Sunday, December 4, 2011

6th: Current Event due 12/9

Great job with your current events last week. I think that those House and Senate floor debates served as great reminders for your homework. :) This week in class, we will be bringing the Legislative Branch to a close and gearing up for the Executive Branch. In honor of these fantastic topics, you will chose an article dealing with Congress/General Assembly or the Presidency. This includes, but is not limited to, information about legislators, specific pieces of legislation, actions of President Obama or the GOP candidates/debates. Have a great week and do not forget that we have a test on the Legislative Branch (Thursday for 4th and 6th and Friday for 7th). STUDY! :)


  1. Natalie Bulik-Sullivan, Pd. 6
    A Defiant Herman Cain Suspends His Bid for Presidency
    Author – Susan Saulny
    NY Times, 3/12/11

    On Saturday, December 3, GOP candidate Herman Cain formally announced his suspension of his bid for presidency. He ultimately attributed the decision, which he had seemingly been dithering over for the past few days, to his wife. This move follows the accusations of five women of sexual misconduct, with the most recent coming from Ginger White, who claims that she and Cain ended an affair last month that had lasted for more than a decade. Although Cain has claimed that all the accusations are false, and that his relationship with White was platonic, enough evidence has been produced by his accusers to cause his supporters to question him. This, in combination with his seeming ignorance of foreign policy (he became flustered when asked in an interview about his opinions regarding President Obama’s policy toward Libya) has caused many of Cain’s supporters to withdraw their support, as evidenced by the last Des Moines Register poll taken before he suspended his campaign. That poll showed that only 8% of expected Iowa caucus voters favored him, and 25% supported Newt Gingrich. As Cain only suspended his campaign (rather than ending it), he is still able to accept donations from his supporters. Cain plans to tour the country with this money, promoting the tax and foreign policy plans that were central to his campaign.
    I am somewhat (or extremely) relieved that Herman Cain is no longer a candidate. The thought that American voters supported someone who had been accused by five women of sexual misconduct has horrified me for some time. Had their support been of a large enough magnitude to carry him through to the White House, I would have been disgusted. I don’t believe that political leaders need to be saints, but someone who shows such blatant misogyny and disrespect for women should never be allowed to lead this country. Also, in order to run the country, you need to know what is going on in the rest of the world. Several of Cain’s displays during the course of his campaign exhibited the fact that he does not fulfill that requirement. This relates to our current topic of study because Herman Cain was a GOP candidate.

  2. Collin Vilen Pd. 6
    Paul campaign calls Trump debate "wildy inappropriate"
    Author - Kevin Liptak
    CNN 12/4/2011

    Republicans Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul are refusing to participate in a debate moderated by Donald Trump. Ron Paul's political chairman said Donald Trump is not the right personality for the job of moderator, and his presence will keep people's attention away from the questions and answers of the presidential candidates. After all, Trump was a presidential candidate himself for a time. Trump replied to these comments saying Ron Paul has absolutely no chance of winning, and claims he is glad that Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman are not showing up. It should be very interesting to watch this reality television star perform as a moderator for a GOP debate.
    I don't blame Huntsman and Paul for skipping the debate. I think anything with Donald Trump in it will prove to be a comical uninformative production. I think that even when Trump was in the running for Republican candidate it was only to gain attention before he dropped out shorty after. I also believe it was very unprofessional to say he was glad that the candidates were not attending the debate. I would think it would be better to have as many candidates expressing their opinions so the people can examine all of the platforms so they know who to vote for. However, the candidates who do attend will most likely have an advantage because a lot of people will watch the debate for the same reason many people watch comical news shows such as "The Daily Show". I am worried that not going to this debate will bring down Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman's votes, even though I think they are making the right move. This relates to what we are learning because it is about the actions of GOP candidates Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman.

