Sunday, October 16, 2011

7th period: Current Event due 10/21

This week in C&E we will begin discussion the Constitution. Yay, I love the Constitution! Perhaps you will learn to love it, too. :) Your current event this week should be about compromise. The Constitution itself is made up of a series of compromises and has built-in flexibility that allows for compromises to be made in the future. Look for an article that discusses some sort of agreement made between two or more parties; the article may be about politics, but can certainly involve social or economic issues as well. Happy hunting...I cannot wait to see what you find!


  1. Juno Park 7th Period
    Israel, Hamas set to start prisoner swap
    Guy Azriel 10/17/2011

    On Monday night the agreement to release 1,027 Palestinian prisoners for 1 Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit was finalized by the Israeli Supreme Court. The bulk of the public, about 8 out of every 10 people, approve of this swap. However, a small group of people vehemently oppose this trade. The families who are victims of terror have urged the government not to go through with the deal. These people have lost loved ones and faced great grief at the hands of the Palestinians. Many of them assembled at the armed with petitions. The father of the soldier, Noam Shalit, was in court also to stand against those petitioning. The prisoners being released include Amneh Muna and Ahlam Tamini who were instrumental in the murder of a sixteen year-old boy and the bombing of a sbarro pizza restaurant. Many of the others have life sentences, and some have multiple. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he shared the grief of the families that had been affected, and the choice he made was one of the hardest he had faced in his life. Nevertheless, he said “The State of Israel does not abandon its soldiers and its citizens.” As of now, the trade will happen on schedule and the prisoner transfer will happen at a secure military site. Once Gilad has been returned he will go through medical treatment and testing, and will finally be reunited with his family.

    I feel like the Supreme Court of Israel made the right choice in returning the prisoners in exchange for the 1,027 prisoners. Gilad Shalit is a valuable citizen of the country who showed his loyalty by serving valiantly in the army. A country should not abandon their people. The Prime minister knew this which is evident in his quote. However, I am also of the opinion that returning so many enemies may prove to be dangerous to Israel. They could once again plan bombings and murders against the Israelis. This ties into our class discussion because the Supreme court did not reach a compromise. They rejected the petitions of the terror families and obstinately went with their plan. Instead of agreeing to release maybe half the number of prisoners, they stuck with 1,027. A compromise might have been the right choice in this situation.

  2. Jack Kleissler 7th Period
    Israeli-Palestinian joy at Gilad Shalit prisoner swap
    Richard Galpin, October 18th

    Over five years ago a young Israeli soldier of just 19 was captured by Hamas militants in a Hamas led cross border raid. His name is Gilad Shalit. He then stayed in captivity for the net five years. He was treated horrifically and brutally in this time, but he was never forgotten. People across the world came together to raise awareness and make sure he wouldn’t be left behind. Finally after five long years of negotiation talks between Israel and the Hamas Gilad was released back to his family, in return the Hamas will receive up to 1,027 prisoners from Israel. Now it is time for Gilad to rebuild his life with his family, he was even after five traumatizing years never forgotten.

    This is a great day for Gilad, his family, Israel and the entire world. People worked tirelessly to get Gilad back and it has finally paid off. It is an amazing thing that this innocent man can finally return to his family and I’m not questioning that, I believe they made the right decision. But when you look at it over 1,000 guilty men who have committed murder, and attempted terrorist attacks on Israel are now back with their families as well. I don’t fell that they deserve to be but if that’s what it takes to return one innocent man to his family in my eyes it was worth it. All that matters now is that Gilad is back where he belongs.

  3. Erin Peck 7th
    Democrats defend tax increase in jobs bill, say GOP must compromise
    Oct. 18 2011
    Posted by
    CNN Congressional Producer Ted Barrett
    Democrats still stand behind Obama’s job plan. They support tax cuts for the middle class and raising taxes for the wealthy. Republicans want nothing to with this. They do not want taxes raised at all. But the tax increase is designed to prevent more teachers from getting laid off, however this is a turn off for republicans and is unlikely to pass. It is believed that the G.O.P. needs to compromise.

    I saw the Jobs speech and I heard what was being proposed. While it may be a democratic plan it seems like Obama is putting his desire for compromise out there. I don’t think he thinks everything on his plan will be passed, there is just no way. But things like taxes is something that could reach a compromise. Each side needs to give. The democrats think the only way to fix things is to raise taxes and the republicans pretty much said they would never raise taxes. So meeting in the middle would work. If the republicans would lift there pact to never raise taxes and if democrats suggested other cuts that could be made to lower the deficit.

