, Ohio, Romney
    was asked questions concerning the death of Gadhafi. When asked by a reporter if Obama
    deserves praise for his death, Romney replied, “yes. Yes. Absolutely.” Earlier, when Romney
    was in Sioux City, Iowa, he wouldn’t say anything about the U.S. role in Gadhafi’s death, but
    would only talk about how it was about time he died.

    This article caught my eye because republicans and democrats don’t usually credit each other. I
    think this is a compromise because it’s sort of showing that the two sides agree with something.
    But also, I think that Obama deserves a ton of praise because we have now killed 2 major
    terrorists under him.

  18. Alex Adams
    Period 4
    Article: “Israeli intelligence failure”
    Author: Yosi Melman

    Summary: A few days ago the Israeli government agreed to a trade off of prisoners between them and Hamas. Hamas, a Palestinian militant movement, captured an Israeli soldier, Galid Shalit, who has been in captivity for the past 64 months. A deal has now been made for the release of Shalit, in exchange for the release of 470 Palestinian prisoners now, and 550 more in the next two months.

    Response: I believe the Israelis got ripped off. They could’ve gotten a much better deal than 1 guy for 1020 convicted criminals. This relates to what we’ve been studying because although it was an unfair compromise, it was a compromise nonetheless.

  19. Maddie Mesaros

    Period 4

    Title: Prisoner Swap Resets Mideast Equation

    Author: Joshua Mitnick

    Source: The Wall Street Journal

    Date: October 19, 2011


    The Palestinian Militant group Hamas finally freed an Israeli soldier after being held
    captive for five years. In return, Israel released 1,000 prisoners. Israeli officials released 477
    Palestinian prisoners and 550 more are slated to be released in two months. They’re waiting
    two months so Israel can decide who to release, according to an official familiar with the
    agreement. The Israeli soldier’s release by the Hamas, in a pact created by Egypt, represents a
    step that could ease the diplomatic isolation of Israel and Gaza. There could be a compromise
    on the horizon on border and land territory changes. For years, Gaza and Israel have been in
    disagreements but finally they have been able to appease the tension between them.

    I think this is really good that these two groups of people are agreeing on something. It
    may not be a huge revolutionary event but at least it’s something. All of the prisoners that are
    free are probably ecstatic and the soldier is finally safe and back home with his family. I
    thought this story was actually relatively heartwarming. This relates to what we are studying in
    class because even if it’s small, it’s still a compromise and a step towards peace.

  20. Connor Smith Period 4
    Title: US Drops Plans to Keep Troops in Iraq
    Date: October 15, 2011
    Author: Associated Press

    In Baghdad, the U.S. government has decided to pull troops back to the states. The consensus is that in January, when all troops are moved from the country, the Iraq war will have officially ended. However, there is still a chance that hundreds of troops will remain in Iraq to train Iraqi military forces. This would be done to assure that all the time and money we have put into our efforts to stabilize Iraq last, and that there is no chance that the country will fall deeper into social turmoil. The war began in 2003. 8 years later, the troops will finally be able to come home.

    I think that this is definitely good news. The Iraq war has been widely portrayed as an immense waste of time and resources. However, at the end of the day, every one can appreciate the final return of our nations troops. There is no doubt that every one that participated in this conflict is greatly respected and revered as national heroes.

  21. Ashley Powell, 6th
    NBA labor talks break off
    By Joe Sutton
    CNN, October 20

    The NBA has been trying to comprimise about making a new deal for money for
    contracts of players. They players are complaining that they have been promised so much
    money so they should get it. Meanwhile the owners of the teams say they are losing
    money everyday. They want a bigger part of the revinue for there teams instead of giving
    it to the players. The meeting got cut short on Thursday and a new one has yet to be
    schedueled for the two sides to meet. The lockout began in July and no end is in sight.
    The first to weeks of the regular season have already been cancelled.
    I think the NBA needs to settle their differences and make a deal that is good for
    both sides. If they just keep arguing then they will just continue to lose more and more
    money. This shows a comprimise because they are trying to make a deal that makes both
    sides happy.

  22. Garrett Young-Wright
    Period 4
    Title:Labor Talks Take turn for Worse as negotiations break off
    Date: October 20, 2011
    Author: Steve Aschburner

    As the season is supposed to draw nearer and nearer, the players and the owners are still far apart from where they need to be to get a collective bargaining agreement done. Last year, the owners claim, 22 of 30 teams lost money because of the high salary cap and the percentage of BRI (Basketball related income) the players receive (57%). While the players claim that 22 is an exaggeration, they have agreed to reduce their BRI to 53% which they feel is very fair. The owners want it reduced to 49%. The meeting on Thursday, that included a federal mediator, concluded with no new deal getting done and the sides still very far apart. With no new meeting scheduled, and 100 games already canceled, it's hard to see the two sides reaching an agreement any time soon.