  3. Allie Rives 6th Period
    State Legislator Womble in Critical Condition
    News&Observer December 4, 2011
    It was declared on Saturday night that State Rep. Larry Womble went into critical condition and the other driver was killed after a head on car-crash in Winston-Salem. Womble has been a member of the house since 1995. He's a democrat who represents his home county of Forsyth. The crash took place Friday night around 11 o'clock when he met head-on to 54 year old, Allen Carmichael. The paramedics were quickly rushed to the scene able to respond fast enough to Womble and not Carmichael. Womble has been making reparations for citizens of North Carolina to be sterilized for the sake of the eugenics program. The Eugenic Board aims to improve the genetic composition of a population. It's been said that North Carolinians were unfit to have children between 1929 and 1974. Womble is also in charge and the main sponsor for the 2009 Racial Justice Act. This act is to help death row prisoners dispute their sentences. Other than one other state, North Carolina is the only state to have a law clarifying that one can defend themselves that racial conflict landed them their time here. The Senate recently voted to send a bill to Gov. Perdue wanting to repeal this law. It's been undeclared whether or not Perdue will sign or veto this bill.
    I hope as well as many others, that Womble can fully and successfully recover. However, it concerned me that there is so much emphasis being put on people to get sterilized. It's not the governments position to tell someone to get sterilized and they're not aloud to have any more children. There are many aspects where it may be unsafe for one to have a child, but again the government doesn't have the right to tell them "no". On the other hand, the Racial Justice Act seems reasonable. It's sounds like it's just repeating the First Amendment. I think it's a little unfair to have a law against the prisoners being able to bring it racial statistics and back them up, while fighting for their sentence. I hope that the right decision can be made dealing with these important issues.

  4. Colin Bergey / 6th Period
    Groups Prepare to Bring Occupy Protests to Congress
    CNN December 6, 2011

    Protesters from the occupy movement and other groups prepare to meet on Capitol Hill. They plan to complain and protest in front of members of Congress. This event is being named "Bring Back The People's House." Participants plan to meet and assemble outside of D.C. and promptly march toward Capitol Hill. After arrival, protesters will go to separate meetings with members of Congress. Other participants that are not going to meetings will set up separate protests. The occupy movement started in New York and has spread to many major cities throughout the country. The movement is based on the equal distribution of wealth for all.
    I don't think that Congress will really listen to any members of this protest. But, I am interested to see what will happen to this movement. Maybe Congress will take some of their ideas into consideration. Why did Congressional members agree to meet with these protesters?

  5. Anna Zhang 6th
    GOP senators filibuster D.C. Appeals Court Nominee
    By Ted Barrett, CNN
    Tue December 6, 2011

    Unsatisfied with Obama’s nomination of Caitlin Halligan into the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, the Senate Republicans voted to filibuster the president’s nomination even though in 2005, the Senate pledged to not filibuster presidential nominations unless it was an extreme case. However, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell claims that this is, indeed, one of those “extraordinary circumstances.” The Republicans believe that Halligan views the court “as a place where a judge can work out his or her own ideas of what society should look like.” They also disagree with her position on gun rights, detainee rights, and immigration. Democrats, however, defend Halligan and pronounced her a "superbly qualified nominee.” President Obama is also unhappy with the filibuster and criticized the Senate Republicans for dismissing twenty other nominations to the federal branch. He says their refusal to accept a nominee is resulting in a lack of judges who are urgently needed to solve the growing number of court cases.

    I’m kind of surprised that the Senate Republicans rejected twenty nominations. I wonder why they didn’t like any of the other people. What kind of person are they looking for? Maybe if they had an ideal nominee in mind, the Democrats and Republicans could compromise on something.

  6. Crescentia Cho/ period 6
    Obama: This is ‘make or break moment’ for middle class
    By David Jackson/USA Today
    December 7, 2011

    Today Obama said in a speech at Osawatomie, Kansas that the middle class is shrinking. While the middle class is shrinking, the rich are getting wealthier. The wealthy people could have a lot of uncontrolled political power later on. To prevent this from happening, Obama said that the country needs to invest more in education and infrastructure to prevent the middle class from shrinking. Obama suggests that the richer people get taxed higher. Unlike GOP, Obama believes that America works greater together than everybody fending for themselves.
    I think that the gap between the middle class and the upper class is growing apart. With the bad economy this isn’t very surprising to me. I agree with Obama when he says that we need to focus more in education because with education you can go a long way. With education a person can get a professional job and that would increase the middle class numbers. I don’t have a side when it comes to the issue of taxing richer people more. I can totally see the advantages and disadvantages to that. The advantages being that the economy would be better and we might be able to see improvement in the future. The disadvantage being that the richer people might see it as unfair.

  7. Kaitlin Jones, Period 6
    Gingrich up in swing states, but Romney holds edge in general elections match-ups
    By Kevin Liptak, CNN
    December 8, 2011

    Newt Gingrich is currently the leading Republican candidate for the 2012 election in 3 swing states. Newt Gingrich was a former Speaker of the House. The survey from Quinnipiac University shows that Gingrich is in the lead in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Mitt Romney is the closest candidate behind him in these three states. A couple months ago, Herman Cain was in the lead in these states, but since his campaign has suspended, Gingrich has taken the lead. Although Gingrich is the most supported Republican, the polls say that Romney would have a better chance at winning against President Obama in the 2012 election.