  4. Aaron Smith/7th Period
    NBA talks done for day, will pick back up on Thursday
    Sports Illustrated
    Sports 10/19/11

    The NBA players meet with the owners today for 8 hours and will resume discussion tomorrow. According to the owners, the meetings are going very well and they are doing all they can to reach a compromise. The players and owners have been talking this over for about 24 of the last 32 hours, which shows that they really want to end the lockout. Although with all the progress, if they do not reach an agreement this week, we might have to see more games cancelled. The owners want to lower the spending each team has, which means the players don’t get paid as much; obviously they weren’t too happy with this. George Cohen was brought into the meetings for help because he was involved in the NFL lockout that occurred a couple of months ago.
    This article was very interesting and I enjoyed reading it. The one thing that made me mad was the players. I think it is very selfish that they won’t accept a lower pay, they’re still getting paid millions! I believe that professional athletes work very hard, but I’ve always thought they’ve gotten paid way too much. I hope that they come to a compromise soon because I do enjoy watching the NBA and I would be very disappointed if I couldn’t watch because the players weren’t happy with their, already ridiculous, pay.

  5. Eric Reinstein 7th Period
    Gilad Shalit’s Release, October 18, 2011
    Ethan Bronner and Stephen Farrell, New York Times

    On Wednesday, Palestinian terrorist group Hamas and the Israeli government have negotiated an exchange in which Sgt. Gilad Shalit, who has been imprisoned for five years, will be released, in return for the release of over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners. Some have argued this will make Israel a more dangerous place, allowing more violence as a result of the Palestinians being set free, while others have said this proves that Prime Minister Netanyahu is a serious negotiator. Most agree that this thwarts any Israeli-Palestinian peace agreements expected in the near future, and many think that Netanyahu has not made adequate negotiations and make the tough choices to keep Israel safer.
    My opinion as a Jew on this issue is that though Netanyahu wanted to free Sgt. Shalit, freeing Palestinian war criminals was not the answer, and I think even Shalit might agree. He has given the Palestinians a moral victory, and I believe that the United Nations, though not taking sides in the issue, has not been doing anything to encourage peace, allowing criminal organizations like Hamas, who attack Israel on a daily basis, to exist without opposition. If Palestine were ever recognized by the United Nations or was to side with Hamas in the Gaza Strip or West Banks, then this could erupt into a war between Israelis and Palestinians, changing the “Jewish homeland”, and the world, forever. On the bright side, for the time being, Sgt. Shalit is home with his family, unharmed.

  6. Jason Cohn 7th Period
    Israel, Hamas set to start prisoner swap Guy Azriel
    CNN 10/17/11

    On Monday, Israel and Palestine came to a prison swap agreement. They released 1027 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for one Israeli soldier. This soldier was Gilad Shalit. Many people support this trade, but some people, especially those directly effected by these prisoners, are extremely opposed to this. Many of these people are petitioning the swap, but Shalit's father stood against the petitioning in court. Some of these prisoners were even involved in murder and bombings. The Prime Minister said that this was one of the hardest decisions he had ever had to make. He made the decision because he did not want to abandon a soldier. The swap will take place at a military site. Shalit will have to undergo tests and medical examinations, but should be able to see his family soon.

    I understand that the Prime Minister doesn't want to abandon Shalit, but it is a big risk to let so many dangerous people back into the world and put others in danger. I don't know what I would have done because it would have been such a difficult decision. It is a big risk, but it might save the life of a soldier and Netanyahu just wants to protect the people of his country.

  7. Kabir Kumar-Hardy 7th Period
    Israeli-Palestinian Prisoner Exchange Brings Joy, Fuels Debate
    Scott Bobb
    Voice of America 10/19/11

    On Tuesday, Israel exchanged 477 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for one Israeli soldier. Under the agreement, 550 more Palestinians are to be released in the coming months. Prisoners from multiple Palestinian groups have been released. The prisoners were exchanged for an Israeli soldier named Gilad Shalit. Shalit had been in prison for 5 years after being captured during a violent conflict. Celebrations began upon his arrival home. People in Palestine also celebrated the release of their prisoners. Israelis think the release of Shalit is the beginning of the end of Israeli-Palestinian conflicts. However, Hamass does not recognize Israel as a country and will not stop until all Palestinian prisoners are released.
    I think the decision to exchange prisoners was a smart one. However, the fact that Israeli's for forced to trade 1027 prisoners, who actually committed acts of terrorism, for 1 soldier is absolutely ridiculous. The Israelis were left with no choice. I hope this exchange will ease tension between Israel and Palestine. Hamass and other organizations in the Gaza Strip must recognize Israel as a country before progress can be made.

