Friday, January 28, 2011

Current event, 2/4

Welcome to the first current event week in the shortest month of the year. Happy February. 
Your current events from last week came from a variety of topics ranging from science and space exploration to economics and human rights conditions...well done! I hope that you learn a lot about your chosen topic and become an expert over the next several weeks. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your findings this week! :)



    Topic: Legislative Branch

    We learned in Civics class that the Webster v. Reproductive Health Services case of 1989 allowed restrictions on state funds on the process of abortion. Currently, the House of Representatives is dealing with the issue of federal financing of abortions; House Republicans are striving to remove control over the funding for abortion "out of the hands of individuals and turn it over to the government." The main bill they want to get passed is the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” bill, which, if passed, is so vague that it could be bent to prevent women who are looking for partial coverage for abortions to get it from their insurance company. Republican House members who have been indifferent toward other bills not only want to pass this particular bill, but also want to prohibit women from using government subsidies to buy abortion insurance. If this bill is to be passed, the only exception to the banning of government financing is through the conception of a child from rape and the endangerment of the mother from pregnancy.

    I disagree with this bill. I don't think that the government wields the power to, in effect, control who can and cannot have an abortion. Not only does it discriminate against socioeconomic statuses; it also symbolically discriminates religions that allow abortions for pregnant women. The majority beliefs of the government regarding abortion should not trickle onto a proposed bill. However, I understand that American citizens paying for their insurance may feel indignant because under current policy, their money can be used to fund abortion, a belief that they may not agree with. There is no easy answer to satisfying the American people, but I don't believe the most rational answer is to place a fist on all attempts at helping those with unwanted pregnancies regain their lifestyle back and achieve their personal, American dreams.

    Jessica Gao
    6th Period

  2. Dow closes above 12,000 for the first time since 2008
    Eric Plevy

    Dow Jones, a business in the manufacturing section, had closed today at 12,040.16. The big deal is that this is the first time since 2008 that Dow had closed above 12,000. Many people speculate that this may be a boost for our economy. For example, David Kelly, the chief market strategist at J.P. Morgan Funds, believes that this “…could boost the psychology of the American investor…” So, although people like David believe that this could boost our economy, others believe we still have a long way to go. Unemployment rates are still incredibly high, and the crisis in Egypt has given them control of the Suez Canal, which is a major key to the transport of oil and tankers. However, this still could be a sign of the revival of our economy.
    I believe that this is, unfortunately, only a temporary ordeal. As mentioned in the article, Egypt has now gained control of the Suez Canal, which could ultimately hurt our economy even more. Only time can really tell if our economy is rebounding. Hopefully though, this will start to give people the idea of investing more and more. Our economy is not magic, it is controlled by people. In my opinion, people should be taking action instead of just waiting for the economy to revive on its own, which it will not. Maybe, as David had stated, this could inspire people to start investing again so we can dig out of this economic rut. It is extremely important to be taking action to help rebound our economy because people will just continue to lose jobs and cause our country to lose money and world-wide power.

  3. Shane Sater
    Topic: Domestic News

    In a recent video, Barbara Bush, daughter of former President George Bush, Jr., contradicted the policies of her father by endorsing gay rights. In the speech, she said, “I am... for marriage equality.” This was of particular political significance because, during his term, her father actually advocated an amendment to the Constitution banning same-sex marriage. Ms. Bush is actually one of an increasing number: children of well-known Republican leaders who feel differently from the previous generation of conservatives on this issue. In fact, Meghan McCain, whose father contended for the presidency in 2008, has openly supported same-sex marriage; Mary Cheney, daughter of the former vice president, is herself lesbian. Brain Ellner, a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign, which seeks to legalize same-sex marriage in New York, says that this issue transcends politics: “No matter what party they belong to, young Americans believe in basic fairness and equality.”
    It is relieving that Ms. Bush and other prominent young Republicans are speaking out for same-sex marriage. Personally, I feel that marriage between any two humans is a basic right. Indeed, gays or lesbians abridge the rights of no one by marrying; not allowing such marriage is a blatant violation of the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Moreover, when states prohibit same-sex marriages, they in effect give support to religions which prohibit homosexuality - thus violating the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment by preferring one religion over another. In summation, I believe that same-sex marriage is clearly a constitutional right. It is refreshing to learn that this has become a bipartisan issue.

