Sunday, January 22, 2012

4th period: Current Event due 1/27

Happy first current event for the 3rd Quarter! 

This week, please find an article that is about the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area. It can cover any topic, so find something that interests you. If all 90 C&E students find out something about what it is going on locally, there should be a lot to discuss for our Community Service Projects. Remember that this week we should be narrowing in on a focus for the project. Hopefully this will start us off in the right direction. The article that you choose to focus on this week does not have to tie into your project topic (it can but does not have to); it might help one of your classmates find a topic of interest.

Happy Blogging! :) 


  1. Nate Montano/ Pd.4
    Chapel Hill police raid on protestors deemed appropriate

    The Chapel Hill Police Department's raid on a former downtown car dealership taken over by squatters in November was "appropriate" and in the community's best interests, according to a report released Saturday by Town Manager Roger Stancil. The long-awaited internal review says the goal of the raid was to remove a group that had illegally entered the former Yates Motor Co. building at 419 W. Franklin St. without injury to anyone. Police made two unsuccessful attempts to talk with people at the building, the report says. The building was unsafe for human occupancy, and the squatters indicated they intended to stay in it indefinitely, Stancil said in the report. During the incident, Special Emergency Response Team officers pointed assault rifles and guns at unarmed people, ordering them to lie on the ground. The police action has been both criticized and supported in the community.

    I actually did not even have clue about this happening. But in my opinion I think that the SERT Team went a little over board. I think that sending a team of police commandos armed with military grade assault rifles and handguns was very unnecessary, all they had to do was to have the squatters leave the abandoned dealership. Not scare them, the squatters were also unarmed too. If it was me who had the decision to send in an SERT Team, I would have just had regular police officers force them out instead of the menacing commandos. I partly agree in forcing the squatters out, since they refused to leave even though they were asked twice. But what's done is done.

  2. Period 4
    Title: Loft Designs Derided
    Author: Katelyn Farrel
    Date: 1.20.2012
    Source: Chapel Hill News

    A seven story apartment building currently being built on 333 Rosemary Street has once before been modified in its height and size, but now its appearance may be compromised as well. A council member shared his objective opinion stating that the buildings resembled the Greenbridge apartments and they did not embody the town of Chapel Hill or the University. While some members on the council were concerned with its derivative, objectionable façade, others questioned how it would affect the surrounding local businesses. The issues regarding construction and its effects on traffic downtown as well as targeted housing were discussed. Development consultant, Scott Radway disagreed that the community is being stressed by student and non-student housing, and believes the apartments will provide for a variety of demographics (students and adults) without adding too much housing.

    My dad owns one of these new apartments and in my opinion I think they are classy and contemporary. Though council is very picky and finicky, this project will benefit the community and won’t negatively affect the strained housing circumstance in Chapel Hill. They seem to have reached an acceptable medium about the outward appearance of the apartments, so hopefully they will “personify” the atmosphere of the town and the University to the council's standards.

  3. Jonah Horwitz
    Daily Tar Heel
    UNC’s Reggie Bullock Ready to Start

    Last week in UNC’s 82-68 win at Viginia Tech, Dexter Strickland, North Carolina’s star shooting guard tore the ACL in his right knee going up for a lay-up, opening a hole in the starting line-up. Reggie Bullock is next in line to fill this gap. The sophomore missed the final month of his freshman year recovering from a knee injury and is ready to make his first start in a Tar Heel jersey. Bullock’s hometown, Kinston, is full of State fans that will cheer on the team UNC will play next with Reggie starting. Though Strickland is a huge loss to the team, the Tar Heels will adjust giving younger guys more minutes
    It’s really too bad that Dexter Strickland suffered that injury. In my point of view, Dex was their best player. He made some crazy plays. But Bullock has come up big this season hitting some key shots. The heels will adjust fine with him and also use Stilman White, the freshman will get some time to shine. Though the tar heels don’t look like a championship team this year, it will give them a chance to see how the upcoming freshman will be in the future and also see how Bullock can be a future leader.