  8. Jonah Horwitz 7th Period
    Prisoner swap with Israel emboldens Hamas
    Ernesto Londoño 10/20/11

    Monday night, Israel agreed to release 1,027 Palestinian prisoners for one Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit. He returned very thin and pale looking after 5 years of imprisonment. There was a homecoming ceremony for Shalit as the hundreds of Palestinians were being shipped through the Gaza Strip. A spokesman for the Hamas tells us that Tuesday was declared a holiday. He also suggested that his military group continue to seize Israeli soldiers. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister called it “a very difficult decision” and got the point across that they will continue to fight this terrorism.

    This goes to show you how much Israel values their people. The 1,027 prisoners mean nothing but more people to terrorize the Israeli’s. Gilad Shalit was imprisoned for far too long. Even though this swap removed much tension between Israel and the Palestinians, I feel like Palestinians are going to be motivated to capture more soldiers to get more people back. I agree and disagree with this but I am glad Gilad Shalit gets to reunite with his family and happiness after those 5 long years.

  9. Luthfi Bustillos, 7th period
    Israel-Palestinian joy at Gilad Shalit prisoner swap
    Richard Galpin
    BBC news October 20th

    Israel released hundreds of prisoners in exchange for a soldier known as Gilad Shalit. Gilad Shalit received a warm welcome on his return. He gave an interview but seemed a bit disoriented and not focused. His father also gave a press conference and said his son was alright but just needed time adjusting to normal life. Gilad was captured when he was 16. 477 Palestinians were freed and it is expected that 1027 prisoners will be freed in total.
    I think that this that it is good that Gilad is back home. He can now spend time with his family. I don’t think that the trade was very good though because; they basically released Gilad for a 1000 soldiers who committed crimes. The good thing is they will be in their own country and will not be able to cause trouble in Israel anymore.

  10. Luke Ciocca 7th period
    NBA talks break down with no meetings set
    Jeff Zillgitt
    USA Today, 10/20/11
    This article is describing the argument going on presently in the national basketball league (NBA). The two sides arguing are the owners of the NBA and the players in the NBA, also known as the union. These two groups are trying to renew a deal controlling revenue and other specific rules of the league. So far, 112 days into the lockout, they have still not worked out a solution. This article begins by telling about how talks have again broken down between the two sides. A mediator, George Cohen, was brought in to try to resolve the problems and work out a deal. Unfortunately he has been so far unsuccessful. The problems that are still trying to be solved in the lockout include basketball related income (BRI), salary cap, and luxury tax. The main focus is on BRI. The owners refuse to advance past anything less than 50-50 percent on the income. The two sides are strongly held to their respective ideas and it does not seem to be any progress being made.

    This article is referencing the lockout and its progress. After 112 days, owners, players, and especially fans are beginning to grow frustrated. I just want the owners and players to finally work out a deal so we can return to playing games in the NBA. It seems as if neither side wishes to compromise. This might lead to no NBA season at all. If this were to happen, there will be many angry people. There is still much progress to be done and it is having an impact on life. On every sports channel on TV you will be able to see a story on a lockout. If neither side is able to flex from their ideas and accept something in the middle there might never be a deal.

  11. Kiara Luna 7th period
    Republican Leader Calls for Compromise on US Jobs
    By: Marissa Melton
    VOA / October 16, 2011

    President Barack Obama prepared for a bus tour in Virginia and North Carolina to promote his job creation plan. He is facing problems with getting the republican congress to approve his plan. The republicans believe his plan won’t work because it has not been working until this day. Obama thinks taxes should be higher for the people with a high income and in corporations. On the other hand, the republicans believe taxes should be lowered for all people. The republicans say the president should stop blaming them for the failure of improving the economy.

    While the republicans and the democrats are blaming each other for the bad economy, the people of the US keep losing jobs, homes, etc. They should keep focusing on finding a way to make it work. They should just reach a compromise that would work for both parties and benefits the people.

