Sunday, May 6, 2012

6th: LAST POST due 5/11

Can you believe that this will be the last posting of the year? As you know, the NC primaries are being held this week; in addition to voting for national, state and local officials (yay, Federalism) there is also an amendment to be voted on by the people of North Carolina.

For this week's posting please check out the wording of the Amendment as written by our General Assembly:

In your response, please include the following information:
1. What does the bill mean (briefly summarize it in your own words)?
2. What is the difference between an Amendment (in this case, to the North Carolina Constitution) and a regular bill/law?
3. Find an article that is written about Amendment 1. This can be for or against the Amendment, an analysis of it or a reporting of NC voters. Using the format that we have used all year, cite, summarize and analyze the article.

This week's posting is more complex than usual, but covers a very relevant topic as part of our study of civics and the legislative process and as North Carolinians. It will be worth 20 points. Please take your time and do a good job with this very important issue.

Have a great week. :)


  1. Natalie Bulik-Sullivan
    Pd. 6, Logan

    1) The intention of this amendment is to validate only marriages between two people of the opposite sex. Any other legal unions between parties not fitting that description will not be recognized by the state of North Carolina.
    2) An amendment is an addition or change to preexisting legislature (in this case, Amendment 1 will be added to Article 14 of the NC Constitution), whereas a bill simply introduces new policy.
    North Carolina’s Ban on Gay Marriage Appears Likely to Pass
    The New York Times
    Nate Silver, 4 May 2012

    Recent polls have suggested that voters in North Carolina will pass Amendment 1 on Tuesday. This prediction is also supported by the reception of similar legislature in other states in the past, although there is the possibility that the support it is receiving is because of voter confusion over the intent of the amendment. Many people do not know that the amendment would have the side affect of invalidating civil unions and domestic partnerships (in addition to same-sex marriage). Another non-partisan poll reported that only 36% of those polled were aware that both institutions would no longer be recognized following the passage of the amendment, and 10% were of the impression that it would legalize same-sex marriage. 27% of those surveyed were unsure of the impact that the amendment would have.
    I sincerely hope that this article’s prediction is wrong. Quite frankly, the fact that it was even proposed in this state makes me embarrassed to live here. I cannot understand why people are so determined to deny other people their right to pursue happiness through marriage simply because the person they want to marry is not of the opposite sex. Homosexuals exist everywhere, and people need to accept that. Those that support legislature similar to Amendment 1 need to get over their religious convictions and realize that the sexual orientation of other people is absolutely none of their business (nor is it the government’s). If this amendment passes, I will be extraordinarily disappointed in the citizens of North Carolina. It will simply be one more example of the rampant hypocrisy of this nation, as we preach tolerance yet allow amendments like this to be added to our state constitutions.

  2. Arjun Raghavan
    Pd. 6
    New Poll Shows Little Movement in Voter Divide Over Amendment One
    Andrew Harmon
    May 2, 2012

    1) The bill says the following: the only type of "marriage" recognized in the state is between one man and one woman. It also would ban all civil unions.

    2) The Bill creates a new law or policy whereas an Amendment modifies a bill.

    3) There has been little change in the polls regarding Amendment One. More than 50% of the people polled were in favor of the Amendment. The good news though is that more people seem informed about the Amendment. Only a 1% increase was found in the percentage of people against the amendment. Yet, other polls show that people are opposed to certain parts of the amendment.

    I have mixed views about this amendment. I feel like while there is a lot of opposition to the amendment, this would, in one way, clean up a lot of parts of the law that may be ambiguous and make the rule firm. On the other hand, considering the outpouring of anger that I see in my school regarding this Amendment, I feel the government may need to take a different path to meet the same objectives.

  3. Carly Narotsky, 6th period

    1. The Amendment says that only marriages that are between one man and one woman will be recognized by the State.
    2. An amendment is added to the state constitution and is much harder to repeal than a regular bill/law. In order to negate an amendment, another amendment must be added to the constitution stating that the previous amendment is invalid. To take back a law, another law must be passed by the General Assembly. Gay marriage is already illegal in North Carolina, so this amendment would just solidify this fact and make changing it more difficult.

    Amendment One in North Carolina Will Expose Generational Gap
    By Dion Beary, Yahoo! Contributor Network
    May 7, 2012
    Yahoo News

    Amendment One is to be voted on by the citizens of North Carolina on May 8th. It bans gay marriage (which is already banned) and also restricts rights for unmarried heterosexual couples. It could interfere with health services for children of unmarried parents. It could also take away protections for victims of domestic abuse and their children because it’s harder to offer protection when they state can’t recognize any civil unions and can only recognize marriages, defined as between one man and one woman. The Amendment is predicted to pass by about sixteen percent, according to opinion polls and early voting results. This is despite the fact that most of the United States disapproves of this NC Amendment, including President Barack Obama. The disparity between those who support the amendment and those against it reflects a generation gap. The younger generation is likely to be against the amendment, while older folks are likely to vote in favor of the amendment. That means that for young advocates of progressive causes like LGBT rights, it is critical to have a high voter turnout among the younger voters.

