Sunday, January 8, 2012

7th period--Last current event of 2nd Quarter: due 1/13

Can you believe that this is your last current event assignment for the quarter? I can't! :)

For this week's post, please find a current event that is about anything that we have discussed during first semester. This is about as close to "your choice" as I can get while still making this somewhat relevant to the class.

Just to recap, the following is a list of topics that we have covered over the course of the year: government, democracy, citizenship, revolution, the American Revolution, compromise, the Constitutional Convention, the Bill of Rights, the Amendments, the Legislative Branch (Congress and the General Assembly) and the Executive Branch (the President and the Governor). 

Hopefully this casts a wide enough net for you to find an article that interests you, hahaha. I look forward to reading what you uncover in your quest for the perfect Civics article. Have a great week and don't forget to STUDY for the 2nd Quarter Test on Tuesday and Wednesday.


  1. Several members of the Supreme Court were frustrated on Monday whilst viewing the options and approaching deadlines in a major voting rights case from Texas. The results of this case, which many are debating over, could help decide control of the House of Representatives. The voting rights case is a result of a huge population boom in Texas, which increased in population by more than four million people in the last decade. Currently, about 65 percent of the population is Hispanic. This growth has resulted in a total of four new Congressional seats.
    As a result of this case, the Texas Legislative (currently controlled by Republicans) enacted new electoral maps for the federal and sate House of Representatives. However, the maps were deemed unusable under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. When reviewed by the Justice Department, is was not pre-cleared, leaving Texas officials no choice but to go to court and try to work things out.
    Officials appealed to the San Antonio court, stating that the judges had not paid enough deference to the maps. Democratic and Hispanic groups countered this in saying that the maps were flawed in failing to ensure that Hispanics were able to elect candidates of their choice in thew new distract. Justice Sonia Sotomayor was sympathetic to these arguments and agreed that the maps were invalid. The special court in Washington supported Sotomayor by rejecting the state’s request for summary judgement. Instead, Texas officials got a response saying that the State Legislature had used “an improper standard or methodology to determine which distracts afford minority voters to elect their preferred candidates of choice.”
    A trial will be held later this month in Washington with plans to make a final decision on how the maps should be districted.

    This sounds like a classic example of illegal gerrymandering. It is legal to district areas based on wanting your particular party to win, thus allowing the Republican State Legislators the chance to draw lines in their favor. However, due to the influx of Hispanic immigration into Texas, it is highly evident that the redistricting was associated with issues in race. Hispanics were basically shut out on having the ability to vote based on their own opinions, which should be a natural right to all Hispanics who are legal U.S. citizens. I definitely agree with Sotomayors’ views on the matter; the maps should be redrawn to fit in all races and give those races an equal opportunity in voting for the candidates of their choice.

    Published: January 9, 2012
    Article: Justices Wrestle With Texas Voting Rights Case
    By: Adam Liptak

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  3. Juno Park 7th period
    California Rep. Gallegly to retire
    Ashley Killough 1/10/12

    Last Saturday the office of Elton Gallegly, a Republican representative for the state of California, announced that he will not run for reelection and will retire after this term. Gallegly has represented his state for over 25 years and is in his 13th term. He speaks for California’s 24th congressional district which includes much of Santa Barbara County and Ventura County. Throughout his long career he has been an outspoken advocate opposing illegal immigration. Gallegly is the vice chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. In 1996 he tried to pass the “Gallegly Act” which would give states the right to deny illegal immigrants and undocumented students public education. Although this bill passed through the house it was shot down in the Senate by Bill Clinton and other democrats. Gallegly said, "Serving in Congress and representing my home for 25 years is the greatest experience I could have ever asked for.” He has been a great asset to our country and California will miss him.

    Gallegly is an experienced old-hand who knows what he is doing and has represented California well during his long career. If he managed to hold on to his title as representative for as long as he did then he must have been very popular with the people. He obviously fought for what he wanted which is proven by his attempt to pass the “Gallegly Act”. Although the act might seem harsh and unsympathetic to the plights of illegal immigrants he does have a point. Providing teaching and materials can be very costly, not to mention the number of immigrants arriving in America is still on the rise. Elton Gallegly is a member of the House, which relates to congress and the legislative branch.