  12. Peter Norwood
    The New York Times
    Obama’s Jobs Bill, Now Piecemeal, Nears Senate Fight Over Aid to States
    Summary: In the article, Robert Pear of the New York Times observes Obama’s job bill, and if the GOP will filibuster. The revised jobs bill will give $35 billion dollars to state and local governments to prevent layoffs of public workers. To get that $35 billion dollars, there will be a .5 % higher tax on people who make over 1 million dollars. The left is worried that the GOP is going to reject yet another bill they are trying to pass. Earlier the GOP rejected the bill that would raise taxes 5.6% on the 1 million dollar makers. This shows that the democrats are trying to compromise with the republicans, and maybe the republicans will be open to this bill.
    Response: I chose this article because I figured that anything involving the jobs bill would most likely involve compromise, or lack of. This article is about compromise and how the left is changing the jobs bill to be more GOP friendly. I think this is incredible that politicians are actually trying to work together on something. I thought I would never hear those words again. Originally I thought that the bill raised taxes too much on the wealthy, 5.6% is a very considerable amount, too much for the government to take. .5% seems very reasonable though. I’m sure that Obama has done the calculations and it shows that taking .5% will produce enough money to give to all the state and local governments. I say pass the bill. It will make both sides happy, the left will have sent some money to the program, and the right knows that the wealthy will not be taxed too much.

  13. Brian Mack/ 7th period
    Obama touts jobs bill; firms pledge to hire 25,000 vets and their spouses/ CNN wire staff October 19, 2011

    This past week President Obama has been on a bus tour stopping at different locations requesting that the Republicans stop fighting his jobs plan. Obama is willing to compromise with the Republicans, but they have blocked debate about the jobs plan. Obama asked Congress to pass one part of his jobs plan that would provide money to hire police officers, firefighters, and teachers. The money would come from an increase 0.5% tax on millionaires. The Republicans argue that at this time; any tax raise will only hurt the economy. Obama believes that his jobs plan will immediately provide jobs for those in need. Vice President Joe Biden stated that Republicans know that the jobs plan is the best solution, yet they still oppose it.

    I agree with President Obama’s jobs plan because it only taxes the wealthy an extra 0.5%, and they have the money to spare. That money opens up many job opportunities for people around the country that are out of work. I don’t understand why the Republicans refuse to compromise with Obama’s jobs plan, and pay a little extra money for the benefit of our country.

  14. Oskar Marszalek/7th Period

    Summary: This article describes the the passing of three free trade bills (with South Korea, Panama, and Colombia) in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Although the direct economic benefits would be negligible, with minimal increases in jobs and GDP, the negotiations played an important role politically and on foreign policy. Just one day before the passing of these trade bills, Senate Republicans opposed action on Obama's job plan. However, this bill, which strengthens ties with "strategic allies" was passed almost unanimously.

    Response: I find it interesting that these free trade bills would receive the much-needed bipartisan action that congress has been lacking over the past six months. This bill had been proposed even before Obama was in office, and it seems that now more than ever it would receive opposition. Mike Michaud, a representative from Maine, noted that he is "seeing firsthand is devastation that these free trade agreements can do to our communities." Additionally, both the Occupy Wall Street protesters and Conservative Republicans have expressed anti-trade sentiment.

  15. Salomon Ariza/ 7th period
    Pulled from drain pipe, Gadhafi was shown no mercy/CHRISTOPHER GILLETTE and KIM GAMEL
    The article talks about the death of Libya’s ex dictator, Moammar Gadhafi. After many years of oppressing his people like a tyrant he was taken out. The article talks about how he tried to hide in a drain pipe but his efforts did not succeed. He was pulled out. About an hour later he had been killed and his people paraded his body across a town in Libya. Now that Gadhafi is out of the way the article talked about how different groups in Libya need to get together and form an agreement. This agreement would be to set up a just government that can be a democracy.
    It surprises me that a person would be so brutally murdered. This man who at one point held so much power was now a helpless individual begging for mercy. This was due to the fact that he never compromised with his people or anybody. He oppressed his citizens and took out those in his way. Now the different leading groups in Libya need to learn from the past. They need to come together and make a compromise to set up a new government and be able to form a democracy.

  16. Lizzy Stompel
    Israeli-Palestinian joy at Gilad Shalit prisoner swap
    Richard Galpin, October 18th

    Five years ago, Gilad Shalit, a young Israeli soldier was captured by Hamas militants in a Hamas led cross border raid. Every time Israel would try to trade captivated soldiers, Gaza would want thousands for one Gilad Shalit. It was a very tough decision for Israel. Gilad was treated very poorly while captivated. About two years ago there was a video of Gilad Shalit showing that he is alive and healthy. Many people wondered would he get back to his family alive. All these years he was never forgotten. People all around the world believed that one day he would get back home to his family.