    I am against the amendment and strongly urge anyone in North Carolina age 18 and over to go out to the polls and vote against Amendment One. Living in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area I see almost only signs telling people to vote AGAINST, and on Facebook I see only posts encouraging people to vote against the amendment (especially now, the night before election day). With all of this advertisement it is easy to get comfortable and assume that the amendment will never get passed, but the polls indicate otherwise! Like this article says, if young people want to make progressive change they need to make their voices heard not only on social media sites, but in the voting booth, where it actually counts.

  4. Allie Rives, 6th Period
    1. This amendment initially claims the only marriage that will be legally identified by North Carolina, is between a man and a woman. Fellow parties that do not meet the "requirements" will not be recognized by the State.
    2. An amendment is a change along with an addition to the previous legislature. A bill is a new idea introduced to be added to The Constitution.
    3. Pastor who sparked outrage over hitting gay children speaks out
    By David Mattingly and Eric Marrapodi, CNN
    May 8th, 2012
    Pastor Harris, of Berean Baptist Church, presented a sermon with words pertaining to gay men. He initially stated that if a dad sees his son losing his manliness or becoming gay, to physically and verbally make it clear to them to "suck it up" and become "stronger". Harris believed he was preaching the words of God from the Bible in defense. He was emphasizing the significance of a man and woman getting married, and only acceptance to that type of marriage. His goal was to preach to the church, "hat homosexuality is a choice and that the Bible teaches it is sinful behavior". Harris received much feedback as to whether his wording and decision to preach what he did was acceptable. Controversy sparked as it related to the voting for or against Amendment One, as it was quickly approaching.
    I understand a preacher for a baptist church to be concerned with the "revolt" for God's words in the Bible in the North Carolina Constitution, however I feel as if Harris' actions and words were inappropriate. In my opinion it would be fine in the church to have explained God's reasoning for a man and woman marriage only. As well as one having the right to be against the Amendment, one also has the right to be for it; however, the way he address his men to handle their sons supporting gay rights, was unacceptable. Many people of the church found it humorous and Harris' way of preaching, however many were concerned with the fact of what he did say. I hope whatever happens with the Amendment benefits everyone in their own way.

  5. Ryan Castellano
    Period 6
    1. This amendment, also known as Amendment One provides that marriage should only be between people of the opposite sex (a man and a woman). This amendment would allow for the marriage of either two females or two males. It also provides that the amendment doesn’t apply to two private parties joining under contracts. I believe this refers to domestic partnerships or relationships. It allows for these homosexual partnerships but you can NOT get married.
    2. An amendment, rather than a bill is a modification being introduced to the North Carolina Constitution for a new rule. Unlike this; a bill is a subject or idea, which most of the time does not oppose to a rule/law specified in the North Carolina Constitution.
    3. Lynn Bonner
    Amendment on gay marriage divides young and old, rural and urban

    This article is from the local newspaper website of the N&O and describes how the residents of the state of NC has been split on the subject of Amendment One. This article points out that the age of voters has an influence. As studies show, the younger populations of 30 and below have support for gay marriage. This is unlike the population of 50 and older who naturally don’t care it. By about a 20 percent margin, younger people of the ages of 18 to 34 supported the amendment noticeably more than people 55 and older did. Some additional samples also showed that rural areas are seemingly more probable to vote for Amendment One. This may be because of the large likelihood of Republicans in rural regions. On the reverse opinion, democrats from around the triangle are assumed to be voting in contradiction of Amendment One. So far the voting advantage has gone to the urban areas but there have been popular actions about the bill going on about the triangle. Most of these actions have been started up by activists opposing the bill. Throughout this entire dispute the amendment still has a ways to go thru the voting progression.
    This article describes the fight between the people in NC about this bill. It seems Liberals and Conservatives have gone two different ways on the way to vote on this bill. The Liberals have leaned toward the opposing side while the Republicans have supported the passing side. This bill may actually come down to whichever party can get their voters to participate in the voting. Personally I believe the side wanting the bill to pass will win because of their willingness to vote where the young people of the Democratic Party will chose not to naturally. The grassroots campaigns may collect some votes but the usual voters that show up regularly are in their 40’s to 50’s. This may mean that due to that issue the law could be approved. While so many bad things have been said about this law, I personally think a bill like this may trigger some attention and liveliness in a lazy and inefficient Legislative Branch.

  6. Tim Bogan / 6th Period
    May 9, 2012

    1. This amendment only validates the marriage between two people of the opposite sex in North Carolina. Any other sort of marriage will not be recognized by the state.
    2. A bill simply creates new laws or policies whereas an amendment modifies older legislature, and is also a lot more difficult to change.