  4. Alex Adams
    “Chapel Hill council delays decision on Yate’s raid”
    Written by: Mark Shultz

    The Town Council of Chapel Hill delayed the decision concerning hiring a private investigator to investigate the police raid of the Yate’s Motor Company building. The building was occupied by protestors until a tactical squad broke in and pointed guns at the protestors inside. The police claim that the protestors were trespassing and a generator they were using was a fire hazard. The protestors believe the police were too rough in their treatment of the protestors. They demand that the council hire a private investigator, which could cost almost $15,000, to compile the records of those involved and come up with an accurate story.

    I think the protestors just need to leave. I don’t care if they were abused, they’re extremely annoying. I mean they claim to be “anti-capitalism” protestors but they haven’t come out with a solution. They just complain. Therefore, we don’t need to hire an investigator; I can tell you exactly what he’ll get from the protestors, an account blown way out of proportion and a rant about how government is bad. If government is so bad, why are you at the town council????

  5. Anna Baynes Period 4
    Chilton Landfill Proposal draws ire
    Rose Laudicina
    The Carrboro Citizen
    Thursday, January 26, 2012
    In Carrboro, on Tuesday, January 17, there was a meeting at the town hall trying to figure out what to do with the landfill. Tish Galu, a member of the Orange County Justice United spoke about why she wanted the landfill to be closed. If the landfill closes in 2013 the promise made to the Roger’s Road community won’t have to be broken. If the landfill closes there will have to be transportation to take the trash to Durham. This transportation would cost the town of Carrboro $200,000 a year, which would increase taxes about $350 a year per household and some people cannot afford that. Carrboro Mayor Chilton wants to build a solid waste transfer system, but to do that the landfill will have to remain open until 2015. By keeping the landfill open until 2015 Chapel Hill and Carrboro will save about $500,000. This issue is important for not just Carrboro and Chapel Hill, but the whole United States. We need to figure out how to waste less and what is the best and safest way to store our waste.
    I would like the landfill to be kept open until 2015 because it would be more environmentally and financially friendly. We will be saving money that could be used to improve other things. When the solid waste transfer system is built there will be fewer trucks transporting the waste making it more environmentally friendly. However, I do not live the landfill and do not know how bad it is living there. In class we are doing a project on how to improve our community. One question is how much money will it cost to build a solid waste transfer system. Are there better ways to deal with garbage than using a landfill?

  6. Period 4
    Title: Immigrant students get a taste of American dining, politics
    Author: TAMMY GRUBB
    Date: 1.25.2012
    Source: Chapel Hill News

    At Carrboro High school, the students in an ESL class got their first taste of American dining as they went out to a restaurant for the first time. Fifteen 11th and 12th graders, with twelve being from Myanmar, went out to Panzanella in Carrboro on a school field trip. Their they sampled local fare and were spoken to about the importance of a healthy diet and organic foods. Mayor Mark Chilton came by to talk to the students about the political structure and what he does. The students became comfortable with him and began to ask him questions. Before heading back to class, the students took pictures with Mayor Chilton and said goodbye.

    I think this was a very good idea. To let students who otherwise might not have the opportunity to go out and try some of the food of their new home is very neat. It is also good to see a political leader who is more approachable, as it says in the article that many leaders of the students' home countries are not. I'm sure these students had a great time and enjoyed their time as well as the time off from a normal classroom setting.

  7. Nakeisha R/4th

    Title: Bloomberg View: The State of the Union Is ... Eh; Singapore's Pay-for-Performance Plan

    Author: Bloomberg View

    Date: 1.26.12

    Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek

    On Tuesday in Washington, President Obama message in the speech was to work together in different of ways that would help the Country. He strongly thinks that millionaires should pay 30 percent in taxes then someone who makes less. He wanted to fix Washington but knew it would take time and years because Washington is broke. Congressional reform is necessary to eliminate gridlock but the congressional gridlock is what prevents congressional reform. The speech was expected because its election years and most people knew what he was to talk about but didn’t know how he was going to.

    Obama is a talent speaker and skillfully between pointing warnings about the class warfare and gauzy calls for shared responsibility. His speech was important and good because I would understand what he was taking about and can relate to it. He showed that the Republics and Democrats can work together for the thing that needs to get done.

