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Friday, October 9th.

This week for your current event assignment, I would like you to do something a little different. Over the past several weeks, you and your classmates have been doing an excellent job finding interesting articles and thoughtfully commenting about them. For that reason, I would like you to read through some of your classmates' posts. We have seen articles on politics, education, scientific discoveries, healthcare, terrorism and classroom bullying (just to name a few). Find an article summary that you find interesting, copy/paste the address and read it! Then, read the response that your classmate wrote about the article. Under this assignment for this week, copy and paste the link into the comment box and add your own spin on the article. What do YOU think about the article? Why did you chose this article to read? Do you agree with your classmate that posted the original comments? Why or why not?

Keep up the great work! :)



    This is a CRAZY ARTICLE!!! I agree with Eric on this one. It is very unbelieveable that there was a police officer made for smugglers...hahaha. No really that is somethig serious to think about, there are poeple out here that we as citizens depend on and think that we can trust. How would we be able to trust if crazy thing like this keep hjappening. That is something crazy. I was wondering about if there were any more policeman doing the same thing that this one have done. I feel that this should have been discovered earlier, this should have been known by now. There should have been some type of watch over the athourity that we are under and taht we are allowing to control and protect us. If there has not been a close watch on these things then this should be an eye opener. I chose this article to read because it was a crazy one and I needed excitement. I also read this because it has a lot to do with my dependency on policeman. I think that there is nothing wrong with them and that everything is "peachy king", but I have came to the realization that it is not.

  2. Leila Doerfer

    I don't agree with the way that the people of Ecuador tried to get what they want. I think that protesting is good but threatening the president and using tear gas was not appropriate. However i can see where they are coming from. They work long hour days protecting their government and it's people, and they feel like they are underpaid. Correa promised things that haven't been followed through yet. A president shouldn't promise things if there's a chance that they won't happen. But a president has to make decision that will be best for everyone, and they are never going to make everyone happy. I think that it is really scary that this is how the people reacted and tried to get what they want. Partly because i have been to Quito, Ecuador and Quito's Mariscal Sucre international airport and it would have been really scary if i had been there when something like this happened. I think the people should have protested in a safer manner and if that didn't get through to the president, then they could try something else.

  3. I agree with Laura (period 6) that it is good that the people are standing up for what they want, but i also agree that they didn't take the right approach.
    sorry i forgot to put this in my previous post!

    Kendall Simms 6thpd.

    I thought that Riley’s take on the BP oil spill was especially interesting. This topic caught my eye because just this past summer I was in Louisiana for a service project. Although I was in New Orleans to help with the ongoing Katrina recovery, the oil spill in the Gulf was a popular topic of discussion. While I was down there I was able to experience the feelings of the people who were being directly affected by the spill. Man-made disasters such as the Gulf Coast oil spill cannot happen if we are to preserve the planet as well as the quality of life of people as a whole. Thousands of people’s jobs and ways of life were put on hold as a result of the spill. I also found it interesting that this article shows a good side of BP by displaying its initiative, which isn’t generally depicted by the media. I’m glad to see that BP is taking the necessary steps to ensure this never happens again such as hiring a new chief. Mr. Dudley seems to get the fact that there needs to be some serious change in BP’s management to avoid any future catastrophic crisis such as this one. I agree wit Riley on the point that Mr. Dudley’s confidence is something that will be needed if the correct decisions are to be made by someone in his decision. Overall I think BP is on the right track to redemption.


    More than one person wrote about how Obama believes the American school year should be lengthened, something I strongly disagree with. In my opinion, the biggest problem with our school system is how rigid it is. Students go from class to class, day to day, week to week and it all becomes one long, mundane blur. This can make it difficult to keep things straight and stay focused. By the end of the year everyone is ready for a break, including teachers. The key isn't more time but better usage of the time we already have. If time weren't wasted with unnecessary things, the educational system could probably run even more smoothly on a shorter time scale. While I agree with Obama's satemet about how "we can no longer afford an academic calendar designed when America was a nation of farmers," I do not think that this means the year should be lengthened. Instead, the possibility of year-round school should be considered. In my opinion, in the long run having more time in classrooms would be detrimental to the learning environment.

  6. Eric Plevy

    After I had read this article about the controversial mosque site near ground zero, I have come to a few conclusions about this issue. To start, I completely agree with Connor on a couple of things. To start, Connor mentioned that Republicans should actually give legitimate reasons for why the mosque should not be built near ground zero, and not use this to kill the reputations of Democrats just to help Republicans in the upcoming election. I agree with him because this issue can be extremely personal to some people, and these people really do not want the mosque built near ground zero. Therefore, in my opinion, it is unethical for Republicans to use a sensitive issue to some just to make Democrats look bad so Republicans can win the upcoming election. I also agree with how he mentioned that more people would probably support Republicans if they focused on the ethical attributes of this problem, not use this problem as a way to take an advantage in the upcoming election. From my point of view, if the Republicans were to take an ethical or emotional rather than a political standpoint on this situation, they could possibly capture the emotions of relatives of 9/11 victims, friends of 9/11 victims, and even 9/11 survivors. This just seems to be the more ethical way of approaching this situation. It is even possible that if Republicans continue to use this as a reason to bash Democrats, people might even start to view Republicans as an ignorant, self-centered party.
    Besides what Connor decided to write about, I would like to point out a few of my own opinions as well. I feel that this is denying rights to people. Muslims are just like any other religious group. Sure, they have extremists who caused 9/11, but Christians, Jews, and other religions have extremists as well. There are groups of Americans who are ignorant and think the stereotype that all Muslims are terrorists is true. This stereotype is completely false. It was specific people that caused 9/11, not the Muslim religion. I am almost positive that people would not have a problem with a Synagogue or Church being built in the same location as the Mosque. This is basically a case of religious persecution. As for the denying of rights, this is actually a violation of “freedom of religion”. I believe that the Mosque should be able to be built there. People should just respect the Islamic faith and stop the hatred and persecution. As for the Republicans, I think they should just keep quiet unless they are actually going to back up their reasoning with something other than blaming the Democrats. Hopefully, people will come to their senses and realize that by not letting the Mosque be built, they are denying people of “freedom of religion”, and are also persecuting and stereotyping the Muslim faith. Such action will only continue to give Americans a bad reputation for being ignorant racists. I chose to pick this one because it really made me think deeply about this situation and sparked many opinions that I wanted to share. I almost thought of this as linked to the American Revolution because it concerns a basic right and has sparked debates where some do not mid the Mosque while others can not even bare the idea of it.