    3. Obama Backs Gay Marriage
    Reporters: Bruce Mildwurf, Beau Minnick, WRAL News
    May 9, 2012

    After Amendment One to the North Carolina State Constitution was passed overwhelmingly, president Barack Obama has given his stance on a recent television broadcast. Becoming the first president to take this stance in history, he stated, “I’ve just concluded that, for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.” Obama’s announcement is likely to boost the spirits of those who opposed the amendment who plan to lobby in Congress for nationwide same-sex marriage legalization. Josh Dinan, a political science professor at Wake Forest University said that “Same-sex marriage was illegal today; it's illegal tomorrow," meaning that this amendment has not created any restrictions that were not already present in North Carolina law. The amendment likely will affect issues other than gay marriage the most because the "marriage-plus" amendment approved in North Carolina prohibits not only same-sex marriage, but also same-sex civil unions. Amendments as such have already been instituted in nineteen other states.

    The outcome of the voting has definitely caused a lot of unrest among my peers as we live in one of the few counties that voted against the amendment. I believe the backing of the president is a definite bonus for those opposing legislature such as this amendment. Josh Dinan’s comment about the way the amendment makes no changes is something I disagree with. The amendment may not have changes previously instituted restriction, but it has reinforced them so that they may not be easily altered. I saw an interesting image, the validity of which I cannot completely attest for, but I believe based on prior knowledge to be accurate. The image depicted two maps, one displaying the counties that voted for or against the amendment, and one displaying the percentage of people with a bachelor’s degree over 25 years by county. Unsurprisingly the counties with the highest percentage of those with bachelor’s degrees were the same counties that voted against the amendment. That was somewhat humorous, but at the same time very saddening.

  7. David Hicks
    May 9th 2012
    6th Period

    1) This amendment means that North Carolina will only recognize the companionship of a male and a female (marriage) in a heterosexual relationship as a domestic civil union, discluding all other possible unions. However, the second sentence clarifies that this only applies to government, as businesses have the right to choose whether or not they recognize same sex marriage or other civil unions in their benefits.
    2) Amendments are applied to change the constitution while laws, despite their power, are just pieces of legislation, or “new ideas”. Amendments require a further amendment that bans the previous amendment to be passed in order for them to become void while laws only require a further law to be passed to make them invalid.
    North Carolina Amendment 1 Divides Gay Rights Movement

    The Huffington Post
    Lila Shapiro, May 9th 2012

    Amendment one was passed on May 8th 2012 by North Carolinians despite much opposition from LGBT community, as well as straight civil unions whom are now not recognized (legally) as families because of the Amendment. This Amendment has proven to be catastrophic to civil rights activists in North Carolina, who spent upwards of 3 million dollars in opposition to this bill. The activists blame this loss on Republican legislators and religious leaders that supported the bill, as well as not enough backing from gay rights support groups such as Freedom to Marry (according to Pam Spaulding, owner of a prominent gay rights activist site). Freedom to Marry withheld support after the amendment went on the ballot, claiming that there was no use fighting what was imminent. Mitchell Gold, a businessman, also disagrees with the opposition attempts and is set on educating the younger generation whether or not amendment one was going to be passed (his interview was taken a few days ago).
    Amendment one has caused a fair bit of unrest among North Carolinian residents, being viewed as a waste of money, an amendment based off of hate, and in opposition to all families, LGBT or not. Regardless, it has passed, and now those in opposition are aimed at finding who to blame. My personal opinion on the matter is that everyone knew it was going to pass anyways. Chapel Hillians in particular seem to be shocked despite being stranded on an island of liberals in a sea of highly religious and conservative voters. I, in no way, condone this amendment, marriage is based off of religious tradition and there is supposed to be a separation of church in state in our country. The Amendment’s passing is not surprising, however, as this is a Christian nation built on Christian values, and North Carolina is particularly known for its religious values. This Amendment does not affect me at all, and in all honesty I would suggest getting out of here rather than trying to prevent radical amendments and laws similar to A1 from getting passed. If the will of the people is highly contradictory to your own views, you may want to leave instead of living amongst insane individuals, I know I will.

  8. 1.) The Amendment states that the only legal union that is legal in the state of North Carolina is the marriage between a man and a woman.
    2.) An amendment is a modification of the original legislator and is hard to repeal than a bill. A bill is a law that is added into the constitution.
    3.) Crescentia Cho/ 6th period
    Obama Announces He Supports Same-Sex Marriage
    Phil Gast, CNN
    May 9, 2012

    Before, Obama was against same-sex marriage but claiming that his views were evolving, he believes that same-sex couples should be allowed to get married. Obama was disappointed by the vote outcome of Amendment One in North Carolina. This Amendment is discriminatory against gay people. Although same-sex marriage was already illegal in North Carolina, many citizens pushed for the amendment because it could ward off future legal challenges. Obama’s daughter’s friend’s parents are same-sex couples, but Obama doesn’t think that it’s fair for these families to be treated differently.

    I agree with Obama because it isn’t right to discriminate other people. It’s just like the same thing that happened in history for African Americans and women. I think that religion should not interfere with government, after all religious freedom started back in the colonies. People should be able to make their choice about if same-sex marriage is okay or not. Whether or not a person is gay doesn’t make them different from any one else. They are still human and not different so they shouldn’t be treated differently. The amendment wasn’t necessary because same-sex marriage was already illegal. Even though it makes it harder to undo I believe that that is the right thing to do because in America everyone is protected under law and is equal.

