Sunday, August 28, 2011

6th period: First Current Event Assignment, due 9/2

See the prompt listed above and use the current events assignment page/rubric provided in class. Remember, your response must be posted by Friday at 4 pm in order to receive credit.


  1. On August 26th, 2011, a Nigerian militant group suicide bombed a U.N. building in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. The group attacked the building because of its strict adherence to the Sharia law of Islam, which they believe many western groups like the U.N. break. Another reason for the attack is because militant groups seek attention, primarily in the form of destruction. Bombings have been relatively common in Nigeria in the past few months, and just as tragic. The death toll of this attack is still rising and is currently at 20.
    These attacks are very senseless and wrong. The personas killed in this attack devoted their lives to helping others, and did nothing to deserve this. Since Nigeria is a secular state, it is not mandatory to practice Islam and adhere to Sharia law. Militant Islamic groups and other religiously-geared militant groups in Nigeria and around the world need to understand that everybody has their own freedom and right to practice and follow whatever belief system as they choose. People shouldn't be killed for not practicing a certain religion.
    Death toll rises to 20 in blast at U.N. building in Nigeria
    By Faith Karimi, CNN 8/29/11
    Carl Yin - 6th Period

  2. Arjun Raghavan
    Pd. 6
    Hurricane Irene: 8 Known Dead, 2 Million Without Power
    ABC News – Aug. 27, 2011
    Hurricane Irene hit the Eastern United States between August 26 and August 28, 2011. The storm killed 8 people and also left around 2 million people without power. Tornadoes were reported in more than 5 states along the Eastern seaboard, although none were reported to cause major injuries. The hurricane was reported as Category 1 with winds around 80 mph and up to 16 inches of rain in isolated areas. In New York City, the biggest business center affected by the storm, approximately 370,000 people were evacuated.
    It is unfortunate that this major storm had to rip through heavily populated areas leaving many people stranded, and without homes, as well as causing several fatalities. Although evacuation orders were given in advance, several people were victims of unsuspected circumstances such as chimneys falling and rising water levels, even inside homes. Although I have never witnessed a hurricane, I have been there for several major snowstorms, which affect daily life and cause problems for many, as they try to rebuild their lives back to normal. Hopefully things will settle down, and people who need assistance will receive it.

  3. Grant DeSelm per. 6
    Irene: Death tool reaches 40 as recovery begins
    BBC News 8/29/11

    Irene, a category one hurricane blazed through the east coat this past week causing at least 40 deaths and five million power outages. Three million of those were in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut alone. The hurricane has caused damage starting in North Carolina up the coast to Vermont. Vermont is suffering some of the worst flooding in decades. Hurricane Irene is now currently in Canada and is reaching wind gusts of 65 miles per hour. Hospitals were shut down and patients were moved to different locations for safety reasons and power outages. Now, over five hundred people are stranded in the New York mountains with flooding all around. More than three thousand people evacuated low lying areas and are, for the most part, now able to return home.
    I know from experience that going through a hurricane is tough. I lived in Florida for seven years and we had a number of hurricanes that came through. Katrina actually came through Florida before hitting Louisiana. During one hurricane, we lost power for about a week. A category four hurricane went through the southern part of Florida and we didn’t have school for two weeks.

  4. Kaitlin Jones, Period 6
    News Source: CNN
    Author: the CNN Wire Staff
    Title of Article: Rescues, places of refuge mark aftermath of Irene in New York
    Date: August 30, 2011
    As a result of Hurricane Irene, which tore through the East coast this past weekend, many people in New York, and other surrounding areas, are without a home and seeking refuge. Many people are also stranded in houses, because Hurricane Irene destroyed and flooded bridges and roads. A large amount of houses were damaged or shifted and are unsafe for the owners to return to. Many others have nothing to return to; their house was completely demolished, along with their belongings. As of August 30, a total of about 108 people have been rescued so far in the Prattsville area. People are taking refuge in places such as the Huntersfield Christian Training Center to escape from the floods that rose 15 feet in 12 hours, and to find shelter, clean water, and food. People from all over New York are donating food, water, and clothes to the shelters for the people in need.
    I can’t even imagine how it must feel to be homeless after a hurricane has destroyed your home and to have to seek shelter from flooding. Here in North Carolina, we only got some strong winds and rain. I don’t remember when Hurricane Fran came through North Carolina in September of 1996, because I was just a baby, but my parents have told me and I’ve heard about how devastating that hurricane was, and I can compare it with Irene. I think it’s good that people are pitching in and helping those in need, and that people should continue to help until everything’s all cleared up.