  7. Norman Archer

    Review of Nicole Chang’s article:

    While scrolling down the list of articles, the phrase “Don’t ask, don’t tell” immediately caught my attention. I was pleased to see that someone had addressed this controversial topic because so many shy away from it. After reading the article, I have to say that I am in complete agreement with Nicole.

    The fact that some has to lie about who they are so that they can serve their country is unpatriotic. This is supposed to be the land of the free, where all opinions are respected and anyone can find their place. That fact that people won’t join the armed forces because they can’t share their values is ridiculous. To turn down perfectly good soldiers simply because they are openly homosexual is contradictory human rights.


    Nicole's article about the discovery of two new dinosaurs fascinated me, and I empathize with her excitement. The hotbed of discoveries in Utah has finally yielded a set of vastly unique dinosaur fossils. The two dinosaurs, Kosmoceratops richardsoni and Utahceratops gettyi, are speculated to be rhino-sized relatives of the Triceratops, and are "different from all the other dinosaurs found in North America," says Utah paleontologist Mark Loewen. The smaller of the two dinosaurs weighed 2.5 tons and had 15 horns; the larger dinosaur weighed 3 to 4 tons and had 5 horns. In addition to the flurry of excitement among paleontologists aiming for similar discoveries, we have learned that even with our new technologies and past excavations, our knowledge of Mesozoic life is far from complete.

    With this recent success the mind of America, I am confident that our paleontologists will continue to collect and analyze these natural artifacts of history. In the rapidly advancing technological age, people oftentimes disregard the sister advancement of natural discoveries. The discovery of these two unique dinosaurs serves as a passive reminder of the array of non-technological advancements being simultaneously achieved.

    Jessica Gao
    6th Period


    Julie Wulforst
    6th period

    Fisher-Price, one of the highest ranked toy companies in the country, has recalled about 10 million toys in the last couple weeks. Many toys, such as inflatable balls, tricycles and small toy cars were recalled because they either had unsecured parts that present themselves as a choking hazard, or they posses sharp edges that have resulted incidents, over half of which needed medical attention. Fisher-Price also recalled almost a million high chairs due to fourteen cases where children were cut by the sharp edges on the legs of the chair. Half of these injuries required stitches. I agree with Cole completely in that Fisher-Price needs to step up their game. He says, “We have to be able to trust and rely on our toy manufacturing companies to create safe products.” Having and watching small children twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week can be a stressful and exhausting task. When parents place their infant in a high chair, and turn around for a couple minutes to prepare dinner, they should have faith that their children are still safe, a measly fifteen feet away from them. Yet, some parents have turned back around to a screaming child, with a split open leg, and have had to rush to the hospital to get stitches. It’s simply unacceptable. Toy companies should understand that they have a responsibility to entertain the children while keeping them safe and out of harms way. Fisher-Price needs to improve, before more incidents occur due to their lack of responsibility.


    Pastor Jones and his church decided not to burn copies of the Koran, claiming that God was telling them to stop. The burning was originally scheduled to take place on September 11, the anniversary of the terrorist attack of 2001. The controversy of the planned action caused much tension, including riots and a death in Afghanistan. Jones felt that the racism toward Muslims started out to expose the dangerous sides of Islam, and that we accomplished this goal. His goal was to raise awareness of the religion of Islam, and he even planned to hold a meeting with the leader of the proposed Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero.
    I agree with Jessica; if the plans to burn copies of the Koran had not been annulled, then American ideals would have been destroyed. America was initially founded for religious freedom, and therefore, people should be allowed to practice their religion without being generalized. People have stereotyped terrorists to be Muslim, and therefore, many people believe that all Muslims are bad people. Freedom of religion is listed in the Bill of Rights, so disallowing Islamic practice would be going against the Constitution. It has been almost ten years since the attack on the World Trade Center, and people are still holding grudges against the entire Muslim population. It would have been completely unjust for Jones and his church to burn copies of the Koran because he would have created so much more tension between the Americans and the Muslims. Burning the Islamic book of faith would have been completely disrespectful to the Muslims.
    Honestly, if you ask a person what a Muslim is to them, the first word that probably pops into their mind is "terrorist." We, as Americans, have held a prejudice against Muslims just because the terrorists of 9/11 were Muslim. Would we have reacted the same way if the terrorists were Christian?