    I don’t know very much about politics, but from what I can tell Newt Gingrich seems very qualified for the job of president with his history as Speaker of the House. I bet that the percentages and front-runner will fluctuate again before long, and Gingrich may or may not hold on to his lead. I think that it is interesting how these three states voted Gingrich in the lead, but Romney as a better candidate against President Obama.

  8. Mikko rich-voorhees 6th
    Richard Cordray Nomination Blocked By Senate Republicans, Obama Hints At Recess Appointment, The Huffington post
    Jenifer Bendery, 12/8/11
    The article is about how the senate voted against Obama’s nomination of Richard Cordray for the position in charge of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Corday according to Obama has all the necessary credentials and thinks that the outcome of the vote is “absolutely absurd.” It is believed the only reason that the vote didn’t pass is that a majority of the republicans in the senate didn’t agree with the creation of the agency in the first place, with only one republican from Massachusetts siding with the president. When asked if the president would consider a recess appointment after the senate has adjourned he replied, “I will not take any options off the table.”
    I completely disagree with how the senate went about this and think they went about it in wrong way. The republicans of the senate have been vowing to vote against the president for over six months about this issue until the agency had been adjusted to something they more agree with. However if this was the right person for the job, they may have done nothing more than prevent the right person from getting the appropriate job. This relates to our class in that it is a prime example of the relationship between the president and the legislature, as well as checks and balances.

  9. Nate Hebert-6th
    Michele Bachmann Becomes Fifth GOP Candidate To Reject Donald Trump Debate

    ABC News
    Michael Falcone-12/08/11

    Michele Bachmann has officially said no to the Donald Tump Newsmax debate that would take place later this month, December 27. Bachmann had been searching for an endorsement, going on several personal trips to Trump Tower over the past few months. The only candidates left that will attend are Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Mitt Romney, Jon Huntman, Rick Perry, and Ron Paul have all declined the invitation. Perry was the most recent one to decline when he said no on Thursday. Perry’s communication director Ray Sullivan said “traditional retail campaigning” was his top priority in the closing weeks before the first nominating contests. Michelle Bachmann refused to elaborate on why the Minnesota congresswoman decided not to attend.

    I believe that the people that declined are very smart. Donald Trump is just looking for attention. he is probably doing this because The Apprentice is getting no viewers, if it is still even airing. The debate will be really pointless because it will be one on one and only two candidates will be voicing their opinion. Donald Trump might as well cancel this because the other candidates will probably back out as well. This relates to what we are doing in class because this is about the GOP candidates.

  10. Natalie Ragazzo 6th period
    Senate panel supports $415 million more for Lake Tahoe
    by: Micheal Doyle December 8th 2011

    Lake Tahoe is a large tourist attraction in the United States. On Thursday Senate approved to spend an additional $415 million on restoring the lake. This will all happen over the next decade. This $415 million is in addition to the $1.4 billion on combined sources. With the new funding it makes Tahoe one of the Nation's largest environmental investments. The bill's future is is still uncertain though because of different complications such a as money. Also the condition of Lake Tahoe has been heading for the worst such as the temperature of the lake has rise since the 1970s, nearly 25 percent of the trees surrounding the lake are either dead or dying and the clarity of the water has gotten much worse. The new funding will support many different projects for the lake in hope of fixing some of these problems. There has not been any word of a House bill that is comparable.
    I think it would be a great idea to restore Lake Tahoe. If it is a large tourist site then it could bring more money to the United States and more jobs to our citizens. I think it's also a good idea to have a bill based on the environment because global warming is a big issue and we need all the help we can get. If this money could help make the lake better and healthier than it already is I think it would help in countless ways. I hope that the bill does not die and it makes it all the way!

  11. Emma Beck, Per 6
    Obama To GOP: Don't Tie Pipeline To Tax Cuts
    By The Associated Press

    Some of the Republicans in Congress are trying to pass a bill, that would build a pipe from Mexico. The republicans are saying that it would create more jobs. Obama disagrees saying that he won't pass anything that rises taxes. The pipeline would carry 700,000 barrels of oil a day. This would double the oil that is carried a day from a similar pipe coming from Canada. Some people say that it would bring in dirty oil, and would cost a lot to clean it. There have also been a lot of leeks in the one going to Canada this year.

