Sunday, November 13, 2011

7th Current Event: due 11/18

There is a lot going on in C&E this week. We have the Iron Jawed Angels reflection due on Monday, a quiz on the Constitution on Tuesday and a current event due on Friday. For this week's assignment, I would like you to find an article that deals with individual rights/liberties or can be connected to any of the 27 amendments in some way. This should give you a wide range of material...anything that involves an individual person or freedoms granted (or not granted) by the government should work. Be creative in your connection to the assignment and find something that is interesting to you. I cannot wait to read your posts. :) Don't you just love the Constitution? Have a great week. 

p.s. Check out the bonus assignment on founding fathers below if you want to give your grade a little boost. 


  1. Eric Reinstein, period 7
    A Long, Winding Road to Marriage Equality
    Dorothy Samuels, New York Times
    November 12, 2011

    The path to complete recognition of same-sex marriage has been advancing recently, with New York joining the few states to allow it, “don’t ask, don’t tell” officially ending, and the attempts at repealing the controversial Defense of Marriage Act, but it’s obvious that the anti-gay marriage is encouraged in state constitutions. Twenty-nine states have blocked it, and only six have allowed it. Surveys have also found that in the last fifteen years, the percentage of Americans supporting same-sex marriage has increased. But overall, repealing state bans could take decades, and until then, gay Americans will be denied their Constitutional right of equality.

    I think that it’s ridiculous that we still deny people rights such as marriage we take for granted, and the root of this are the specific beliefs of politicians. I don’t have a problem with Christianity and it’s beliefs about marriage, but it’s 2011, and we have the separation of church and state for a reason. Aren’t all Americans guaranteed life, liberty, and happiness? My opinion is that all supporters of same-sex marriage should push for an amendment blocking all anti-gay state laws, as the suffragist women did in the 1910s. But, as it was said before, this could take years, with representatives continually stressing their anti-gay beliefs, and blocking all attempts to legalize this.

  2. Juno Park 7th Period
    Protesters Arrested as police Clear Occupy Encampments
    Ashley Hayes 11/13/11

    Over the weekend, many protesters in Occupy encampments throughout the Western United States have been arrested for numerous reasons. When the police in Portland, Oregon tried to clear out some of the parks one officer was hit with a thrown projectile and was hospitalized. One other person was arrested during park closure, but besides that the operation was relatively peaceful. All but two of the protesters left to other Occupy areas. People have been kept updated through the twitters of the various police departments. One of the problems that these people create is that after living in these parks they live garbage and waste which harms the environment, and is an eye-sore. After the police clear out the people, they also have to give their valuable time to clean up their mess. Many of them found drug related items. The police have been complimented on how well they have acted in these tense situations. In Occupy Salt Lake City a man was killed by drug overdose and carbon monoxide poisoning. These encampments are getting out of hand and dangerously lawless. The local governments have given many notices for the people to clear out, but they never do until the cops show up. Salt Lake City finally banned camping in the parks, but the protesting still goes on. Many people are complaining that this is a violation of the first amendment.

    After reading this article I felt that the police and the government are doing the right thing by clearing out these protesters. In the beginning, when this movement was just getting started, the people had a cause and knew what they were protesting for. But now, it has become one large hipster party where wanna-be anarchists can come and experiment with drugs and pretend they know something about what is going on in the world. When a man dies from drug overdose and the clean up crews find plentiful amounts of drug paraphernalia, things have gone too far. The people should also have the decency to clean up after themselves and not require the police to do extra work. The more resources and time cops put into cleaning up messes, the less money and people they have stopping and preventing crime. Although the protesters might have a legitimate cause, I think they need a new medium to spread their ideas. This article relates to the first amendment because the protesters are guaranteed the right to protest, and yet the police are arresting them. One question I asked was what do the Occupy people hope to accomplish by regressing to living in tents away from civilization, and partaking in drug use?

