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7th period: Current Event due 12/16

Welcome to the last blog post of 2011! How did that happen so quickly?

For your last current event assignment of the calendar year, please find an article that relates to the Executive Branch. This can cover President Obama, the GOP primary race, the Cabinet, Governor Perdue or any other executive topic. This should be a fun week to post and grade! :)

Make sure to get those current events in before the new deadline (thanks to some important Honors C&E legislation and an executive signature).

Have a great week!


  1. Danner Morrison, 7th Period
    Article: "Where Is The Love?: Mitt Romney Is a Better Candidate than in 2008. So Why Can't He Make Republican Hearts Flutter?"
    Author: Joe Klein
    Time, Volume 178, No. 23|2011 (December 12, 2012)

    The Iowa Caucasus, the first electoral event for the Presidential nomination process, is approaching on January 3rd, and its results will be one of the first indicators of who the potential GOP presidential nominee will be this year. The next few weeks is the end run of the pre-election campaigning, before support in the presidential race really starts counting, but in recent weeks Mitt Romney has been somewhat "shaky" and he has been replaced as the GOP front runner by Herman Cain, and then Newt Gingrich. Mitt Romney has a history of mitigating his position on "hot" topics throughout in the long term: When he tried to run to become a Senator of Massachusetts (and ultimately lost to the late Ted. Kennedy), he had a pro-choice stance on abortion, supported the banning of assault weapons, and supported full equality to and the open military service of gays. His stances shifted more to the right leading up to and after he was elected Governor of Massachusetts, and progressed further right leading up to an after his bid for the presidency in 2008, and now. Currently, he considers himself "pro-life", claims to be a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, and although he is a supporter of "gay rights", he does not support gay marriage. More recently, he has been known to change his stances topics, such as the stimulus (was eventually against it, but later supported it) and man-made global warming (which he claimed to believe in, but then disavowed in October). Analysts believe that Mitt Romney's "flip-flopping" on political issues is hurting his figures in the polls with Republican voters and his chances for the GOP nomination.

    Mitt Romney's main problem appears that he seems to feign a belief or a stance on a subject in order to be more appealing to voters. Being pro-choice was probably the "cool thing" to support in 1994, but now that Mitt Romney had to appeal to today's Republican voters, he has to be in the "pro-life" camp. Romeny's "flip-flopping" has not gone unnoticed by other candidate and individuals in the race: Michele Bachmann, in a CNN interview, mentioned that "On issue after issue, Governor Romney has been on both sides", and Newt Gringich claims that, unlike Romney, "[he] wouldn't switch [his] position for political reasons"; even the Obama campaign is echoing this by using this point in their Mitt Romney attack ads.

    Klein, Joe. "Where Is The Love?: Mitt Romney Is a Better Candidate than in 2008. So Why Can't He Make Republican Hearts Flutter?" Time 12 Dec. 2012: 30-36. Web.

  2. Dear my peers in Ms. Logan's 7th Period "Civics and Economics" Class:

    Even despite the infinite amount of internet distractions that hindered my focus and made a routine Current Event take longer than normal, I was still able to seize an opportunity to claim the title of "First!" in the race to be the first to submit their Current Event for 7th period!

    Let it be known, everyone, that Danner Morrison, is going to be the last person of the year to be the "First!" when one submits their current events! If I could somehow create a proper "pocket veto" analogy to this right now (too distracted to think of a good one), I would claim that my position would be final, as our school session shall end within less than 10 days, and I will effectively let the position of "First!" die with me!

    Oh wait, I didn't think my analogy through and it didn't make sense (last time I checked, bills don't die with the President). Oh well, I'm keeping it, as I do believe that being the last "First!" of the year grants me bragging rights until school resumes next year!

    I think I shall throw a *Dance Party*!


    *Calms down*

    Okay, there doesn't seem to be any reason to get all worked about being "First!". I don't feel any different, and I'm not sure if I really gain any benefit other than bragging. I feel deceived! I was indoctrinated into believing that being "First!" would be the most satisfying and fulfilling thing ever, and yet, now that I have reached my goal, I am somewhat disappointed that I haven't won a $1 million dollars...