  9. Anna Zhang 6th
    In North Carolina gay marriage vote, it's Bill Clinton versus Billy Graham
    By Miranda Leitsinger, 5/7/12

    On Tuesday, May 8th, North Carolina’s citizens will vote on Amendment One---an amendment stating that marriage is the only legal union between a man and a woman. Opposers claim that the amendment is unnecessary as there is already a law stating that gay marriage is illegal. They believe that passing this amendment will threaten domestic violence protections for women, cause problems in health benefits for domestic partners and hurt the economy of NC. Bill Clinton personally discusses these issues and urged people to vote against the amendment. However, supporters claim that the worries are irrelevant. Rachel Lee, a spokeswoman for pro-amendment Vote For Marriage NC states, “...This amendment is very simple and straightforward. It preserves marriage between one man and one woman in our state constitution. It will in no way impact on domestic violence protections, child custody or end of life desires. So these claims brought on by the other side are simply false.” Billy Graham, a former republican presidential candidate, also expressed his support of the amendment. He believes that the Bible clearly defines that marriage takes place between a man and a woman.

    Although the official vote doesn’t take place until Tuesday, 508,000 people have already placed their votes through absentee ballots.

    I was surprised to find out that NC passed that amendment. I guess I was too naive, because I honestly thought enough people would vote against it for it to get rejected. Maybe it's because we live in Chapel Hill, which seems to be segregated from the rest of the state in its views. Opposers were pushing for people to vote against the amendment months ahead of the actual vote. I guess I thought with that much preparation and advertisement, the amendment would be easily rejected.

    Frankly, I am disappointed that the gay marriage law passed. Though supporters of the vote claimed that opposing worries were unrelated, they did not offer any true reason for why they supported the change, at least not in the article. (Religion does not count in my opinion. Besides, what about atheists or people of a different religion other than Christianity?) In any case, exactly what kind of problems do gay marriages cause?

    1. 1. The amendment states that the only legal marriage is between one man and one woman.
      2. A bill is a new proposal or idea. An amendment is a change on an existing law.

  10. 1. Amendment one says that the only marage reconized by the state is between a man and a woman.
    2. An amendment is generally an addition to a bill or law.
    3. Emma Beck
    Per. 6
    "Just Say No"
    By: No author mentioned
    May 6th

    The goal of amendment one is to prevent civil unions between gays. The new amendment is not about the religious beliefs of people in the state and those that govern us. The new amendment is about not wanting to accept gays into the current political system. This amendment will also cause challenges for unmarried domestic partners who receive healthcare from corporations. It will also cause custody battles for children with unmarried parents. There are many politicians who are apposed to the new amendment. Some of them are apposed to same sex marriages but they disagree with the fact that civil unions are brought into it.

    I do not agree with amendment one. I believe that the government should not be taking the rights away from people, they should be providing more rights to the citizens. I also think that this is over kill. There is already a law in North Carolina that doesn't allow same sex marriage. Finally I think that this is just horrible of our government. I think that it shouldn't be getting involved with peoples personal lives.

  11. Julian Wilson
    6th Period
    1) The bill means that the state of North Carolina will only recognize a marriage between a single man and woman under the law. This means that civil unions and other domestic partnerships won’t have access to the same benefits as marriage under the law.
    2) An Amendment is much harder to change, becomes it becomes set in the State Constitution. For this same reason an Amendment also can’t be designated “un-constitutional” at least on the state level because it is a part of the Constitution.
    North Carolina Voters Pass Same-Sex Marriage Ban by Campbell Robertson
    The New York Times
    This article is about the recent vote on Amendment 1, which was passed. This was a vote across the state of North Carolina on May 8th, 2012. Amendment 1 states that only a marriage between only one man and only one woman will be recognized legally by the State of North Carolina. It was designed to help prevent gay marriages, although there is already a law against them in North Carolina. This means that any civil unions or other domestic partnerships will no longer be valid in our state. This is very significant because we live in North Carolina and this new Amendment will affect lots of people that we know negatively.
    I am very upset that this amendment was passed. It bothers me because it doesn’t benefit anyone and openly discriminates against people for their sexual preference which they can’t control. All of the arguments against it also stand on religious grounds, which I believe are irrelevant to this discussion because we don’t live in a theocracy and our laws should be separate from religion because not everyone is Christian. This is related to class because we learn about the government and the process it takes to pass an amendment, which this amendment had to go through. I am deeply concerned by the passage of this amendment because I find it concerning that the majority of our state would be so against gay marriage. I will be curious to see how much this amendment affects the people of North Carolina and hope that soon in the future it will be repealed.

  12. Kaitlin Jones, Period 6

    1. The Amendment means that North Carolina will only recognize the marriage of one woman and one man.
    2. An amendment is different from a bill because an amendment is a proposed change to the Constitution, while a bill is a new idea that can become a law if it is passed.

