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Current event due 5/6

Happy May, everybody! Last week there were a few technical issues with the blog. Remember that you can always e-mail me your current event or hand in a hard copy...the deadline is still 4pm on Friday, regardless of how much computers try to ruin our lives. This week (the second to the last one of the year, what???), please read and respond to an article on the topic of your choice. Have fun and find something interesting for all of us.




    Yong Hao Wu, owner of the Howei Trading Company, was arrested on the eve of Chinese New Year for illegal possession of the snakehead fish. "He was charged on felony commercialization of wildlife and importing fish dangerous to indigenous fish populations." Importing the fish has been illegal since 2002, and it is also illegal to be in possession of it. The snakehead, a freshwater fish, can slither on land for three days if it leaves a water source. As a result, many freshwater lakes and ponds have become homes to this species. Although illegal in the United States, the fish is said to have healing abilities, which is why it is known to be a delicacy in Chinese culture. There has been news of an underground market in New York that sells these fish, but authorities have not yet found it. If found guilty, Wu can expect to spend up to four years in prison.

    This article really shocked me because I was unaware that the snakehead was illegal in the United States. I occasionally see it whenever my family goes to New York, but I never expected much of it; I am accustomed to seeing strange foods in Chinatown. I do not completely agree with Wu's charge because his situation incorporated a lot of contradictions between Chinese and American culture. As a Chinese man, he probably did not feel that he was committing any sort of crime because the fish is a delicacy in China. Additionally, he may not have known about the law. From my experiences in Chinatown, many of the store owners and street vendors do not have a strong familiarity with the English language, and as a result, they are not familiar with many laws. However, he does live in the United States, and therefore, he is expected to follow laws. Furthermore, many cultures advocate activities that are considered unconstitutional in the United States, such as stoning. However, these activities are addressed differently. This poses an interesting question: Where should the line between cultural traditions and the justice system be drawn?

    Nicole Chang
    7th period

  2. Way to post on a Sunday, Nicole. I am going to have to check this snakehead fish out for myself! :)

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    Shane Sater

    Recently, French investigators found the black box of Air France flight 447, an Airbus 330 which inexplicably crashed in the Atlantic in June of 2009. The as yet mysterious accident, which killed all 228 people aboard, seemingly has no obvious explanation. The aircraft was flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris and apparently crashed while in a storm front, yet air traffic control received no distress calls from the pilots. Some surmise that faulty airspeed readings may have contributed; however, by itself, an airspeed indicator failure would not cause such a catastrophe. The black box, or flight data recorder, will likely give clues as to the cause of this crash: it records important flight data such as altitude. Another device, which registers cockpit conversations, has yet to be recovered. Also, new uncertainties loom. Now that the black box is retrieved, there is still a possibility that it will not work, and even if it did record information correctly, this data may be destroyed when the recorder is opened.

    I hope that, using the flight data recorder, investigators are able to finally explain why this horrific accident happened. Whether the crash of Air France 447 was a defect in the Airbus design, a matter of pilot error, or simply a freak combination of circumstances, it is vital that the cause is identified and preventative measures are taken. Although further examination of the crash will not bring back the victims, it can identify the problem, and the airline industry can prevent another similar crash from occurring.

  5. Christy Clark, one of the 12 Republicans on the Montana State House Business and Labor Committee who voted against HB 394 in favor of church-administered private adolescent treatment facilities like Pinehaven Christian Children’s Ranch, was the least surprising member to prioritize religious bureaucracies over adolescent civil rights. HB 394 is a bill that would finally provide standards of protection for all children in Montana. In response to inquisative individuals, Clark basically said that all teens are troubled and cannot be trusted without the help of such institutions. She also said that she "see[s] both sides of the aisle" and "...this legislature tends to lean more toward less regulation so I suspect the bill will be defeated in committee, and even if it passed out of committee it would likely die on the house floor."

    It is obvious Clark is not giving this bill a fair chance for fear of diverging from her christian conservative base, even if her lack of concession leads to the long-term psychological damage or even death of vulnerable children trapped in private adolescent treatment programs. A good portion of Montana residents are pushing for the bill, most of them with victims of what the bill is meant to abloish. Granted, she was absent one Friday when the bill was being discussed. Maybe she was also absent one Friday in civics class when they were discussing the role of legislature.

  6. Brinklee Bailey

    This week my current event is about the demise of Osama bin Laden. He was the man behind all of the attacks that happened on American soil. The man who killed hundreds of people in the 9/11 attacks is now, finally dead. Many people do not realize how big of an accomplishment this is for the Obama administration. All of the people who have doubted his capabilities as a president are now sitting back and realizing all that he can do. In his appearance late last night he declared that justice had been done. The CIA along with the American military cornered Bin Laden and he was then shot in the head, they later buried him at sea. Bin Laden has been the Al Qaeda leader and symbol for almost twenty years. This marks the most significant event to this date. Although he is now dead, this does not mean that Al Qaeda will stop attacking the U.S. American leaders see this as more of a symbolic death then just an accomplishment.

    I think that this is a wonderful accomplishment for the American people. Now that we have eliminated the brains of the operations and attacks that have been happening, we can now start some type of reform to get everything back to normal. This means more troops can start coming back home and the war can slowly start to lessen. Many American families can have their family members back and start to live new lives. I also give applause to the Obama administration because he took the initiative and made a plan to find and kill Bin Laden and executed it with efficiency.

  7. Leila Doerfer
    Period 6

    It appears that children that have their tonsils removed are at a higher risk of becoming overweight. Each year more than half a million children have their tonsils removed. At first this doesn't seem like the two could be connected at all. Normally tonsils are removed because they have become enlarged after multiple infections. One theory is that enlarged tonsils make it hard to swallow, which causes the child to eat less. Once their tonsils are removed their appetites return. Even though no one knows how to explain how the two are linked together, there are studies that show a link between the surgery and weight gain.
    At first i though the connection between these two things seemed very disconnected but now i can see how they could be related. Now i do believe that having the surgery gives those children a higher chance of becoming overweight. However i feel like the reason they gave doesn't seem like it is the only factor contributing to the weight gain. I don't know what another connection could be between these two things but i do not think that the one they gave is the only one. I think scientists should continue to look into this and find out exactly what the connections are.