    On the other hand, I suppose another benefit is that I am capable of sneaking out *TWO* comments before anyone else does!

    Note: Whoever posts directly below these arrows is a Silver Medalist! You were almost a Gold Medalist... really close to being a Gold Medalist! You were so close to be a Gold Medalist, but I have already claimed the Gold Medal this week! Better luck next week! Oh wait, this is the last week of the year, so better luck next year!

    [Note: The arrow loses some formatting when it is submitted, leading it to be skewered a little bit. It looks better before it is posted, but nevertheless, I shall still submit it.]

    [Disclaimer: Don't take me serious, as I am merely joking. Don't be discouraged, and just try again next time! Everyone can take turns being "First"! I believe in you all! You can be the best(but only one at a time)!]


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  4. Jack Kleissler, 7th Period
    A good start to reviving the middle class David Frum

    This past week when President Obama was in Kansas he gave a speech that focused on providing for the middle class. He states that the middle class will be left behind by the Republican candidates. With their plan to tax the middle class they will have not be able to pay the taxes that will be forced onto them and no one will be there to help them. Now he has given his plan for resolving the situation, President Obama calls for higher taxes on the citizens who earn more. With the money he plans to increase spending on education and also investing in government programs. For a short period between 2002 and 2007 there was economic increase but the middle class was left out of this and people fear the same thing will happen again if the problem is not fixed. Obama believes that the plan he has given to congress will solve this problem. But in fact there is no reason to expect this spending on education and government programs to some how translate into better incomes for the middle class. This is the major flaw with his plan and for it to be more effective it needs to be less vague and more specific for how it will help the middle class.

    Obama has come up with a plan to fix the controversy on taxation of the middle class. While it does include less taxation of the middle class which was the main concern I feel it leaves too much up to chance. The trickle down effect has been proven to not work with the economy the way it is but it is still a form of that. With the money earned from taxation of the upper class education and government programs will be paid for but the majority of money at this time is being spent on health care and college costs. This issue is not addressed in Obama’s plan but I feel that it needs to be, it is a major concern for the middle class which is what this plan is all about. I’m not too sure if the way taxes will be spent will actually find its way back to the middle class and that is also a major concern. Obama’s plan may not entirely fix the issue but it sure does get the ball rolling in the right direction.

  5. In todays economy, many Americans are upset when a millionaire gets laid-off and has the luxury of still living like royalty with their food stamps buying groceries and a big, fat unemployment check. If a Republican bill to extend a payroll tax holiday is voted on with a winning majority in both houses and is passed on to the president, there’s a chance that Americans with gross adjusted income over $1,000,000 will no longer be eligible for food stamps or jobless pay. In turn, the cuts in their stamps and money will produce $20 million dollars in savings. This is extremely beneficial to Americans with economic struggles because these savings will go towards paying for the tax cut for American workers. This bill, so far, has been embraced by many Democrats, who had a similar Senate bill to extend the payroll cut tax. A failed Republican Senate bill also shared this idea. Everyone is just drafting and cutting and rewriting and overall trying their best to pass some form of this bill and send it to the president to be signed and put into action through the Executive Branch.

    I’m not no sure how I feel about this. Even though I agree that taxes are crazy right now and we need to cut them down, I feel like pension is a right that you should be eligible for if you worked hard during your life and had a very demanding job. The bill has some good ideas, but it is just way too vague when it comes to who loses their food stamps and income and who doesn’t. Also, I believe that if you manage to climb high and get paid a high salary for it, you deserve to be rewarded when you leave your job. People do not always realize how much effort goes into making money. Yes, there are millionaires out there who have an easy lifestyle, but they weren’t always that way. We all have the potential to become rich, and we all start out with the same opportunity to become rich at some point in our lives. No one should be punished or have privileges revoked for their success if they became successful through their own hard work and dedication.