  5. Allie Rives 6th Period
    Flooded Vermont town epitome of patience August 30, 2011
    During and after Hurricane Irene passed along the East coast, it left many cities flooded and in trouble. However, Vermont being one of the worst flooded states, they were the most remarkable. The city of Pittsfield in Vermont with a population of a simple 427, remained the most serene of anyone dealing with Hurricane Irene's trauma. After mentioning that the town was having a barbecue Jason Evans quotes, "I would have lost everything anyway, so why not feed some folks." It was also said that Pittsfield was not going to start shouting and raging. Perhaps, that wasn't going to dry the town or turn the electricity back on, it would turn the peaceful town of Pittsfield into a controlled place.
    My opinion on this article is the town reacted perfectly to this situation. As Hurricane Irene put a pause to most of the East Coast's weekend and early week it surely did not ruin anything for Pittsfield other than providing damage for the town. Their attitudes were in the right mindset of how to deal with this in a positive manner.

  6. Crescentia Cho 6th period
    Residents Evacuated as Firefighters Battle Blaze in Parched Texas
    Author: the CNN Wire Staff
    News Source: CNN
    Date: August 31, 3011

    In Brad, Texas, a huge wildfire spread due to the high winds on August 31. Due to a lot of dry tinder and the drought, fire caught really quickly and firefighters were constantly having to battle with a lot of fire. They had help from aerial tankers and helicopters that were dropping water on the blaze. 125 households were evacuated at that time and at least 20 homes were burnt down. It is their worst fire season in their state history. This fire burned approximately 7,500 acres.
    Having a fire burning down your house would be a horrible experience, especially since the firefighters are having a rough time putting out a lot of the fires. A few years back, my house caught on fire. Even though the fire was small and the firefighters put it our very quickly and nothing was ruined it was still pretty scary. The feeling that you could lose everything and not do anything about it was horrible. My family just waited outside feeling hopeless until the firefighters came.

  7. Ryan Castellano
    Hurricane Irene destruction
    BBC News, 8/29/2011

    Hurricane Irene has unleashed havoc on the east coast of the US these past few days. It has been responsible for 40 deaths and over five million power outages, with 3,000 in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey alone. The Consumer Federation of America estimates insurance claims could be higher than seven billion dollars! The government even recommended to not travel in the state of Vermont due to the extensive flooding, destroyed roads, and fallen power lines. Hurricane Irene has caused damage from South Carolina all the way up to Vermont. Hospitals were even shut down and patients moved to different locations due to the threat of power outages and flooding. The storm was so powerful that it washed away bridges and flooded entire towns in Vermont and New York. This has been a very devastating and hard time for a lot of Northeners on the east coast.

    I have been through a few hurricanes but have never seen that much damage on the east coast. My grandparents live in upstate New York and with all the rolling hills and creeks alot of rain means HUGE trouble. They got very lucky only getting a few fallen down trees, They live on the top of a hill so the water could not build up there. Some of their neighbors were not so lucky with many farmers losing close to or all of their livestock, and one of my grandpas friend’s house got washed away by the flood. Overall this was a very destructive event for everyone on the east coast and a very devastating experience.

  8. Camden Van Ord Period 6
    Virginia Earthquake rattles East Coast
    CNN Wire Staff, CNN
    August 23, 2011

    On last Tuesday at 1:51 PM, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck near Mineral, Virginia, just 40 miles northwest of Richmond. It was felt from northern New England to as south as Georgia. No major injuries or serious building damage was reported, but this was still a shocking event. Thousands of buildings were still evacuated all over the East Coast. Washington D.C., just 88 miles away from the epicenter, felt a fairly strong rumble. All government buildings were evacuated and thoroughly inspected. After a second helicopter inspection of the Washington Monument, they actually found cracking in the stone at the top of the monument. The earthquake was followed by three aftershocks that afternoon and evening. Experts are saying there is still a chance of an aftershock occurring in the next few weeks.