    It's hard for me to say my opinion. I love to watch the NBA and there are many players that I am a big fan of, but if what the owner's say is true, the players really do have to improve their offer. You know you overpay your employees in an 800 million dollar a month business if 22/30 teams are losing money. I think it's clear the players should offer a 50 50 split of the BRI and get the season rolling.

  23. Diego Lewis, 4th
    Republican Leader Calls for Compromise on US jobs.
    Melissa Melton
    Voice Of America, Oct 16th

    This article is talking about the opinions of some republican politicians who agree in some areas with Obama's jobs bill, but disagree in others. Eric Cantor, a republican leader, is saying that republicans and Obama need to find similarities in their ideas about fixing our problems, and put them into use. Without compromise, nothing will get done. You can't get everything your way every time. Obama's current way of doing things clearly isn't working very well, so we need change and we need it now.

    I have to agree with Cantor. We need to start compromising more in our congress. We have gotten where everyone will only have it their way, and won't even open their minds to other ideas. That is a very dangerous situation. When this happens, nothing gets done, and views get more and more radical. This isn't just some argument, this is how we are going to run the United States of America.

  24. Hannah

    Often times when we talk about political compromise, we find the issue to be in the legislative body whether its at the state or national level. We are currently having a lot of trouble making decisions in congress and this is mostly because of differing views in different political parties. This article was about a very unique stalemate that is going on in Ohio right now. There are a few bills under consideration right now in the state of Ohio. However the representatives are split because of the contradicting views of the Republican and Democrat representatives. Because they were unable to reach an agreement, the representatives came to a stalemate and no progress was made. The state of the government has once again become ineffective. If our politicians are unable to set aside major differences and come to a compromise, our democratic governmnet is seen as useless.
    I think that the foundations of our government rely on the cooperation of our politicians. They way our politicians act make it impossible for our legislative branch to come to a conclusion on everything. I think that everyone is letting their oppionions hinder their ability to pass our bills and help run this country. Not everyone in our representative house can have their needs completely met because we can not meet the needs of all the people from different parties. It just isn’t possible. I’m dissapointed in our politicians for putting their personal views in front of the citizens of this country. If they can’t find away to compromise and make different views compatible, our government will cease to run effectively.

  25. Samantha Joy Straughan 4th period
    A deal to help foster youths find housing
    Published: October 20, 2011

    New York City has reached an agreement that to not let foster kids, when they reach 18, to become immediately homeless. From foster care to fending to themselves, 800-1000 kids are released every year with little to no knowledge of how to provide for themselves. Department of Homeless Services and the City Council have come together to try and help these kids so that they do not go hungry and have the chance at a better life. Until the age of 21, ex-foster kids will at least be provided housing while they try to set up their futures. The legal aid society and the advocacy group Lawyers for Children came together on this settlement to avoid a lawsuit filed with the Manhattan Supreme court. Although, a judge did have to approve the settlement before it could be put into action.
    Personally I find this action to be amazing and helpful to those who need it. At 18, foster children are kicked out and basically put out on the streets forced to either find food, shelter, and other necessities, or die. This act permits at least housing for those over-age kids until 21 so that they may be able to better their own futures. I think that all states should apply this act to their judicial systems to better the future of unfortunate children.

  26. Laura Buczek/4th period

    Title: Official: U.S. Pulling out all troops from Iraq

    Author: CNN Wire Staff

    Date: 10/21/11


    Due to a current agreement with Iraq, the U.S. will withdraw almost all troops from Iraq. This plan will be put into action throughout the remainder of the year until the end of the year. According to officials, only 150 troops are going to stay in Iraq in order to assist in army sales and some of the about 40,000 Americans will stay there as well in order to help with training and security. However while this agreement worked out another issue is debatable. The U.S. wants to retain immunity but Iraq refused opening a prospect of the Americans being sent to Iraqs courts and subject to the countrys punishment. Following "WikiLeaks’" release of a diplomatic cable that Iraqi citizens were killed in a 2006 raid by American troops, strained negotiations. Initially the U.S. military reported this as an airstrike.

    I think that the agreement settled between The U.S. and Iraq is great. Troops can now safely return to their families and it’s good that Obama is putting this plan to such swift action. Some troops have to stay but that is understandable. In my opinion the disagreement between the U.S. and Iraq could lead to other consequences. Even though it’s hard to agree on everything I think that while we are already making agreements why not resolve this issue? Overall I was really glad to hear that the troops were being withdrawn and that we could make an agreement with Iraq.