    Amendment One raises debate about businesses choosing N.C.
    By Jason Stoogenke, WSCOTV News
    May 10, 2012

    Many people think that the passing of Amendment One will hurt North Carolina’s image as a progressive state, and that businesses will think twice before coming to North Carolina. Christy Zeigler, a small business owner in North Carolina, had expressed that she is moving from North Carolina along with her business, because the passing of the Amendment was the “last straw” for her. Politicians such as Harvey Gantt, Richard Vinroot, and Edwin Peacock III, and Bank of America executive Cathy Bessant all agreed that many businesses would reconsider North Carolina because of the Amendment. Others think that the passing of the Amendment will do little to hurt the economy because businesses care more about money than marriage. Ken Wittenauer, an executive at Britax (a company that makes car seats) says that he doesn’t think that it will prevent companies from moving to North Carolina, but he think it will effect the talented individuals that do not come to North Carolina to work for the companies.

    I think that it was ridiculous that the Amendment was passed. Chapel Hill is a generally accepting and open-minded community, so I still find it shocking that so many people in our state can have such closed-off minds and not see how this Amendment is actually going to effect North Carolina negatively. The economy would be only one of many things that will experience negative outcomes in our state’s future. Because of the nature of not just the rest of our state, but a large percentage of our nation as a whole, I agree with Ken Wittenauer when he says that he doesn’t think that companies will not come to North Carolina, but that talented individuals will not chose to live in North Carolina. Even though that gay marriage is a prevalent and important issue present day in our nation, most businesses are in it for the money and unfortunately won’t pay much attention to issues such as Amendment One.

  13. Ashley Powell
    6th period
    1) This amendment states that the legal union between one man and one woman will be the only thing recognized in the state of North Carolina
    2) An amendment is a change or addition to a bill or law
    3) North Carolina voters pass Amendment One to ban same sex marriage
    The Raw Story
    By Eric W. Dolan
    The North Carolina Amendments that was trying to be passed May 8th, 2012 states that the only recognized legal union would be between one mad and one woman. This would take away rights of gay couples and non-married women. This would affect non married women in the fact that it could stop protection from domestic violence. This is a bid issue and needs to be fixed. When polls were taken before the election most people said that they were going to vote for the amendment, even ones who said they supported same sex marriage and civil unions.
    I agree with the person writing the article in saying this is a step back in progressiveness for our nation as a whole and our state. I think that gay couples should have the same rights as everyone else. I don’t think it’s a fair argument saying that it is against the bible and Christian religion because we are supposed to have separation of church and state so that should not be a contributing factor. My hope is that this issue will be brought to the supreme court very soon and everyone will get the same rights and be happy.

  14. 1. The bill essentially means that marriage should be between a man and a woman. The law would also put a halt on civil unions.
    2. An amendment modifies older legislature and a bill is a new idea written to be added to the constitution.
    3. Article:

    Amendment foes vow no let up
    News & Observer
    Craig Jarvis and Jim Wise
    Advocates protesting against amendment one vowed Wednesday to salvage their goals from the defeat they suffered Tuesday. It was a 61% to 39% vote in favor of Amendment one which bans gay marriage. The organizers of the opposition campaign were angry and are continuing to push for legal protection as a gay community. The campaigners against the amendment are blaming the loss on such little time to gain campaign materials and the lack of knowledge statewide on what the entire amendment was about.
    I’m sure everyone is stating their opinion here in this section but honestly, this amendment has zero effect on me. First of all, no one in our class besides you, Ms. Logan, have the privilege to vote and I don’t see why people get in such a fuss about it over Facebook and Twitter when they can’t vote in the first place. To be honest, I think it’s completely a person’s choice on who they should marry, whether it be a man or woman. As for this article, it’s good that these people are standing up for what they think is right but we live in North Carolina, a southern state where there are more pigs than people. We are known for our pulled pork and barbeque sauce. We live in the country and the amendment won’t be taken away or overridden anytime soon.

  15. Maddie McNeal
    Period 6
    May 11, 2012
    The News & Observer

    Amendment 1 basically states that the only union recognized by the state of North Carolina will be the union of one man and one woman. In other words this bans same sex marriage. in addition to banning same sex marriage it makes civil unions and domestic partnerships unrecognized. People in such relationships will no longer be abel to claim the rights that married people have. In North Carolina there is already law making gay marriage illegal. This amendment solidifies this law. A law can be repealed much more easily than an amendment. It would take a lot to repeal an amendment; it is very difficult.

    Even though North Carolina voted in favor of Amendment 1 those who oppose the amendment are not going to stop their cause for equality. They are already starting new campaigns in the state; some gay couples have gone in a protest to get marriage licenses. They believe that the vote on Tuesday is a poor reflection on what people in our state actually believe. There were a number of disadvantages they faced before the vote. They didn't have much time to educate people about what the amendment would actually enforce, many people did not really know what the amendment was saying. In response to the passing of Amendment 1 opponents have town hall meetings across the state to decide what steps to take next. They hope that there will be a legal battle to this amendment. The most likely cause for a lawsuit is the fact that people who once had health insurance now will not. There are protests occurring to repeal the lawsuit and to move the Democratic National Convention of of NC in response tot he passing. Although the amendment has passed the fight for equality is long from over.