  8. Max LeMoine/Period 4
    Orange sheriff seeks help solving friends’ fatal shooting/Tara Lynn

    The orange county police are trying to figure out a crime in a local thrift shop. There was a shooting which eventually killed friends Phillip Johnson and Alexander “Skip” Wade. Johnson’s wife was there also but was not harmed when only the cash register drawer was stolen. No suspects have been released and nobody id in custody. Booth men played pool and often went to Las Vegas to play. They were booth fun loving men and will be missed.

    I think what happened is terrible and someone should be brought into custody at least for the murder of two men. From what the article, said their family’s thought they were fun guys and it is sad they are now gone. I think that the shooting is terrible and someone should get severely punished for it.

  9. Caroline Stanton
    UNC proposes changes to Carolina North

    UNC has made a request to the town council of Chapel Hill to make modifications to the work being done in Carolina North. They are not looking to expand the area but to realign it so that it is more eco-friendly. Carolina North is known for its trails that have many hikers, joggers, and bikers, so they want to still appeal to those people. Their goal is to try to preserve the more mature forestry so it can still be used by the people. Their goals include preserving more wildlife, to have equal number or acres conserved, and to focus on restoring the landfill rather than using it as conserved area.

    This is an important article because there is going to be a lot of growth in Chapel Hill, especially during the next few years. I think it is good that they want to preserve a lot of the wildlife in Chapel Hill so people can still enjoy them. They said they want preserve as much as the build so it will be a fair medium.

  10. Period 4
    Title: 5 now charged after Raleigh girl's death
    Author: Thomasi McDonald
    Date: 1/26/11
    Source: News and Observer

    Recently, a young girl in Raleigh was in a car accident, involving alcohol, that took her life. Currently they are trying to figure out who's responsible for the underage girl aquiring alcohol. From what they understand, two girls (the victim included), went to a liquor store and asked a young man who was standing out side( newly turned 21) to purchase two bottles of rum. Alcohol was consumed by minors and by people on probation at a party that evening. The victim got in a car with a drunk driver. They were going over the speed limit and lost control of their car. The jeep went off the road and into a pine tree. The vehicle caught on fire and the driver got out. The victim was also pulled out but was declared dead upon arrival by emergency responders. The young people involved are recieving serious punishments for a serious crime. This was a very preventable tragedy. The fines and punishments should match the seriousness of the crime. In this case we have a very serious crime and it should be treated thusly.
    I think substance abuse by minors, and the consiquent accidents that are associated with it, is an extremely prominent issue in our community and should be avoidable. Whenever a young person loses their life, it's tragic. When a young person loses their life because they were reckless and given the opportunity to abuse drugs, that's detrimental to the community. Teens have an unusually high taste for risk and very little judgement, especially when they are with their peers. We can't always rely on adolescants to make their own smart decisions. I would like to hope that minors had the sense not to drink, or at the very least, not to drive with an intoxicated driver. Unfortunatly, that isn't the case. As long as teens can get their hands on it, there will be kids drinking and using drugs. We can't leave it up to them. We have to have stricter regulations, more education surrounding substance abuse, and better enforcement. This community needs to stop accidents that are attributed to drugs. If the "accident" is preventable, I don't beleive it's an accident. We need to tackle substance abuse in minors, before it takes another life.

  11. Annie Wilcosky/ Period 4
    Teen wants to document brain disorder test/ John Sharpe
    Chapel Hill News

    The vice-president of Chapel Hill High School, eighteen-year-old Kristen Powers, has recently begun fundraising for a documentary that will chronicle the process of her genetic testing for Huntington's Disease, a fatal brain disorder. Her mother was diagnosed with the disease in 2003, and passed away one year ago tomorrow as a result. Huntington's is genetic; Powers has a 50% chance of developing the disease in her middle age. Powers and her father have lobbied in Washington, D.C. for the Huntington's Disease Society of America. Powers' current fundraiser will raise $10,000 to hire a professional film crew to document her genetic testing for five days. As this is the first documentary of its kind, Kristen hopes to have it aired on several major TV networks. As of today, Kristen has raised $8,570 of her $10,000 goal.

