Sunday, April 29, 2012

4th period: Current Events Assignment due 5/4

For this week's assignment, please find an article that is related to one of your investments in our stock market simulation game. The article should be as current as possible, but your can certainly go outside of the usual 2 week window for this posting. Hopefully, we will learn about some of the stocks that you are interested in and their potential promise in the current market. 

Do not forget to post the article title/author/source in addition to the url...a few of you lost points for that last week. Stick to the format and inform me and your classmates. 

Looking forward to the information! Have a fantastic week. Can you believe that it is already May? Only a few more current events to go!! :)


  1. Nate M./ Pd. 4
    AT&T and Verizon iPhone activations disappoint
    By David Goldman April 24, 2012: 12:27 PM ET

    iPhone activations at the two biggest U.S. wireless carriers came in well below expectations. AT&T (T) said Tuesday morning that it activated 4.3 million of the devices and Verizon (VZ) reported last week that it activated just 3.2 million in the first three months of 2012. That's down 43% and 24% respectively from the previous quarter. Wall Street analysts had expected around a million more iPhone activations between the two carriers.
    The poor showing is potentially very bad news for Apple. In the fourth quarter, AT&T and Verizon combined to make up 32% of all of Apple's iPhone sales. If that number held steady in the first quarter, Apple will have sold just over 23 million iPhones -- well short of analysts' median estimate of 30 million. Why the weak showing? Competition from iPhone rivals is growing, particularly from Google's (GOOG, Fortune 500) Android smartphones. About half of Verizon's smartphone sales and 22% of AT&T's were non-iPhones during the first quarter, up from 45% and 19% respectively in the prior quarter.

    iPhone sales going down was a bigger shocker for me, since most of the time I see a lot of people who own an iPhone. But I guess that with newer technology being produced Apple has a harder time with keeping the lead of the most innovated phone. But all is not lost for Apple, since the launch of the new iPad brought the sales up. Currently right now the iPad is the most bought tablet. The disappointing sales of Apple's iPhone line was not a complete lost to the mobile carriers since they sold about the same amount of competing phones. The third national iPhone carrier is the Sprint Nextel Corporation, Sprint is not doing so well though.

  2. Title: Southwest Airlines Will Still Beat the Market
    Author: Tim Beyers
    Date: April 5, 2011
    Source: The Motley Fool

    Over the course of three weeks Southwest airlines has suffered several malfunctions such as a leak in their fuselage which eventually turned into a gaping five foot hole on the flight from Sacramento to Phoenix. After this event the Federal Aviation Administration increased their vigilance over Southwest to ensure safety for the passengers. It also resulted in a cancellation of 370 flights due to a more meticulous inspection of all planes, and now almost all have been fixed and cleared to return on the runway. This fault led to a weak spot in Southwest’s income and their top competitors such a Delta, United, and JetBlue are looking to capitalize on their losses in the market. There is no major concern for any potential downfall of Southwest because of their careful consideration to affected costumers.

    I’d have to agree with the article on their statement about Southwest not falling into any major fiscal declines. Machines malfunction all the time and it really shouldn’t have an effect on many customers at all. The only good thing about the situation is that when Southwest declines it allows other airlines to take advantage of their down turn which will generate some beneficial competition for the market.

  3. Barnes & Noble's shares soar on Microsoft Nook investment
    Desaree Johnson

    By Chris Isidore @CNNMoneyTech
    April 30, 2012:

    Microsoft has invested $300 million with Barnes & Noble for a 17.6% earning in its digital e-book reader the Nook, sending the store's shares sky-rocketing early Monday trading. Shares of Barnes & Noble shot up 85% at Monday's open. Shares of Microsoft edged up 0.3%. The deal follows a statement from Barnes & Noble in January that it planned to spin off its Nook business. Because of Microsoft's investment, the value of the Nook business is now 1.7 billion. Which is twice as much as the $792 million market of ALL Barnes & Noble at the close of Friday. The deal will also include a Nook application for Windows 8, Microsoft's main operating system. The companies' statement says the app will create hundreds of millions of potential new customers for Barnes & Noble's catalogues of e-books, magazines and newspapers. But left unsaid is that the app will reduce the need for potential customers to purchase the Nook to read those digital books and publications.

    I think is a great way to partner up . Hopefully Barnes & Noble stays successful throughout this partnership. I think now i plan to invest in this company because I can make a really good profit off of them. Im excited for this new exciting change in Barnes & Noble.