    The people of North Carolina have made a huge mistake in passing this amendment. Every single person deserves equality no matter who you love. The government has no right to tell people who they are allowed to marry. It will be a lot of work in order to repeal it but it is not impossible. It is going to take a long time but for a cause as important as this one it is worth it. It is important to keep fighting no matter how difficult it may become.

  16. Laura Sullivan
    Period 6th
    May 10, 2012

    1. This is an amendment that will be added to North Carolina’s Constitution based off of the vote this past Tuesday, May 8, 2012. The amendment states that a marriage between a woman and a man is the only domestic legal union that is valid or recognized in this state.
    2. An amendment is a part of a constitution. If a law and an amendment come in conflict, the amendment will overrule it. Amendments are harder to change then laws.
    3. Just Say No
    Published May 6, 2012

    This article is about Amendment one. The amendment states that only a marriage between a man and a woman will be a valid form of marriage. The vote was last Tuesday. This article was published two days before the polls. The amendment was passed and will soon be a part of North Carolina’s Constitution. This article talks about the challenges of this amendment. That unmarried domestic partners granted with insurance benefits might be worried that those benefits are threatened based on this amendment. Also those unmarried couples that have children might have problems with custody rights.
    I am completely against amendment one and really disappointed that the people of North Carolina would pass something like this. I am for gay marriage. I hope the people of North Carolina soon realize the wrongness in this amendment and get rid of it.

  17. Colin Bergey
    Period 6
    May 11, 2012

    Amendment one is and amendment to the state constitution and it states that the only legal marriage will be between one man and one women. This makes gay marriage illegal in the state of North Carolina. This will take rights away from same-sex couples. An amendment changes the constitution of North Carolina while a normal law just changes policy.

    N.C. to Add Marriage Amendment To Its Constitution
    by Lynn Bonner and Jay Price
    May 9, 2012

    North Carolina has recently passed an Amendment to ban same-sex marriage and not recognize unmarried couples in the eyes of the law. The final votes came out to be ~61% for the amendment and ~39% against the amendment. There was decent voter turnout for this amendment. Some people thought this amendment was unnecessary because there was already a 16 year old law in NC banning same-sex marriage. Money from organizations poured in to help fund multiple campaigns to persuade voters to vote against the amendment. The two main organizations in NC were "Vote for Marriage" and "Coalition to Protect All NC Families".
    I am surprised that this amendment passed. We should have respect for all people. If two people love each other, they should have the right to get married. I hope that in the future something will be done to correct this mistake.

  18. Gabe Foster 6th period
    Amendment One: North Carolina Gay Marriage Ban Passes by Juana Summers
    Politico 5/8/12

    The new amendment means that marriage is now constitutionally defined as a union between a man and a woman. It only gives certain rights to a man and woman who are married. It’s different than an amendment because it is actually in the constitution and not just a law. It will be harder to get rid of or change later.

    On Tuesday North Carolina voted for a new amendment that only recognizes marriage between a man and woman with (Other unions do not have the same rights) over 60% of the people voting voted for it. North Carolina in now one of 30 states to constitutionally define marriage as between a man and woman. Before the vote Tuesday, gay marriage was already illegal in NC.

    I think this new amendment is a terrible idea. Everyone should be able to marry whoever they like. The state should not be able to strip certain people of their rights just because of who they are. I don’t think this is any different than the racial prejudice that the country saw in the 60’s. This new amendment does not only harm homosexuals. It strips unmarried heterosexual couples of their rights as well. No one’s rights should be restricted like this regardless of their sexual orientation.

  19. This amendment states that the only legally recognized marriage will be one between a man and a woman. Civil unions are no longer recognized.
    An amendment is a change to previous legislature. A bill is a new law or policy being introduced to be added to the constitution.
    Nate Hebert 6th period
    Amendment One, North Carolina Gay Marriage Ban, Passes Vote
    Huffington Post

    North Carolina approved a constitutional amendment on tuesday that says marriage can only be between a man and a woman. The amendment passed with 61% for the amendment and 39% against it. North Carolina is the 30th state to have a ban of this nature. Tami Fitzgerald and the pro-amendment group celebrated tuesday after the results came in. They believe that this will send a message to the nation that marriage should be between a man and a woman. President Obama who just days before the voting said he supported same sex marriage was very disappointed. He claims that this is “divisive and discriminatory”. Speaker Thom Tillis claims that the passing of this amendment is just a generational thing. He predicts that in the next 20 years it will be reversed.

    I believe that this issue had religion play a huge role in it (even though it should not have). The passing of this bill almost combines church and state, and America was created to not be a Theocracy, in fact that’s why many people left for America. I must say though that I am not surprised that this bill passed. I am not too worried about it either because in the next 15-20 years I am confident that it will be reversed.