  4. Peter Norwood
    Fox News
    Candidates hone strategy, expectations going into South Carolina

    Summary: In this article Fox News examines each GOP candidate’s strategy and chance in win the upcoming South Carolina primary. This could be a hard state for Mitt Romney to win, with the evangelical Christians being opposed to his Mormonism. Also Mitt Romney is a much more moderate candidate, so South Carolina being a more conservative state would have trouble electing someone that leans more left than he other candidates. Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum are all second tier candidates. If any of these candidates pull a win it would be a surprise. Ron Paul is safely in second place. Most likely one of the most fiscally conservative candidates you would think Paul would have an easy time winning SC. The problem is Paul’s foreign policy is viewed as a radical stance off on an island. Many have called Paul’s foreign policy isolationism. Jon Huntsman placed third in New Hampshire, but has very little chance to win SC.
    Response: Honestly at this point, it is a two man race between Romney and Paul. Santorum might have gotten votes from the “abortion is all that matters” conservatives in Iowa but his general lack of knowledge on fiscal issues is a major problem. Perry and Gingrich have been done for a long time now and are only in the race because they have the funds to be able to. Jon Huntsman, even though he might be the sanest of all the candidates doesn’t have the following or the funds to go very far. That leaves Paul and Romney. South Carolina will be tricky for these two. I assume Romney and Paul both have around 20% of the vote already locked in. The question is who will the very conservative evangelicals vote for? Paul is tougher on abortion but as stated earlier his foreign policy might be a real problem. Mitt Romney might have more mainstream Republican views than Paul, but still leans left and is a Mormon from Massachusetts. To say where the candidate is from doesn’t matter is wrong, Romney dominating New Hampshire is a perfect example of how it does matter. I really think SC is a toss up, perhaps one of the other’s will sneak up and win.

  5. Jayson Williams
    Borrowing Costs Fall for Italy and Spain in Debt Auctions

    Spain and Italy have timbled on their debt costs. The markets have given the euro a lift in their debt crisis. Spains treasury said that they sold 12.7 billion in bonds, which was twice the targeted amount. Italys treasury had their target bills for sale, with it's yields falling by half. Spain and Italy have been under intense pressure from investors, because of the financial crisis. Since the European Central Bank aided the two countries, ithas helped the countries finacing operations go a little better.

    I really hope that Spain and Italy as well as all the other European nations, get the help and support they need in their debt crisis. It's hard to watch something thats going on in your country. Even though they are not exactly the same, they are similar.

  6. Jonah Horwitz
    7th period
    Romney Wins N.H. Primary; Fight On For Second
    Alan Greenblatt
    January 10th, 2012

    Mitt Romney has one New Hampshire while Ron Paul came in 2nd followed by Jon Huntsman who had skipped Iowa to spend 6 months in New Hampshire just to get 17 percent of the votes. 4th place held Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum almost tied with about 10 percent of votes. Everyone interviewed in this article is saying that there is no point is staying in the race if neither Paul nor anyone else is gonna maintain anymore momentum. Mitt Romney finish nearly 17 percent more votes than Paul. The next state to come is South Carolina and it looks like its going to turn out the same as Iowa and New Hampshire with Romney winning.
    I think it is hilarious that Jon Huntsman spent all that time trying to get New Hampshire, and still coming in 3rd with more than 20 percent less votes then romney. hahaha. As all the people in the article says, I dont think Paul nor anyone else will catch up to romney unless theres a miracle. Either way, Obama is going to continue to his 2nd term as president :).

  7. Jason Cohn 7th Period
    Two reasons why South Carolina is Mitt Romney’s toughest test By Chris Cillizza
    January 12, 2012 Washington Post

    Mitt Romney is now a big favorite to win the Republican primary and get the nomination because of his two wins in Iowa and New Hampshire. The next primary is in South Carolina and will be the toughest for him so far. One reason is that exit polls in 2008 showed that 60 percent of voters in South Carolina are evangelicals and Romney only got the vote of 11 percent of them. Evangelicals have always been Romney's toughest group. The second problem for Romney is that in 2008, he got less than half the votes of McCain, who won. Romney hasn't grown his vote over the last four years by more than 30 percent so far and he will probably have to grow it by at least 100 percent to have a chance at winning. Although it will be tough for Romney in South Carolina, he is the favorite in many other states and should still get the nomination.
    I agree with this article and think Romney is the favorite based on what I have seen watching the primaries. I also think that this article gave good proof that South Carolina will be tough and I agree because of the past results in that state. I think it will be interesting to see what Romney can do and see if he can come in second if he doesn't win.