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    This article talks about the reason for Bin Ladens' sea burial. On Monday a sea burial was arranged according to Islamic custom, but some objected that he should have been buried on land instead. Akbar Ahmed, the chairman of the Islamic studies department at American University argued that the grave on land could easily turn into a shrine for Bin Ladens' followers. American defense officials also said they found no country willing to take the body for a land burial in time to satisfy Islamic custom, which requires a burial within 24 hours after death. After Bin Ladens' death, military forces transferred the body to North Arabian Sea, shortly after 1 a.m. The body was washed according to Islamic custom, placed in a white sheet, then inside a weighted bag and “eased into the sea,” said the official.

    At first I was surprised when I heard about how Osama was given a sea burial. When I first heard about it I thought he was simply tossed out to sea. But when I think about it I can see why American officials decided to respect his body and gave him a proper Islamic sea burial. Since he's apart of a wealthy family, and disrespect to his body could be used as motivation for the Al-Qaida forces. I also agree with sea burial, the Islamic prophet also said that he didn't want his grave to be something for the people to worship, so it was kept hidden. But because of the sea burial people will make speculations about whether he's really dead or not.

  10. On Saturday night, an airstrike in Tripoli killed Libyan leader Muammar el-Qaddafi's son, Seif al-Arab Muammar el-Qaddafi, along with three of his grandchildren. The strike was part of a NATO campaign to force Qaddafi out of power. Although the country's leader survived the attack, the spokesman for his government,Moussa Ibrahim, called it "a direct operation to assassinate the leader of this country,” something that is illegal under international law. The United States and NATO deny such claims, but will continue to do all they can to oust Qaddafi from his position at the top of the government of Libya.

    I find it interesting that Osama bin Laden was killed just as all this conflict in Libya is escalating. Now that bin Laden is gone, I wonder if Qaddafi will become public enemy number one for the American people. It seems like conflicts can never end, new ones just get started. Osama bin Laden may be dead, but terrorism and corruption aren't. There are still dictators out there, like Qaddafi, who have ruled their countries with iron fists for far too long. Although I don't think that assassination is the right way to go about it, I think that we can't celebrate the death of bin Laden until people like Qaddafi have been removed from power.

    Kendall Simms 6th pd.

    The analysis of the brain of a former football player yielded troubling results for anyone involved in the sport. Earlier this year, Dave Duerson took his own life and left behind a note saying that he wanted his brain to be studied for evidence of a disease that affects football players. Upon further examination of his brain scientists found traces of a disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy. CTE has effects similar to those of dementia and is commonly found in athletes who suffer multiple head injuries. 14 of the 15 players being studied have shown CTE within their brains and all have suffered several concussions or sub concussive blows to the head. Duerson suffered about 10 known concussions during his NFL career. Family members say he was often disoriented, dizzy, and prone to massive headaches after games. Researchers are starting to see the disease more and more in athletes. They have even seen an 18 year-old with evidence of CTE.

    As a football player, this article was especially personal to me. The permanent effects of concussions aren’t as prevalent in high school players, which is why they’re generally just shrugged off. I’ve experienced my fair share of ear ringing hits and have been taught to just shake them off ever since I started back in elementary school. The NFL has even taken measures to limit overly violent collisions in games due to the emergence of these new findings that prove just how much damage they can do. I’m glad that we’re finally exploring this so that we can prevent something that can essentially kill an athlete. Although I think it is never an option for someone to kill themselves in the name of science for a cause that has the potential to be cured as CTE does.

    Eric Plevy

    A voice recorder has been found within the wreckage of Air France flight 449. The crash landing into the ocean occurred nearly two years ago, and these voice recordings may hold retrievable information regarding the reasons for the crash. It has been unclear as to why the plane had crashed. Although this had taken place during stormy weather, many other flights were around the same area around the same time as the crash. All other planes were able to fly through safely. Air France considers this an accomplishment when others suspect that the data is not retrievable due to the pressure and corrosive salt water that the voice recorder endured. The reasons may still be unknown as to why this aircraft had literally dropped vertically out of the sky.
    In my opinion, if this information was found now, there should have been no reason for Air France to have found this promptly after the crash. The data may not be retrievable under the conditions it had endured. It may be a good sign that teams are still searching for information, but this still should have been found initially after the crash. This article may not seem important, but it is extremely important since the model of the aircraft that crashed may exist within all models and may need to be repaired to prevent incidents such as this. Aircraft are typically thoroughly inspected, but problems within certain aircraft have been missed or ignored, such as in the Concord line which was later canceled. Hopefully the data will be readable to obtain possible information. However, if it is not readable, Air France is to blame since this, in my opinion, proves a lack of effort after the crash first occurred.


    Federal officials say that the DNA tests for recently killed Osama bin Laden was a confirmation of his identity. They will not disclose who's DNA they used in the testing, but it is likely that they used DNA from a parent of a child of Bin Laden. Officials say that they have collected DNA samples from Bin Laden's relatives since the 9/11 attack, and since the human genome is so similar, DNA testers must use "junk DNA", genetic information not used in the coding of brain, muscle, and bone, to match up short strings of identical nucleotides. If officials did not use genetic information from Bin Laden's children or parents, they could have used DNA from his fifty half-siblings.

    I believe in the DNA results of our national officials. It's amazing to see how far we've come in the field of genetic research and identification. The often precise and accurate ways of testing have not only helped us be more sure of Bin Laden's identity, but it has cracked down on crime and reunited families across the country. I am very curious as to whose DNA the officials actually used in identifying and 99.9% confirming Bin Laden's identity. It's not everyday that a person on America's Most Wanted is killed, and it's very intriguing to have been a part of the world that witnessed it.

    Jessica Gao
    6th Period

  14. Hannah Blackburn
    7th period

    In the Canadian elections this week, the Conservatives won the majority of the seats in Parliment, with 167 seats of 308. The New Democrats became the new oppsosition party, winning 102 seats. The Liberals were the opposition before the election, but they won only 34 seats. The Liberals were the main party when my mother was growing up in Toronto. Now, their leader has resigned and they have hit a recent low in seats held in Parliment. Before the elections, the Liberals and the Conservatives formed a minority government, but now the Conservative's leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is running a majority government. This will allow him to easily pass his legislature and allow him to push a right-wing agenda. However, he has said that he will not push unpopular bills through.

    If I were Mr. Harper, I would press my agenda while I had the chance. I would also spend time advertising my ideas so that people would be used to my ideology and would expect me to pass more right-wing bills. Personally, I don't really agree with some of the right-wing ideas, but I think Mr. Harper's best route would be to push his advantage. The New Democrats is a rising party and could threaten his party's majority next election regardless. Inaction will not make people more likely to vote for him, it will make them upset. I want a government that takes action to improve my quality of living. Mr. Harper should go out and make things happen instead of sitting around and reacting to whatever life throws at him.