    This is a very tragic topic for me to talk about. Since I'm jewish I have known about this since the very beginning. I never thought that Gaza would release the poor soldier. There were many other trades for Israeli soldiers. But all of them would come back dead. When I heard that Gaza wants 1,027 soldiers for Gilad Shalit, I completely lost faith that he would ever get home. His family would begin different protests. I was very happy when I heard that Gilad is coming home, but is releasing 1,027 prisoners that have murdered people before worth it?

  17. Colin Schenk 7th
    Palestinian prisoners leave jails as swap gets under way
    From Paul Colsey, CNN
    updated 11:06 PM EST, Mon October 17, 2011

    Around Five years ago, a young soldier named Gilad Shalit was abducted by Hamas and has been held captive since then. Late Monday night the Israeli Supreme Court finalized the agreement to release 1,027 Palestinian prisoners for the release of Shalit. Many of the prisoners are serving multiple life sentences for crimes including the murder of a 16 year old boy and the bombing of a restaurant. 477 of the prisoners were being released on Tuesday and the rest will be let out later this year. Although this deal was supported by around 80% of people polled, there is still a large part of people who highly oppose it. Many of them were protesting outside of the Supreme Court early Monday. However instead of making a compromise the Supreme Court rejected all appeals against releasing the prisoners and went along with the plan.
    In my opinion I feel that they needed to make a compromise, mostly because I don’t think that one man is worth over a thousand prisoners. Those thousand prisoners have committed numerous terrorist acts against Israel and are all going to be released for one soldier. About half the country realizes that this trade is going to be a major security threat in the future but still wants to get Gilad back. I’m glad that Gilad is going to go back to his home country; I just think that the Supreme Court should have made a compromise to lessen the number of prisoners they are going to release.

  18. Olivia Clayton 7th Period
    Sides working toward achieving revenue split, but not much else October 19, 2011
    Ian Thomsen > Inside The NBA

    The 2 sides spent 8 hours on Wednesday working towards a 50-50 split of revenues. They are regrouping together again today. They have requested the 2 parties to conduct themselves accordingly and they have! Once they agree on the money, he players have to compromise on the system issues. Federal mediator George Cohen is helping resolve this issue. The players won't accept because they say it will kill the majority of the contracts that they have in the NBA, resulting in the players having to earn their pay year by year. If they don't figure out a way to compromise for the system of the NBA, then they will have to make a deal on whatever the deadline that Stern makes. If they don't do that, then who knows what will happen. Cohen will keep updated will information about the NBA lockout.
    I like reading about basketball and watching basketball so I thought this was a good thing to talk about. I think that the players should just accept the lower pay, it's not like they are not still getting paid millions. it's just less millions! They need to hurry up and come up with a compromise so these players can get back out on the court!

  19. Kiara Luna 7th period
    Republican Leader Calls for Compromise on US Jobs
    By: Marissa Melton
    VOA / October 16, 2011

    President Barack Obama prepared for a bus tour in Virginia and North Carolina to promote his job creation plan. He is facing problems with getting the republican congress to approve his plan. The republicans believe his plan won’t work because it has not been working until this day. Obama thinks taxes should be higher for the people with a high income and in corporations. On the other hand, the republicans believe taxes should be lowered for all people. The republicans say the president should stop blaming them for the failure of improving the economy.

    While the republicans and the democrats are blaming each other for the bad economy, the people of the US keep losing jobs, homes, etc. They should keep focusing on finding a way to make it work. They should just reach a compromise that would work for both parties and benefits the people.

  20. Stefan Steiner 7th period
    NBA talks break off, none planned
    By:Chris Broussard / October 21, 2011

    On Thursday, NBA labor negotiations ended with no compromise. Talks broke off with the conclusion that more games would be cut from the season. This is due to a lack of agreement between players and the NBA owners about revenues and salary caps. 100 games have already been canceled which is causing players to lose money. All games up until Christmas are now in jeopardy and the whole season might end up being canceled. Now, both sides have brought unfair labor charges against the other side.

    This demonstrates a lack of compromise. The ongoing negotiations will end up costing the players and the owners money due to a canceled season. These arguments are good for nobody, including the fans who want to watch a fun basketball season. The NBA could learn something from the compromises of our founding fathers.