    I know Kristen personally, and she is one of the most inspiring and dedicated individuals that I have ever met. This documentary will hopefully raise awareness about the disease, and help prompt research regarding a possible cure or improved treatment. Finding a cure for Huntington's could also potentially unlock the mysteries surrounding other terminal, neurological illnesses such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. I find it extraordinary that a student from our school can make such a difference, and be positive and persevering through the whole experience of genetic testing. If anyone is interested in donating to Kristen's documentary or learning more about the project, please visit

  12. Connor Smith, 4th
    Lofts design derided
    By Katelyn Ferral

    Developers of a downtown apartment building have recently been asked to change some aspects of their project. Since its original proposal, the building has already been reduced in height and size. Generally, the town council doesn’t think that the building correctly portrays the atmosphere of Chapel Hill.

    I think that it is important that each major building project is approved by the people living in its area. However, I find it somewhat ridiculous that a town council is tweaking the blueprints of this project so much. It seems strange that the people on the town council would have such control over urban projects. Czajkowski of the council said “I look at this building, and I can't see any basis on which it reflects the nature of Chapel Hill and the University of North Carolina.” I wonder what gives him the right to decide the type of architecture that properly reflects the nature of an entire town.

  13. Maddie Mesaros

    Period 4

    Title: Mayor Reopens Trash Debate

    Author: Mark Schultz and Katelyn Ferral

    Source: Chapel Hill News

    Date: 1/22/12


    Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton wants to bring back the idea of the Orange County solid-
    waste transfer station. Orange County Commissioners rejected the idea discussed two years
    ago. Chilton proposed continued use of the Orange County Landfill and building a solid-waste
    transfer station. A transfer station, like what the Chilton wants built, is an enclosed warehouse
    where trucks bring trash and put on larger trucks that are transported to larger landfills in other
    cities or states. The county already plans to close the landfill and transfer the waste to another
    landfill in Durham but building a solid-waste transfer station will be cheaper, reduce pollution,
    and give Orange County more flexibility as it explores longer-term options.

    I think Chilton’s idea is really smart. Trucking waste all the way to Durham will cost an
    extra $750,000. Choosing to build the solid-waste transfer could help local governments save
    enough money to pay the estimated $3 million cost of sewer hookups. My family personally
    uses the landfill because we live where the city garbage trucks don’t come by. We need to
    continue using the landfill but if they close it and move it somewhere else we will have to pay
    extra money just to get rid of our trash. I like the idea of building a solid-waste transfer
    because I think it will save our community a lot of money and it will be more environmental

  14. Charles Wang / 4th Period
    Carrboro's Weaver Street opens to traffic again
    Tammy Grubb
    Chapel Hill News

    The final part of Weaver Street was reopened to traffic on Monday after completing a year long renovation for Main Street. The total cost for the renovation was $1.8 million which was used mainly to replace water lines, improve storm sewers and build new gutters. Part of Weaver Street was reopened in June because many customers had trouble navigating through the construction. It had many changes throughout the whole street and it was improved greatly. The final part of it was opened which allows everyone to drive through it now and have better safety.

    This will impact many people who use Weaver Street a lot. It reopened it because it is now safer to everyone in case of floods and strong storms. People can now travel on it again and it will lower the duration for travel because the street was essential to some people. The people who live on it also will be pleased that they have better sewers.

  15. Sean Dawson
    4th period
    “Chapel Hill council puzzles panel” by Mark Schultz
    News and Observer

    In Chapel Hill, the chairman of the committee wanted to review theYates Motor police raid. In a Town Council meeting, they said that it was unlikely for an outside investigator to review the raid. A retired Superior Court judge, Ron Bogle, said he believes there are no new facts about the raid that need to be stated. This raid removed squatters from a building on West Franklin Street on November 13th. Town Manager Roger Stancil agrees with the raid.
    I feel like for the police to raid a building, it must be serious. They wouldn’t just do it for no reason. As long as no one was unnecessarily harmed, I agree with what they did.