    Published: December 12, 2011
    Article: Millionaires on Food Stamps and Jobless Pay? G.O.P. Is on It
    By: Jennifer Steinhauer

  6. Juno Park 7th
    Voters back Gingrich, but say there's a 'chance' for Romney Kevin Liptak

    This Tuesday another poll holding the results from the Pew Research Center on the percentages of voters who support Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney was released. The former House Speaker, Gingrich, still holds a steady lead over Romney 35%-21% among Republican voters. The other candidates in the current race, like Rich Perry and Ron Paul, are almost irrelevant with both Gingrich and Romney holding so many voters in their pocket. Although Gingrich is in the lead by more than 10%, 40% of the people polled said there is a “chance” they might vote for Romney, while 35% said they might vote for Gingrich, giving Romney a glimmer of hope. Sadly, the majorities on both sides have said that they only moderately support each candidate, rather than strongly support them. Based on electability, Gingrich has the best chance in beating with Romney coming in a close second. none of the other candidates had more than 2% support. This poll was taken December 7, 2011.

    Evidently Newt Gingrich is leading in the presidential race among Republican voters with Mitt Romney following not too far behind. I have mixed feelings about this. First, and foremost, Gingrich is a clever man who has proved his mettle as House Speaker and shown that he is truly vested in making America a better nation. However, his radicalism is somewhat unnerving and does not fail to make me a little uncomfortable. One of his ideas is to pay poor children to clean their schools, but in my opinion this is highly impractical. Although some could argue the benefits of this, as such that it teaches civic responsibility, but there are others ways to build a good citizen. The money to pay these children is scarce, and in this economy...not gonna happen. Newt Gingrich might be the next president of the United States, but he is mistaken if he thinks he can ever make me mop a school floor (who knows where high schoolers have stepped).

  7. Justus Heizer 7th
    House passes payroll tax plan opposed by Obama

    So basically the house of representatives passed a bill the the republicans created and the vote was 234-193. This bill was to increase the payroll tax cut and make the process for governments approval of the oil pipelines. Barack Obama said that if the bill was ever to reach his desk he would veto the bill. This dosnt mean the bill cant still be passed the president can still have his veto vetoed. Obama and the senate majority leader Harry Reid, agreed that Congress must not go home for the holidays. They said that they couldnt go home without extending the payroll tax cut.
    I think this is the right move by our president you cant just leave something floating out there before the holidays. Expecialy a tax that can save people thousands of dollars. Why would someone want to increase a tax where the goverment has plenty of money now that we just pulled out of a war? you would think that they should know to not spend their money so carlessly.

  8. Peter Norwood
    Business Insider / MSNBC
    RACHEL MADDOW: Ron Paul's Poll Numbers Are Up Because He Opposes War With Iran

    Summary: Rachel Maddow, a MSNBC anchor was talking about how Republicans Jon Huntsman and Dick Cheney want to start a war in Iran. Dick Cheney wanted to bomb Iran right after they recovered out drone. Right after we end one war that should have ended sooner, some Republicans want to start another. Maddow mentioned that Ron Paul is the only member of the GOP race right now that has no intent of starting or continuing any wars. She says the reason he has risen in the polls to only 1% lower than Newt Gingrich is because of his views on peace.
    Response: I think Maddow is completely right here (don’t say that much). There is no need for any more war right now. All our wars are doing is killing American soldiers and forcing us to borrow even more money; therefore increasing our national debt. I don’t know about most people I don’t like the idea of dead Americans and more national debts, but then again my political views don’t coincide with many others so that idea must be completely irrational. Oh wait! Ron Paul’s poll numbers in Iowa have basically put him in a statistical tie for the lead with a man who has as much dirt as a cotton plantation is southeast Mississippi (try hiding that). Maybe America’s (or just Iowans) have opened their eyes and want peace for America.

  9. Jason Cohn 7th
    Romney blasts Gingrich as ‘extremely unreliable’ conservative leader By: Dan Balz and Philip Rucker
    Washington Post 12/13/11

    On Tuesday, Mitt Romney accused rival, Newt Gingrich of being an “extremely unreliable leader in the conservative world" who has taken positions in the campaign that should give GOP voters pause as they consider their choices for the party’s nomination. In an interview, Romney gave his toughest criticism yet of Gingrich, the front-runner for the Republican nomination. Romney also criticized Obama and his campaign by saying that he would not let them portray him as a tool of Wall Street and calling Obama "a member of the 1 percent." Romney also acknowledged that he has not always been in line with the conservatives and said he was wrong not to sign Gingrich's 1994 Contract with America when he was running for Senator of Massachusetts. Romney's actions have shown that he has a new strategy in his campaign to make voters look more closely at Gingrich as a candidate. Romney is actually taking some of the heat and questions on him and trying to turn them around on Gingrich.
    I think that Romney is not smart to start this fight with Gingrich. If they both keep criticizing each other, they will expose many of their flaws. Even if this helps them win the Republican primary, exposing all these flaws will lead to an advantage for Obama in the Presidential election because whoever is running against him will look bad. I also think that Romney can't handle the pressure of not being the favorite to win so he is trying to relieve himself of this pressure by putting it on Gingrich.