  4. Bill Gates made a huge push for the eradication of polio in the former house of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who also had polio. Bill Gates has been going for a big push to diminish polio. He has given $1.3 billion over his donation span. He started donating in 2005 and is now one of the largest donators. He has been donating this money to go towards research but also paying for the vaccinations and vaccinators. He has been paying 2 dollar stipends to go towards giving children in small villages, and slums these vaccinations. He has also been seen giving these said vaccinations to children in Nigerian and India. He gave Asi Ali Zardari, the president of Pakistan 65 million dollars to go towards a new drive starting in Pakistan to get children this vaccine.

    I think that polio is a very dangerous disease that has spread through many countries. The only thing is that I believe that there may be more important illnesses and diseases out there such as AIDS and HIV. I mean maybe if I knew more about polio or had a relation with it, as in a family member of mine or a friend had it, then maybe I would see it as a larger deal. But the thing is no one really talks about polio that I hear of. Yes, I know that this is a bad disease that can cause someone their life but if you think in the huge scheme of things there are bigger problems there should be focus on. I am not saying that we don’t need to pay attention to polio I am just saying that this act of generosity from Bill Gates should spread to others and make then want to help out starving kids in Africa or India or something that will help the world as a whole.

    Leah Whitney

    Kendall Simms 6th pd.

    Jordan Brown’s attorney appealed not to have him tried as an adult in the case involving the murder of his father’s pregnant girlfriend. The lower court determined that Brown is beyond capable of rehabilitation and therefore he must be tried as an adult. According to Pennsylvania law anyone over the age of 10 who has committed a murder or homicide is automatically tried as an adult. Brown is facing a life sentence without parole under these circumstances. Brown’s defense attorney has made it a point that under that restriction, it is extremely hard to downgrade cases like these to juvenile court. Jordan is supposedly the youngest person facing a life sentence without parole in the history of the justice system. The defense is attempting to build a case off of his general lack of understanding in regard to his actions as a part of natural development.

    In order to draw a clear conclusion about this case I would want to know more about Brown’s general attitude towards the girlfriend and his thoughts on the situation. Although if he did murder her, his concept of right and wrong is obviously wrong so he would probably lie. I feel like he shows enough signs of deep remorse about what happened or sadness that indicates his mind is as immature as the defense would like to think, then overturning the decision to try him as an adult should be considered. However, the cold-blooded nature of the case will ultimately overrule any potential decision to send it to juvenile court in my opinion. This is why you don’t give 11 year olds weapons.


    Kepler, a NASA satellite that searches for planets, discovered 1,235 possible planets orbiting around different stars, which triples the number of known planets in our universe. Furthermore, this could potentially triple the number of earth-like planets known in the universe as well, ultimately leading to an increased chance of finding life on other planets. Scientists and astronomers are excited because they believe that they will find find evidence of life on these other planets, even though searches may take years. They have already begun to calculate the mass and density of some of these planets, many of which have masses ranging from two times the mass of Earth to thirteen times. Through further research, however, these "super-Earths" have been considered to have more Neptune-like properties than Earth-like properties.

    I think this discovery is quite extraordinary and well-deserved because scientists, namely astronomers, have been working for decades trying to locate new planets and signs of life. This chance will allow them to research and find out more about these planets and whether life is present on them. I'm not sure whether this discovery was intention or by chance, but I have a feeling that it was just chance. I think it is important for new discoveries and advancements to come from chance because it allows people to keep on hoping. I hope that discovery leads to potential life and planets similar to ours, and I think it will be really to watch this discovery advance and see where it ends up.

    Nicole Chang
    7th period


    Colleen LaRose, the woman who authorities say called herself "Jihad Jane" on YouTube, has changed her mind about fighting government charges that she was plotting to wage violent jihad overseas. She pleaded guilty to all counts Tuesday at a federal change-of-plea hearing in Philadelphia. LaRose was indicted in 2009 on four counts, including conspiring to support terrorists and kill someone overseas. She was allegedly part of a plot to murder Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who outraged some by depicting the prophet Mohammed with the body of a dog in 2007. Five other co-conspirators were allegedly involved, but never named by the government. LaRose also is accused of lying to a federal agent and attempted identity theft.