  3. wow thanks a lot ms. Logan i trusted you to text me and remind me when you posted the curnet event. now Juno beat me to it, but i would like to point out that Juno was not first over all like some else last week.... (jack kleissler)

    you suck juno

  4. Katie Alexander 7th Period
    Penn State students protest after Paterno fired
    By Ian Simpson
    Reuters – Thu, Nov 10, 2011

    On Wednesday, Penn State University announced the firing of long time head football coach Joe Paterno. This announcement triggered more than a thousand protesting Penn State students to crowd streets around campus. Here they chanted "Hell no, Joe won't go" and "We want Joe back.” Angry students flipped over a television van, knocked a lamppost onto a car, threw toilet paper and rocks at police and set off fireworks. Police and state troopers, some in riot gear, tried to clear the streets, and some officers used tear gas to disperse the protests.

    The First Amendment, the right to protest, allows the Penn State students to protest the firing of Joe Paterno. However, I feel that there is a difference between protesting, and all out rioting and mayhem. When peoples’ demonstrations start to turn violent, like throwing rocks and toppling vans, I believe what they are doing becomes chaos not protesting. So, I supported the decision of the police to attempt to control the situation.

  5. On Sunday, Novemeber 13th, Occupy activists found themselves in trouble with the police during a protest in Portland, Oregon. The Police had surrounded the area, armed with batons, riot gear, and forceful tactics to clear protestors off of the roads and onto the sidewalks. More than a dozen protesters were arrested just through clearing up Chapman Square; the last city park that the protestors had gathered in before moving after the arrests. Local policemen have joined up with other protection agencies in order to drive these protestors off of the streets and hopefully (for the police) end the movement. Not only have the protestors been arasing awareness for their social and economical problems that people are trying to address, but they are also creating actual riots; crime rate has increased in the local area by around twenty percent.Over 7,000 protesters had flocked the area in hopes of getting attention not only from the mayor but from the police. Some protesters even claim that they wanted a fight in order for their protest to become more known. One protestor struck a policeman in the leg. Although the Occupy activists are fighting for change, there are definitely problems with their system and their means of violence and rowdy behavior.

    Despite the issues with protesting, I do not see a problem with what these activists are doing. Protesting is a right that all civillians under the U.S. government are entitled to. Without means of protest, there would be no real change in the problems that many Americans see with our government and our social and economical lives today. I hope that the protesters find a way to more safety bring about positive change and attention to the issues that they are fighting to resolve.

    From: CNN News
    Date: 11/13/11
    Article: Protesters arrested, challenged as police confront Occupy activists

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  7. Peter Norwood

    Police arrest seven in Chapel Hill break-in, probe Occupy link

    Summary: In this article, Bridget Whelan examines how protestors in Chapel Hill were arrested for breaking and entering. The protestors broke into the former Yates Motor Company building on West Franklin St. The protestors and other witnesses said that the police acted too harshly when arresting the criminals. They said that police had firearms in hand during the arrest. Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt said that the reason for the arrest is breaking and entering, nothing to do with the protesting itself.

    Response: The reason I picked this article is because it dealt with the freedom of speech. Some could argue that this is a violation of the protestor’s first amendment rights; but it’s not. It is not a violation of rights because the reason they were arrested is because they broke into a privately owned building and occupied it. That is illegal. Breaking and entering is illegal. The police had no problem with them camping out in from of the post office, but the fact that they broke into a building is what riled up the police. I think the police did the right thing here; the protestors broke the law so they arrested them. The people who said the police went too far are wrong. They are wrong because no one was hurt in this. The police did what they thought necessary to arrest the criminals, and did that without any injury. On a separate note, the protestors had come from an anarchy rally earlier, and then they were protesting for better wealth distribution. I might be wrong but last time I checked wealth distribution is a socialist idea. Socialism is a form of very controlling government, with little economic freedom. Anarchy is no government. In a society that has no government wouldn’t there be zero wealth distribution? If these were archaists, then why would they be supporting socialism too? Seems rather, I mean completely hypocritical to me. The Occupy protests are such a failure. The beginning ideas were not terrible about how maybe the top 1% should be taxed more, but now it is just a way for ignorant people to make themselves feel like they’re important. Now they are breaking into buildings in Chapel Hill, and people are dying from drug use in other places?! This has gone way too far, and nothing has changed in the wealth distribution. The protests are useless and need to end already. I also have a question on this topic. What is your opinion on this topic Ms. Logan?