  10. Jayson Williams 7th
    In Iowa, British-Accented Radio Host Draws G.O.P. Hopefuls
    By:Jeremy W. Peters
    New York Times

    In Des Moines, Iowa there is a radio personailty named Simon Conway, who has been getting a lot of buzz for his contraversial guests. Some of these guests include: Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, and Michelle Bachman. Do you notice a pattern, the British radio DJ has had many of the 2012 Presidential nominees on his morning show. Supposedly all of the nominees are trying to stop by and advertise their claims. His radio company is the most widely listned to radio in Iowa.

    I think that all of the nominees are trying to make sure that they can get Iowa. Even though one of them will get Iowa, they are all a little desperate, in trying to get press. I think its a little ironic that they all have to go on a British comedy radio show, to get buzz for their presidency.

  11. Heading:
    -Stefan Steiner/7th period
    -Stakes couldn't be higher in last debate before Iowa caucuses / By Peter Hamby and Paul Steinhauser
    -CNN / Thursday, December 15, 2011

    Paragraph #1:
    -Recently, the GOP presidential race has included some very interesting debates. The candidates have been attacking each other and many weaknesses have been shown by everyone. At this point, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich seem to be leading the national polls. However, all-important Iowa is still close. The last debate before the Iowa caucuses is tonight and will be very important to swaying voters with the last word.

    Paragraph #2:
    -This republican race has been very interesting to watch. All of the candidates have been openly attacking the weaknesses of their competitors. It will be exciting to see who falters under the insults and who seems to win the final showdown before the Christmas holiday.

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  13. Jonah Horwitz
    7th period
    Obama marks end of Iraq war at Fort Bragg
    BBC News

    Obama has marked the end of the Iraq war. He recently had a speech applauding their "extraordinary achievement" in the war. Within days, the last of the soldiers in Iraq are expected to come back home to the US. The Republicans have been concerned about this pullout because of Iraq's stability but most Americans support it. There has been about 1.5 million soldiers depart to Iraq. Almost 4,500 died while 30,000 were wounded. President Obama kept his promise and the soldiers on coming home.

    I'm very happy with this move but i feel like its been far too long. I also applaud the soldiers for their patience. Iraq has been in control for years already, hopefully they can go along on their own. Also all the soldiers were promised jobs when they get home. Overall it is amazing that our troops who have served for our country finally get to go home.

  14. Luthfi Bustillos 7th
    Republican candidates being crunch debate in Iowa
    BBC news
    December 15th

    The Republican presidential candidates have begun their debate in Iowa, a month’s time before the nominating contest. Newt Gingrich seems to be man who is going to win this contest by is closely contested by Mitt Romney, Governor of Massachusetts. The eventual winner will challenge Obama in next year’s election. The other candidates are Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman, and Rick Santorum. On January 3 the primaries will start. Gingrich has a reputation of being aggressive during his time as House Speaker. Romney is the favorite though because, he is seen as the only candidate that can beat Obama in next year’s election.
    I am excited to see who will win the primaries so that I can know who will challenge Barack Obama in next year’s election. I think that if someone is to beat Obama in next years election they will have to be aggressive and also be a very good motivational speaker. Obama had some motivational speeches last year that electrified the US. It got people voting for him and believing in what he promised. For someone to do beat Obama their speeches will have to be good enough to get people off their couches and to the voting booths.