  8. Stefan Steiner 7th Period
    Obama Formally Seeks Debt Ceiling Increase by Alexander Mooney
    1/12/12 CNN
    President Obama formally asked Congress Thursday to raise the debt ceiling. Our countries debts have fallen within $100 billion of the current debt limit. Obama stated that an increase was needed to meet “existing commitments.” This request has been the third since the debt ceiling agreement last August. Congress has fifteen days to deny the request. This resolution can then be vetoed by Obama.
    These actions demonstrate the checks and balances we have learned about. Obama needs the approval of Congress to raise the debt ceiling, a check on his power. I hope that they get some kind of deal worked out for the greater good of our nation.

  9. Kabir Kumar-Hardy 7th Period
    CNN projects Romney win in New Hampshire, battle heads to S. Carolina by CNN Wire Staff
    1/12/12 CNN
    Voters showed up in record-breaking numbers to vote in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. Mitt Romney won the primary with 36 percent of the vote. Ron Paul came in second followed by John Huntsman, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Rick Parry. For Romney, this victory proved more decisive than his previous one in Iowa. All candidates will continue their campaigns into South Carolina, despite the fact that many of them have no chance at the Presidency. The results sparked negative campaigns against Romney from Newt Gingrich and Rick Parry. The presidential field is likely to narrow after the South Carolina primary and voters could expect a Romney nomination by as soon as February.
    I think Romney's victory shows that, despite being out of touch, he is the most practical candidate to beat Obama. However, the system in which the Republicans have chosen Romney bothers me. Why should Iowa and New Hampshire, two of the least populated states, get to decided the nominee. I think all primaries should be held at the same time.

  10. Jack Kleissler 7th Period
    CNN projects Romney win in New Hampshire, battle heads to S. Carolina by CNN Wire Staff
    1/12/12 CNN

    This past week the Republicans went to New Hampshire for the primary. Not surprisingly Romney came out with a staggering 36% of the votes. It was no shock because this is Romney’s base and most of his efforts were focused there. Next came Ron Paul and John Huntsman taking 2nd and 3rd. While Rick Perry came in last with only 1% of the votes, and after 2 losses people are beginning to wonder if and when he’s going to throw in the towel. But after South Carolina we should have a better picture of who the real candidates are for the field should thin out some. The way things are going now after these very dominating wins for Romney people expect him to be nominated in the coming months as the Republican candidate who will run against Obama.
    This was no surprise to me or anyone else I believe. It is his home state after all, he was expected to win. The real test will come in South Carolina. If he can pull out another decisive win there it could be only a matter of time. A second or first place finish in South Carolina, which is a particularly difficult state, could all but wrap it up for Romney.

  11. Aaron Smith/7th Period
    Judge: School prayer banner must go
    CNN?Courtney Caliguri
    In Providence, Rhode Island, a judge demanded that a prayer banner in Craston West High School must be taken down. The banner has been up for many years and the school has 10 days to respond or request an appeal. The school has had many problems concerning the banner and was sued by a student because of the banner, a couple of months ago. According to the ACLU, the banner inter fears with the 1st amendment and the decision was left up to the Supreme court.

    I think that the school should have the banner removed. It is not a big deal but it is causing a lot problems, it would be easier to just get rid of it. It does violate the first amendment and can offend others who do not believe in what it promotes. Hopefully the conflict is solved quickly and the school can go back to its routine schedule.

  12. Erin Peck
    Man faces deportation despite marriage to U.S. citizen

    By Sarah Hoye, CNN
    updated 9:01 AM EST, Thu January 12, 2012

    Deloizy, a French national is facing deportation after his final visa ran out in September. He has been in and out of the sates for the last 21 years. His case is not just one of wanting to stay in the U.S. for a job or the benefits, he wants to stay for the family he has built. Deloizy is a gay man, who met the love of his life while here. His partner Himes and him have many adopted kids. Deloizy and Himes were married in California in 2008 but under DOMA ( Defense of Marriage Act) their marriage is not recognized in there home state of Pennsylvania. They are currently trying to get another visa for Deloizy but immigration has put a halt on his request.

    This is just CRAZY. DOMA is so incredibly stupid. How long are we going to argue over same sex marriage?! Its going to happen, so i wish we could all stop fighting about it. These two wonderful men are married. Pennsylvania might not recognize it but they should. When it comes down to a family being torn apart because of technicalities within our government the people should not have to pay. If a man and a woman were married this would not be an issue. This is what i see as a flaw in our immigration and national policies. If Deloizy is deported then these adopted children lose the only parent they have ever know. Shame on us for this being a big issue. Things like this should be black and white. They are married, and that protects him from deportation. Who cares if he is gay? oh wait DOMA does.. it was the GOP who put that in place and sadly signed into law by Bill Clinton (we all make mistakes) Not only does this not allow him equal protection under the law it is discrimination on the base of sexuality.