    I chose this article because I was very shocked by the event in more than one way. Mainly, I was surprised that we even had an earthquake. I didn’t even think it was possible to have earthquakes in this part of the country. Apparently, this is the worst one since 1944, where there was another 5.8 magnitude quake in a similar place. The other reason I was surprised was that I actually didn’t feel the earthquake. At that time in the day, I was at the school with a friend who was getting his schedule. None of us felt the quake, and didn’t even know there had been one until we got home. I know that earthquakes of this magnitude are very common on the west coast and it’s not a very big deal. I thought it was funny that everyone was freaking out about this because it barely ever happens.

  9. Gabe Foster 6th period
    Underground river discovered beneath Amazon, Charles Q. Choi
    MSNBC 8/31/2011

    On August 17th scientists found a new river after looking at information for oil wells in the Amazon region. They have said the river flows east, like the Amazon but is several thousand feet underground. This new river is wider than the Amazon but flows a lot slower and does not carry as much water. The scientists who discovered it say that rivers like it might exist in other parts of the world as well but have just not been found yet. It is speculated that there is also a third river in the Amazon region. Above the Amazon river is water vapor flowing thickly in the direction the Amazon and the underground river flow. The scientists are unofficially calling it the Hamza River after Valiya Hamza.

    I think its crazy that thousands of feet underneath a huge river there's another huge river. To think that there might be even more rivers flowing underground all over the world really puts what we know in perspective for me. I thought humans would have discovered almost all there is to discover on this planet but who knows how much more is yet to be found.

  10. Nate Hebert Period 6
    Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Hits Virginia, Sends Shockwaves Throughout East Coast
    August 23rd 2011 Fox News

    On August 23rd, 2011 a 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit the east coast of the United States. The earthquakes epicenter was near Mineral, Virginia. Nearby areas had people evacuated from work in fear of any structural collapses. The affected areas were from New England into Georgia. The Washington D.C. area, which was about 80 miles away, was affected by a strong rumble. The Capitol building was evacuated, with reports of fallen pictures being the worst of their problems. It was reported that many people in The Capitol building believed it was another attack similar to 9/11. They evacuated the building as soon as possible. The monuments around the area were also checked for structural damage. The Washington monument had cracks in it that temporarily shut it down to the public. In most places there was only a faint rumble, but there was decent structural damages throughout the nearby states. No major injuries or deaths were reported.
    I find it very strange to have this magnitude of an earthquake on the east coast. Most people only think of the west coast to have them. On the east coast, people are not as prepared for an earthquake like you would be in California. If this was a larger earthquake, the result could have been a lot worse. I think we need to notify the public on basic rules and guidelines to follow during an earthquake. I feel like people will not take this event seriously because they either didn’t feel it or thought it was a weak earthquake. They need to take this seriously because if another one occurs people could get injured.

  11. Anna Zhang 6th period
    “Irene reveals more cracks in quake-damaged Washington Monument” by Dan Merica
    CNN Aug 31

    After the earthquake in Virginia a few days ago, an inspection team found four cracks in marble stone of the Washington Monument. The engineering team plugged up the holes in anticipation for Hurricane Irene. However, after the hurricane passed, pools of water were located in “the observatory near the top and in the monument's interior stairwell,” according to Carol Johnson. So much mortar had popped out that you could actually see sunlight streaming in through the cracks when inside the building. The building will be closed for construction as engineers try to repair the damage, but there is a chance that the building will open while under repair.

    Wow. That was the first earthquake I have ever experienced in my fourteen years. I was at my mom’s workplace, which is on the sixth floor, when it happened. I didn’t think much of the shaking () until one of my friends called me and asked if I felt the earthquake and said it was rated 5.8. I asked my mom later if a 5.8 earthquake was really big or something and she said it was just average. 0_o Is that right?