  8. Stefan Steiner / 7th period
    Students protest UNC tuition hike / Lana Douglas / Wednesday, November 16, 2011

    On Wednesday, a trustees committee voted on a plan to raise in-state undergraduate tuition by $2,800 over the next five years. Over fifty students arrived at the Carolina Inn to protest this plan. They carried signs saying “Education is a right” and postcards with more than 1,000 signatures. The plan would increase undergraduate tuition by 15.6 percent for in-state students and 6.5 percent for those out-of-state. UNC Chancellor Holden Thorpe made a statement saying he understood the student’s frustration. If the UNC-CH trustees approve the plan Thursday, it will go before the UNC system's Board of Governors.
    These students took advantage of the first amendment. This amendment gives them the right to protest and petition. I recognize their anger with the new plan and I am glad they utilized their rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights to voice their opinion. I hope they make a difference in the decision that will be made.

  9. Luke Ciocca
    USA Today
    Target employee petitions store to close on Thanksgiving
    Douglas Stanglin
    This article describes a petition started in Nebraska, which calls for a cancel to a Target store opening on Thanksgiving night. This petition was started by a man named Antony Hardwick, who said he wanted to speak for those who couldn’t themselves. He has worked three years at Target, and strongly opposes the store from opening on Thanksgiving night at eleven p.m. This he says “It's cutting into their Thanksgiving, and we want to spend time with our families. That's what's important” So far 100,000 people have signed the petition and twenty six similar petitions have been started.
    This article is a great example of what makes America different from many other countries. Due to the 1st amendment, the workers at this company are protected and are allowed to petition under the freedom of protest/ petition. I believe that these workers should continue to exercise this right and that this petition is good for our nation. Our nation needs to get back to family ideals and morals that our country was founded on. Workers shouldn’t be required to work on a national holiday, and deserve the day off. I like how Hardwick stood up for his fellow coworkers and I believe this is a good policy to keep

  10. Olivia Clayton 7th Period
    NY Times
    Mosi Secret
    Officer Accused of Civil Rights Case After Frisking

    This article is about a officer by the name of Michael Daragjati, who is 32 years of age. Prosecutors said he was recorded using racial slurs to brag about his arrest. This officer wears civilian clothes and drives an unmarked police car, and when he came upon tyhe black man on the street, he decided to stop and frisk him. He frisked him and found nothing! The male complained about him being searched so the officer choose to arrest him and charge him with resisting arrest. Officer Daragjati wrote a police report saying that the black male flailed his arms, kicked him and pushed him during the arrest. Officer Daragjati was suspended for 30 days without pay and charged with misdemeanor civil rights violation that can be a cause a sentence up to a year in prison and a fine of $100,000. I think this relates to amendment 4 becuase he stopped the african american male for no reason. "No search or seizure." Officer Daragjati had no specific reason for him to stop and search him and if I was the male, I would have tried to take him to court or something. Officers shouldn't do dumb things like this because it can get them into a lot of trouble.

  11. Jayson Williams 7th Period
    Man Arrested After Video Threat
    New York Times
    Nov. 16, 2011

    A man was arrested Wednesday for making terrorist threats after some remarks he made in a video, about the Occupy Wall Street movement. In the video he threatened to set off a firebomb in a Macys. The police were able to identify a specific location that he had pickked out. The quote that the man Nkrumah Tinsley made in his video was, "In a few days you're going to see what a Molotov cocktail can do to a Macy's. Tinsley haf addresses picked out in Brooklyn and the Bronx. He was later arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and assault on a police officer.

    I think what this man has done is viloate the Firts amendments right for freedom of speech. Its not ok to make threats like this whether it was a joke or not.The people on Occupy Wall Street need to think about taking a non viloent approach to protesting. We all have the same rights but, we need to use them the right way andf not abuse them.

  12. Jason Cohn / Period 7
    Police Team Swarms Chapel Hill Protesters / KATELYN FERRAL AND MARK SCHULTZ
    News and Observer / November 14, 2011

    On Sunday afternoon, 20 police officers arrested 7 people for breaking and entering a car dealership on Franklin Street. The policemen were armed, some of them with assault rifles. The police had already been informed that there was an anarchist meeting in the building the day before. After entering the building, the officers found 7 barricades and traps that the protesters had put there. No one was hurt, but seven people were arrested.