  15. Cameron Baker/7th Period
    Romney advisor blasts Gingrich's 'arrogance'
    Published By CNN, 12/16

    Although Mitt Romney directly attack Republican GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich in last night's debate, his most senior advisor lashed out. The adviser was Stuart Stevens, pointed out why the former House speaker’s candidacy is doomed. He also questioned Gingrich's 'demeanor', and wen ton to call him 'arrogant' and 'condescending'. Stevens told reporters after the Iowa debate that " He compared himself to just about every historical figure, except Tim Tebow that was taken by Gov. Perry." He also described Gingrich's attitude as an 'I am smart and you are dumb-approach'. Stevens said that Gingrich represents a "bygone era that Republicans are eager to move beyond", and thus is why Romney is a better candidate. Stevens described Bill Clinton as one of our greatest presidents. Stevens said the Romney campaign will continue to draw contrasts in the few remaining weeks of debate. He did not refer directly to negative ads towards Gingrich, while Gingrich vowed to run a positive campaign despite increasing attacks from just about all of his GOP foes.

    Every candidate in the running has their main fault, but that is just how people are! No one is perfect, and in the light of the media that is more clear than ever. Publishing adds criticizing the faults of other candidates is pointless, adds are meant to promote oneself and express ones values as a candidate. Lashing out at other candidates does not secure votes for oneself! I appreciate a positive campaign not a negative one, and If I could vote that would be a deciding factor.

  16. Eric Reinstein, 7th period
    Gingrich Push on Health Care Appears at Odds With G.O.P
    Jim Rutenberg and Mike McIntire
    New York Times, December 16, 2011

    Newt Gingrich, Republican presidential candidate, and possible future head of the United States executive branch of government, is having difficulty finding a stance on health care. For example, in 2009, he was against Obama's stimulus package, but did cheer the financing of electronic health records in the package. Also, in the past, a company called Novo Nordisk, the world's largest producer of insulin, financed Gingrich "to raise awareness of diabetes", but in reality to stop bills that may harm their own financial interests. Recently, he has defended his support for Novo Nordisk, showing how he is still interested in his own financial gains.

    In his 2012 campaign, Gingrich wants to appeal to Republicans, especially on issues such as health care. But in 2009, Gingrich said that he believed everyone should have health insurance, but now, he has stated that he is opposed to Obama's health insurance plans. Surprisingly, Mr. Gingrich sometimes actually seems like he cares about the interests of his clients. He argued against Bush's ending the State Children's Health Insurance Program, and was a former advocate of Medicare, although now he regrets it.

    But it doesn't change the fact that Gingrich is a flip-flopping candidate. I think that if you are running for such an important executive position, you should at least decide what you believe for such an large issue. All he wants is financial gain, not only showing through his defense of his sponsors, only sponsoring him for their benefit, but his book tours. Yes, along with his campaign, he is selling and signing books. Newt never wanted to be president, but now that he's on that path, he's using it for his benefit. This is not what an American president should be like.

  17. Jeremy Howell 7th
    Romney adviser blasts Gingrich's 'arrogance'

    For months Newt Gingrich’s chances of becoming president were thought to be dead, but Gingrich held on and now has become republican party’s leading man. One would awesome Gingrich would be receiving great praise about this triumph, but everyone from the other candidates to Saturday night live still believe Gingrich’s chances are slim. Gingrich on the other hand seems to have found some more pep in his step recently and some are beginning to call the former speaker of the house arrogant. One of republican candidate Mitt Romney’s advisors made a comment that essentially said Gingrich had grown to big for his slim chances.
    I think that Gingrich will not receive the Republican nomination. I believe that Mitt Romney will ultimately be squaring off and then loosing to Obama. The advisors comment to me shows that Romney runs a dirty campaign, he is not someone I want my country to be associated with.

  18. Obama: Fixing economy likely to take 'more than one president'
    CNN/ Ashley Killough
    December 12th, 2011
    About a week ago, President Obama released a statement that said it will most likely take a few years, or another president, to fix all the problems that have been building up in the past few years. Unemployment rate is still increasing and a bad economy, Obama knows these things can’t just change overnight. Obama was asked about his promise to pull the country out of the recession when he was first elected, and he stated that “underestimated” how long it would take.
    This was a very interesting and informative article. After reading it, I was happy to see that Obama is being realistic and taking responsibility for the problems. I am very glad to have him as President because I feel he is trying his hardest to bring change. Hopefully, Obama can fix the problems if he gets re-elected and we don’t have to deal with them for an even longer period of time. These problems are a big deal; they are affecting many people’s lives and I really want to see things get better for them.