  15. Since December, ten sets of human remains have been found buried . In addition, eight other sets of human remains were found in Suffolk county (the county next to Nassau). Police continue their search for bodies and remains along Long Island following the discovery of even MORE remains connected to a possible serial killer. Suffolk county's police commissioner, Richard Dormer first brought up the possibility of a serial killer in January when the total number of bodies found was only four, and according to Dormer, they were all the bodies of female prostitutes which were buried less than half a mile from one another. In May of 2010, a New Jersey women disappeared near private docks in an upscale section of Oak Beach. Her disappearance prompted the initial search. Any sign of her has yet to be found. All the women all link back to one place, advertising prostitution services on Craigslist.

    This article interests me because my grandfather, who lives on Oak Beach in Long Island, found bones sticking out of a bag while walking down Oak Beach Road. He assumed they were only animal bones, but called them into police anyway, figuring that if there are bones less than a mile where human bodies have been found, the police should know. The police agreed that they only appeared to be animal bones but sent them away to have further tests done to be certain. I definitely don't morally agree with what those women were doing, however it's no ones place to play "God" and decide who dies and who lives. I think it's crazy that one man got away with so many killings and burials, and I think its even crazier that it happened so close to my home town!

    Julie Wulforst
    Period 6


    On Tuesday, May 3, 2011, a mine explosion occurred just outside of Sabinas in northern Mexico. The explosion trapped 14 miners. Rescuers freed 5 of these miners but they had unfortunately already died. This leaves 9 miners still trapped in the mine shaft 60 meters (197 feet) deep. The toxic gases forced rescuers to until the gases had dispersed enough to be able to go down there. The explosion caused many serious injuries such as a 15 year old boy who had to be taken to the hospital and had both of his arms amputated. This mine had only been in operation for 20 days and there were 25 workers who were not unionized. The Coahuila state civil protection agency has sent 16 rescuers down in the mine to recover the rest of the miners. Mexican President Felipe Calderon said, "We are praying that they are alive, and we are working and doing everything possible that is within our reach to rescue them," The cause of the explosion is still unknown, however it is being investigated.

    I think this is a very scary situation especially because it brings back memories of the Chilean miners who were trapped a few months ago. It is a very delicate situation because the way the mine exploded, causes problems with the efforts to save them. It is really sad that 5 of the 14 miners have already died. I hope they are able to save the rest of them and keep them alive.

    Laura Musalem
    period 6


    This Sunday, President Obama announced the killing of Osama Bin Laden by Navy Seals in Abbottabad, Pakistan. It was on Friday morning that Obama gave orders for Navy Seals and C.I.A. operatives to strike on the compound where Bin Laden was hiding. For years, people thought that Bin Laden was hiding in a remote region near the Afghan-Pakistani border, but Bin Laden was really hiding in a large compound in the medium sized city of Abbottabad, just an hour's drive from Pakistan's capital, Islamabad. During operation, one of the helicopter's had to make a sudden, rough landing, but no Americans were harmed during the strike. Gunfire broke out at the compound and when Bin Laden was found, he resisted, and was shot to death.

    I feel that this is great news, and a great step by America in the fight against terrorism. Osama Bin Laden was the leader of Al Qaeda and the man behind the 9/11 attacks. Although Bin Laden's death wont bring about the many people who died on 9/11, I still feel better knowing that the man who caused it all isn't just walking around free somewhere. The death of Bin Laden also looks good for the Obama administration who never gave up in the search for Bin Laden, even after the previous administration couldn't find him for 7 years. In my opinion, after ten years, justice has finally been served.

    Brady Strine
    6th period

  18. Civics and Econ
    Basirul Haque,0,633321.story

    This article talks about the very recent election in Canada that happened this week. The election was quite intense and got pretty close but Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party got elected as the new Canadian prime minister. It was a sudden surge for the Democrat that practically came out of nowhere. Harper says that his political middle ground is being hard on crime, low on taxes, and defending Canada’s public healthcare system. Canada doesn’t really have a two party system, there are multiple parties and Harper won with only getting 40% of the vote, the reason being that the two parties that are very liberal split a big chunk of the vote and cancelled each other out allowed for the Conservative party to win.
    When I first saw this article I was pretty surprised, Canada had a very serious government, prime minister and everything. I kind of actually thought there was no real complex government with branches/ parties and that everybody was just really good friends, and nice so it all worked out for them BUT apparently no, they have an election process that lasts about eight weeks.
    The thing I found really fascinating is that the winner won with only 40% of the vote, to put that into American perspective its like saying that the third party won because the republicans and democrats agreed on a lot of things but some people wanted to vote for the ‘bigger parties’. This story is just so interesting to me because Canada’s politics is very interesting 40% winning it all…., I learned lots of cool stuff that I didn’t no happened because nothing much seems to really happen in Canada… I will research some more about Harper and the Canadian election and party system, I do like what Harper stands for though I wish him good luck and hopefully Canada will be a better place than it already is… if that’s possible.

  19. Norman Archer
    Account Tells of One-Sided Battle in Bin Laden Raid

    President Barack Obama has decided not to release photos of Osama Bin Laden’s corpse. The Commander in Chief stated that the images would incite violence against Americans and would do little to persuade skeptics of Bin Laden’s death. In a strong state the President said, “We don’t think that a photograph in and of itself is going to make any difference. There are going to be some folks who deny it. The fact of the matter is, you will not see Bin Laden walking on this earth again.”

    I think that this decision is a good one. I think that is would be unwise to release the photo for two reasons: it would glorify the murder of another human being and it would cause hatred towards the US. No matter who a person may be or what they have down, it is never right to celebrate death. Take joy in the fact that we have decreased threats against our country. Be glad that a terrible man can no longer work his evil across the world. How would Americans feel if al Qaeda released photos of murder soldiers? In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”


    Based on the scores of the national civics examination released on May 4, 2011, it was seen how students lack in the knowledge of civics. Less than half of eighth graders do not know the purpose of the Bill of Rights, and one in 10 knows about how the checks and balances of the three branches of government work. Also, about 75% of the seniors who took the test do not know about the effects of US foreign policy on other nations and the powers granted to Congress by the Constitution. This test was given to 27000 4th, 8th, and 12th graders to test their knowledge in civics. The test is a 300 point test, but the average score of the 4th graders was 157. However, this is an improvement from 2006 when the average score was 154. The eighth graders average test score was 151 which are about the same as it was in 2006. The 12th graders score dropped from 151 in 2006 to 148. Former Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor says, "Today's NAEP [National Assessment of Educational Progress] results confirm that we have a crisis on our hands when it comes to civics education." Justice O'Connor is the founder of which is a nonprofit organization that teaches civics through games and other tools.