    I was really surprised to see this article because this kind of thing doesn't happen very often in Chapel Hill. It was also in a place that I have been to plenty of times. This is about freedoms because the protesters say that they were within their rights stated in the 1st amendment, but since the were breaking and entering, they were breaking the law. I agree that they should be arrested, but I don't think that the police needed assault rifles.

  13. Kabir Kumar-Hardy Period 7
    Occupy Wall street: A Lesson On An 'Organic Movement' by Eyder Peralta
    NPR 11/17/11
    Occupy Wall Street has gained a ton of media attention. Occupiers are united in their desire for economic reform however, they are divided when it comes to the specific things that need change. Today, police hopped over barriers placed around Zuccotti park and arrested a protester. The Occupiers became enraged and one called for a full on revolt against the police. Before any violence could occur, another protester reminded them that peace was the way to go. This is an example of Occupy Wall street's “people's mic”. The idea is that anyone can address the crowd. The protest continued and violence remained at bay.

    The Occupiers are exercising their 1st amendment right to freedom of protest. The protesters efforts have gained worldwide attention, but are they really accomplishing anything? By this time last year the Tea Party had already started finding candidates to support their cause. The fundamentalist conservative movement was able to change the country by electing politicians that believed in their ideals. The Occupy movement needs to do the same, or get out. At this point all our attention has been focused on the movement. We know the economy needs reform and we know people are not happy with the progress of that reform. It's time to do something with all that attention. You don't need a solution to say that something is messed up, but by now, we know it's messed up. Let's fix it.

  14. Brian Mack/ 7th period
    White House shooting suspect faces attempted assassination charge/ Carol Cratty November 17, 2011

    Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, a 21 year old man from Idaho was charged on Thursday with an assassination attempt of President Obama. Ortega-Hernandez fired numerous shots at the White House; including one that hit a window made of bulletproof glass, and others found where Obama and his family spend most of their time. Fortunately nobody was harmed from the shooting. Ortega-Hernandez was arrested and charged with attempted assassination because investigators found his abandoned vehicle with his gun and ammunition still inside a couple blocks down the road from the White House. While in court Ortega-Hernandez referred to Obama as “the devil”, and that “he needed to be taken care of.” He faces life in prison and a 250,000 dollar fine.

    Ortega-Hernandez was taking advantage of the 2nd amendment, which is the right to bear arms. I also believe that the maximum punishment that he faces is justified under the 8th amendment. I’m also appalled that Ortega-Hernandez attempted to assassinate President Obama in the White House, which is one of the most heavily secured building in the United States.

  15. Luthfi Bustillos, Period 7
    Mass arrests at Occupy Wall Street protests
    BBC news, author unknown
    November 17, 2011

    Several people marched in Brooklyn Bridge. No less than 300 people were arrested. The protestors marched in Wall Street and subway stations. Five officers were injured. The protestors wanted more economic equality. Some people sat in the intersection. There were many other protests were held. Some protests were held Washington DC, Dallas, Portland and Los Angeles. The police said that this was an organized movement. An officer needed twenty stitches after a piece of glass was thrown at his hand. These protests were not peaceful
    I don’t think the way the protestors managed these protests was good. I think they should have done it in a more peaceful manner. I think that the officers did not violate the first amendment because some of the protestors were being violent while others were causing traffic. I also think that all of the protestors all need to protest for the same thing. So many protestors are protesting out of frustration and don’t know exactly what they are protesting against.

  16. Kiara L. Luna / 7th period
    Man arrested in White House shooting probe/ CNN
    November 16, 2011|By the CNN Wire Staff

    Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, a man from Idaho, was arrested on Wednesday in Pennsylvania for being involved in a shooting towards the White House. The shooting occurred Friday night. One bullet hit a window and was stopped by bulletproof glass, and another was found on the White House exterior. The bullets were found on the south side of the White House. A weapon registered to Ortega-Hernandez was found in the car.

    Ortega-Hernandez was arrested without any resistance, asking why he was being detained. Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez was being protected by the 6th amendment which protects the rights of the accused. Also the 2nd amendment protects him which gives him the right to bear arm, which I think is not smart at all because people buy arms with intentions nobody knows.