  12. Katie Mimmack pd 6
    Farmville Burns, Is Saved; No Need To Panic by Bill Chappell
    From NPR on 8/29/2011

    On Monday afternoon, a hoard of middle-aged women leaped for the nearest available computers to save their virtual crops from virtually burning when The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's George Mathis posted the headline “Farmville is burning.” They were quickly virtually reassured when they discovered that a virtual fire was not threatening their virtual lives’ savings, but that there was a real Farmville in Georgia that was burning to the ground. You can imagine the virtual relief. The fire was started by a spark from a lawnmower on Monday, and quickly spread across 150 acres. Thankfully, it was contained by a crew of nearly 50 firemen and left nobody injured and no homes damaged.

    Other than the collective raised blood pressure of many 50-year old women, possible impacts of the fire include increased pollutants in the air, damaged crops, less fertile soil, and reduced wildlife population. It is also striking how technology-driven we are, that there are a total of three Farmvilles in the United States, but the first thing we think of when we read the headline is the computer game. As far as personal experiences go, I have not been affected by a wildfire to my memory, but I can easily recall the panic with which my sister and mother have descended upon the computer when they realize that they needed to virtually plow their corn or other miscellaneous vegetable several hours ago. This event also relates to what we’ve been learning in class! Farmville is located about 70 miles from Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, so its location ties in with the states and capitals.

  13. Catherine Romaine/6th period
    Title: Alligator tries to drag 90-year-old woman into a Florida canal
    Date: Sept. 1, 2011

    On September 1st in southern Florida, a 90-year old woman named Margaret Webb was attacked by an 8-foot long alligator by the canal in her backyard. The alligator bit her left leg and tried to drag her into the canal. Dewain Daniels, a man driving by, dragged Margaret out of the alligator’s reach but it kept going after her. He ended up shooting the alligator between the eyes with a rifle and it eventually went back in the water. Margaret is now in the Lee Memorial Hospital. She is in critical condition because her left leg had to be amputated. There was also a bite on her right leg which is being treated as well.
    I picked this article because it grabbed my attention just by reading the title. You don’t read about alligator attacks every day, especially to a 90-year old woman. It seems crazy that these alligators were roaming around in a canal in her backyard. I would think there would be some sort of protection around them. The article also said that alligators are most active during the fall so I think that states such as Florida that have a high population of alligators should send out information so that not as many people get hurt.

  14. Mikko Rich-Voorhees 6th
    Russia chemical leak affects “thousands” in Chelyabinsk, BBC world news
    BBC News, September 1st 2011
    In Chelyabinsk, Russia between five and eleven gallons of bromine gas have been released into the air. Bromine can be used as a medical sedative but is still not completely healthy and can lead to damage of a person’s nervous system and internal organs. One resident said, “It’s impossible to breath” even though leaders have claimed that it is completely harmless. Over 30 people have been admitted to the hospital because of this, and nearly 100 more have asked for medical attention.
    I believe the government is trying hard to portray this leak as something less dangerous than it act
    ually is. However it is extremely difficult to sift one gas out of the atmosphere so the only option seems to be letting this gas spread out into the atmosphere until the point it is harmless. If more gas containers break however, the severity of this condition could be much larger. Hopefully this will not end up like the nuclear plant in Japan, but if this gets any worse the Russian government may want to look into evacuating the city. True there have been no casualties so far, but if one person is to pass than there are already those 30 more in critical conditions and many more will have inhaled the gas by that point. Russia could be walking into a health disaster.

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  17. Arianna Brown period 6
    Prostituted children find refuge in survivor's 'tough love'
    By Jacque Wilson, CNN
    form CNN, August 31st 2011 at 10:35

    The story of Bea, a women who was once a child prostitute, speaks out and helps the girls who are taken advantage of. In a news article that Bea read it spoke of a 10 year old girl going to jail, charged with prostitution. After hearing of this story, Bea got on the phone and called friends in seven states to help her start up a safe house for prostituted children. At first she had a place where 6 girls could stay, but Bea realized she needed to do more, save more young girls. In this article there is a part entitled "Nothing Left to Lose" about a seven year old girl and her story, and is very worth it to read. Bea started up the charity and sanctuary for child prostitutes called Living Water for Girls in 2008. This house can hold 10 girls at once.