  4. Danielle Bailey
    Pd 4th
    Weak economic reports weigh on U.S. stocks
    CNNMoney staff
    April 30th, 2012

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- U.S. stocks were in the red at the open Monday, starting the last day of what's been a sour month on yet another bitter note.
    The Wall Street adage of "Sell in May and go away" got an early start this year. Following three months of solid gains, stocks are on track to end April mixed. While the Dow is barely higher for the month, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq are in negative territory. Monday's modest losses were driven by a report showing that U.S. personal spending was weaker than expected, and news that Spain's economy has fallen into recession. Monday's modest losses were driven by a duo of weak U.S. economic reports and news that Spain's economy has fallen into recession. The Dow Jones industrial average (INDU) was down 23 points, or 0.2%, the S&P 500 (SPX) slipped 7 points, or 0.5%, and the Nasdaq (COMP) lost 19 points, or 0.6%.

    So basically the article i saying that our stocks are in there sour month, which is the month when most stocks arnt doing so well, but over three months everything was gaining money, the stocks were doing good at the end of April, May wasnt as good... Honestly i don't really think stocks are that important, for me personally, maybe for companies but i dont see how i really gain anything for it...

  5. Nakeisha Revels/ 4th
    Abercrombie shares rise on upgrade
    May 1, 2012/ the Associated Press
    Bloomberg Businessweek

    On Tuesday, the Abercrombie & Fitch Company is improving the teen retailer in Europe. Jeff Black, a citi analyst, has doubled his first quarter earning which helped him for his shares he has in Europe. Abercrombie & Fitch are trying to head to the Western Europe for better results for the teens clothing. Abercrombie & Fitch expected to report the first quarter results May 16. The European crisis has been a lot on consumers, companies and markets had been ongoing for numbers for the products.

    The shares for Abercrombie & Fitch have jumped $2.92 to $53.09 in trading market. The shares have trading $40.25 to $78.25 in the last 52 weeks. This affects my stocks in the game because i am losing money which I don’t want to happen.

  6. Caroline Stanton
    “GlobalLogic Appoints Former Intel Corporation Executive as New Managing Director for Ukraine”
    Author: N/A

    A former Intel Corporation executive has been appointed Managing Director of Ukraine at a software R&D services company called GlobalLogic. The former Intel executive Vladimir Sharov served as country general manager and is supposed to drive growth and outperform competitors. He has also worked for a Ukrainian software developer and outsourcing provider. GlobalLogic thinks his expertise in global multinational and understanding in Ukraine's market will be advantageous to them.

    I think it is interesting that this U.S. Company is seeking someone with expertise in the Ukrainian market. I also think it is interesting that the are trying to expand their company in Ukraine because they are based mostly out of the United States.

  7. Shelby Casabura
    4th period
    Coke Stock Split May Irk Warren Buffett
    April 27 2012

    For a long time Coca-Cola and Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett have had a successful relationship. The soft-drink corporation seeks approval for a 2-for-1 stock split. This split share will be cokes 11th split. The move is said to be done to draw in new investors. Although the company may be successful in its efforts in the past these types of moves are harmful to current shareholders. Also a share split may attract short-term-minded individuals wanting to invest in the company.

    My opinion is that splitting for Warren Buffett will be a smart decision for the company. They want to attract new people as their company grows. So splitting while their company is doing well is the right decision for them.

  8. Anna Baynes Period 4
    Disney Enters into Chinese Partnership on Animation
    Brooks Barnes
    The New York Times
    Thursday, May 03, 2012
    In April, Walt Disney Company, the Chinese government and Tencent, a Chinese internet company, have agreed on partnering on movies, television shows and Web videos. Andy Bird, chairman of Walt Disney International, says this partnership is a long-term commitment. The National Animation Creative Research and Development Cooperation first has to hire talented animation workers from China. America wants to be partnered with China because Europe's economy is declining. America also wants to partner with China because China is making a major Disneyland resort and theme park in Shanghai. This is important because the closer America works with China the better because China is a really strong country and the United States needs to stay in good terms with them.
    I think this is good that China and America are partnering together because it creates good bonds. However, even though I really enjoy Disney movies, they are not a good influence on young children. Disney movie always give the message that women cannot take care of themselves and
    need to be taken care of by men. I would like to know how familiar the Chinese are with Disney movies. I would also like to know how the partnership with China will affect Disney's stock. In class we entered a stock market competition and Disney was one of the stocks I invested in.

  9. Casey Mickunas
    Period 4
    Barnes & Noble's shares soar on Microsoft Nook investment

    On Monday Microsoft invested $300 Million dollars into the Barnes & Noble's Nook e-book reader/tablet. Microsoft has invested over $1.7 Billion dollars into the Nook, over two times the market value of it currently. The deal with the 300 Million was that an app for the Nook would appear with the Windows 8 operating system. It needs not to be said that the new app would undermine the sale of the actual tablet, though they would have the same purpose: Reading e-books. Barnes & Noble announced that their Black and White readers were down in sales but their Color readers where selling higher than projected. The Nook has had trouble in the past keeping up with their major competitor, the Amazon Kindle.