  13. Oskar Marszalek
    The Danger of an Attack on Piracy Online
    David Carr

    In this article, Carr comments on the Stop Online Piracy Act, a bill introduced by South Carolina congressman Lamar Smith, that would, as stated, prevent the piracy of digital content such as movies and music. Carr points to a few key questions in the SOPA debate-- why is it alarming? is it a problem? would the bill fix anything? However, he fails to write (perhaps because information had not been released at the time Carr wrote the article) the internet's uproar at the act. Some of the internet's largest and most visited websites--facebook and Google included--will have a 'blackout' on January 18th in protest of the bill.

    Carr does effectively boil down SOPA to a few key points. Although his article did create controversy, exemplified by a letter written by Lamar Smith to the New York Times, he doesn't directly state what the biggest impact the legislation will have: a direct attack on our first amendment rights. The government will effectively be able to shut down websites that post alleged pirated content. Courts have rarely had to deal with web-based freedoms due to their recent nature. However, the government has no right to haphazardly shut down websites that are suspected of pirating content.

  14. Eric Reinstein, 7th period
    Justice Dept. Defends Obama Recess Appointments
    Charlie Savage, New York Times
    January 12, 2012

    In the Constitution, we all know that Presidential appointments must be confirmed by the Senate. But in those short times when the Senate is out of session, the president is allowed to make "recess appointments", temporary of course, but the person can hold their position until the current Senate session ends, and may or may not accept the appointment. And recently, President Obama made a recess appointment of Richard Cordray to the director of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, while Senate was closed over the holidays.

    But Senate Republicans refused to accept this, due to the fact that they had been holding brief unofficial sessions. Obama's administration argued that the Senate was on lengthy absence. Republicans have argued that as a Senator attended the meetings and business was conducted, the Senate was not in recess. Since then, the Justice Department has declared that as there is no minimum limit to the length of a recess, and Obama's appointment was legal.

    My opinion is that Republicans and Democrats are on full alert to attack others for anything they see fit, and it's getting a little ridiculous. Honestly, recess appointments are allowed by the Constitution, while unofficial meetings are technically not. Blocking agencies from functioning is not helping anyone, and accusing Obama of violating his constitutional power for something small like this is ironic, considering many Senate Republicans often are paid by large corporations to vote on bills that benefit them, like tax cuts and reduced regulations. But I suppose this is only another step in the battle between Republican and Democrat in the escalating tension preceding the 2012 election.

  15. Jeremy Howell 7th
    Pual not Focusing Rescources in Florida

    CNN repots that Rublican Presedential nominee hopeful Ron Pual is planning on not spending much of an effort to campaing in Florida. With Florida’s 50 delegates, Pual believes that his time, and his money, would be better spent in the States of Maine, Nevada and Luisiana. Pual has said that if the cacus goes well in New Hampshire than he will put more effort into florida, but only if that happens. Pual believs that his campaign is demonstrating the type of government he would impose, one that doe not spend money it doesn’t have.
    Pual wants to talk about finances, well alright. Here is a tip for him, don’t invest in a small companies product if the market space is being dominated by two larger coporations. Pual is New Cola in a sea of Coke and Pepsi.

  16. Cameron Baker
    7th Period
    Stephen Colbert to explore presidential bid, turns his Super PAC over to Jon Stewart
    published by The Washington Post, 1/13/2012

    Last night on his late night t.v. show, Stephen Colbert announced that he would be running for "president of the United States of South Carolina". Stephen Colbert is 47, and was born and grew up in South Carolina. The next primary is taking place on January 21, in his home state. His campaign was established when a recent poll announced that he would get more votes that John Huntsman, a serious candidate who has done relatively well. He actually ran back in 2008(for the course of the South Carolina primary), but wasn't taken seriously because of his comedian nature. Back in June Colbert achieved Federal Election Commission approval to form an independent political action committee(PAC), a group that can raise unlimited money from unions, individuals and corporations. Because candidates are not allowed to control a PAC, he transferred the power over to another political comedian, John Stewart. John stewart plans to run adds for Colbert, though by law they are not allowed to "coordinate" together.