    It surprised me how poorly the students did on the civics examination. I would think that civics would be a mandatory course in all schools, and I remember learning some civics in elementary school. This being said, the students really shouldn't be scoring that badly on that civics examination. Civics is pretty straightforward. What really surprised me were the scores for the 12th graders. The low scores for the 4th and the 8th graders are understandable since they are just learning and what not. However, the 12th graders have no excuse. They would have studied civics many times now including once in high school like us. It just doesn't make any sense to me. I also had no idea that there was a website designed by former Justice O'Connor. It looks like it would be a very helpful to all of us, civics students.

    Jenny Jin
    7th period


    Earlier this week, Osama bin Laden was killed by a team of Navy Seals during an organized raid against a compound in Pakistan. After news like this, many people are celebrating the event as a form of closure to the September 11th attacks almost a decade ago. However, many critics and conspiracy fans believe that the death was faked and that bin Laden is still alive. Due to this fact, many are calling for pictures of bin Laden’s death to be released to the public. However Obama, along with much of his Cabinet, has ultimately decided against releasing photos due to their highly graphic nature, as well as it not being in the best interest of national security.

    I believe that Obama made the right decision in not releasing the death photos. Releasing the photos could appear as if Obama was gloating over his victory. It could “inflame jihadists” which would further worsen the war on terrorism. White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters “It is not in our national security interest…to allow these images to become icons to rally opinion against the United States.” White House officials also stated that releasing graphic images of the death of bin Laden could incite more violence. This move not to release the photos shows Obama taking the “high road” and not reveling in his success.

    Zach Visco
    May 5, 2011
    Period 6


    Riley Hutchison
    7th period

    Last Thursday Claude Stanley Choules, who was the last known surviving combat veteran from WWI died at the age of 110. He has 3 children who are still alive, Daphne, Anne and Adrian. Claude was born on March, 3 1901 in Pershore, Worcestershire. He was one of 7 children. One month after turning 14 (1917) he joined the battleship HMS Revenge, and he later witnessed the surrender of the German High Seas Fleet. He recalled witnessing "a fleet of ships surrendering without a shot". Eventually Claude settled in Australia, where he served in the Navy until he retired in 1956. During WWII he was the acting torpedo officer in Fremantle, Western Australia and chief demolition officer. At the age of 108 he published his first book. He was inspired after taking a creative writing class. He later became a pacifist, refusing to march in parades commemorating the wars that made him famous. Even when he turned 100 he was still active, and kept dancing up until a few years ago.

    It takes a special kind of person to live to 110, write a book at 108, fight in both world wars, and become a pacifist. Claude did all of these things, and managed to resist the temptation of fame. He refused to march in parades commemorating the wars that made him famous. It doesnt make sense to me that you can spend your entire life fighting in different wars, and in the end say that you want absolutely nothing to do with war at all. It paid his bills all his life, and made it possible for his children to have the lives that they did. Im sure that he had a good reason for giving it all up, but i dont understand why. Also he fought at the age of 14! Now you have to be 17(with parental consent) or 18 (without parental consent) to enlist. Three or four years makes a pretty big difference. He made history for simply living longer than any other veretan, and he gave it all up. Also he devoted his life to one thing, a military career. Now we seem to jump from job to job, and it might be better to pick one thing and stick with it.


    Now that the "Birther" movement has died down, a new movement of conspiracy theorists has filled its place. The "Deather" movement, a group of individuals who don't all agree on the details of May 1st, but all seem to agree that Osama was not killed on th at day. Some think that Osama was killed years ago, but it was just unreleased. Others think that he was captured on May 1st, and is now being interrogated in custody. Still, others think that the man killed was not in fact Osama, but a double. Some believe the story was released in order to take the "Birther" movement out of the limelight, which is ridiculous.

    I find myself disappointed by some of what people in my own country will believe. These conspiracy theorists don't deserve half the publicity they get. They are just making America as a whole seem like a paranoid nation filled with lunatics who don't believe a single thing that the government says. They cannot be contented with anything at face value, and must find a way to see below the surface and expose the "truth" of anything that happens. Besides, if all the other nations think we are all crazy, no one will want to trade with us:)

  24. Researchers have recently discovered that the Japanese language dates back to about 2,200 years ago with the arrival of the agriculture-based Yayoi people. Previously it had been assumed that the language stemmed from the Jomon hunter-gatherers that lived on the island of Japan beginning 30,000 years ago. The rice-growing Yayoi emigrated from the Korean peninsula, but before that, their origin is uncertain. This finding which shows the agricultural culture’s language dominating the hunter-gatherer culture’s language has repercussions for the history other regions’ ancient languages. The theory suggests that the Indo-European family of languages, including English, grew from the expanding of farming territory of farmers from the Middle East about 8,000 years ago. This discovery could also have effects on the modern Japanese identity. During World War II, the Japanese emphasized their Yayoi link with Korea to justify the annexation of the peninsula. After the war, they stressed their Jomon roots to distance themselves from Korea. Now that this information about the similarity in the two languages has been found, it is not known how people will react to the connection.

    I think that it is amazing that the researchers can figure out the exact people to whom a language belonged thousands of years after the fact. The blending of languages and cultures is interesting, because it allows peoples to keep the best parts of their culture and throw out the worse parts. Sometimes the way they mix seems completely random. English is a good example of a language which has come from many places. There are roots in the romance languages and Germanic pieces as well. I find it interesting that the agricultural peoples dominate the hunter-gatherers in language. I suppose it makes sense, because a farm-based society must use language more often and in more specificity than one that hunts and gathers. The hunters and gatherers still contributed other aspects of culture, however. Forty percent of Japanese culture is attributed to the Jomon people.

