Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bonus Blogger!

Do you want 2 points added to your last test?  If so, take this 10 question quiz and post your results.

In order to receive the bonus points,
1. Click on the link and take the quiz.
2. Post a comment that includes your
     a) name/period
     b) top three presidential matches
     c) your take on the match-up...what do YOU think paralleled you with the presidential results and
         how do you feel about it?

I found this quiz to be very interesting, hopefully you will, too! :)


  1. Luke Ciocca 7th period
    Rutherford B. Hayes, Abraham Lincoln, and Barrack Obama
    I think this was a decent parallel of results. I am not as smart as Lincoln, but I have some of the same beliefs as him. Barrack Obama seems like the best parallel while Rutheford B. Hayes has some qualities like managment skills or pulic persuasion like I also am not good at. Overall this website's results were fairly accurate.

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  3. Anna Baynes Period 4
    Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Warren G. Harding
    I completely disagree with these results. The results say that Ronald Reagan is good at everything and Warren G. Harding is bad at everything. I am not bad at everything but I am not good at everything either. Then Bill Clinton is good at the things I am bad at and bad at the things I am good at. I do not feel like I have anything in common with these presidents. I am not an actor or extrovert. I am not good at persuading people or leading people in a crisis. Maybe I read the questions incorrectly...

  4. Danielle Bailey
    Pd 4th
    Abe Lincoln, George Washington, and Franklin D. Roosevelt
    I like my results! All these guys were very tall, and Im VERY tall too... For a girl. Each of them were at least 6 foot! im a very good persuader and all these president have very good publice persuasion skills. I also like to be the leader, and many of the presidents had very good authority and leadership skills. Overall i think the website was accurate. I figured id get Abe Lincoln because of the height question. Pretty cool website.

  5. Allie Rives
    Period 6
    George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    These men seem to resemble me for the most part. They all seem to be good at decision making and leadership; I find that quality in myself. They all seem to have good management skill. I feel like I'm good at knowing when I should be doing such tasks. For example, FDR is said to be a strong goal setter and I think I have that feature as well, because I'm aware as to when I need stuff done and what I should get out of the process. Overall, I think this is pretty accurate survey, I'm not exactly like these former presidents however I do seem similar qualities between them and myself.

  6. Anna Emslie
    7th Period

    My top 3:
    -Abraham Lincoln (100%)
    -George Washington (95%)
    -Theodore Roosevelt (94%)

    I found these results to be amusing due to the fact that my top president, Abraham Lincoln, was very tall (some people tried to prove that he had Marfan Syndrome), whereas I am on the average-to-short side. When it comes to non-physical qualities, however, I feel that my matches were good. I am very good at taking the lead in stressful times when it is hard to make the right decisions, and I feel like that quality was extremely important during the time of the presidency of these top three people.

  7. Allie Rives 6th
    Dome: Perdue to Meet Murder Victims' Families
    News&Observer, December 12, 2011
    Gov. Bev Perdue has recently been asked to veto the rewriting of the Racial Justice Act. The purpose of this Act is to allow death row inmates to defend their sentence time with racial statistics. Family members of these inmates have asked to speak with Perdue about this veto. The Senate just passed the bill that repeals the current law. In the past two years that this law has been in action, 154 of the 157 inmates have had the privalage to have a hearing, some not even concerning racial justice. According to the Washington Post, North Carolina is ranked in the top five states to have a partisan switch into the governor's office next year. This results in the chance of former Gov. Bev Perdue to go down. It was even reported that Democratic Rep. Bill Faison asked for Perdue to step aside.
    I think the reactions from the murder victims families are reasonable for what they had to deal with. However, instead of the asking Perdue to veto this law, I think it could be more appreciated if there were just some changes to it. In my thoughts, murder is far from the right thing to do although it seems harsh that they're practically in there for the rest of their life. The murders hopefully have family too, and those families are missing them, especially around the holiday times. Not keeping these inmates in jail forever, isn't all that far for innocent families. I hope that this can be figured to please both groups of people dealing with this law.