    I think it's pretty funny that Colbert is "running for president". He definitely has more of an intent to mock and hopefully receive more votes than serious candidates, than actually becoming the president. I like his show, and it doesn't hurt he has so much knowledge about politics. His ads will surely be funny, and I look forward to them, thanks to John Stewart, another great comedian.

  17. Luthfi Bustillos 7th
    Obama asks for power to reorganise six federal agencies
    January 13 BBC news

    Obama has asked Congress for power to shrink the federal government. He has told the business leaders that he wants to close the US commerce departments and combine six agencies. According to the White House this would save 3 billion dollars over the next 10 years but would also cut around 2000 jobs. This is seen as an attempt by Obama to counter critiscm that Obama is a big government liberal. Lawmakers will vote on this in the next 90 days. The agencies that would be combined are the department of US commerce, the Business Administration, The office of the US Trade Representative, The Export-Import Bank, the oversea private investment corp., and the trade and development agency. Obama said that this would help small business grow, and save taxpayers money.
    I think that this is a smart move by Obama because he is realizing that this agencies don't have much value and are a waste of space. Obama is adapting to new times and ttheses genocides are not required anymore. I think that it is good that they get rid of agencies that are not of the needed over time. The agency might have been important before but now is not needed.

  18. Danner Morrison
    7th Period
    "Four GOP Candidates Fail to Make Virginia Primary Ballot, Judge Rules"

    Four GOP candidate - John Huntsman, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum - did not qualify for the Virginia primary. In the case of Perry and Gingrich, they did not meet the requirements on the application submitted; in the case of Huntsman and Santorum, they didn't even submit an application, and missed the deadline.All four candidates are suing the Virginia Board of Elections, believing this ruling to be "unconstitutional". Ron Paul remarked upon this by stating that the campaign is now a "two man race". Compared to South Carolina's 25 delegates, Virginia has 49, and being an open primary, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul will get to split all 49 votes in the scenario that the other candidates don't successfully appeal.

    I believe that running for the presidency is a serious endeavor, and one cannot afford to make a mistake like, specifically one that would have been relatively easy to address like this scenario. If people were actually going to vote for them, let alone if they are going to win, they could easily acquire 10,000 signatures and at least 400 for each district, and considering how long many of these candidates have been campaigning, they could have gotten qualified before the deadline, rather than intensely concentrating on other states like Iowa and New Hampshire and neglecting Virginia until the last minute. They may be upset over the court's ruling, but it is there fault for not qualifying underneath a pre-existing law, which is meant to prevent any "non-serious" candidates from running as "write-in" candidates.


    To offer further commentary, aren't these people supposed to have a campaign staff that is supposed to get these things done for them?

    Mears, Bill. "Four GOP Candidates Fail to Make Virginia Primary Ballot, Judge Rules." Cable News Network, 13 Jan. 2012. Web. 13 Jan. 2012. .

  19. Perla Sanchez
    Obama unveils plan to streamline government
    From Lesa Jansen and Alan Silverleib, CNN
    updated 1:25 PM EST, Fri January 13, 2012,0_

    President Barack Obama asked congress for more power to streamline and reorganize the federal government. This way he will claim the political middle ground in an election and be more likely to be asked questions about Washington’s role in the economy. The president asked legislators to give him the authority to merge agencies that give similar functions. If this power is granted, congress would have to hold up- or-down vote on the president’s streamlining plan 90 days of its submit ion. This will combine several agencies that focus on commerce and trade, this will include Small Business Administration, the Office of the U.S Trade Representative, the Export-Import Bank, the Overseas Private Investment Corp, and the Trade and Development Agency. Also the president is leaving small Business Administration to a Cabinet-level agency a symbolic move that does not require congressional approval. This proposal is designed to initially save up to $ 3 billion over the next decade.
    After reading this article I could get an image of how Brack Obama wants American Business to be better. And how he makes a plan on how it might work and how to get this to work. We would have to see if this will really be better for America’s business or just the appearance of it.

  20. Kiara Luna
    7th period
    Gov. Barbour's Pardons Spark Manhunt for Missing Murderers
    Josh Voorhees / Jan.13, 2012

    Mississippi's Gov. Haley Barbour handed out 193 pardons on Tuesday which was his final day in office. Mississippi's attorney general says that four convicted murderers and one armed robber who received pardons from Barbour last week are likely to return to prison. The problem is that they cannot be found by the authorities. Barbour's last second pardons to approximately 200 convicts, has drawn extensive criticism in his home state and around the nation. "The pardons were intended to allow them to find gainful employment or acquire professional licenses as well as hunt and vote," the Republican said in a statement.