    Chiara Salemi

    This week my current event is about the death of OSAMA Bin Laden and what his death had mean to the USA. President Obama called it "the most significant achievement to date" in the effort to defeat al Qaeda. Bin laden was located at a compund in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Which happended on sunday. A small team of Americans carried the operation. which one of the dead was Osama, and four other men. That were in the compund with him at the time. DNA testing confirmed that it was bin Laden. His body was dumbed into the sea right after his death. No one knew he were he was for like six years. Eeverone thought he was hideding inside a cave or something but inside a compund.
    To me his death has really not ment anything. But he was also the head of the (9/11) project which killed alot of people. I guess they had been looking for him for so long. I really cant believe there could be peolpe like that. that would kill a lot of peolpe just because they want to.


    The news broke at 11 a clock on Sunday and transformed individual citizens into a jubilant and unified country. The announcement that Osama Bin Laden had been killed sent americans swarming into the streets, celebrating and chanting USA USA USA. Since September 11 2001, counter terrorist units have been combing the globe looking for the Al Qaeda leader. When it finally happened, the rejoicing nation’s eyes fell upon the group who finally accomplished this long sought after goal. They were an elite division of the Navy Seals called Seal Team 6. Although the size of the entire team is classified, 79 men were in the specific group to locate and kill Bin Laden. In the end, 24 men stormed Osama’s compound and one of the killed him in his third story bedroom. These select seals go through rigorous and brutal training to become a part of the Seal Team 6, including a week of nonstop running and swimming where they get a total of 4 hours of sleep. Each training camp gets more and more selective to create the All Star Team assigned to the most crucial tasks. This force was also responsible for locating criminals in Bosnia, shooting three somali pirates holding americans hostage, and fighting in some of the worst battles in Afghanistan. The mission only had a 60 to 80 percent certainty and was an extremely classified and dangerous task. The overwhelming majority of the nation has no doubt that the seal who shot Osama had done the right thing.

    When I heard Monday morning that Osama Bin Laden had been killed I was relieved and my thoughts went to the families of the victim’s of the attacks on September 11th. With the leader of the attack that killed their loved one’s finally dead, many probably felt that justice had been served. Across the country, people were in awe of the leadership of President Obama and courage of the Seal Team 6 who landed at Bin Laden’s compound and killed him. Because this elite group is so secretive, these heros will not announced and will not march in any parades or celebrations. I, along with millions around the world, am satisfied that this individual who installed so much horror and terror in America is finally dead.

    Maria Miggs

  27. Jay Htut

    Specially trained Military Dogs, either a German Shepherd or a Belgian Malinois, aided U.S. Navy Seals in the operation to eliminate Osama Bin Laden. Military Dogs are very useful, and when trained right, can perform various helpful tasks. These task include detecting hidden Explosives, found a secret room, sniff out a hidden suspect, and/or conduct a search and patrol. In many ways, Dogs can be used in many military situations. Because of their willingness, sophistication, and courage, Dogs are an ideal companion for special force troops during operations. In addition, Dogs can perform task that may compromise the life of a human. Dogs have proven themselves over and over again that they can be very useful. In this operation, Military dogs helped eliminate the most notorious terrorist leader in the world, and has helped bring the world to a better place.

    This article made me smile. It amazes me how loyal and brave these dogs can be. They can be very useful in many situations, including dangerous operations. However, they also make great pets for anyone willing to take care of them. Hopefully, Dogs will continue in aiding U.S. forces around the world to help make the world a better place.

  28. Thomas Nguyen
    5.5.11 Period 7

    The Pakistani military has agreed to investigate how Osama Bin Laden, who was the world's most coveted man before this week was living in plain sight in Pakistan. Intelligence agencies have questioned 11 people about Bin Laden's compound. 3 women and 9 children who were in the compound during the raid. The owners of the house Bin Laden was staying in for a couple of years were Arsad and Tareq Khan. Neighbors claim that they were either brothers or cousins. Investigations show that they were living under fake names and identities. Arsad led American officials to Bin Laden; he was in the Al-Qaeda group and was known as Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti. Within the previous years, Afghan and Pakistani officials pointed out to the CIA that the compound was a possible place where Bin Laden or other Al-Qaeda members were.

    This could be a good sign for the relationship between Pakistan and the US which is deteriorating. Some US officials blame Pakistan for allowing Osama Bin Laden to live in plain sight. They accuse Pakistan of helping him keep a low profile which is a serious accusation. The relationship between Pakistan and the US is becoming more strained. It is possible we could become enemies with them in the future. Right now, Pakistani officials are trying to figure out how Osama Bin Laden went into Pakistan without anyone seeing him. The questioning into the villagers could lead us to find more Al-Qaeda members. Whatever happens, everyone wants to find out how Osama Bin Laden came to live there.

  29. Of course, just as any other big event that happens, there are conspiracy theories that come along with it. After the death of Osama bin Laden that happened earlier this week, four main conspiracy theories have popped up in the media. The first theory is that bin Laden is not actually dead. Many people refuse to believe that he was killed unless they have hard-cold proof. The second conspiracy idea that has been floating around is that Obama made up the whole thing so that he could get re-elected. Some people believe that President Obama made up the whole thing so that more people would vote for him in the next election. The third is that Osama bin Laden has already been dead for a while now, but the government has just decided to release it. These people believe that his body was buried at sea so that no one would be able to find out more about when he was actually killed. The last theory is that bin Laden was never even behind the whole terrorist attack. These people believe that 9/11 was staged by Bush.

    I personally think these theories are ridiculous. People always have to make stuff so complicated! People, people, people, and just accept the fact that Osama bin Laden is dead. I don’t get why we have to think of all these ridiculous theories, especially the last one. The fact that some people think September 11 was staged is so wrong. It is disrespectful to our country and those who suffered in the accident to say that it never happened. Bin Laden is dead and we need to accept this. I respect that people are being creative and o think they should believe what they want, but sometimes we just have to be realistic.

  30. When you first think of armadillos, you think of those funny armored creatures that normally end up as road kill on the side of a Texas road. You do not think of an awkward biblical disease that deforms human extremities but sure enough a link was formed between armadillos and leprosy. Each year, about 100 to 150 people are diagnosed with Hansen’s disease, otherwise known as leprosy, and most of those people live in Texas and Louisiana. The armadillo population also lives there and is almost perfectly designed for the bacteria. Armadillos are warm-blooded, live for about ten years and have relatively weak immune systems. The bacteria take about two years to cultivate and it takes five years after that for symptoms to show. The fact that armadillos are not the smartest of creatures is a major plus for the bacteria because that means they are more susceptible to spreading the disease. Almost 20% of the South’s population of armadillos has this condition and almost all are suspected to die from it. There are 3,600 people in the United States with this condition however this isn’t a serious problem to worry about. Only 5% of humans are susceptible and if contracted, it is easily treated with medication.