    I think this woman is absolutely crazy. If she is plotting to start a jihad why would she publicly announce it? This also proves that even the least suspected people of a crime or conspiracy can still be guilty. This is also very scary for the people living around her. Also Lars Vilks, the Swedish cartoonist, who does not deserve to die but should not have made that cartoon even though he knew it would offend people. Our national security has been really on the look out since 9/11. So I think this woman should serve some serious jail time.

    Mike Carney
    period 6

  8. Norman Archer
    Topic: The Middle East
    This article addresses how the situation in Egypt is affecting the entire Arab world. Multiple statements from protesters show Egyptians dissatisfaction with their governments. Men and women of all classes and professions are expressing how they feel. A surgeon is taking time off his clinic to attend to injured protesters, a mother of seven marches so that her children may have a better life than she. All of this commotion has drawn the attention of the entire Arab world. From Saudi Arabia to Syria, Arab nations are looking to Egypt for leadership and guidance. As one protester put it, “I tell the Arab world to stand with us until we win our freedom, once we do; we’re going to free the Arab world”. This really show how determined the citizens of Egypt are to change not only their country but the Arab world as well.
    I think that what the Egyptian people are doing is right. They need to stand up for their rights and refuse to be oppressed. Since they are the focal point of the Arab world, whatever they do will greatly impact the actions of other Arab nations. For this reason, it is important that other countries (like the US, European Nations) help Egypt on its way to a just political system The US needs to reinforce ideas such as personal freedoms and civil liberties so that the world realizes how important they are.


    Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 69, a family practitioner who was not certified in obstetrics, performed illegal late-term abortions, and employed staff members who were not trained medical professionals, was recently charged with eight counts of murder in the deaths of Karnamaya Mongar, 41, a refugee from Nepal, who was given high doses of anesthetic for an illegal abortion performed in 2009 and of seven infants who were born, killed and then stored in Dr. Gosnell’s Philadelphia clinic, the Women’s Medical Society. In this clinic, plastic bags and water bottles holding aborted fetuses were stashed and jars containing the severed feet of babies lined a shelf. When a baby was born, Dr. Gosnell would kill it by cutting into its neck and severing its spinal cord in a process he called “snipping.” In one case, Dr. Gosnell induced labor on a 17-year-old who was 30 weeks pregnant, severed the baby’s spine and kept the body in a shoe box.

    This is probably one of the cruelest, most creepy things I’ve ever come across. I can’t imagine what would possess a person to commit such a ruthless crime. The fact that the purpose of this clinic was not for health, but solely for profit amazes me. I never realized how far people would actually go just for some extra cash in their pockets. I hope this “doctor” receives the punishment he deserves, which in my opinion would be, at a minimum, life in prison.

    Cerys Humphreys
    7th period


    Recently, the former Orange County Sheriff Michael S. Carona entered Colorado federal prison to begin a five and a half year sentence for witness tampering. Corona was convicted of trying to force an assistant of his to lie under oath and to withhold testimony in order to cover up claims of corruption in Carona’s campaign. Carona had achieved the national spotlight as “America’s Sheriff” when he quickly solved a murder case and apprehended the murderer. Now, he has been convicted of accepting almost half a million dollars in cash bribes and using illegal campaign contributions.

    This crime in my opinion was a serious abuse of power. Former Sheriff Carona was a respected member of society and he broke the law. Police Officers and Sheriffs should abide by the law. This offense unfortunately makes me lose some faith in law officers. This is one event, however it is not the only time that a law official has accepted bribes. The Sheriff achieved national spotlight for being a hero and he abused the trust placed in him when he broke the law.