  19. Kabir Kumar-Hardy 7th Period
    GOP Criticism of Newt Gingrich is Mounting
    Martha T. Moore
    USA Today
    Republican candidate Newt Gingrich has experienced a substantial rise in poll. Members of the Republican media have started to question his values. Many say he is a flip-flopper and has temperament issues. Even congressmen who served under Gingrich say they do not want him in the White House. Even though prominent Republicans have publicly thrown Gingrich under the bus, his poll numbers have not suffered. Sadly for Gingrich it is not likely that his poll numbers will continue to rise. He has significantly less money than his opposing candidates and simply cannot compete financially.
    I think Newt Gingrich is a perfect candidate for the Democrats. Some Republicans hate him so much that they might actually vote for Obama. I disagree with Gingrich on almost all fronts and I think it's funny to see the GOP candidates succumb to internal conflict. If they keep tearing each other down, none of them will win the Presidency.

  20. Brian Mack/ 7th period
    'Welcome home,' Obama tells troops from Iraq/ Tom Cohen December 15, 2011

    On Wednesday, President Barrack Obama was proud to say that America is no longer stationed in Iraq. Even though President Obama is aware that Iraq is not yet "perfect place" he withdrew all of his troops as commander in chief because he believes that, "We are leaving behind a sovereign, self-reliant Iraq, with a representative government that was elected by its people." President Obama has fulfilled his goal to end the war, which he used as campaign tactic when he ran for election in 2008. In President Obama’s speech he praised the army for their sacrifice and hard work for our country and he paid tribute to the 4,500 peoples lives lost in Iraq. Obama recognized the valiant efforts of the 1.5 million Americans serving in Iraq during the nine year war that began in 2003.

    I’m pleased to see that we have left Iraq now that they have a stable government, and not overstay our welcome. There is no longer any need to remain in Iraq where American soldiers could lose their lives everyday. I’m disappointed in John MacCain criticizing President Obama after he has taken our troops out of constant danger, and returning them to their families.

  21. GOP Candidates Enter Final Iowa Stretch After Tense Debate
    Published December 16, 2011

    With the last pre-caucus debate in the rearview republican presidential candidates are meeting and greeting voters before their minds are made up and they go tune politics down. Thursday night in western Iowa was a great opportunity for the candidates to make their closing arguments on a series of issues from foreign policy to the economy to sheer electability. As Texas Gov. Rick Perry set out on a statewide Iowa bus tour, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann followed an aggressive performance at Thursday night’s debate with stops at restaurants and coffee shops across western Iowa. Romney who is hoping to do well in Iowa but has not pinned his campaign strategy on his performance in the Jan. 3 caucuses, it started Friday to make a play for South Carolina voters. Gingrich, a southerner himself and has been dominating the polls in the Palmetto State. But Haley said that Romney experience in the private and public sector proves he can deal with a broken Washington. South Carolina is a difficult state for Romney Haley competed there when he first ran for president in 2008 only to bail.

    This article talks about how GOP Candidates are meeting their voters and give their perspective so they can get their vote. They are all interested in Iowa and having many campaigns their.

  22. Kiara Luna
    7th period
    Obama: Troops’ efforts in Iraq ‘extraordinary’
    By Erica Werner, Wednesday Dec 14, 2011

    On Wednesday President Obama saluted troops returning from Iraq. By The end of the month of December, all US troop are to be out from Iraq. Although the majority of the US public favors the ending of the war, some Republicans criticize Obama’s decision. They say that he’s leaving behind an unstable Iraq that could hurt U.S. interests. Obama has on several occasions addressed his reasons for ending the war. It was his promise kept after he ran for president as an anti-war candidate and speaking of the need to refocus U.S. attention on rebuilding the troubled economy at home.

    I think The Republicans are not right with criticizing Obama’s action. If it is stable, troops should not be kept far from their homes. I’m satisfied to see that Obama is trying his best to bring change towards the economy and improve it.