    Zach Visco
    October 6, 2010
    Period 6

    This story really put in perspective for me the harsh consequences that Germany was faced with, and now what we are faced with. Germany was forced to pay a crippling debt due to their part in World War I. Although with inflation the amount they payed is a considerable sum, it doesn't even approach America's ever increasing debt.
    Liam emphasized for me how we are being stuck with the problems of our ancestors and how we must do our best to prevent problems for our children and grandchildren. America's only way to pay for this debt is with taxes, and these taxes are going to fall most heavily on our children unless we do something to stop it.


    Jenny Jin’s (7th period) article was about a college student, Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide after his roommate, Ravi, broadcasted Celementi’s sexual encounter with another man on the Internet. Ravi placed a web cam in the dorm room he shared with Clementi and used it to broadcast Clementi not once, but twice. Ravi and his friend Molly Wei (who was also involved) are being charged twice with invasion of privacy and can face up to five years in prison.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Jenny. Tyler Clementi died unnecessarily from disgusting provocations. His suicide can serve as evidence for the fact that intolerance for gays is still very much present in today’s society. Many gays everyday are faced with violence and abuse. In fact, gay hate crimes have peaked in recent years and oftentimes is an overlooked problem. It is time for America to open up and fully accept gays, as they are as much a part of our society and lives as anybody else. Tyler Clementi will not be the last gay man (or woman) subjected to cruelty, but he has stunned the nation into awareness. Perhaps it is a step in the right direction.

    Maria Yao, 6th

  13. in response to Nicole Chang

    I really think that this is a great new discovery for man kind. Over the years new things do not usually get discovered because we have almost discovered everything and this is why I think that this is such unique find. For a geologist to find a large bone of an already discovered dinosaur is very amazing but to find two new species in unheard of. Also the size of this things and to thing how there horns were used is really amazing to see how there defense mechanism where set up. The pure size of these to find them in the dig is amazing and just a great thing to see
    I really have to agree with Nicolas side on this it is amazing to see a new discovery with all of today’s technological advancements to say touch that I am not supposed that dinosaurs have horns. These horns would probably be used for defense against predators to protect their young. What I am supposed that The had 15 horns, that many I would not think to be on a dinosaur even if it had to protect its self. Also just like she said I can’t wait to see what else the can find.


    I had heard about the many suicides that were happening more and more. I don't think we should treat people the way we do, just because they may not be like us. They are people too. They may not have the same beliefs as you, but they have feelings too. The way school kids treat others just because of their sexual oreintation is just horrible. We need to learn that we aren't all the same. Everyone is different. If you can't accept that, life is going to be tough for you when your older. If you only think in one way, your opinons can hurt others. Since there is so much tormentation for these teenagers because of their sexual oreintation, there should be groups. The reason why so many commited suicide was because they didn't have anywhere they could turn to. There should be a safe place where gays, lesbians, and bisexuals can go. This place should be a place where they can talk and feel at home. I agree with Leila that there needs to be an end to this harrasment. I agree that schools do need to work on becoming safer for gays.

  15. Jay Htut
    6th Period
    Civics and economics

    In Response to Dr. Pickles's excellent post about Islamic text in Texas.

    Citizens in the large orange state of Texas are complaining about social studies and history textbooks in school. Some citizens are claiming that these text of immense importance are degrading christianity and upgrading Islam. These people are stating that these books portray Muslims as migrants and Christians as Invaders.

    I believe this event has occured because of racism and profiling based on religion. First of all, textbooks that are used in school are designed to be unbiased, eliminating any opinions and thoughts made by the author. In addition, school books are compiled by many authors, and go through intense editing to make sure that schools are recieving the best books possible. In fact, claims about Christians being invaders are true. The holy crusades were enacted by christian soldiers, who attacked muslim inhabitants at the holy site of jerusalem.

  16. Thomas Nguyen
    7th Period 10/7/10
    Reviewing Geoffrey's article

    I agree with Geoffrey about the unmanned aircraft. There should be more testing of the unmanned aircraft, especially the ones that carry very large number of passengers. If something goes wrong with the unmanned aircraft, the passengers are at risk of dying. The unmanned aircraft should have large number of safety precautions like people who work in the airport control towers could operate the plane by remote control if something goes wrong. This will definitely not happen for another 5-15 years.

    We still are new to the technology of using unmanned aircraft in Afghanistan. Those unmanned aircraft have not been fully incorporated into our military. A great problem that will occur is that terrorists can hack the unmanned aircraft system and take full control over it. They could program the aircraft to take a direct crash course into New York or Washington D.C.,killing innocent civilians. There are a lot of problems that can occur with pilot-less aircrafts.

    Ryan Hegedus reviewing Zach Visco's article

    The XOS 2 is suit that improves human attributes, and easily attracts the eye of a 15 year old boy. I think the suit is an excellent idea and the fact that we hav the technology to create something like this is wonderful! Something of this magnitude can win wars by itself if the numbers are there. I do, however, agree with Zach about price being an issue. A suit like this could be effective, but not just one or two of them on the battlefield, instead more like 100 or 200. A suit of this caliber of technology is likely to have a large price tag with many zeros, and debt is one thing America doesn’t need more of. In short, if we have the money the suits are a no brainer, but we don’t, so the future of warfare will have to wait just a little bit longer.

    Leon Pickles Commenting on Geoffrey Thomason's Article

    I agree with Geoffrey on this topic. The unmanned aircraft is very interesting to me but but not interesting enough to make me fly in one. Even the idea of them being used as cargo is scary because if one thing goes wrong those planes could take out a whole block of houses. Overall I think it isn't a good idea to use unmanned aircraft in this time and date but maybe later.