  20. 1. This amendment says that marriage is the only legal domestic union. This amendment greatly affects same-sex and non-married couples. Since these relationships are not a legal union, the couples do not receive the benefits of one, such as employee benefits and child custody.
    2. A bill or law is a totally new idea that would be an addition to the Constitution. An amendment is a change to an already-existing law.
    3. Catherine Romaine, 6th period
    Early voting sets record in first week
    by Craig Jarvis and David Raynor
    News & observer

    In the weeks approaching the May 8th election, the number of early voters set new records. Voter turnout was higher in the first week of this election than it was for the Obama vs. Hillary election in 2008. Even though this was a normal primary where people vote for candidates for president, governor, and lieutenant governor among others, the major reason voters came was to vote for the Amendment. Durham county had the highest number of early voters due to Duke University. The university had a group of those opposing the amendment that spent months making awareness about the it. Volunteers called 600 Duke freshman to figure out if they were going to vote or not and which way they were leaning as well as going door-to-door in the dorms. About a month ago, the Democratic and Republic clubs at Duke made a joint statement in opposition of Amendment One.

    I chose this article because it shows the importance that awareness has on voting. Duke University did a great job informing people about it and trying to help people understand it so that they would vote against it. Jeremy Kennedy who works with Protect All N.C. Families, an anti-amendment group, says that the opposition leans on the college students to help it. Students are the most informed and therefore are the most likely to vote against the amendment. I heard that 60% of North Carolinians did not fully understand the amendment and that is a huge problem. In order to have a fair vote, everyone needs to know exactly what the amendment means, and not that it just prohibits gay marriage as many people think.

  21. Alex Walker, 6th Period
    North Carolina passes same-sex marriage ban, CNN projects
    Author: CNN Wire Staff
    Source: CNN
    Publishing Date: May 11, 2012

    This amendment makes marriages between men and women the only type of marriage legal in the state. In other words, it outlaws same-sex marriages (although there is already a law for this).
    The major difference between an amendment and a law (as well as main reason to propose the amendment) is that an amendment is far more difficult to undo. Therefore an amendment is more powerful than a law in that it has the potential to last much longer.

    As of Tuesday, May 8, North Carolina passed an amendment to its constitution outlawing same-sex marriage. With over 2 million votes counted by the end of the day, the polls led 61% to 39% in favor of passing the legislation. Although there was already a law outlawing the same thing, many North Carolinians believed that it was necessary to stop those who are trying to redefine marriage. According to Tami Fitzgerald, head of Vote for Marriage NC, “We are not anti-gay, but pro-marriage... you simply don’t rewrite the nature of God’s design for marriage....”

    In my opinion, the amendment should never have even been proposed, let alone passed. Although the outcome was as I expected, I am still very disappointed with the people of North Carolina. The only thing that this amendment does is deny people of their rights. I am appalled that we as a state still hold prejudices that should have long since vanished. I can only hope that this will be repealed in the future.

  22. 1)It means that marriage can only be between a man and a woman and other marriages are not recognized in this state.
    2)An amendment modifies our state constitution and is harder to get rid of while a bill is just an additional piece of legislature.
    3)North Carolina passes same-sex marriage ban, CNN projects
    May 11, 2012

    With 2 million votes counted in the ballot for the bill against same-sex marriage, it looks like the bill will pass. 61% of the voters are for it while 39% are against. Those in favor of the bill celebrated by serving wedding cake in gay fashion. Many people against the proposed amendment say it is discriminatory against lesbians and gays. They say it violates the equal they are guaranteed by our country. In any case, the bill will most likely pass.
    I am against this bill passing, although I believe it already did. I believe it is a violation of the rights of all citizens. The argument I have heard for the bill is that it says the definition in the bible for marriage is between a man and a woman. Since when did we start making legislature based on religious texts, which also said the women were inferior to men. Religion should not be a part of our decision making in the state. Even though the state passed this amendment, I believe in the future we will have more success in giving equal marriage rights by attacking the issue on a national level besides state by state.

  23. 1. It means that from now on the only relationship between people that will be recognized by the state is going to be marriage between a man and a woman. Also civil unions between same sex couples are banned.
    2. An amendment is a reform or change to the constitution while a bill/law is something that adds on to the constitution.

    Paul Miller
    Effect of NC Gay Marriage Amendment Unclear
    By Martha Waggoner
    May 9th2012

    This article talked about how same-sex marriage would affect North Carolina. One expert said that in the constitution is already said same-sex marriage was already not recognized by the state, and neither was the civil unions. He said this amendment didn’t do anything because everything contained in it was already true. Election Day was May, 8th and 61% of voters supported the amendment. President Obama is for same-sex manage and said that he is sad that this was passed in NC because it bans the marriage and discriminates against the gay and lesbian couples.

    I was against Amendment 1, and still am, but I don’t see the reason in even creating this amendment for what the expert guy said. He said it just restated everything in the constitution and didn’t change anything. I tihkn the state should recognize these civil unions and allow the marriage because it gives same-sex couples benefits that are helpful and other couples have. I am not sure why this amendment was passed, and I think it is unnecessary, but all the same it should but appealed and the constitution amended saying that all of this things are allowed.

  24. 1. The amendment means that the only legal union acknowledged by the state is a marriage between a man and a woman. This has many ramifications including health care benefits and rights of people and children in domestic partnerships.
    2. An amendment is an added part to our state's constitution; a bill or law is separate from our constitution.