    I personally like the Amazon Kindle more than the Barnes & Noble Nook but I think the next generation of Nook will overcome the Kindle with its new operating system, Windows 8. By selling through an app instead of an expensive tablet they will be able to earn more on e-books while also selling their tablets.

  10. Alex Adams
    Period 4
    “Aware Sells Patent to Intel for $75 Million”
    Six days ago, Aware, a technology supply company for biometrics sold a patent for advanced Wi-Fi technology to Intel for $75,000,000. Aware has been trying to transition into mainly a software company so it has been selling patents and other intellectual property to companies like Apple, Microsoft, and now Intel. They reported an 89% jump in income although they had an 8.9% decrease in sales for their first quarter. Their stocks are up 25% and still rising.

    I didn’t even know about this when I bought the stock. I owe my success in the competition completely to this stock. I don’t see this stock falling anytime soon if they keep selling their patents. At least, I plan on in steadily going up.

  11. Garrett Young-Wright
    Period 4
    Amazon wants to expand into a sitcom
    Seattle Times
    5/3/12 is looking for good ideas for a kids show or sitcom that they can stream on the Amazon Instant video service. Amazon studios was created in 2010 for Amazon to make the transition into the movie and tv show business. Amazon is soliciting ideas from anyone and ideas can be submitted through their website. They wish to develop a total of 15 shows and movies to stream. Winners recieve $10000 if their show is optioned, plus $55000 if it is produced and up to 5% of royalties on t shirts. Right now "Zombies vs Gladiators" is in the works as is the comedy "My Facebook Friend is Dead."

    I think creating something like this is a great idea. While the two productions that are in the works currently do not sound of interest to me, the idea as a whole is quite good. Streaming live videos in which you make all the money off of because you also create the show is a great way to make money. If they think of some better shows I would definitely watch some.

  12. Justine Lockhart
    Period 4
    Analysts Still See Disney Stock as 'Buy' Despite 'John Carter' Loss
    By Georg Szalabi

    Disney is a relatively successful stock, but everyone once and a while they have their losses. Last May Disney's weekly high was $44.13, while in October it was $28.19. They recently lost $200 million dollars from the weak production movie "John Carter". Drew Crum, analyst, said that he's "still cautious on Disney's film slate." However the company has strategies to keep money in the stock. Disney wins people over with it's family entertainment franchises, Pixar movies, and several 3D animation classics.

    Every company has their ups and downs, but Disney always manages to come back on top. A few failed movies and weak productions lower their stock, but luckily Disney is still doing pretty well. Disney definitely does make a lot of old classics into 3D movies, I guess that helps their stock a lot. The stock market game is interesting because I can keep up with some companies that I like and see how they're doing.

  13. Gabrielle Pura period 4
    National Bank Ranked Fifth Strongest Bank Worldwide
    By: Marketwire/ May 3, 2012
    SYS- CON Media

    According to the “internationally renowned” Bloomberg Markets, the National Bank of Canada is ranked the fifth strongest bank in the world and the third in North America (Marketwire). This ranking marks the National Bank of Canada’s second consecutive placement in the top strongest banks. Louis Vachon, President and Chief Executive Officer, was pleased with the bank’s recognition. He stated that the Canadian Bank takes pride in their economic growth and social development while “‘maintaining the solid capital base needed to achieve its ambitious growth targets’”(Marketwire). Bloomberg’s ranking was based on five key criteria: Tier 1 capital ratio; non-performing assets to total assets; loan- loss reserves to non-performing assets; stability; and efficiency on costs to revenue (Marketwire).

    I had recently sold my shares on the National Bank of Canada since they were affecting my investments. Reading this article about the bank surprised me because I had not expected that what was hurting the $10,000 is apparently doing well in terms of being efficient and stable, according to Bloomberg. Although I am not familiar with the terms that Bloomberg include in their criteria for ranking, I hope that the National Bank of Canada continues to do well, especially since this is the second year for the bank to be a part of the top rankings.

  14. Charles Wang / 4th Period
    Oil Prices plunge 6% for the week
    By: Aaron Smith @ cnnmoneyinvest

    The prices of oil dropped 6% this week. The price of crude oil dropped which helped lower the prices of gasoline. This is good for the economy because more people are willing to buy it if its cheaper. The price change is mostly affected by Asia. They imported less oil so there is less demand for it. The conflict with Iran also affected it before but for some reason, the prices of oil are lower.
    I had some stocks in oil but I sold them because they went down a little bit. I expect oil to gain higher prices during the summer and winter because that is when the demand is the highest. During spring, the prices are lower because people don't need it as much.