  16. Gabrielle Pura/ period 4
    January 22, 2012
    Title: Group collects 10,122 books for local children
    Author: N/A
    Source: Chapel Hill News

    As a result from the Book Harvest, a nonprofit that collect’s children’s books, 10,122 books were collected. These books were then sent to Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill. Donors involved 300 community members and there were 38 AmericCorps volunteers to organize the donated books. The Book Harvest was appreciated by Chapel Hill’s Mayor and Minister Robert Campbell. They valued how the books will improve the child’s character and spark a desire to read.

    Although I did not involve myself in this event, I still appreciate how they are encouraging the power of literacy among children. I was also surprised at the look of the numbers! The organizers of Book Harvest must have felt proud too have recorded high numbers that came from our community. As this nonprofit organization continues, I hope that their numbers will increase next year. So far it seems that they are doing well to keep children interested in literacy, but in an optimistic way, they, and people of the community, could do better.

  17. Sam Williams period 4
    Perdue decision not to run stuns democrats, opens governor’s race
    John Frank and Rob Christenson
    News and observer
    Bev Perdue, North Carolina’s first female governor, has decided not to run for reelection. She has been criticized as a bad governor and a largely Republican General Assembly has opposed her at every step. She faced slipping poll numbers and did not receive as much funding as she did in2008, when she spent much more than Pat McCrory, former Charlotte mayor and Republican, who is running again this year. She urges The General Assembly to focus on improving schools and working together to improve the state economy. She still has a few months left in office, and has promised to continue fighting for the issues that are important to her.

    Bev Perdue has been criticized by the media for her term as governor. Working with a legislative branch controlled by the other party is difficult, as shown by Obama and congress. I understand the difficulties that national attention brings. It is her decision to run or not run, but I think she should have given her aids and party more notice before making the decision.

  18. Justine Lockhart
    Period 4
    Chapel Hill News
    By: W.E Warnock
    "UNC proposes changes to Carolina North"
    Date: 1/22/12

    UNC has requested for Carolina North to make a large university addition to improve the campus ecologically. The addition would take place on 311 acres of the Carolina North property under the Development Agreement. This was submitted by the town manager according to a modification request. The purposes of this project are to preserve forests, protect tracts, protect wildlife and streams. Also to help the pollution issue by eliminating areas such as the landfill. This development with be especially beneficial to hikers and runners of the local trails. The trials' sizes won't be modified or interfered, but preserved in attempts to help the wildlife in this area of Chapel Hill.

    I've heard about this development in Chapel Hill North and I think it sounds like a great idea. By preserving forests, streams, wildlife, etc., our town could be one step closer to a greener community. However, since it's a lot of land, I kind of wonder how that might change the lay out of Chapel Hill. Also, this development might be successful and attract people so I predict that this will make Chapel Hill more crowded.

  19. Casey Molina
    Period 4
    Orange County leaders grapple with post landfill plans
    submitted by kferral

    Orange County has been investigating new technologies to dispose of trash. The landfill on Roger Road is to be closed by 2013 as promised to the residents of the community. The idea of trucking the trash to Durham was brought up however Chapel Hill and Carrboro believe it is too expensive. Not only does the Chapel Hill board think that trucking the trash is too expensive, but also that it is an act that would be hard to stop in the future. Instead Chilton proposed that a new transfer station be built near interstate 40 and N.C. 86 interchange. Consultants are looking further into this option to see if it is feasible. Still, there is some opposition saying that shutting down a landfill only to build a new transport station is pointless and seems disorganized. Instead it is believed that efforts should be put towards utilizing trash as energy or other sustainable methods.
    I believe that the argument against any sort of landfill reconstruction is appropriate. Rather than spend the money to take down one landfill and build more, tax money should be spent on more sustainable methods or planning. I agree that the land fill should be closed due to the promise to the Roger Road community to close the landfill by 2013. This leaves one option, to find a way to improve the trash disposal in Orange County that doesn't involve trucking it somewhere else or putting it in the land. This is the perfect oportunity to invest time and brain power in finally fixing the sustainability and environmental impact of Orange County Trash disposal. I believe that it is possible and probable that the obstacle can be overcome. It is the persuasion of the County that will influence how and when the problem is addressed.