    I find it ironic that such a strong-looking animal is so vulnerable to such a weak disease. The fact that 20% of the South’s population of armadillos will die from this is quite saddening. On the other hand, the study said that a higher percentage armadillos are killed from cars than leprosy so maybe people should slow down on the road. It also said that you must come in contact with the creature many times in order to contract the disease. Armadillos are normally very shy so as long as you don’t chase them constantly, I’m pretty sure the human population will be fine.

    Sorry it’s a little weird...

    Jenny Vaughn
    Period 6


    Today President Obama visited Ground Zero to honor those who died in the 9/11 attacks and meeting survivors, saying "When we say we will never forget, we mean what we say." For Obama, this day was about the importance of being in New York in the aftermath of the killing of Osama bin Laden. Many New Yorkers were happy to see the president. Obama said the pursuit of bin Laden showed their commitment and desire to bring the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks to justice. Obama talked about the fact that the 9/11 victims had not been forgotton, among other things, while visiting Ground Zero.
    Obama's personal visit to Ground Zero was a huge emotional uplift for the citizens of New York. New York suffered the most in the 9/11 attacks, so they were estatic when they heard the news of bin Laden's death. Many onlookers said this was the most proud they felt about being an American. This hopefully will bring the country together even more strongly and will not break apart.

    Mark Stouffer
    Period 7


    In the last week, claims of unemployment have steadily rose to more than 474,000. Economists are puzzled as to what may be causing this huge rise in rates in such a small period of time. Some believed the Japan earthquake caused many workers in the automobile industry to lose their jobs. This would cause them to claim unemployment and raise the numbers. However, this was not the issue at hand. The real cause behind this rise in unemployment was due to New York spring break. During spring break, many school workers, such as custodians and cafeteria workers, are capable to file for unemployment. The government usually compensates for this, however, this time it was not done. With many school workers claim unemployment, the numbers rose greatly, putting the unemployment rate up even more.

    This is extremely important because if these kinds of things are not compensated for, it is possible for them to drastically effect important numbers and rates. By not having the correct rates of unemployment, it can cause us to not know the actual numbers for this statistic. Unemployment has a huge effect on a country's economy. By not knowing the actual amount of unemployed people in a country, it can be very detrimental to many different things. As well, this shows us that it is very important to keep in mind external factors that can effect such rates. By making sure we account for these external factors, we can be more accurate when measuring important statistics, especially unemployment.

    Cole Shoup
    Period 7

  33. (the second website is a Chinese website)

    Since this seems to be a very critical issue, so I decided to see the altitudes and perspectives of both countries. The Chinese artists Ai Weiwei has been detained for more than a month, and the Chinese government has never given any satisfactory answers about his whereabouts, but there might be a clear explanation for his conditions and the charges against him coming soon. Ai weiwei is detained for some unknown reasons that are still being finding out. However, his exhibition of his Zodiac Heads, or Circle of Animals, at the Pulitzer Fountain outside the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, was still proclaimed open on Wednesday morning. Those heads represented his absence, read from his blog; those heads are recreated and re-imagined for the original bronze zodiac heads in Yuanmingyuan of Beijing; they were rubbed by British and French troops during the Second Opium War in 1896, which is an event of Chinese national humiliation. Some of the bronze heads have been bought from Britain and France once China have got the financial ability, but his new creation on those heads are being against by the Chinese government for some reasons about freedom of art, and he may will be charged for a financial crime.

    That's why I feel a bit angry about it, that Chinese government did not show the reason why Ai Weiwei is detained but just for "some reasons" or "something"---they should give the clear evidence and proof once they confirm a crime or charging on him. Even though I'm not an artist, I do not see any evidence on the bronze heads that he made have anything to against to, but if he is using his work to express his feelings and new altitude of art, that's totally fine. Based on the freedom of speech (this can be counted as a silent speech)in the Bill of Rights, he definitely has the right to express himself in his art. However, Chinese government has the different policy and decision. But I like a saying: “Without freedom of speech there is no modern world, just a barbaric one.”.

    Jessica Yin
    7th period

    Alex Grosskurth
    6th period
    Today oil dropped to under 100 dollars a barrel for the first time in over two months. This drop was from 108.8 to 99.8 a barrel. This is a massive drop and most economists think this is a bad sign for oil. They think that this drop is too large, it shouldn't drop 12% this quickly. According to economist this drop means that oil is going to rise again. Apparently the dollar also gained value. The labor department got new data showing that joblessness increased but they predict that unemployment will decrease. The market is beginning to go back to normal according to most economists. Prices in other countries decreased for oil as well.

    I believe this is both good and bad for the economy. Lower gas prices are good for short term goals, but in the long term this might hurt the economy. The price for gas shouldn't drop this much in such a short time, but it did. The economy does look like its shaping up to be stronger, but these trends can change easily. Increasing jobs and employment would help the economy tons. More money in the economy would help stimulate it. Lower prices won't help as much as job creation. I think we should focus on job creation and the Labor Department seems to be set in the right direction.

  35. Kate Boyd
    pd 7

    In the recent hacker attacks on Sony's Playstation Network and Sony Online network, many user's personal information was stolen, including names, addresses, etc. There's also a possibility that credit card information and billing history was stolen as well. Playstation Network has around 77 million users, so this caused a lot of outrage. Now, Sony believes they've found hints that the hacker group 'Anonymous' was responsible for this. Anonymous says that they did not launch these attacks as a group, but individuals in the group may perhaps have had a part in it. Anonymous is known for hacking high-profile sites like MasterCard or Egyptian government websites.

    I think it's a good thing Sony finally has an idea of who launched these attacks. It's kind of freaky to know that your information isn't safe, even with a company like Sony. I hope that they can improve their security, and other companies take measures to do so as well. I haven't heard anything about credit card information stolen in this event being used yet, and I hope it stays that way.


    America has been living in a celebratory high since the recent death of Osama bin Laden. It is interesting to note that the most intense celebrations have been occurring amongst high school and college age students, an age group that is often overlooked during politically significant events. College students gathered outside of the White House, smoking cigars and belting out Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA”. In Boston, students croweded the Common; at Ohio State, students jumped into the Mirror Lake in victorious celebration. This generation has been largely impacted by the 9/11 terrorist attacks because of how young they were when the attacks occurred. At the ages of 15 and 16, a terrorist attack served as an unforgiving wake-up call to the evil in the world. Many claim that the 9/11 attacks gave them a newfound patriotism that was enforced by parents, teachers, and every September 11th anniversary. In addition, these students grew up with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, both of which were related to the terrorist attacks carried about by bin Laden.