    I disagree with his actions. If a crime was committed they should had served the time they were supposed to. With so many criminals in the loose the safety is lost. It is unfair to the victims and the people close to them, for them to be free and not had paid the consequences.

  21. Lizzy Stompel
    Period 7
    Cleaning up after the campaigns

    As the New Hampshire primaries came to a conclusion the remnants of the primaries have not yet left Manchester, New Hampshire. Despite the flooding of the political signs all over the streets, the chief of street operations for Manchester is not surprised. Every four years they expect the campaigns to clean up after themselves but it never happens. The only people that seem to care are the ones that live in the area.

    I think that this is absurd how the campaign workers expect someone else to clean up their trash. They should be the ones cleaning it. This would make the town a lot more available for other campaigns. The campaign workers would of saved a lot of money by picking up the signs and reusing them later. This would also help the recycling process.

  22. Sam Dunson 7th period
    Perry Donor Defects to Team Romney
    Nick Kalaman
    January 12, 2012 Fox News

    One of Rick Perry’s top campaign donors has recently pulled their funding. They have instead decided to redirect their money towards the Mitt Romney campaign instead. The donor, Barry Wynn, says he is switching sides because of Perry's recent and scathing attacks on Romney. He was especially angered by one of Perry’s statements about Romney, in which Perry called Romney a “Vulture Capitalist”. Perry’s campaign manager says that this recent loss of funding will not be a distraction to the campaign. He says that Perry will be focused on campaigning in South Carolina and will not be bothered by this recent incident.

    I think that this recent incident is completely understandable on the donor’s part, but I do not understand why Perry’s comments detered him so much. Rick Perry has made previous attacks on Romney before and this was not even the worst of them. I think that the real reason the donor pulled out was because of the lack of supporters of Perry and he just needed a little reason to play it off on. Personally if I were a donor I would not want to support Rick Perry because he is obviously not going to get the nomination.

  23. Colin Schenk
    7th Period
    Pardoned Mississippi killer says he wasn't on the run
    From Martin Savidge and Rich Phillips, CNN
    Updated 8:00 PM EST, Fri January 13, 2012

    One of four convicted murderers whose whereabouts had been unknown since they were controversially pardoned last week by Mississippi's governor insisted Friday that he hasn't been on the run, saying he is a changed man who deserved to be freed. Anthony McCray was convicted of murder in 2001 and went straight from prison to a relative’s home in central Mississippi. Anthony has criticized the outrage over Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbours pardoning over 200 convicts as a final act before leaving office. "I have no doubt in my mind that these men have repented, have been redeemed, have come back hardworking to prepare themselves to go out into the world," the former governor said. "I trust them to be around my grandchildren. I think that makes a pretty plain statement."
    Although she pardoned many convicts, I feel that the governor’s actions were for the most part, justified. She feels very strongly that these criminals have learned their lesson and become new men through finding god. Even though there are a few of the pardoned criminals still missing I think that they will turn up with in the next few days and are just enjoying themselves after being locked up for many years.

  24. Briana Noel
    Period : 6 .

    Outgoing Mississippi governor pardons four killers
    1/12/2012 CNN

    Governor Haley Barbour has pardoned four men that were charged with murder in the last couple of days. The four men in which she pardoned were serving life sentences&worrking at the governor's mansion. Many are upset with what he has done, because they don't think it's fair. They have to go on everyday of their lives without those dear to them while those who committed the crime get no punishment. One family in particular stated that the man who was doing the killing didn't served for less time than the victim had lived.

    I don't think she should have pardoned them, because if the tables were turned and she was the one having to live without a family member, and knowing that the people who did it really didn't even get a punishment I'm sure she'd be mad. Everyone should be punished for wrong doings especially taking a life. Not only did they take children, they've taken mothers from children so they have no one to guide them as they grow older. I don't know exactly what Governor Barbour was thinking, but maybe he believes that they can go into the world again&act as if they've learned something during the time they did serve. If not, people will hold him (Barbour) accountable for what they've done, because it was his decision to pardon them in the first place. Many people, like myself will say that they should have never been pardoned anyways due to the fact that they've taken lives. Also, if they were never pardoned the things that they may possibly do would have never been done.
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