    Reviewing Riley Hutchinson's Article

    This topic, regarding the question of changing highway signs along I-19 in Arizona (the signs are currently in kilometers instead of miles), attracted me because of its slightly humorous tone. It's absurd to me that politicians want to spend 1.5 million dollars to change the signs on 100 (not miles, but kilometers!) of roadway into a different unit. Although apparently some people feel that these signs are confusing, or even dangerous, I disagree. I doubt there has been, or will ever be, a single accident directly or indirectly attributable to this signage. If anyone has been inconvenienced, the only imaginable problem would be running out of fuel thinking the signs were in miles; however, road maps depicting the interstate are still scaled in miles: if a driver is doing fuel endurance calculations while on the road instead of before a trip, the problem is with the driver, not the signs. In addition to the general absurdity of this proposed taxpayer money sieve, two other considerations are valid roadblocks to the plan. First and most directly related, businesses along the route have advertised their locations at a certain exit. The proposed new signage would change the exit numbers along with the signs themselves, and businesses would conceivably lose much of the value of previous advertising. Secondly, if more esoterically, the current signage adds color and interest to this 100 kilometer band of concrete. As illustrated by the 1,500,000 dollar budget for the project, conformity can be expensive; as might be confirmed by many of the millions who drive America's roadways daily, it can also be boring.

    Shane Sater
    Pd. 7


    In this article, the Eiffel Tower in France was shut down after there was a bomb threat. There has been a lot of tension in Europe lately concerning terrorism. Europe has recently banned burkas and this has made the continent a target for terrorism. I chose this article because it is a very big problem in Europe right now. Flights to Europe have been given a terrorist threat level orange, which is right below the worst one, red. I agree with Andrew Cohen when he says that these bomb threats should be taken seriously and should be dealt with cautiously. This is the second bomb threat this month so this is an arudous matter on the hands of the French. Hopefully these threats will diminish soon.


    "we had Republican presidents for 12 years before I became president. They quadrupled the national debt. We paid $600 billion down on the national debt. They could have stayed with the budget I had, we'd be out of debt by 2012. They only care about the deficit and spending when Democrats are in."
    This is why I so strongly disagree with Cole. The United States are in so much debt that taxes really should be practicaly doubled for everyone. Knowing that this would only put us in a double recession I dont actually support this theory, but America has to dig out of this hole somehow. Back in October 2008, when the economy was at rock bottom, a kid on my hockey team was talking about how awful Obama was going to be if he was inaugurated. I stepped in because I was a beleiver that 'yes we could' end all this mess. He said: Its as if Obama is forcing kids with A's to give part of their grade to kids with D's. I responded with: Actually its more like getting a D on a test but the teacher gives you an A because you play baseball, and a kid getting an A on a test recieving a D because they look funny. Or its also kind of like forcing kids with 100% to give up 7% so that they maintain their A and the children with lower grades dont have to suffer as much. I picked Cole's because I so strongly disagreed with his words. To Cole- I mean nothing against you, just the moral I so strongly care about.

    Ian Hill
    Logan 7th

  22. Response to Geoffrey’s article:
    Unmanned airplanes have been used regularly lately in the military by dropping bombs, spying on terrorist camps and threatening enemy aircraft in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now the government and aviation experts are planning on using the aircraft in more commercial ways. They will work as airborne traffic cops, border patrol, and they may even shuttle cargo between cities. According to Wesley Randall, a former Air Force logistics officer and professor at Auburn University, the unmanned airplanes are greener than manned airplanes. They use less gas, are lighter, and give off less emissions.

    When it comes down to the issue of using unmanned aircrafts to fly human passengers, i agree with Geoffery that it is too early to do this at the time, but it is a great idea to start testing and thinking about for the future. In the past, well trained pilots have saved many lives when things go wrong on airplanes, and mechanical failure or sabotage with no experienced pilots available to resolve the problem could potentially cause big problems, most likely death.

    Cerys Humphreys
    7th Period

    In response to Hannah Blackburn's Article

    Hannah's article was about how more and more schools in America are adopting Singapore math. Singapore math is a system that is used in Singapore to teach math at a slower pace when the students are younger. This is to help students get a deeper understanding of math to help them later when they get to more complicated math. Singapore math has shown its successfulness by the fact that Singapore has repeatly been ranked at or near the top at the international math exam since the mid 90s. It is a method many believe is successful. However, it is very expensive to adopt since the textbooks have to be imported, and the teachers have to be trained.

    I agree with Hannah. I really feel that slowing down math is quite unnecessary. In Korea, unlike Singapore, math is taught fairly quickly from the beginning. However, Korea is also ranked one of the top countries in math. When I first moved here, math was the one subject that I was good at. However, as a first grader, I found that math was so boring because I already knew what other kids were doing. I often was pulled out of class to do more complcating math. Many Koreans who have moved to America have the same experience. Math is always something they're the best at when they first move here. For a Korean, I'm considered to have learned math slowly even though I was and am in advanced math classes. I feel as though the math system is already really slow in America especially in elementary schools. Even now, when I ask my mom for help on some math problems, she tells me that she used to do the math I do now back when she was in middle school. So, I don't think there's a need to adopt Singapore math where it will be even slower. I chose this article because I found the fact that Singapore math system actually works really interesting. I think it's interesting how different countries are able to use different methods for teaching math and still be successful in getting the materials taught.