    I think that we should not make a deal if it is going to harm our natural resources from spilling oil. I do like that it would create more jobs for people but I think that there are probably other ways to do that. I agree with Obama, that we defiantly should not raise taxes right now especially for so many people without jobs. I do like the thought of Americans doing more work instead of paying other people in the Middle East. Also I think that if the oil really is dirty then it would waste a lot of work and would just cause us more money and raise taxes.

  12. Maddie McNeal, Per. 6
    Senate Stops Consumer Nominee
    Author – John H. Cushman
    New York Times December 8, 2011

    President Obama nominated Richard Cordray to be the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The Republicans challenged this appointment and on Thursday the Senate rejected this nomination of a vote 53-45. President Obama says that he wants to keep trying; he left the option open of a recess appointment. However, the republicans have made it clear that they will not vote in favor of this nominee. They want the law established with this nomination changed. These changes would bring new things like putting a board as head instead of a director. The fight between the financial sector and its customers has turned into a major issue between the two political parties as an election grows closer. Republican opposition already led to the withdrawal of Elizabeth Warren from this leadership role. The Senator from Utah says that even though Cordray is qualified it is not about the nominee himself but rather about the process that is running out of control. It is made obvious that Cordray is very well qualified and very intelligent. Early this week in Kansas, President Obama stated that he would veto any piece of legislation that would undo consumer protection in finance. President Obama intends to look out for the consumer’s best interests.
    Politics are obviously very controversial these days. With an election just around the corner party lines are becoming even more distinct and important. The Republican Party is trying to make a point by rejecting the president’s nominations. These Republicans are trying to make sure he does not get re-elected. It’s hard for me to understand why you wouldn’t want an experienced and well qualified man to be the head of an important bureau. Even if they want the process to change they need to keep in mind what is truly best for the American people who they represent. This is a great example of the legislative branch at work. It is also an example of checks and balances because the president talks about using his veto power.

  13. Ryan Castellano 6th period
    Michele Bachmann Becomes Fifth GOP Candidate To Reject Donald Trump Debate
    Michael Falcone-12/08/11-ABC News

    Michele Bachmann has been the fifth candidate to say no to the Donald Tump Newsmax debate that is on December 27th. The only candidates that are supposed to attend are Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Everyone else has declined the invitation. Michele Bachman being the most recent GOP candidate to do so. She has refused to explain on why she the Minnesota congresswoman decided not to attend the debate.

    I think that it would be very unprofessional and stupid to accept such an invitation; Trump is just looking for publicity and attention. This event is pointless because it will be only two candidates voicing their opinion. Donald Trump might as well abandon this debate because the other candidates will most likely back out as well. This relates to what we are doing in class because this is about the GOP candidates.

  14. Paul Miller
    Herman Cain leaves door wide open to media gig
    By Ashley Killough
    December 8, 2011

    The GOP candidate for President Herman Cain suspended his campaign the other day because allegations of a sexual abuse scandal. He said he was forced to end the campaign due to the stress on his family. He says although he is out of the running he still wants his voice to be heard in the presidential process. He also states that there is no possibility for him to re-enter the running. He says he still wants to be very vocal and be active in the election. He is also trying to promote his 3 ideas which he says he will keep promoting even after the election.

    I think that Mr. Cain is an interesting man and should not become president. I think it is his right to voice his opinion throughout the election and try to be active. I also think it was right to end his campaign because it was seemingly going bad. I hope that the sex scandal allegations are not true so as to not have even more sexual abuse drama going on, like we have with Sandusky and Fine. In class we have been talking about GOP’s, this is how it relates.

  15. Ashley Powell, 6th
    Poll: Voters want to throw ‘em out
    By Rebecca Stewart
    CNN, November 9th, 2011

    The congress approval rating is at an all time low according to a Gallop poll taken last Friday. Only 20% of the 908 participants thought that the congress men and women should keep their jobs. 80% of independents, 75% of republicans, and 68% of democrats felt this way. These numbers show that every party agrees that congress is doing a bad job. However, over 50% of them did not want their congressmen to be voted out of congress. They thought that they were doing an adequate job. These approval ratings are the lowest in history beating 21% which was recorded in August of this year.
    I find it incredible that people don’t hold their congressmen responsible. Do they really think that their representative is doing a great job? If everybody thinks that then nothing is going to change. I do agree with the fact that congress is not doing a good job and that they need to be replaced.