  21. Cameron Baker
    7th Period
    Animal rights group rescues 800 dogs from China meat trade
    Published by CNN, October 20, 2011

    Last Saturday night The Qiming Center of Zigong, China rescued nearly 800 dogs from being sold into the chinese meat trade. A volunteer associated with the center informed the group that hundreds of caged dogs were being loaded onto trucks headed to various restaurants in southern China. A team of 5 were sent to block off the trucks, where a standoff and then compromise was made to pay off the the dog trader $13,000 for the release of the dogs. It took hours of negotiation to proceed with the deal, and the group's skilled volunteers finally succeeded in receiving the dogs. The dogs are packed into small cages "visibly suffering", and generally abused until slaughtered for food. The Qiming Center and countless others against this terrible occurrence are taking a stand against this cruel business.

    I completely support the work of the animal-rights protection groups, and think their work and dedication for dogs and other animals is remarkable. I think the chinese who treat these dogs so cruelly are horrible people, and will not be satisfied until they face punishment for their sickening actions. It is heartbreaking to face the truth that is this being acceptable in other countries this day and age, and things need to change. They slowly are, thanks to success of these groups.

  22. Katie Alexander 7th period
    Animal rights group rescues 800 dogs from China meat trade
    By Jaime FlorCruz and Tian Shao, CNN
    Thu October 20, 2011

    The Qiming Center, an animal-rights protection group in the city of Zigong,
    rescued nearly 800 dogs last Saturday night. The protection group was notified
    about the dogs when a volunteer tipped off the group that hundreds of caged
    dogs were being loaded onto trucks, headed toward various restaurants. The
    group then blocked the street from the dog-trader while they posted microblogs
    online calling for help from animal-loving citizens. After a negotiation, the group
    agreed to pay the dog trader 83,000 yuan ($13,000) to secure the caged dogs’
    freedom, said Qiming president Qiao Wei. "It's a compromise we took in an effort
    to let the dogs free—they are visibly suffering for being packed in small cages
    with very limited space. We spent hours negotiating with the trader," Qiao told
    CNN in a phone interview. "Finally with the help of local government he was
    willing to hand over the dogs in exchange for 83,000 yuan—60,000 for personal
    compensation, another 20,000 for cages that we lack."

    Dog meat has long been a popular dish in certain regions of China, but over time
    this cultural and culinary tradition is getting more and more unpopular. Chinese
    animal protection organizations are increasing pressure against the dog meat
    trade. Before reading this article I knew very little about the dog meat trade and
    the compromising that comes with it. It is not illegal to eat dog in China, so one
    of the purposes of activist groups and organizations is trying to combat the poor
    living conditions the dogs are exposed to. They do this by compromising with the
    dog traders, by offering a certain amount of yuan in exchange for the dogs.

  23. Jeremy Howell
    7th period
    CNN/ war coming to an end

    CNN report that since he has been in office, President Barrack Obama has tried to arrange a deal that would allow some troops to stay in Iraq after the majority left. These troops would remain there in order to train Iraqis to fight. No compromises were reached on this deal, so today President Obama officially announced that all troops would pull out of Iraq by the years end. It seems that the lack of compromise has officially ended the United State’s occupation of Iraq.
    I think that we long over stayed our welcome in Iraq. Saddam was a terrible man that deserved what he got. Once we forced him out of power we should have left. Americans are the most generous people on earth, but we are not Nation Builders. I am so happy that we are leaving Iraq it is hard to imagine. When I found out I told the students who sat behind me. That did not seem to care. I hope we can now focus on Nation Building at home, so that when great things happen in our country the people are proud.

  24. Justus Heizer
    7th Period
    Animal rights group rescues 800 dogs from China meat trade
    By Jaime FlorCruz and Tian Shao

    800 dogs were saved from being made into a dog meat. The animal rights group saw that these dogs were going through animal cruelty and the acted out and had them saved. 83,000 yuan was traded for these dogs safety, this is the equivalent to 13,000 american dollars. In china dog meat is very popular among the people in china. When the dogs where found they were severlyu dehydrated, these dogs where in a severe state. Only one dog died from this all where saved otherwise.
    This shows that dogs are not treated in China like they are in America. Dogs are used as meals, for food. In America we dog is mans best friends and dogs have protected people before. Why would anyone want to do this? It was very unfortunate that one dog died but it is impressive that we saved as many as we did. The price we paid was nothing compared to what we did.