    Jenny Jin
    7th period


    Liam Dalton
    Period 6

    Although this article is very interesting one, I found the title to be misleading. Although this suit does allow users to lift great weights with ease as well as with dexterity, I don't think it would be very well suited to a combat situation. Useful for utility work for the Armed Forces, but I don't think it would be a good asset to a war zone at this moment. One bullet, if it was landed on the hydraulics for example could cripple the suit and lead to costly repairs. The mechanical nature of the suit could cause it to be the target of rocket attacks, and the suit definitely doesn't have the level of protection to protect the wearer from such attacks, not to mention it could easily destroy a costly investment. The United States Military has an unfortunate tendency to have the very best weapons and technology for the last war fought. War is changing rapidly, and I cannot say whether this suit will only become a waste of national funds for cutting edge technology for antiquated wars or the next step forward to arming ourselves for the inevitable conflicts of the future.


    Basirul Haque
    7th period
    Responding to Tristin’s article

    While I scrolling down the list of current events and I saw this sentence “debating whether to allow guns on college campuses or not” I immediately thought ‘that is arguably the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard. Which automatically makes me agree with Tristin because if students are allowed to have guns on college campus things could go very badly. Libertarian part says, “The record shows that when people are able to defend themselves, they have a better chance of survival" – in response to this I would like to say it is very obvious that people have a better chance of survival if they defend themselves BUT if students were to not have guns on campus then they really wouldn’t need to defend themselves. Allowing guns in school is subliminally asking for violence to occur. So the best way to put all of this in a nutshell is “Keep the rules the way they are, guns only increase danger everywhere.”


    Andrew Cohen
    7th period
    Response to Cole's article

    I think that its crazy how these toys were not tested better before they were put on store shelves for children to buy. After their whole lead poisoning incident a few years ago I would think that Fisher-Price would really be careful of what they let leave their factories. I think that it is very important that toys do not put children in danger because parents already have enough to worry about so they shouldn’t have to worry about their kid choking and dying while he or she is just playing with their toys. I chose to read this article because the fact that one of the largest toy manufacturers in the nation recalled over 10 million toys really caught my eye. I wanted to read how they could possibly let such a large number of dangerous toys reach the public. I agree with what Cole said, something does need to be done. I also agree with him in that kids should not be put in danger by toys and that toy manufacturers need to be more careful because kids are our future.

  27. Jennifer Vaughn
    Due 10/8/10
    Period 6
    In response to Brinkley Bailey

    The stink bug has been sweeping across the Mid-Atlantic states, ruining crops and living areas of many homes. This is the worst infestation in years and it is estimated that in some areas 20% of their apple crops have been depleted. The bug does not bite or sting but has a nasty habit of getting everywhere. Rooms can have walls that are completely black from the little critters. They’re not easily killed either. If you squish them or if they feel threatened, they produce a horrible skunk-like odor. Researchers say their will be no relief anytime soon, for there is no way to monitor the bug and the cost for the research is so expensive. It also doesn’t help that the bug’s population grew astronomically this year for no apparent reason and it is excellent at hiding and hitchhiking.
    I agree with Brinkley that this is a disgusting problem and it really needs to be fixed for the sake of these poor people. They are losing crops, and thus losing profit. One farmer said he would have to raise prices if the infestation wasn’t gone by next year. Along with that, to have to wake up every morning with bugs around you is just horrible. These bugs are not only hurting the life style of these people, but they are gnawing at our already horrible economy. I don’t think it is ridiculous to spend an amount of money on this problem; however I think they should monitor their spending because 3.5 million dollars is a bit much for a stink bug.


    Alex Grosskurth
    6th period
    response to Tanner's article

    I agree with Tanner that these books shouldn't have a conservative slant. Textbooks shouldn't be slanted to either political stance, textbooks should be unbiased and just state facts. Conservatives believe that the facts are slanted too far to the left right now, but part of this is because being a Conservative means that you don't exactly act politically progressive, conserving is holding back and liberals are much more factually bound than conservatives. Conservatives argue that the theory of evolution isnt true because it is just a theory, but a theory holds more ground than a law to the scientific community because a theory states a well tested idea and an reason, not just a well tested idea like a law. This argument isn't even about what is true or not, its about facts and claiming that evolution is too left-wing and that textbooks should offer the conservative, christian alternative is preposterous. Adding a christian alternative into textbooks which are circulated throughout the state goes against basic US law, the separation of church and state. Overall i dont just disagree with what happened with the textbooks, I'm appalled that this happened because it shouldn't be allowed by basic US laws. If parents are afraid that children are gonna learn things different than what they believe, they can teach them themselves or home school them, not change public school textbooks!


    I totally agree with Gavin on the Don't Ask Don't tell situation. I think it is ridiculous that 13,000 troops have been discharged due to this. If other nations have repealed similar acts like this, then why shouldn't we? I think it is morally wrong for one, and secondly it is causing us to loose valuable troops. I think that this policy is hypocritical of what our country believes in and should be taken away. I chose this article because it seemed really interesting and I've heard a lot of contraversy over the issue.

    Tristin Van Ord period 6


    I agree with Riley (7th period) on this. I think that BP has put in more effort to clean up the gulf. However I think the rig blowing up was primarily out of BP's control. I think it was the right decision to hire a new chief. There has been a lot of trust lost in BP and they're doing anything to rebuild that trust.