    Bea's goal is to turn these girls lives around.She does so by strictness and love, lots of trust and more love. Bea says "I do expect a lot out of my girls," Williams said. "We'll walk through some things, cry through some things, run through some things but there are no shortcuts." One girl there says "She's a very loving person but she means what she says, "It's called tough love and I think what I've learned by working with the girls is that this is what they've always wanted." Tough love, Its what these girls need, its what they've never had, what they forget while being prostituted. Bea says "When I see my girls smiling from the inside out ... I am instantly renewed and refreshed. Because it's been so long since they've smiled like that."
    Bea is a wonderful person, whose gone through so much in her life but who has turned it all around and is now helping girls who were once in her same situation.

  18. Ashley Powell 6th

    Analysis: Battle for Libya not quite over
    By Nic Robertson and Tim Lister
    September 1, 2011

    This article is mainly talking about how even though Gadhafi’s army’s did not defend against the capital city its not yet over between the rebels and Gadhafi. Gadhafi’s forces retreated to an undisclosed location and are expected to make an attack at any moment. One of the effects of the change of territory is that Gadhafi still owns the land over the water pipe and has sabotaged the water supply going to the capital. The UN is working as fast as they can to fix the pipe and restore running water to the citizens. For now water is being brought by trucks and people are using the wells that they have.
    I feel like this is no where near the end of the war because these things always act like there over 3 or 4 times before they actually are. I think that Gadhafi needs to step down and accept defeat but I think he will fight until he is dead. It is very heroic what everyone in Libya is doing to stand up for what they believe and I hope they get the outcome they are looking for.

  19. Julian Wilson – 6th period
    U.S. Moves To Block Merger Between AT&T and T-Mobile by Edward Wyatt
    The New York Times, August 31, 2011

    The Justice Department is trying to stop AT&T from merging with T-Mobile. AT&T is planning to buy out T-Mobile, whose parent company (a European cell service) says they are going to leave the American wireless market. The Justice Department wants to prevent the merge because they claim it will hinder competition in the cellular service market, therefore rising prices for consumers. AT&T is currently the second largest wireless company in America and T-Mobile is the fourth. The Justice Department is challenging the merge in Federal Court, but AT&T says they will fight them on it. This is very relevant to any consumers who are customers of either company or that live in areas with very few wireless options.
    Personally, my family uses Verizon Wireless, but if AT&T and T-Mobile do eventually merge it could potentially affect prices across the whole U.S. Wireless market. I understand the government’s reasoning behind trying to prevent the merge, however, the dilemma of this situation is that if T-Mobile is not bought-out then it will most likely just quit altogether. T-Mobile leaving creates much the same problem as it merging with AT&T because both ways competition is reduced and wireless carrier options are minimized. Truthfully, I see no perfect solution to the problem unless perhaps T-Mobile was bought out by a much smaller company, but it seems unlikely that such a smaller company could muster up the funds necessary to buy-out such a large company. As of now of course there is no way to know what the court’s verdict will be, and I can’t say I have a definite preference because to me neither situation seems particularly good.

  20. Natalie Ragazzo 6th Period
    Alligator Tries to drag 90-year-old Woman into a Florida Canal By: John Couwels September 1, 2011

    An 8-foot-long alligator tried to drag a 90-year-old woman into the water near her home in Copeland, Florida. Margaret Webb was walking through her flooded yard when the alligator attacked her leg. A man driving by, Dewain Daniels, stopped and helped Margaret get released from the alligators jaws. The alligator didn’t give up though until Dewain shot it in between the eyes with a rifle and it headed back into the water. Margaret is in critical condition after she got her left leg amputated and her right leg treated to. The alligators whereabouts are unknown, or even if its still living.