  16. Julian Wilson
    6th period
    Perry’s Anti-Gay Rights Focus is Divisive Even to Staff by Richard A. Oppel
    New York Times
    December 8, 2011
    This article is about Rick Perry’s new campaign against gay rights. Recently he has released videos in which he talks about not needing to be “in the pew every Sunday” to know that it’s wrong for gay people to serve openly in the military when there isn’t prayer in public schools. This article talked about how even within Rick Perry’s own staff there is controversy about this new ad campaign. These new ads were an attempt by Perry to gain more support from conservative Christian voters, specifically in Iowa. This is significant because he is running for President and if he is elected his policies could be very homophobic and hurtful to lots of people.
    I thought this was a good article because it showed that even some of Rick Perry’s own staff find his new ads ridiculous. I also liked that it included statistics about what people are looking for to vote and how many people aren’t opposed to gay marriage vs. how many are. This is related to what we’re learning in class because he is a GOP candidate running for president. I am glad that there are a good percentage of people that aren’t against gay marriage/civil unions. My only concern is if Rick Perry becomes our new President.

  17. Carly Narotsky, 6th period
    Where will Cain’s supporters go now?
    Author: Tom Cohen, CNN
    December 5, 2011

    Herman Cain recently suspended his presidential campaign, so it looks like he’s out of the race. Now the focus is on the rest of the GOP candidates fighting for the nomination. People are wondering which of his former opponents he will choose to endorse as well as who his supporters will now choose to vote for. However, political analysts say that those things are insignificant now due to Cain’s dwindling fan base. His support and his standing in the polls dropped after recent accusations about sexual harassment and an affair, which he consistently denied. Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann are both hoping to receive Cain’s leftover supporters because they both claim to appeal to the tea-party crowd, but political analysts are pointing to current front-runner Newt Gingrich as the candidate they will likely follow.
    This race for the Republican nomination is shaping up to be interesting. With Herman Cain out, it’s down to Gingrich, Paul, Bachmann, Perry, Romney, Huntsman, and Santorum. Everyone seems to forget about Huntsman and Santorum for some reason, so I think they will have a hard time getting the nomination due to lack of charisma. In addition to a major flub in a debate, Rick Perry’s “Strong” advertisement has been blowing up on my Facebook newsfeed with negative comments and it has over half a million dislikes on Youtube, so I would guess that he’s not a likely candidate anymore. With that, we have four leading candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, and I’m excited to see what happens. This relates to what we’re learning because it’s about candidates to run against incumbent Obama for the position of head of the Executive Branch.

  18. Arjun Raghavan
    Pd. 6
    Palestinians are an invented people, says Newt Gingrich
    Associated Press
    The Guardian (UK)
    Friday, 3^2 of December, 20(10+1)

    According to Newt Gingrich, Palestinians are an invented people. Gingrich believes that Palestinians were Arabs originally, and should remain that way, opting to stay out of conflict. He believes that they should not have tried to remain in Israel and fight directly for their rights, since this affected the country on a larger scale, due to violence. Gingrich says he will try to strengthen US ties with Israel in an effort to get the Arabs to peacefully leave the area which has for so long now, been fought for. He also said he will consider freeing a prisoner, Jonathan Jay Pollard who was sentenced to life in prison due to sharing certain confidentialities with Israel, regarding national policy in this country

    I believe I agree with Gingrich on this issue. Although my knowledge is limited on this topic, it is important that the fighting cease immediately. Since Israelis currently control the territory, it might be best for the ‘Palestinians’ to live and then peacefully resolve and misunderstandings

    Arjun Raghavan

  19. Uh oh ms Logan this is 2 hours late. Extended deadline made me forget.
    David Hicks
    6th Period
    Title: Americans' view of Congress at all-time low

    Date: December 10th, 2011

    A recent survey was taken by a Gallup Pull which dealt with the current shape of congress. The results were not surprising, with 76% of the participants stating that at least half of congress does not deserve to be elected back in. Because of this, some analysts predict that congress may have a democratic majority next year. With approval ratings also at an all time low--13%--it wouldn’t be too surprising if we do. Another contributing factor to this is the failure of the congressional super committee to come to a deficit agreement. The unusual factor of this survey was that 53% of individuals said that they would vote their old representatives back in, which is low but still significantly more than the approval ratings.
    I believe that we should eliminate a majority of our senators and representatives as they are contradictory to American thought - they are slow. They are the least productive congress in history, so change is necessary, especially with our economy at the current state. Personally, I believe we have dug a hole so deep that we can’t really do anything about it, whether or not we have a congress that actually does something. If I had the say, I would start from scratch on our government, seeing as we are 14 trillion dollars in debt and there's no visible end anytime soon. This relates to what we are learning in class because the article is discussing the incompetence of congress.