  31. Leila's post caught my eye because of the subject it was talking about. In the last month four gay teenagers committed suicide due to bullying about their sexuality. Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh, Asher Brown, and Billy Lucas were all different ages but ended their lives from the result of being bullied because of their sexuality. Since Leila posted this article last week, there has been a youtube channel made telling gay,lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth that "it gets better." The video itself has over half a million views and countless thousands of response videos.

    I agree with Leila in general. I agree that the sexuality of a person is their own business and am truly sad for the families of the harassed youth. I think that taking your life has to mean you truly hate yourself, and nobody should hate themselves based on who they are attracted to. Four youth have committed suicide because they were gay and being bullied, but those were only the deaths we heard about in the news. Gay youth are four times more likely to commit suicide than heterosexual teens. Four times! I think schools really need to help gay youth, more than they are now. I also think that teens need to look inside themselves and realize that just because someone is different than you, it doesn't mean they should be punished for it. Bullying needs to stop.

    Jessica Batson


    I agree with Leila, it's terrible that as a society we cannot accept people for who they are. Our society definitely needs to work on making our society more accepting. I think it's even more terrible that two of the teenagers were 13 years old, it's terrible to think that they never had a chance to live out their life because some people were being jerks to them. I feel very strongly about this issue, and I know many people who also do, and it's amazing to think that one other of the teenagers was our age, only 15. I just can't believe people are so mean to people because of something that isn't their choice.

    Ariel Gunn
    Period 7


    I absolutely agree with Riley in the sense of BP making a big mistake with that oil spill. I wasn't really aware of what was happening in an attempt in cleaning up the spill. However, I don't think it's that big of a step in appointing a new BP Chief. Clearly they needed a new person to take control of the situation, and company. I think the change in leadership overall will positively affect the company. It sounds like Mark Bly is going to be great in setting up the new global safety division. I really hope the new leadership will help the company.


    I found Nicole's article very interesting. Two new dinosaurs were found; the Kosmoceratops richardsoni and the Utahceratops gettyi. The Kosmoceratops richardsoni has 15 horns on its head, which i didnt think was possible! I agree completely with Nicole. Today our technology is so advanced it is extreemely hard to make any new discoveries. Also i considered the fact that palentologists hadnt discovered any new dinosaurs for several years, and yet they kept looking. That must have taken some perseverance, especially when they had nothing to show for all their hard work. Nicole made a great point when she said that our technology is so advanced that it is hard to really find anything new. That point is proved across all different topics, and often we havent had any advancements in several years. So the fact that 2 new dinosaurs were discovered is amazing. I read this article because it interested me that there is a possibility that more dinosaurs will be discovered. Hopefully more will be found and we can learn even more about what dinosaurs were like.

    Riley Hutchison
    7th period
    Response to Nicole's article

  35. Bristlecone Pine trees, which live in western North America, are the oldest trees in the world. But they may have finally found something that they could not survive. There is a new fungus called the White Pine blister rust which came to the United States about a century ago from Asia. Couple that with an outbreak of White Bark pine beatles because of warming temperatures, and the pine trees may have finally met their match. These pine trees have never seen anything like it before, so they have not evolved defenses against either threat. The oldest tree among them is a 4800 year old specimen named Methuselah. Ancient even when the Romans were around. However, scientists are doing their best to save the trees. They are gathering seed of the few disease resistant trees and trying to plant them all over.
    I agree with Brady. This whole thing is really sad. These trees have been through so much, and know they could be wiped out it a matter of years. All it would take to kill these threats would be temperatures below -30 degrees. But, because of global warming, it just doesn’t get that cold in those areas anymore.

    -Zach Jansen


    This is a response to Brady’s article. In Brady’s article was about the bristlecone pines being wiped out from a tree fungus and the native pine beetles’. This tree fungus the white pine blister rust is an Asian virus that has come to the states via England trading. This virus was unknowingly on the nursery trees that were brought to the states over a century ago. This virus has just now threatened the oldest living bristlecone pine in Great Basin National park in Nevada. “I find this article heart breaking,” Brady Strine states in his own review of the article. This not only sums up his thoughts on the situation, but it also sums up mine. I believe that we should take great action in protecting one of the oldest trees on the planet. This is a famous landmark that should not be destroyed due to human error. This tree has survived rising and falling temp lightning strikes and many freezing winter. We should do everything possible that we can do to keep this tree living.
    Gavin Welch
    Per 7


    I believe that this article is very important. I think that farmers should not be feeding their animal’s antibiotics so they can cut down on the food they feed their animals. I know some may think this is okay but I think that animals should be feed proper amounts of the nutrients they need and not substituting them with antibiotics. I think that the usage of these antibiotics on a pig farm should be condemned. I totally agree with Sarah Jane when she says that these measures are way overdue, and this usage of antibiotics should have already been looked at and changed. Also I agree with her on her point about the chemicals in our food we eat everyday. She says that by the time we have our food on the plate in front of us there is no telling what has been done to it. I think that we shouldn’t have to worry about if our food is good to eat or not. We shouldn’t have to worry about if we are in taking chemicals that we don’t need. These are things that we shouldn’t have to wonder and think about before we eat our food because we should be able to rely on the people that make our food to not add in unnecessary things that may be harmful.