  17. Jack Kleissler 7th Period
    Police arrest seven in Chapel Hill break in, probe Occupy link WRAL
    November 14th Bridget Whelan

    For the past couple weeks a group of people who call them selves have been camping out in front of the court house. This is because of the Occupy Wall St. movement who are protesting because 1% of Americans control 43% of the wealth. So this past Saturday there was an anarchist book selling which fussed in with the occupy movement. Soon they intruded and took control of an old car dealership. On Sunday the Chapel Hill SWAT team was called in to remove them because of reports of damaging property, trespassing and even setting up traps for police. 7 people were arrested and 20 or so more were taken to the police station and had their picture taken.
    I know peter covered this already, very well I might add but I felt I should give my input. Now I do agree that it is wrong that 1% of Americans control the majority of the money but there are much better ways o deal with the problem. We can elect officials and representatives into office to fight for what we want. The protesters are disorganized, have no list of demands and have made no clear move to make an agreements or compromises. There are only a few true protesters among the group, the majorities are just complaining for the sake of complaining and not helping with the solution. There have been many reports of excessive drug use, spread of diseases because of unclean and unhealthy conditions and even reports of sexual harassment and rape. This needs to become an organized and civilized effort or it needs to be cleaned up immediately.

  18. Oskar Marszalek/7th Period
    Backers of Proposition 8 Can Challenge Court Ruling
    Published: November 17, 2011

    This article describes a recent series of events dealing with California's Proposition 8, which bans same sex marriage in the state. Recently, a lower district judge declared the proposition unconstitutional which would remove it from the state's constitution. After the Governor and Attorney General supported the decision of the lower judge, the California supreme court moved to allow the proponents of the proposition to present their case in a proper court proceeding. The court decided not allowing the proponents of the proposition to defend it would be an "abuse of discretion."

    This article clearly points to an important fifth amendment right: the right to due process. Regardless on your stance on gay marriage, you should grant the right to a proper court proceeding when applicable. I believe that the Supreme Court made a good decision in allowing the proponents of the proposition to appeal the lower district judge's ruling.

  19. Salomon Ariza/ 7th period
    'Occupy' protesters, police clash during 'day of action'
    By David Ariosto, CNN
    Thu November 17, 2011
    This article talks about the conflict which continues as people are unsatisfied with the USA’s economy. Because of this, there were protestors expressing their opinions like there has been for a while now. People were getting arrested and there were exchanges between the protestors as well as the police. It was said that some police officers were injured. To sum it all up, it was a really busy day back in Wall street.
    This article clearly talks about one of the amendments of the constitution. It happens to be one of the most important ones as well. The amendment is the fist amendment, giving its citizens many rights. I agree that people should be allowed to protest about things which they believe are unjust. I just think a they need to do it in a peaceful fashion and they shouldn’t be committing violent acts. I find it impressive as well that those who actually know what they are protesting for are so passionate about it.

  20. Erin Peck
    Post Published: 17 November 2011
    Author: T.F. Stern
    Found in section: Liberty Alerts, T.F. Stern

    A man named T.F. Stern wrote an article called Liberty Alerts. In this article he expresses his displeasure if the interpretation on the 2nd amendment. Mr. Stern feels like the government has unjustly defined it and in inhibiting on his natural rights. He said “Our constitution provides limits on government in order to protect every individual’s God given inalienable rights. The right to defend your life, those around you and your property existed long before the establishment of government and is often referred to as a “natural right” “ The supreme court has taken nearly 200 years to clearly define the 2nd amendment and interpret what our founders meant by it. Today it stands the 2nd amendment protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that weapon for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home. Moreover, this right applies not just to the federal government, but to states and municipalities as well.” Mr. Stern really became upset when an AP article came up on fox news; House Approves Concealed Firearm Permit Bill. The bill states; “Under the House legislation, people with a concealed carry permit in one state could carry a concealed weapon in every other state that gives people the right to carry concealed weapons.” Stern pointed out the “state that gives people the right” part and had some choice words for it. In his opinion it is not the state the gives people the right to carry a canceled weapon, it is in fact God who gives us said right. He claims that God gives us rights and the states handout entitlements and permission. But Stern believes that state rights can only go so far and were given limits for a reason. They cannot obstruct Gods natural given rights, one of them being to carry a weapon and defend you and property. He states “You and I have the right and the responsibility to properly defend our lives and property by whatever means is prudent and necessary, to include deadly force. The right to own and bear arms was defined and recorded in the Bill of Rights and cannot be taken away except under specific judicial action as pertain to being of sound mind or having been convicted of a felony rendering that individual unfit; regardless of which State you happen to find yourself. “

