Thursday, March 8, 2012

And the results are...

Congratulations to the following Presidents of Civics and Economics:

4th: President Hannah Hodge, We(ed) the People
6th: President Katie Mimmack, Miasma
7th: President Eric Reinstein, Global Liberty Party

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  1. Zunzun Aung
    7th period

    Title: “A cost of war: Soaring disability benefits for veteran”

    Author: Aaron Smith

    Date: April 27, 2102

    Source: CNN

    Veterans are struggling to find jobs when they returned home. Government is spending more money on the war then on the returning vets. Many of veterans came home disable so they can’t really do much. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs expects to spend $57 billion on disability benefits next year. That's up 25% from $46 billion this year, and nearly quadruple the $15 billion spent in 2000, before the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan began. The compensation for disable veterans are $2,769 per month and spending this much money is really making our economy worst; increasing our debts.
    I think United States need to stop going to war if they even afford to support their vets after the war. It’s not good for the country or the citizens or the ones that served the country. Even though there are organizations that help returning vets weather they’re disable or not, it’s not supportive for ALL of them. The government just needs to focus on the economy at this point, instead of going into war with other countries.