    I think it is really scary how an alligator would attack this lady. It doesn’t completely surprise me though because it is in their nature to attack just about anything that moves. I also think that maybe Margaret shouldn’t have been walking in her flooded Florida home yard alone when there is a risk of alligators being there and with her age there is not a good chance of her being able to defend herself. I have never come in contact with a wild alligator before and I’m pretty happy about that, I’d be completely scared if I did because of the power they have. I really hope that Margaret is healthy and survives after her encounter with the 8-foot-long alligator.

  21. Collin Vilen 6th Period
    Iran Trying to Shelter Its Nuclear Fuel Program by David E. Sanger
    NY Times September 1, 2011

    This article is about Iran moving some of its nuclear fuel production facilities underground. Feyedoun Abassi, who is the head of the nuclear energy program in Iran, has stated that their nuclear program produces more energy than is needed for a medical reactor used for research. Iran has also said that they do not want fuel from the US anymore to help with their research efforts. This has led many people to believe that Iran has started, or is starting, a plan to make or explore the realm of nuclear weapons. However, Iran is letting other countries inspect the facility, so obvious production of nuclear weaponry would have been found. The US and other countries are still unsure of what to do about it, though.
    I thought this article was scary. It was exetremely suspicious the way the Iranians talked about their new facility. You can’t play around with nuclear weapons and I think the government should assert its position more. Of course, there is still no way of knowing if they have nuclear capabilities. It’s a tough question to answer. I can support my feeling of suspicion with the statement made by Feyedoun Abassi in which he bragged about how much nuclear energy the plant was producing. This statement and the fact that they arent answering our questions about the facility indicate they might be lying. When I lie I like to boast a little to add a touch of attitude. The only question I have is why the Iranians are moving facilities in the first place. The article didn’t articulate any reason for the switch. Overall, we have had a lot of problems with them so I hope we can resolve the issues with Iran .

  22. Alex Walker 6th Period
    Debate over FEMA Funding Continues in Irene Aftermath by the CNN Wire Staff
    CNN/August 31, 2011

    This past weekend Hurricane Irene hit hard on the east coast killing 43 people and leaving a great number of people without electricity. 1.8 million of them still had no power on Wednesday. Meanwhile there have been debates in congress over funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency because it may run out of money before the disaster has finished. Republicans are pushing for spending cuts while many Democrats oppose that idea. Overall, the cost from wind damage alone may exceed $1 billion dollars, and congress is arguing over how to come up with the money while many victims are suffering.

    I think that even though Hurricane Irene didn’t strike as hard as people had planned, it still caused a considerable amount of damage. 1.8 million people without power is a whole lot, especially three days after the event. I also think that the argument over funds is ridiculous. When a natural disaster strikes, aid should be the first thought of the government. Financial debates should come later.

  23. Carly Narotsky pd 6
    Top Climate Scientist Arrested at White House Oil Pipeline Protest
    International Business Times
    August 31, 2011

    A Canadian company called TransCanada is planning to build a pipeline from a large oil source called the Tarsands through the United States to the Gulf of Mexico. Before it can be built, it needs to be approved by President Obama. There is lots of pressure on Obama to approve it from TransCanada and the Canadian government, as it would be a boon to their economy. However, Obama is also feeling pressure from many health and environmental officials to disapprove it, as it poses many health risks. For example, the planned pipeline would run directly over the Northern High Planes Aquifer, which is the main supply of drinking water and irrigation water in Nebraska, as well as thirty percent of the water for U.S. Irrigation and Agriculture. If there are leaks in the pipeline, crude oil will contaminate the water supply. Some of the people who oppose the construction of the pipeline have organized protests and subjected themselves to arrest in front of the White House to get the President’s attention. James Hansen, a leading climate scientist who was one of the first to spread the word about the effects of global warming, deliberately got arrested while participating in this protest.

    I agree with the people participating in this protest, because if the pipeline is built it has the potential to cause a lot of harm to the environment and public health. As he was being arrested, Hansen urged Obama to disapprove the pipeline for the sake of the President’s children and grandchildren. I don’t know if President Obama has heard Hansen’s words, but if he has I certainly hope that they strike a nerve. I understand that there is pressure from all sides on the President’s decision, but I hope that for the sake of the planet he chooses to disapprove the construction of the Tarsands pipeline.