  15. Annie Wilcosky/ Period 4
    SolarWinds' Shares Keep Rising After 20% Pop on Q1 EPS/ Krause, Reinhardt
    Investors Business Daily

    SolarWinds is seeing a rise in earnings due to recent, specialized sales teams in the United States. In Europe, the company's success is exceeding expectations due to the “lower price disruptive model”. In 2012, SolarWinds' stock has increased by 63%. This past Thursday, shares shot up 20%, and on Friday, shares increased another 3.6%. Analyst Gabriel Lowry stated that “...insides sales hiring and investments in overseas market localization and optimization have accelerated.... growth” for the company. SolarWinds provides information technology departments manage communications networks and computer servers.

    This dramatic share increase has benefited me in my stock market simulation. Although I previously knew nothing about the company, the acquisition has paid off; however, I did not buy enough stocks to truly make a difference in my simulation. For me, this article highlighted the many intricacies that determine stock market success. I didn't understand (at all) the “lower price disruptive model” that caused SolarWinds' shares to increase in value, as well as other techniques that the company has used to make money.

  16. Max LeMoine/Period 4
    NPD Predicts Apple iPad to Lose Tablet Share towards 2017/Bryan Chaffin
    The MAC Observer/5/4/12

    The article I read talks about the tablet market and where it will be at in years to come. NPD predicts that the ipad will slowly decrease from 72.1% to 50.9% by the year 2017. They predict this because of the diversity of the new tablets, and ones to come. The article gave the example of how the Kindle fire has declined too. It was down 16% this quarter and may plummet even more because of diversity in the market. In the end, the tablet market is slowly but surely evening out because of its diversity of tablets.

    I think that the predictions are going to be true. This is because many other companies are coming out with the next great idea and the market is becoming more diverse. Finally, I believe the predictions are right and the tablet markets will some day be even.

  17. Casey Molina
    Period 4
    The Street
    Cisco to Become the Next Apple: Undervalued by 200%
    By Richard Saintvilus

    Buying stock is difficult since there are so many factors involved. Cisco stock is currently depreciating in value however it is predicted to double in value over the next three years. This is due to the fact that Cisco has great potential for growth and more importantly growth that is worth the investment. Cisco is a major company that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment. Cisco is expected to become more popular especially since it has announced new software that allows television content to be transferred to other devices. Also Cisco is producing streaming and security software that may expand its next-generation video services in the future.
    I invested in Cisco because technology in general is becoming more and more influential on daily life. Already more classrooms are using smart boards and phones have internet and music. Cisco has come up with promising ideas for new technologies. The potential for growth and expansion is likely although not immediately.

  18. Maddie Mesaros

    Period: 4

    Date: May 4, 2012

    Title: Stocks stumble: Nasdaq, S&P 500 suffer worst week of 2012

    Source: USA Today

    Author: By Pallavi Gogoi


    This past week was the worst for Stocks in 2012. Nasdaq and the Standard & Poor’s 500 index
    had their worst weeks of the year. The Dow had its second worst week of the year. Although stocks had
    a decrease, the dollar and U.S. Treasury prices increased. They increased because investors were
    dropping the risky stocks and buying more low-risk stocks. Energy stocks had the largest decrease after
    barrels of oil cost below $100. Only utilities rose which investors buy when they’re worried about the

    I actually don’t have stocks in the Dow Jones industry but I almost bought some. I was looking
    at it last week and noticed it was doing pretty well but the class bell rang before I could buy any stocks in
    it. Now as of this week it lost up to 168 points. I know the Current Event assignment asked for a paper
    about the stocks you chose but I thought it was really interesting how it worked out. I’m unsure why the
    stock market did so poorly though. Why is it that some weeks the stock market will be doing
    phenomenal, and other weeks (like this past one) it will be doing really poorly? Is there any way to
    predict that so you can sell stocks in advance before the industry you have stocks in plummets?

  19. Laura Buczek/4th period

    Stock Market Moves Up With Mixed Turnover By: Donald H. Gold

    Date: 04/27/12

    “The Commerce Department said U.S. first-quarter GDP expanded at a 2.2% annual rate, down from Q4's 3% growth and below expectations for 2.5%.” Many companies felt this in the stock market, for example Amazon. Amazon rushed 16% in turnover with earnings of 28 cents a share, which is 44 cents less than the previous year. However this was 7 cents more than expected by calculations. Recently, the company has been “spending heavily” which leads to declines in profits. According to Donald H. Gold the company “continues to work on the right side of a new base”.

    I invested in Amazon on our stock market activity. When I looked at their chart, it seemed really steady and rising, however this is not always a constant rate of any company in a stock market. This article is from a little earlier in the year (a couple of weeks ago) so it is hard to apply the rates, however I didn’t see a decline in profits when looking at their graph. I found this article really helpful in learning how Amazon’s stocks were/are working.