  23. Salomon Ariza/ 7th period
    ‘Welcome Home,’ Obama Tells Troops From Iraq
    by Tom Cohen/ CNN
    Dec 14th, 2011
    This article talk about how troops returned from Iraq this past Wednesday. They had a special welcome from the President Barack Obama. He welcomed them by saying “Welcome Home.” President Obama also praised them for fighting for people that they had never met. He also mentioned that thanks to them now Iraq could decide its future.
    I am glad that troops have finally returned. Although I don’t have any family members in the military, I know that many families were separated because of the war. Many brave men and women left behind, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers behind to go serve the USA. I believe it is great that these men and women made it back in time for the holidays. I also found it interesting that Obama welcomed the troops in Fort Bragg, which is in North Carolina.

  24. Katie Alexander 7th
    Obama marks end of Iraq war at Fort Bragg
    14 December 2011

    President Barak Obama recently made a speech in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, honoring the soldiers who served and died in war. Here he announced the last US soldiers are expected to withdraw from Iraq within days. However, Republicans are criticizing Obama. They still have concerns over Iraq's stability, but most Americans support the move. About 1.5 million Americans had served in Iraq, nearly 4,500 had died and 30,000 had been wounded. Obama also mentioned that he guarantees veterans that he will find the jobs and resources they need back home.

    I think this is great news that the war in Iraq in coming to a close. Then again, I believe the US shouldn’t even be fighting the Iraq War in the first place. In October, Obama announced that all US troops would leave Iraq by the end of 2011. It makes me very happy that he followed through with his promise, and what better time of year to return home than the Holidays? I also believe that it was important for Obama to mention that he would make sure veterans would have jobs and resources when they return home.

  25. Briana Noel
    Period 7
    Perdue vetoes repeal of death-row racial bias bill

    Governer Beverly Perdue vetoed a bill on Wednesday that would repeal the Racial Justice Act of 2009. The Racial Justice Act ensconces the significance of non prejudice judges. It was made nearly impossible to prove that the judges judged according to race, according to the bill. People disagree with Purdue strongly.

    Some people say it’s an injustice to the race. Im surprised at how shes treating the bill. The death penalty and dicrimination are both serious ISSUES that should be taken care of. People will more than likely think that she is racist because she vetoed the bill. Also people may think that she doesn’t really care about the seriousness of the issues.

  26. Colin Schenk
    7th period
    Posted: 11:37 a.m. Wednesday
    Updated: 9:41 a.m. yesterday
    Perdue vetoes repeal of death-row racial bias bill

    On Wednesday Gov Beverly Perdue vetoed the bill that would have essentially repealed a 2009 law designed to address alleged racial bias in death penalty cases, saying it is essential the legal process isn't tarnished by prejudice. The Democratic governor said she's vetoing the bill "for the same reason that I signed the Racial Justice Act two years ago: it is simply unacceptable for racial prejudice to play a role in the imposition of the death penalty in North Carolina." The law stated that if a judge finds that someone was given a death sentence and it was racially influenced that the charge must be reduced to life in prison without parole. North Carolina and Kentucky are the only states with laws that help people who may have been racially convicted.

    I’m very glad that Gov. Perdue didn’t pass this bill. Many of the inmates on death row feel very strongly that their sentences were racially influenced and I think it would be very unfair for them to just get ignored. Even though this may take awhile to look over all of these different cases, I think that if someone feels their case was racially influenced that they should get a second chance to present their case to a judge.

  27. Salomon Ariza
    Obama unveils plan to streamline government/by Lesa Jansen/January 13, 2012
    This article talks abut how president Obama wants to streamline the government. By streamline he means that he is looking to combine several agencies that have similar purposes. For example he would combine the Small Business Administration, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and the Export-Import Bank. There would also be agencies taken away and have their jobs added to another agency. By doing so Obama would save the US around $3 billion in the next ten years. However around 2000 jobs would be lost.
    I find this to be a pretty smart yet risky plan that Obama has. While a lot of money would be saved it would require a sacrifice. Many people working for the combined or lost agencies would no longer have a job. This would raise the level of unemployment and worsen that matter in our economy. However it would decrease spending on agencies that have very similar purposes. In times like these perhaps that is what must be done in order to improve the current situation.