  24. Paul Miller, Period 6
    Firefighters Responding to 9/11 Increased Cancer Risk, By Stephanie Smith, September 1, 2011

    Due to recent studies, doctors have found out that the firefighters that worked at ground zero during 9/11 have a 19-32% higher chance of getting cancer than other firefighters. Dr. David Prezant the chief medical officer at NY Fire Department says that it is unexpected to find these cancers so early in the firefighters. The average time for solid tumors to show, is decades not one decade. He says that the way they have presented themselves early is because there were so many carcinogens in the dust at ground zero. Researchers have done studies and there are many potential cancer-causing agents in the World Trade Centers construction (asbestos) and the jet fuel that caused fires (benzene).

    Although it is an article about firefighters getting cancer, I feel as though all of the other respondents could have been at just as high of risk as the firefighters. This is sad because these people that helped in the rescue of 9/11 will die or get cancer because of their actions performed that day. I feel bad for the people that risked their lives to save others will become sick because they did. I know someone that was in 9/11 and to think that because they were there and inhaled the gases could die not from the falling of the towers, but the aftermath. It’s kind of like a nuclear bomb.

  25. John Morales, Period 6
    Hungry for normal in a terrifying time, September 2, 2011

    Due to Hurricane Irene, a married couple's basement was flooded and highly damaged after Hurricane Irene. Not only was it flooded but as well destroyed many photographs, original music, and many irreplaceable items that her husband worked hard for. As well not only they were flooded but different towns and countries were too. The heavy waters of Irene flooded and picked up cars along with houses. The worse of all, Hurricane Irene took lifes of people. The woman works for CNN and claims that it was a challenge to get live views of the hurricane because there was terrible signal and the hurricane was massive. Near the area where the woman lives, which is Margetville, Phoencia; old beautiful places were destroyed. Not even the State Troopers or the National Gaurd Men could stop the wrath of Hurricane Irene, they tried their best to close roads; to make the flood less effective. Luckily the woman and her husband got away after reporting.

    I feel very bad for all those people that Hurricane Irene damaged and even killed. I think the hurricane could have done much more damage if we were unprepared. It was a very good idea for states to warn people, how dangerous this hurricane could get. Luckily there was not too many deaths, but even though Hurricane Irene did severe damage, the U.S.A. will overcome and strive to renew lifes.

  26. David Hicks
    Bombing Everything That Moves:
    A Summary of Sudan’s Ongoing Genocides as of June 2011
    By: Eric Reeves

    Reeves, Eric. "Bombing Everything That Moves: A Summary of Sudan's Ongoing Genocides as of June 2011." Genocide Watch Home Page. Web. 28 Aug. 2011. .

    Paragraph #1:
    This article (or rather image) analysis the timeline of Sudan’s acts of genocide. The murder taking place in Sudan was first recognized in 1999 (even though it started in 1991), and since has taken 2.5 million lives, which is more than the Bosnia ethnic war and the Rwanda genocide combined. These murders are committed various ways, including through bombing innocent civilians and humanitarian workers. They are considered “soft targets” by the NCP (National Congress Party, the government of Sudan). These bombs contain shrapnel which works similar to how a shotgun works--little metal pieces shoot out everywhere, each with the ability to kill. These bombs have caused general displacement throughout the citizens of Sudan, and has caused Southern Sudan to attempt to become it’s own nation. The reason for the killings is the NCP’s attempt to cleanse the Islamic individuals from the Darfur region of Sudan. In the first half of 2011, more bombs have predicted to have been dropped in Sudan than in 9 out of the last 12 years.
    I find this story to be quite disturbing. Very little attention is being paid to Sudan considering the death toll that is occurring at this very moment. Unfortunately, due to the fact that history repeats itself, only slight interference from the US has been achieved. However, Sudan does have oil, which is a possible spark for further interference from the US. In fact, during the 05’ - 06’ year, the US spent 2.6 billion dollars on humanitarian efforts in Sudan, which is hopefully a beginning to more assistance in Sudan. Will Sudan ever overcome it’s murderous government? Or will we come when its too late?