    Camden Van Ord
    Period 6
    "Amendment One, North Carolina Gay Marriage Ban, Passes Vote"
    Huffington Post, Martha Waggoner

    Tuesday night, Amendment one passed in the North Carolina state legislature. It was a 61-39% vote, making North Carolina the 30th state to have a constitutional ban on gay marriages. Our state already banned it before the amendment, but now there's little chance of changing this rule. Same-sex marriage has been an issue for a long time now and continues to be a huge controversy nationwide. There are points to be made on both sides of the argument and it's such an evenly divided issue that it's difficult to resolve this conflict.

    I think this bill should never have passed. I believe it is unfair to deny someone of their rights because of sexual orientation; that's a very personal aspect of someone's life and it shouldn't affect their life politically or socially. This bill was passed because of personal religious belief. I understand if you believe a certain thing or are influenced a certain way because of your faith, but I don't think it's right to combine church and state like this. Our country revolves around liberty and freedoms, and restricting marriages like this just doesn't seem fair to me.

  25. Mikko Rich-Voorhees, 6th
    How amendment one distorts the bible, Jenifer G. Bird
    1) This bill would amend the North Carolina constitution to make the only domestic legal union in the state a marriage between a man and woman. And it was to be placed on the may 8th ballot to be put up to a vote by the people.
    2) An amendment is a change to some part of the current legislature, where as a bill introduces a new policy to the constitution.
    3) A biblical studies professor at Greensboro College discussing her feelings to the amendment writes the article. She points out the references of why this amendment does to agree with most interpretation to the bible and says that they shouldn’t claim there idea of marriage is “God’s Will.” One of the things she uses is a reference to procreation. It states that the ancient historical group needed a larger population. It also reads that when the earth is in a state of overpopulation that the condition needs to be curbed. For reasons like that she is “against” the amendment.
    I am also against the amendment, but not for any biblical reasons. It is a complete limitation on the rights of a large group in our population completely contradicting the freedom policy the country stands for. The poll is likely to be passed, mostly because a large percent of the counties outside of my own are much more conservative than I usually see. Religion is another reason why the supporters of the amendment seem to like the idea, because of belief that the idea of gay marriage is completely illegitimate and should be eliminated. It is a wrong from my point of view, but unfortunately there weren’t enough people who felt the same as I did about it, which is the reason it passed.

  26. Katie Mimmack pd 6

    1. This bill means that the only relationship recognized by the state of NC is heterosexual marriage between two people. The relationships between unmarried couples and gay couples are not recognized by NC.

    2. An amendment goes into the constitution and is much harder to repeal than a regular law. If a law and an amendment conflicted, the amendment would overrule the law.

    3. N.C.’s Amendment 1 Doesn’t Just Screw Over Gay People by Samantha Oltman on May 8, 2012

    Amendment 1 has very vague wording that could affect the rights of straight couples as well as gay ones. Its wording means that North Carolina does not recognize any sort of partnership or union that is not marriage. This means that domestic violence laws could be weakened, unmarried parents will not have the same custody rights as married ones, and employers would no longer have to give benefits like health insurance to the partners of unmarried couples. State Representative Larry Brown endorsed the amendment because he says, "The Bible is clear—God's definition of marriage is between a man and a woman.” Amendment 1 passed 58 to 42.

    I think it is ridiculous that people are using their religious beliefs to pass laws that restrict the rights of others. The United States was built on the principle of separation of church and state, but Larry Brown’s quote shows just how much people are letting religion rule politics. Statistically, the people who voted for Amendment 1 did not educate themselves thoroughly on the side effects of the amendment. Amendment 1 will not affect the rights of gay couples in the short term-- same-sex marriage is currently illegal in North Carolina-- but it does affect the rights of heterosexual couples who are unmarried. An online map shows the different counties which voted for and against the amendment in NC, and each of the counties which voted with a majority against the amendment had a major university town, showing a correlation with education and political knowledge. I would like to know more about the effects similar amendments have had in other southern states.

  27. John Morales, 6th Period
    Perdue On Amendment One: "We look like Mississippi"
    By WITN

    On Tuesday, Governor Beverly Perdue said that North Carolina seemed like Mississippi after the passage of the amendment. 61% voted in the ban of same sex marriage which was already a law that prohibited that. Governor Perdue was against the amendment herself and said that the state did wrong. Governor Perdue stated that the country is looking at North Carolina alike Mississippi and quoted that it was so unlike for North Carolina to do this after all Civil Rights Movements in the passed. Perdue earlier this year decided not to seek another term as governor. As of Governor Phil Bryant from Mississppi said that Perdue's remarks were affending and he would consider in writting about it. Governor Phil Bryant hopes for an apology and that she'll reflect upon that.

    I think that Governor Perdue can express her feelings within our own state but shouldn't compare it to other states that can get offended. The comment could be found offending, especially when she states that it was a bad doing. As well if the majority of the state voted for it, there's simply nothing anyone can do about it because everyone has their opinion and in the outcome resulted it showed that.