    Leah Whitney


    I agree with Nicole Chang on how exciting it is to find two new dinosaur species. It’s so hard to find something new since we’ve been over almost every square inch in the world. The two dinosaurs, called Kosmoceratops richardsoni and Utahceratops gettyi, both have horns and look like they’re related to the triceratops. They were discovered in the southern Utah desert.
    I think it’s really cool that they were discovered. It means that there are a bunch of new possibilities of how they shaped history. With modern technology, that is a reality. But the most exciting thing is that, like gold in a mine, if there are skeletons in that spot, there might be more, opening up even more possibilities for scientists.

    Mark Stouffer
    Period 7


    Ryan Rainey

    When I was reading this article I was suprised and questioned how this worked or was possible. Obama said he would veto bill that would cause forecloser fraud. With this Obama and other members of the government said that they will investigate financial fraud. What I dont understand is that Obama vetoed the bill that would prevent the financial fraud. Why would someone veto something that is supposed to make the government more ifficent then investigate if there is anyway to do what the bill said in a different bill. I dont understand why the president would do this but then investigate it anyway. Why wouldnt you investigate before you veto it. Now because he vetoed it the US claims forecloser fraud will go down because we will be alert. We could of been alert before the bill was even made. I just dont understand but I am not in government.


    I found it really interesting that atheists scored higher on this religious quiz than theists. It inspired me to look up this survey, and I came across a shorter, 15-question version of it. I'm not religious at all, and wound up getting a lot better score than I thought I would. It's not necessarily an issue that people desperately need to know more about, but it's pretty cool to see the statistics. I agree with Jessica that sometimes people just inherit their religion from their parents without researching it. My parents raised me without any sort of religious influences, as they wanted me to be able to choose my own faith. I think that if parents are going to make religion a part of their kids lives, they should at least educate them on what their religion means. I chose this article because I've always found religion interesting, in a subjective way. It's such a big part of people's culture, so this really fascinated me.

    -Kate Boyd (7th pd)


    In response to Connor Randolph's article.

    This article talked about making school longer. I do not agree with this because I also think school is long enough as it is. If school was longer than it is currently then students would get tired of it ans start to slack off more. This is because it is easier to work hard and do well for a shorter period of time, then to have to try to keep up the good work for a longer amount of time. That is why I think that the length of school that we have now is good because students know that it goes by quickly and that they have three months after to take a break from it all. It would be too much to ask to have students try to do well for more than 180 days of school.

    Laura Musalem 6th period

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.


    This article is about the debate to allow handguns on college campuses. I completely agree with Tristin on this subject. According to Governor Rick Perry, he favors allowing guns on campuses because it would give owners a chance to intervene if a problematic situation were to occur, but I think this is absurd. Having added guns in an already violent situation would be even more chaotic and dangerous. Also, the topic of accidental misfires and things like that comes up. Not all college students are perfect, responsible people, and let's face it, accidents happen and people make mistakes. Do we really want those accidents and mistakes to involve guns? It's just not safe to let students have guns on campus, and I personally would feel completely unsafe if I went to a college where handguns were allowed.

    Kim Rubish
    6th Period


    I think that is really good of people to make their own contribution to helping the environment. I agree with Jessica that the insurers should give this family a loan. If this type of building has been proved to work so many times in Europe, they shouldn’t doubt that it would work in the United States. I understand that the insurance companies are trying to protect their own interests, but I think that protecting a green home like this on could actually help them more than it would hurt them. I think that this is an important issue in today’s society. I try to be more eco-friendly myself, and I think that others should also strive to limit energy consumption.

    Chiara Salemi


    response to Andrew

    I find the amount of bomb threats lately to be very dangerous and inhumane. I do not appreciate the constant bombarding of fatal accusations towards innocent people. This becomes even worse for me when something precious is being targeted. Being one of the seven wonders of the world, it is very important the Eiffel Tower stay just as it is. With threats being placed on it, not only to destroy and important part of history, but also to kill many people something must be done. No matter how good security thinks it is, i feel that it can always get better. We need to step up, and protect those things that are most important to us. I completely agree with Andrew's thoughts on this subject. Bomb threats must be taken seriously due to there fatal nature. WE need to make sure all problems involving a loss of innocent lives are taken care of. This also shows how serious the French government is on this topic as well. THey are not taking any chances in this situation, which is the right thing to do. By preparing for the worst possible outcome, it will most likely save the most lives. This will accomplish your goal and make others feel safe and happy.

  46. Response to Cerys Humpreys:

    This article is about the history books in Texas having a pro-Islamic bias and an anti-Christian version. The textbook writers state that Christians are “violent attackers” or “invaders.” The reason this article is so important is because religious diversity around the world should be free. There has always been hate between religions through protests and fighting. There should never be hate that is influenced through learning of education in the schools. I think it is wrong for a textbook to be provided to the children in schools and to have a bias opinion on a religion through what they read in a book. The students should learn the facts, not how they should view people. Even though it is a problem, people should not go all the way to taking away all the books from the schools. There are a few lines in the textbook that are wrong but not the whole book. I agree with Cerys when she said that even though the Christians have a right to be mad, it is not a big enough subject to get worked up over. The students learn through what their teachers teacher them not from statements that are bias of a religious group.

    Stacey Cutrell
    Period 7

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.


    I completely agree with Andrew Cohen on his viewpoints about the bomb threat at the Eiffel Tower. Countries need to be extra cautious when it comes to things like this. Today, with so much terrorism going on, you have to be careful. No where is really safe anymore, especially national landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. I chose this article because terrorism is rising and its a big deal when something like this happens.