  20. Catherine Romaine
    GOP aims to Flex Muscle over NC Immigration Law
    Lynn Bonner

    The Republicans that are leading North Carolina’s General Assembly as of last year are trying to pass new laws dealing with illegal immigration. These laws would help to identify illegal immigrants and limit their use of various public services such as enrollment in community colleges and access to food stamps. The push for these laws began Wednesday in the House Committee on Immigration Policy. Other nearby states are also looking at ways to tighten their immigration laws and so North Carolina could become a “magnet” for undocumented immigrants. However, the federal courts are trying to level the playing field by requiring all states to provide at least some services to illegal immigrants.
    I chose this article because the topic is very timely and it focuses on the legislative branch of state government, which we have been discussing in class. Immigration reform continues to be a major issue before the General Assembly. Many policymakers believe that the issue will generate a lot of attention in the state and even national news in the year ahead. It is highly controversial and people all over the country have very strong opinions about the best way to deal with illegal immigrants. The article is very relevant to what we have been discussing in class, pointing out the power of the federal government over state government due to federalism.

  21. John Morales, 6th Period

    Obama Administration Announces Stops to Help Entrepreneurs Grow Buisness

    Source: Jobmouse

    Published 12-9-11

    By Lynn Herman

    The White House announced on Thursday that it will help administrative and private sector actions for entrepreneurs to grow their buisnesses. As well they said they were to help by increasing their access to capital and resources. The U.S. Small Business Administration(SBA) will make a $1 billion dollar fund to Small Business Investment Companies(SBICS), which a part of Startup America. The White House hosted a meeting Thursday concerning commitments for more than 50-private-sector partners to deliver $1 billion dollars for free software and much more legal services. President Obama renewed his call for congress and its purpose to help small and rising business. Obama announced a $2 billion dollar plan but expects congress to do its job. As of Startup America partnership it was launched early this year to reply to Obama's call to increase America's high-growth entrepreneurs and create new jobs.

    In my opinion I think its good that Obama's idea for his actions are good because it could help getting jobs. Small businesses can contribute to many jobs and can help the job growth rate to drastically increase. Lastly Obama's planned actions may help a change in the government and inspire more businesses to be invested upon.

  22. Laura Sullivan
    Period 6th
    Title: Obama whacks Republican economics
    Author: David Jackson
    Source: USA Today
    Date: 12/9/11

    Obama had a speech in Osawatomie, Kansas a couple of days ago to argue for fierce critique of republican economics. Obama believes no matter how hard one person works over another everyone boils share the wealth. He also said that the republicans philosophy is people being selfish and playing by their own rules. He referred to Theodore Roosevelt by saying "It didn't work when it was tried in
    the decade before the Great Depression. It's not what led to the incredible postwar booms of the '50s and '60s. And it didn't work when we tried it during the last decade."
    I think Obama was just being a little too harsh on the republicans. If you work or your money you deserve it. If someone works harder and gets more money than someone else then they deserve to have that extra money because they worked for it. Obama should not tax the rich more just because they have more to give. I do believe that people with extra money should try to give what they can because they can to help instead of spending it on something they don't need.

  23. Katie Mimmack pd 6
    Rick Perry’s ‘Strong’ Campaign Ad Gets the Web Angry — and Laughing by Megan Gibson on 12/9/2011

    On Tuesday, December 6th, Rick Perry released a campaign ad he entitled “Strong.” This video did everything but strengthen his campaign. By Friday the video had spread all across the internet and garnered almost twice the youtube dislikes in three days than Rebbecca Black’s infamous “Friday” video earned in nine months. In Rick Perry’s video, he states “I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Christian, but you don’t need to be in the pew every Sunday to know there’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school.” He goes on to claim that, as president, he would end “Obama’s war on religion.”

    In my opinion, Rick Perry needs to read over the Constitution. By allowing children to openly celebrate Christmas in school and supporting Christian prayer, he is discriminating against people of other religions and promoting a certain faith. Our country was built on many principals, one of which being the “separation of church and state.” His opinions on gays and lesbians are extremely offensive, and his advertisement only speaks to a very small community, alienating many people who may have voted for him. This is related to what we have been studying in class because it is about the presidency. I am curious to see how Rick Perry’s ratings in the polls will be effected, and whether or not he will drop out of the race if they are too poor.