    I have seen bin Laden’s death all over Facebook. There are countless statuses addressing his death in victory and celebration. The 9/11 terrorist attacks really shook students’ belief in the security of the US at a very young age; consequently bin Laden’s death is definitely considered a triumph. However, it is still important to note that college age students are comparatively young and naïve, oftentimes viewing things as “black or white”. Bin Laden’s death is a victory, but its consequences are not yet taken into consideration. There has been discussion concerning how terrorist groups will respond and security precautions have been executed.

    Maria Yao, 6th


    Andrew Cohen
    7th period

    Google was named the most reputable company in the United States on Tuesday, as shown by a Harris Interactive poll. More than 30,000 people were surveyed with the ultimate goal of identifying the 60 most visible companies in the U.S. and rating them on 20 basic criteria such as financial performance, social responsibility and leadership. A score of 80/100 is considered excellent on the Harris Interactive “reputation scale”. Google received a score of 84.5, topping a list dominated by technology companies. Other notable technology companies in the top ten were Apple (5), Intel (6), and Amazon (8). AIG had the lowest reputation ranking with a score of only 47.8. With AIG, on the bottom of the list were mostly insurance and oil companies.

    This article is important because it is about which U.S. companies have the best reputation. This relates to economics because if a company has a good reputation, it becomes much easier for them to expand and flourish financially because naturally people support companies that are reputable. I am not very surprised that technology companies top this list. I figured that since lots of jobs are opening up and being filled in the technology field people would think highly of those jobs. So many people rely on Google on a daily basis that it is hard to view them in a negative light.

  38. This posting is for Leah--

    Recent numbers have shown that there is an increase in the number of cholera patients in Haiti. This growth in numbers brings fear to Haitians because they think they might be on the edge of a severe outbreak in cholera. A medical group based in the United States says this outbreak might be due to the soon arriving rainy season. The reason the rainy season helps cholera outbreaks is because the rain helps spread the disease. There has been an increase in cases of cholera all across Haiti, from the countryside and in big cities. The town where most of the first patients of this recent outbreak started has seen the amount of patients triple in the past few weeks.

    Seeing as cholera is a very serious disease that kills many, this situation going on in Haiti needs to be stopped now. This outbreak has already killed many people just imagine if this gets to full-strength, how many people it will end up killing. I think that we, as in the United States, need to send more doctors down there to treat people. Also we could send more medicine so that these doctors can not only look at these victims of cholera but also treat them and try to rid them of this awful disease. Also with this new rainy season knocking on their door this will make the disease spread so much faster but if people start getting serious about it now and preventing it from spreading it might have fewer effects in the future.

    Leah Whitney

  39. Osama bin Laden's death has been the main subject in our new because we debate if it was really right to kill him. The last time before Sunday we almost got him was in 2007 during the summer. We got information that several Al Qaeda and Taliban volunteers were going to meet in the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan. There were also rumors that bin Laden might be there to hide. While he would be there, he would also rally people to create attacks against the United States and Europe. Our soldiers were so happy to finally have word of his hiding place, so they had to check it out. In 2007, they went to Tora Bora where they said he was going to be. They raided the area and killed several dozen of the militant. They had just missed him. People say he didn't even come to the meeting, and other people say he had just escaped within a few hours.
    Terrorism is a very scary thing, and I'm glad we have our military to protect us from it. People are very happy Bin Laden is dead, but I think it's not over. I'm glad the people of 9/11 in New York City finally get some closer though. The main leader who planned a mass killing is finally dead. Our soldiers have been trying for so long to find Osama Bin Laden, and I'm proud of them for finally finding him. He has been in hiding for about ten years, and it took this long to find him. The 2007 information was very unlucky, but after they got him last Sunday, I don't think we'll see and end to this. I hope our soldiers can be there to protect if something bad happens, such as, retaliation.


    Kim Rubish
    Period 6

    Last year, suspicions spread that U.N. peacekeepers may have brought a cholera outbreak to Haiti. In a 32-page report released on Wednesday, those risky suspicions were proven true. Apparently, the outbreak spread from a U.N. camp, quickly infecting waters used by thousands of Haitian citizens. As of right now, the cholera crisis has killed 4,500 of the 300,000 who are suffering from the disease. While it is widely recognized that the U.N. meant no harm, people hope to see cleaner facilities and more a more careful approach to foreign countries and their immunities in the future. Authorites are now looking into vaccines and plan to take swift and appropriate actions to handle the situation.

    I think this is a terrible situation on both sides. For one, the people of Haiti are dying from a disease that they shouldn't have been exposed to in the first place. On the other hand, the U.N. were trying to do nothing but help, and they ended up making things exponentially worse, which must put a terrible guilt on their shoulders. I believe that situations in other countries and places need to be handled much more carefully and precisely to avoid this kind of accident happening again. I do hope that the epidimic can be halted as soon as possible, and that the deaths will stop.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.


    After the airstrike that was targeted for Colonel Qadaffi last Saturday, scared of the crowds, Turkey closed it’s embassy in Libya Tuesday. This fear is not unheard of seeing that supporters of Qaddafi vandalized the already closed Italian, British, and American embassies. These supporters are angered over the airstrike that left Qadaffi without a son and three of his grandchildren, but missed Qaddafi himself. The Turkish foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, released a statement that assures that Turkey is not going to stop its efforts in Libya. Additionally, Davutoglu explained that security risks were the reason the embassy in Tripoli was vacated. Turkey was in Libya acting as a liaison between the rebels and Qadaffi, though it was unsuccessful, for neither side would cooperate. With long standing history and economics between Turkey and Libya, the decision to leave was seen as a shocking move, possibly even bringing the two sides even farther apart.

    What stood out to me in this article, besides from Turkey’s involvement, was that such power players like Italy, Britain, and the United States were already gone. This really makes me sad seeing as we are supposed to be such a strong and influential country, and we were already gone. This does not make me proud to be an American. Considering the amount of backlash the US has received for not being there for so many countries in the past, I would think that we would have learned from our mistakes. While I do not know the exact reasons we left so early, I think it was a bad move. I would like to think that if this country ever has a horrible leader, that other countries would not pull out so quickly. Are we not setting a bad example? In class we have been learning about the ups and down of the business cycle, about the troughs and expansion. Well, I think Libya is in a political trough, and it is not right at all to let them stay there.