    Chris Barth
    Period 7


    This week I reviewed a story the Cole found last week. It was about the major toy company Fisher Price and how the company had to recall millions of toys because of overlooked dangerous elements. The big story is that almost 7 million tricycles have been recalled because of a protruding key on the front of it. There have been about 10 reports of the key cutting children playing with the toy and some of these injuries have required medical attention. The toy maker also said it has recalled about 2.8 million of several types of baby play areas with inflatable balls because of problems with choking. I think this article is interesting and I chose it because I want to talk about something somewhat more off the beaten track. I had also heard about this story a few days before so this let me explore more information about it. I agree with everything that Cole has said. I like how he talked about how we need to be able to trust our toy making company and such. I am also a believer in these statements. I feel that with all problems that this company has had recently that something needs to be done. It makes me think that more attention needs to be brought forward about making sure these toys are safe for out little children.


    To be honest, I chose this article not because I totally disagree with Geoff but because I could find some potentially good arguments to the ideas of unmanned aircraft. Personally I think the idea is very interesting, especially at the end of the article where they mention the decrease in environmental harm. If planes, namely the cargo planes, could be used for transport of goods with fewer consequences from each flight, that racks up a much lower total much more quickly. Though I do also agree on the statement in the article about the low likelihood of having unmanned aircraft for human transport.
    On the other hand, the side of the cons, this is not necessarily a good idea. On a related topic, I watched a television show made in the 70s where the person who worked the front office at a school got a new computer but didn't realize the school board was going to fire her and have the computer take over her job. I think, at this point, too much faith is being palced in the ability of the planes. As I heard in the aforementioned TV show, a computer (or in this case aircraft) is only a tool meant to be used by humans, not meant to be human. The planes can only do so much. They are robots and still have to be controlled by humans. As much as human flaw is mentioned at many times, there is still nothing that can be programmed that compares to a human's decision making ability.

    Jacob 7th

  51. Jessica Yin
    7th period

    "Kids in America go to school about a month less than most other advanced countries."said President Obama,he thinks we should havr longer school years.I hold half-agree view for his opinion.It is true that compare with those advanced countries that he mentioned like South Korea,America kids do not have many school days as they do,American children spend over a month less in school than children in South Korea(220 days).I agree because at least in America,schools are not like those buildings in those advanced countries,not only learn knowledge we sit in the classrooms,but also doing more social activities such as sports,tutoring,joining language societies,etc.we can't learn all of these just by staying at home,watching TV on the couch,or throwing up the parties,our brain need to be "saturated"by various of good sources.But if we lengthen the school year,that will cause a lot of complain from both f students and teachers,because throughout a year,like Sarah Jane said,everybody is expecting a break,they have no more extra energy to deal with more work,if they keep continuing,that will lead the lack of focus,and cause the low efficiency of work,it's the negative aspect,and we don't want it.

  52. I enjoyed this topic because I am an atheist, but fairly knowledgable about religions. I agree with Jessica; it makes sense that agnostics and atheists know a lot about religions. If you aren’t going to take part in a religion, you are going to know what it is that you are missing out on so you know it’s the right choice. A large majority of the world is religious. Atheists are more likely to look up their questions about religion, while “religious” people may have inherited their religion from their family (like Jessica said). People who inherit their religion may not be very religious, but may still count themselves as religious.

    Hannah Blackburn pd. 7
    Review of Jessica Batson's post

  53. I decided to do my response to Kendall's article. It was about a survey conducted on the usage of social networks. It ultimately showed that the users of the sites aren't actually using the websites. Reports say that this decrease in usage is due to the lack of new and exciting ideas.

    I agree with Kendall, when he said it didn't come as a surprise. I think every year one site becomes more used or popular then another. For instance I remember when MySpace used to be really popular and now it's all about Facebook. So i think it all has to do with the latest trends and the people that are using the sites. I think that the creators of the these sites really need to make sure that the users are satified with everything it offers, and that way their website doesn't have to be just a "trend".

  54. Brinklee's article basically talks about a stink bug infestation in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York. The infestation effects farmers, crops, which effects their business. The stink bugs also are effecting the homes of citizens. I've never heard of a stink bug infestation. This is probably a really akward situation to be in and I am glad I don't have to live with it.

    Janine Minor Pd6
    Review of Brinklee Bailey's post

  55. Jose B.

    this is pretty crazy but we dont want futuristic robotic invasions that could cause foregn hunger for these robotic military advances.

    I chose Cerys article because it is talking about some what mine was about. I also wrote about rights that gay members happen to go trough sometimes. I respect these rights because every one is different and we are not all the same. I really don't think is far for some people to be treated that way just because they are different.


    I found this article to be very interesting and agree with Nicole that this is very fascinating. The fact that in this day in age we are just now discovering new dinosaurs is crazy. I think this was a very good find by Nicole because paleontology and our Earth's history are very important and good to know. I also believe this was a good article for us to see so that we can know how important our advanced technology is not just to us consumers but the government and their historical agenices as well. This article was a great find by Nicole and I enjoyed her response.

    Jackson wright
    6th period
    Oct 9 current event response to nicole Oct 1 current event

  58. Tanner G.
    7th Period
    Responding to Alex's article,0,4202241.story

    Honestly, I chose to respond to Alex's article because he responded to mine first. I agree with Alex when he says toys should be made in America. If we want our toys to live up to our standards, shouldn't they be made in America where those standards could be enforced? Unfortunately this is not likely to occur because it is much cheaper for corporations like Fisher-Price to import their products already made from countries like
    Mexico and China. What is the world coming too...