    Zach Visco
    February 2, 2011
    Period 6

    Ryan Rainey

    Gabby Giffords condition is improving everyday according to her husband. It this article it talks of why this even happend and how is Gabby doing. Gabby is making progress according to doctors and that is a great sign of hope. This hope has not been here for several weeks. After the incodint people were wondering if she would live and now it is about how much will she recover. Her husband says he wished this didnt happen but being it did we as a country have to make the most of it. He said we actually can have some benefits. We need to figure the intentiopns of this mad man he said. Although we may never figure it out this tradgedy is what this country needed. We showed we are not properly prepared for in country terrorists. We may be prepared for the ones over seas. He said we need to organize an in country safety. Why did six people have to die including a little girl he wondered. If security was higher around public officials we may have not ever had this happen. That already happend though and the only opptimistic thing is to prepar for the future.

  12. My article this week was about the outbreak in Egypt. As we all know there has been turmoil in Egypt. There have been conflicts between pro and anti government protesters. Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast President Obama prayed for all of the violence happening in the Middle East. He said that in time like these it’s important that they turn to scripture and to what they believe in. He spoke of his upbringing and stated that it was not a religious type of speech but more of a speech of hope. However most American presidents normally attend the Prayer Breakfast.

    I think that the events happening over on the Middle East are terrible. However when the presidents makes speeches like this it gives people a sense of hope and somewhat relief. It’s good knowing that we have a president who is actually in tune with the things happening and how it effects his people. So in times like this it helps to know that our president is handling things .



    The Undiagnosed Diseases Program employs specialists who use the most complex medical tools and genomics to diagnose diseases that doctors have failed to identify. It was started in 2008 and recently diagnosed its first mystery disease. Louise Benge and her four siblings suffered from a condition that hardened their calves and made it extremely painful to walk. Their hands also began to hurt. X-rays showed that the condition was caused by deposited calcium in blood vessels, constricting the blood vessels and allowing very little blood to reach the legs and hands. In addition, the calcium was not reaching the necessary bones. Research at the Undiagnosed Diseases Program pinpointed the genetic mutation that caused this disease, and very probable cures are being tested. Since the diagnosis, nine people have been identified to have the disease.

    I think that the Undiagnosed Diseases Program is an extremely important and impressive program. An undiagnosed disease is perhaps worse than any diagnosed disease, due to the fact that a cure is almost impossible. In addition, undiagnosed diseases are usually very serious and accompanied by painful side effects. Ms. Benge's diagnosis has already provided nine people with the relief of diagnosis, and a cure is currently in the works. I think that this is wonderful thing. Helping people who cannot help themselves is the finest of all acts.

    Maria Yao, 6th


    topic: science

    It's said that plants, like other organisms has a circadian clock that helps them anticipate various environmental and biological threats that occur at precise times of the day. Many of the plants actions such as photosynthesis, fragrance emission and time they bloom are all regulated by this timekeeping mechanism. Researchers reported that genes in certain plants fend off infections with the help of this clock too. 22 genes in the plant Arabidopsis, all connected to the plant's ability to resist infection, were expressed only from the evening onward, and peak at dawn. This timing corresponds with the formation of spores in a fungus-like pathogen that attacks the plants and results in a condition known as downy mildew disease.

    This discovery, to me was very interesting, with this we now understand more about the plants method in defending themselves against pathogens. Maybe we could harness this ability in order to benefit people. It could even be possible to determine the most ideal times for administering medications to people for the maximum effect. If we could accomplish this maybe it'll lead to cures for some diseases.

  15. Stacey Cutrell

    In 2009 there was a huge outbreak of Swine Flu, and it caught everyone of guard because no one had any idea what this was. With all the chaos and spreading, many schools were closed as a result to this. Then there was a deeper study on H1N1 to see the actual cause of spreading. It was said to not be sitting next to a classmate in your class but the close relationships between friends was the reason of the spreading. They noticed this when they were taking data at a semi rural school during the epidemic. The scientists had taken data from 370 students which is 295 homes. Roughly 35 percent of the people had the symptoms of the flu. An interesting fact about swine flu is that most of the people who were affected were fourth graders. As more tests shown, it was more likely for guys to catch it from guys while girls caught it from girls. The states also showed that mostly the age of 6 through 12 had the flu, with a percent of 38. The adults were half as likely to carry the virus. The real question people are asking is whether to close the whole school, or just close the specific grade or age. This is very important, and Americans need to be more aware of possible things like this.