    Jessica Batson


    President Obama announced Sunday night that Osama bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda and the September 11 attacks, was killed in a firefight during an operation he ordered, ending a 10-year manhunt for the world’s most wanted terrorist. American officials were in possession of his body. A team of U.S. operatives launched a “targeted assault’’ on the compound in Abbottabad where months of intelligence work had established that Mr. Bin Laden was living. On Sunday night, crowds gathered outside the White House, cheering, as they waited for the president to confirm the news.

    Im glad that Osama bin Laden has finally been tracked down and put to death. This event has caused many Americans to feel safer in their country, and breathe a sigh of relief. With that said, I still dont understand how people could so blatantly celebrate the death of another human being, een if he may have killed a tremendous amount of people. Also, as a result of this, the removal of troops from Afghanistan can be pursued since bin Laden was the innitaial reason that the US started a war with there in the first place.

    Cerys Humphreys
    7th period


    Gavin Welch

    The Death of Osama Bin Laden, the Terrorist responsible for the 9/11 attacks, has really shown the amazing technology that our military uses. The seal team that killed Bin Laden used state of the art technology to do so. A stealth Helicopter was used to fly above the compound where Osama was observed without him even knowing it. If it was not for the malfunction that forced the seals to evacuate the helicopter, civilians would have never been able to see it. This helicopter was able to avoid pakistan’s air defense. It is said that CIA officials were able to stay in a near by hotel and from behind mirrored glass observe the compound. Using infrared technology and eavesdropping equipment, officials were able to spy on the compound and send images of bin laden’s face back to the US for Confirmation. With lightning speed Seals entered the house and Double tapped Bin Laden. With technology from a florida company, they were able to instantly match Osama’s DNA and confirm the kill.

    First off I think that the death of Osama bin Laden is great news. American troops were finally able to find and kill the most wanted terrorist in the world. But the technology that we have is what made it possible to kill him. These inventions are insane, it’s crazy to think that we have a stealth helicopter that can go unnoticed by and Air Defense system. The instant DNA test that was able to confirm Bin Laden’s death is so high tech. The gadgets that our troops have make these missions possible.

  45. Geoff Thomason - P7 - 5/6/11

    Judy McGrath, the chairwoman and chief executive of MTV Networks is one of the most powerful women in television; or she was until she abrubtly resigned yesterday effective immediately. McGrath had had been behind hits like Jersey Shore, Spongebob SquarePants, and many of the popular, comedic "Today Shows." Many MTV employees and viewers were stunned at the sudden resignation, especially since all of the MTV networks are doing very well. MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon are all riding a surge in ratings. Even though Viacom (the company that owns MTV networks) claims McGrath's resignation was strictly for a search for a new career direction, many executives that worked personally with Ms. McGrath stated that she had been "put into a position to resign" by Philippe Dauman, president of Viacom. Executives said that Dauman made her an offer that would have changed her responsibilities at the company, and that Dauman would be replacing McGrath as Chairman and Chief Executive of MTV Networks.

    I feel that there has to be something more to it than just "a sudden quest for a career change." In fact, I believe the MTV executives over Dauman because their story has more depth and quality and sounds more realistic. Why would she quit her job when she is one of the most powerful women in the Television Industry, especially when almost every show broadcasted is rated higher than past shows in recent years? I bet there are more 'un-released' facts that will help connect the dots even better. I also think that Philippe Dauman might have seen this as an opportunity to take a job that has seen plenty of recent success. If he forced Judy McGrath to resign, in order for him to take control of the successful job, then that is just about as low as it can get. I dont believe in all of those accusations, but i definitely dont believe the 'new career direction.'


    Jackson Wright
    6th period

    This week marked a large achievement for America as our enemy Osama bin laden was killed in his hideout in Pakistan. Rashard Mendenhall is a running back for the steelers but that is beside the point as I am just reflecting on comments he made on twitter earlier this week. Mendenhall made a few tweets about how how people could hate celebrate the death so much of someone they didn't know and also hinted at beliefs that 9/11 was a conspiracy. He also lost endorsements from champion sportswear.

    I believe this mess is just another example of our countries ignorance. People just automatically listen to Bush's story of 9/11 but have not looked into the true story. I am not sure I believe it was a conspiracy but have done my own research and it is certainly a possibility. I do not believe mendenhall deserved all this heat from the media because a conspiracy is certainly a possibility if you look at he facts. The ignorance of these people annoys me and the fact that they are too scared to have their own opinions.

  47. Jose B

    In this article, theyre are explaining how much money Osama has cost the U.S. The expenses that Osama has cost us is mostly in war. There is a lot of money going to injured troops, fighting troop's families. A lot of weapons, ammunition, vehicles, and artillery have been bought and invested in. The transportation, feul, and housing has also cost a lot. One of the biggest expenses was in 9/11 when both twin towers were attacked and destroyed. destroying two tremendously large and expensive building and two planes. This has not only affected the world trade center but also the building around and cost many lives.
    I think its incredable that one man is held responsible for these $3 trillion dollars that has america in debt. though no one knows what will happen if the taliban/ al-qaeda surrenders. will they be forced to pay back the debt? will this re-inact the reaction of germany after world war one? what is to happen with the countries in the war?

  48. Ryan Hegedus
    In commandos' home base, pride is deep and lips are sealed

    The Navy SEAL team that is responsible for killing Osama returned home on Wednesday. The team is planning on keeping a low profile with the help of the town. They plan on not having a public ceremony to honor the men to help with the low profile. The team attempts to be top secret anyway, so secret the military does not acknowledge where the tem calls home in Virginia. If you attempted to spot one of the members on the SEAL team, you might not find it so easy. SEALs don’t maintain the military buzz cut because they sometimes have to be able to blend in on missions. A local nightclub owner said that if a fight broke out, a SEAL wouldn’t be the one breaking it up, but rather leaving the scene quickly so their anonymity would not be compromised. They are secretive and inconspicuous, but for good reason, because they save our nation more times than we would care to know.
    I believe it is a good thing that the SEALs aren’t having public ceremony. They accomplished an amazing feat by killing Osama bin Laden for our country, and as much as we would like to recognize them, it is understandable tat they must remain secret. Personally I would like the have a year-long celebration party for the man who shot Osama, so needless to say I am one of the people that are sad we can’t recognize the man and his team. We can all be happy though, that a tyrant like Osama is dead and will never be able to commit acts like he did on 9/11.