  8. Kaitlin Jones, 6th
    George Washington, Dwight Eisenhower, Woodrow Wilson
    I think that my matches fit me in some ways, but in other ways it does not. I think that I have good management skills and am an "industrious" worker", so those traits match up well. My top 2 choices are considered "good guys", and I consider myself to be a pretty good person, morally. Things that surprised me, and didn't match up, included traits such as: excellent public speaking skills, and excellent crisis management skills, because don't consider myself to have either of those skills.

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  10. Catherine Romaine
    6th period
    George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower

    I think that my matches were pretty good. First of all, I am a lot taller than average like GW (6'2") and Lincoln (6'4"). I think I am pretty good at time management and moral authority. I also think I am a pretty good person and am good at setting goals. I was surprised at the "good public persuasion" because I do not think I am very good at that. Overall, I think the quiz was pretty accurate because most of the qualities matched up with me.

  11. a) Natalie Bulik-Sullivan, Pd. 6
    b) George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson
    c) Although each of these presidents seemed to have some traits in common with me, I don’t believe that these results were very individualized. The majority of the characteristics mentioned in the president descriptions could apply to any leader (ex. “excellent management skills” and “excellent public persuasion skills”). However, according to this test, apparently I exhibit both those traits, as well as “superior moral authority” and “vision and goal setting capabilities”. Other than those questionable diagnoses, I can find little in the vague descriptions provided that I have in common with these presidents.

  12. Nakeisha R/4th period
    Rutherford B. Haynes, Theodore Roosevelt and William Henry Harrison
    I totally disagree with these results. My skills aren’t perfect but they aren’t worse than average and most of these men skills are. When it comes to vision and goal setting I’m decent and I know what to do if there is a crisis. I liked that my top three presidents were 5’10 and shorter because I’m shorter then and it didn’t really affect me. The only president I liked was Theodore Roosevelt because we both have excellent public persuasion skills. Overall, this website isn’t good because I didn’t like my results and it made me mad.

  13. Garrett Young-Wright
    Period 4

    Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, Andrew Jackson

    I think the results suit me fairly well. There were some things I disagreed with for example Johnson was a dominator which I am not and Jackson was not good with managing economy and I tend to be pretty careful with my money, but other than that it was pretty true. All were taller than 6 feet and were extroverts, similar to myself. All had good persuasion skills which I'm not sure if I have but it's interesting who I was matched up with.

  14. a) Charles Wang / 4th Period
    b) Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, George Washington
    c) I think I was paralleled with these presidents because they were all very smart and had a very good morale. They had good management skills and managing skills as well. I feel that it is somewhat accurate but I am not as good at public persuasion compared to these famous presidents.

  15. a) Gabrielle Pura/ period 4
    b) Andrew Jackson, Lyndon B. Johnson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    c) I was very surprised that all three men were so tall when I am two feet shorter than them. Among the three leaders, I find myself most similar to Lyndon B. Johnson because he had more average aspects rather than superior ones. I envision myself as more average, especially in persuasion skills. The results do not relate to me accurately since there is only one of three leaders that is closest to my skills.

  16. A. Max LeMoine/Period4
    B. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight D. Eisenhower
    C. I think I match up with George Washington because I have good management skills and I am good at goal setting. I match up with Lincoln because I have good moral authority and management skills. Finally I match with Eisenhower because I consider myself a good guy and again I have good management skills.

  17. a) Emma Beck, Per 4
    b) Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    c) I find it interesting to see the precedents that most relate to me. It think that Abraham Lincoln is a good match because I feel that I am generally persuasive and I can keep a calm head in time of crisis. Both FDR and Theodore Roosevelt were good in a crisis too. I also feel that I am generally good at handling money and that I don't waste it, which all of these men did.


  18. Maddie Mesaros
    4 Period

    1) George Washington
    2) Abraham Lincoln
    3) Andrew Jackson
    I think I was paired with these people because they’re respectful to people, assertive
    when needed, and try to get the job done correctly. I like who I was paired with and I
    feel like this quiz thinks I’d be a good president.

  19. Sean Dawson
    4th period

    My top three matches are Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. I feel that these presidents share characteristics of mine. One thing we all have in common is that they were all taller than 6 feet. I am a persuasive person, and so are they. They are all very good at managing and being in charge, just like I am. They were good match-ups for me.