  20. Marc Ordronneau

    Dexter Strickland Out for UNC
    January 23, 2012 by Robbi Pickeral

    On Thursday night, UNC starting shooting guard Dexter Strickland tore his ACL in a game against
    Virginia Tech. This is a big loss for the Heels because not only did Strickland start, but he also
    played backup point guard. The starting point guard, Kendall Marshall, already leads the team
    in minutes per game and now he will have to play even more. The Heels do have another point
    guard, Stilman White, who will see his playing time grow with this injury. But most importantly,
    sophomore Reggie Bullock will step into a starter role on one of the best teams in the country.
    Bullock has been averaging 8.4 points off of the bench. Coach Roy Williams says that someone
    needs to step up to fill in for Strickland’s talent and he hopes that Reggie can be the man.

    Even though if I had to pick one starter to lose and that being Strickland, this is still a huge loss.
    He was no doubt our best defender and had the best field goal percentage on the team. He
    would always take smart shots and was our best player on the break because of his speed. He
    will be missed. But I think that Reggie Bullock is a great player that could fill in for him quite
    well. He brings sharpshooting to our starting lineup and can hit well in the clutch. He reminds
    me a good bit of Harrison Barnes. In his first game as a starter he played quite well. He was 3rd
    on the team in scoring with 11 points and was 3-5 from 3 which is his strength. He just needs to
    keep up the good work. I was impressed with Marshall being able to play so much and so well
    as he had yet another 10+ assist game. Go Heels.

  21. amella Smith

    North Carolina men’s basketball team has started the same five players in every game since after the Georgia Tech loss last January: Kendall Marshall and Dexter Strickland in the backcourt, Harrison Barnes, John Henson and Tyler Zeller up front. In last weekend’s 82-68 win at Virginia Tech, Strickland tore the ACL in his right knee on his way to the bucket in transition. This left a hole in the starting line-up! Who would fill Dexter’s shoes??? The sophomore Reggie Bullock was selected to replace Strickland for Thursday night’s game again NC State!

    I definitely agree that Bullock should get to start this game! He’s a very hardworker, and deserves a chance to start!!!! It’s very unfortunate the Strickland tore his ACL, he was such a versatile player. The team will definitely miss his presence on the floor. I’m praying that he has a speedy recovery!

  22. Diego Lewis Pd 4
    Jan 26, 2012
    4-year-old wounded after finding gun
    Ron Gallagher
    News & Observer

    This morning, a 4 year old boy was shot in his home when he came across a loaded gun. He is currently in Duke Hospital receiving urgent care, but his condition is was not disclosed. It happened around 8:00 AM, officials said. It was originally thought that the boy had only fallen off of a counter, but as it resulted, that was not the case. It was the EMS who called the police when they realized this was no small fall.

    I find this absolutely disgusting. What kind of home are you running, where you have guns, let alone LOADED guns, in the same house as a 4 year old, while not supervising the 4 year old? What was going through the parent’s mind? Why did they even feel the need to have a gun at all? And most importantly, why did they leave it in the reach of their child? I am at a loss for words just thinking about the whole scenario.

  23. Laura Buczek
    4th Period
    Chapel Hill News/
    Finding Community for area’s homeless
    Author: Katelyn Ferral

    In order to connect the homeless with services there was a campaign last week called Orange County’s 100,000 Homes. About 45 volunteers participated by talking to the homeless in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and north of Interstate 40. The event took place last Tuesday and Wednesday from 4 to 7 a.m. “The point of this campaign [was] to find chronically homeless people who are most likely to die on the street and to give them highest priority for housing and services.” The homeless are ranked on a scale of health questions individually. This event corresponded with the “point in time count” which is an annual count of the homeless population in order to determine local funding.
    In my opinion, this is a really good idea. Instead of just getting a population count of the homeless, people are actually becoming interested in serious issues, such as the health of the homeless. I think that this could really help the homeless population especially those who come out ranked very highly for health needs. Also, I think this was a good article to read since it corresponds with our community service project as pointing out the homeless population as something that should be taken care of in Chapel Hill.

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