    My response to this article by Mr. Stern is take a deep breath and calm down. If you would like to carry your AK wherever you go, be my guest. Get a concealed weapon permit and lug it around, but you are not above the law. If certain sates don’t allow that then don’t go there or leave you gat behind. You can believe what you want about God and his ability to give us rights but I think this article was written out of ignorance. I may sound quite rude on the matter but I just fail to see the problem Mr. Stern has. And not to mention that church and state are separated for a reason. I do respect his right to speak freely and voice his thoughts I just simply disagree. People are too quick to pull out a gun. Defend yourself and your family and property all you want. I just ask that people do it lawfully.

  21. Jonah Horwitz
    7th Period
    "Chapel Hill officials defend arrest tactics."
    by Katelyn Ferral and Lana Douglas

    Town officials say the use of automatic weapons to remove the protestors from a private building. In a press conference the Chapel Hill Chief of Police explained that the people inside the vacant building were planning riots that could pose threats on the officers. They were apparently passing around literature teaching how to flip police cars, break windows, and use fire to create space between them and the police. After taking over the building the police soon learned that know one was armed. Overall this article is defending the saying that the use of the SWAT team was unjustified.
    I think that the police were more than justified to use the SWAT team. These protestors need to stop what there doing and it is good that the police are stepping it up. Also, if they were inciting a riot they needed attention of police forces. The things they were planning was criminal activity and it needs to be stopped.

  22. Sam Dunson
    Fox News
    By Perry Chiaramonte & Mike Jaccarino
    Published November 17, 2011

    There has been many incidents of violence in New York recently between Occupy protesters and the police. The protesters recently gathered in downtown plaza and then marched across the Brooklyn Bridge, capping off a day with an incresed amount of violence between them and the police. During the eleven hours the protesters marched that day, there were hundreds of arrests and injuries to two police officers, never mind the multiple injuries to protesters. The two police officers were taken to the hospital along with numerous protesters who had been injured during the events of the day. One of the police officers had been slashed on the hand, while the other suffered and injury to his eye and both are now in stable condition. These acts of violence are the result of increased tension between the New York Police Department and the Occupy protesters.
    I think that the protesters were acting within the rights given to them in the first amendment. There demonstration was mostly peaceful and hundreds of them should not have been arrested. During the few times that the protesters got violent, the police did have a good reason to act against them though. It is not acceptable for a person to harm a police officer and they people that injured the two police officers should have to face legal consequences for their actions. The police were not acting out of line for arresting these people, but they should not have arrested the people taking part in the protest peacefully.

  23. Colin Schenk 7th period
    Protesters and police clash during 'day of action' in New York
    By David Ariosto, CNN
    Updated 7:44 PM EST, Thu November 17, 2011
    The last few weeks have been big for protesters in the Occupy Movement around the country. Occupy activists are arrested in Atlanta, Houston and Portland and also New York in the past few days. Today, Hundreds of protesters crossed the Brooklyn Bridge where over 700 had been arrested last month. The protesters crossed while chanting "This is what democracy looks like -- This is what America look like”. Multiple police officers were injured in clashes with the protesters and many of them were sent to the hospital, some of them were hit with sharp pieces of glass. The other day police constructed barricades around Zuccotti Park and in front of the stock exchange in an attempt to keep protesters off the roads but protesters just lifted up the barricades and blocked traffic.
    Although the protesters are only exercising their first amendment right I think they are causing more trouble than progress. Even though I have no problem with the main idea of the protest I do feel that the movement isn’t as organized as it should be. Most people have different opinions of what should be changed and many of the protesters have been getting violent with either police or civilians. If the occupy movement is going to get anything done they need to get more organized or they need to just give up.

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  25. Cameron Baker 7th Period
    SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) debate: Why are Google and Facebook against it?
    Published by The Washington Post, 11/17

    A new bill proposes excessive power the Entertainment Industry to censor the internet. The bill is called Protect I.P, or S.O.P.A. (stop online piracy act). The goal of this bill is to allow copyrighted material to be removed from the internet, deleting websites containing free music, movie video clips, even going as far to give artists the right to sue youtube videos of people singing their songs. Many are protesting this bill, claiming it violates the rights to free speech. The bill as is open ended- lack of specifics give the government far more power over the internet than they have now. Online petitions have sprung up, supported and signed by many. Websites like Google, Yahoo and other search engines/media websites are against the bill, as it would force them to remove "hits", censoring information from the public. These websites are doing everything they can to prevent this bill from being passed.
    Although I agree will the concept of preventing piracy, this bill is the wrong approach. Although it may help preventing piracy, it wouldn't completely, and while trying violate right of the internet, the freedoms of it and basically the purpose of it. The concept of censorship is not always a good thing, and in this case certainly is not. I hope this bill is not passed, as it would stir up even more problems and commotion than it already has. Websites should continue to have the freedom to publish what they please.

  26. Justus Heizer 7th period
    By BY Katelyn Ferall and Lana Dougles, Chapel HIll News
    Friday November 18, 2011
    Town Officials thought that they had the right to send in a swat team to stop the occupation in downtown chapel hill. They sent in soldiers with automatic guns to stop this organized situation. This organization was in a old abandoned Chrysler Motor building on Franklin Street. Now people are wondering if this was to much or not? Many people of chapel Hill think that they went over board sending in a swat team it could have been dangerous.
    I think that they should have just sent it police officers not men fully armed and ready to kill these people. This was over the line in my opinion they weren't sure what was happening until they took over the dealership anyways. Officers went into the building and found 12 people and arrested seven of them, charging them with misdemeanor and breaking a entering.

  27. Danner Morrison/Period 7

    Censoring the Internet: It's Not Just for China Anymore!
    The Atlantic/November 18, 2011

    Understanding SOPA: The House debates the Stop Online Piracy Act
    Yahoo/November 18, 2011

    The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a proposed bill which would allow grant the government or corporation the ability to block access to websites if they contain or even assumed to contain or facilitate copyright infringement. SOPA already has been opposed by several major companies that would directly affected by the bill, such as Google, Facebook, and eBay. The bill has received much support by corporations such as the MPAA, RIAA, Comcast/NBCUniversal, and Viacom, all of which would directly benefit from the bill. Under SOPA, a copyright violation would be a felony that can be punishable up to five years. SOPA would also extend the burden of responsibility for copyright violations to companies, making them responsible for the content of their users.

    I believe that SOPA is unconstitutional as it violates the 1st Amendment. SOPA would conflict with "Free Speech" by censoring the internet. There are many websites, such as Youtube, with user-created content that could potentially contain minor copyright violations (example: Family uploads home video of vacation, with an "unlicensed" music track) and access to them can be completely blocked by the government or corporations if they deem it fit to do so, which leads me to believe the bill definition of copyright infringement is too broad.

  28. Aaron Smith/7th Period
    Oklahoma State women's basketball coaches among four killed in plane crash, CNN Wire Staff
    November 18, 2011
    The coach of Oklahoma State University women’s basketball team, Kurt Budke, and assistant coach, Miranda Serna, died in a plane crash while on a recruiting trip. Other victims include Olin Branstetter and his wife Paula. The crash happened Thursday in Arkansas, and everyone aboard the plane was killed. No one is sure why it crashed; it is still a mystery to all of us. Both of the coaches were in there 7th season and everyone is very sad that they are gone. The coaches were looked up to by the players and many others, they will be greatly missed. The games that were supposed to be held on Saturday and Sunday were cancelled.
    After reading this article, I was very sad and in shock. It was very unfortunate that good people, who inspired young adults and help them, had to die all of the sudden. I hope everyone prays for the families of the dead. It also sad to hear about all the other innocent people who had to die on that crash. It must be really hard for the families and I hope they can get through these tough times. I also hope that Oklahoma State University can bounce back and have a good season in remembrance of their coaches.