    At the time of the happening, swine flu was a huge problem for the world. No one knew what is really was, so it put us through a stage of worrying. We had no clue what this virus was and how deadly it could be, so even though we went to extreme measures to close the schools, at the time I think it was appropriate to minimize the spreading. Even though it was a horrible time for us, I am glad the United States learned from a new experience. If this ever comes up again, we will know what to do. It's also good that we have scientists looking deeper into it. America needs to be more educated in this field because it is possible dealing with life and death. Since it was effecting mostly young children, it is really important to research and take states so these children can't be harmed.

  16. Civics and Economics
    Basirul Haque
    Topic: crime and stuff like that

    California authorities have recently found the body of Juilani Cardenas in a canal. He was only four years old. A county sheriff believes that Jose Rodrguez, the man who is accused for abducting the boy, is also in the canal. A homicide warrant will be issued to him, and police continue to search for him. Formal identification of the boy’s body will take two to three weeks, because police are not completely sure yet, although there is a strong probability of being correct. The discovery took place near Santa Nella. Juliani’s mother, Tabitha Cardenas, who was Rodriguezs’ boyfriend until five months ago said that “Rodriguez would not purposely drive her son into the water.” The body was found at 7:38 am on Tuesday. Police say that it’s very difficult to find the body of a child and that it has been a very emotional case for everybody. A witness reported that on January 19th he saw a Toyota Carolina going into the water with a man and a kid inside. The car had been trapped in 50 feet of water and was intertwined with two other vehicles, the car was badly damaged. Cardenas said that Rodriguez either wanted to have her son for himself or wanted revenge, but she never would have thought that he would harm him. Cardenas got a call from her mom who said that Rodriguez came by and snatched the boy from her arms.

    This article is just very disturbing and tough to read. The thought of a four year old dieing in such a tragic way is an awful thought. Rodriguez had no right to touch Juliani and if he is found alive then police should enforce heavy punishment on him. Break-ups happen all the time, it is not a reason for taking an innocent kids life as a form of revenge. Reading this article alone is emotional, so I wish Cardenas the best, and I hope she can eventually recover from such a horrible tragedy.

  17. Topic: Politics

    Charlotte, North Carolina has been chosen to host the 2012 Democratic convention. By doing this, Cleveland, Minneapolis, and St. Louis, other runners to host, have been rejected by President Obama to host the 2012 Democratic convention. This is what Mr. Tim Kaine, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee had to say, "We're looking at a expanding map rather than shrinking back to husband our resources and play defense. We were very excited to win North Carolina in 2008. Putting our convention there is a very serious sign that we intend to compete there again." If Charlotte wasn't chosen, St. Louis would most likely have been chosen. They had already hosted four Democratic national conventions. However, the fact that Missouri has been falling out of the reach of the Democrats made it less appealing. Also, it is thought that Missouri won't be one of the major states President Obama will be fighting for. The advantages of North Carolina based on President Obama's advisors are that: "[NC] include[s] a population that is 22 percent black, an influx of new residents because of research and banking jobs, and laws that allow last-minute voter registration. Another advantage is that NC is close to Virginia. The Republican convention is to be held in Tampa, Florida, which was a blue state in 2008.

    I think that it is wonderful that the Democratic convention is being held so close to home. I think that it's especially exciting because our state was a red state for so long (although Chapel Hill is mostly blue). It became barely a blue state in 2008, and in the last election, it went back to red. I am excited to see what color state North Carolina will be in the 2012 election with the Democratic convention being held here. It really does show that President Obama wants to expand his support by trying to reach other states as well as state he already has support from. I think his efforts to try to reach other states will pay off in the end.

    Jenny Jin
    7th period

  18. Jay Htut
    6th period civics and economics

    Topic: Justice and Criminal stuff

    Brisenia Flores, a 9 year old girl, was asleep on her couch. Her parents, Raul Flores and Gina Gonzales, were home when 4 people claiming to be law enforcement invaded the home, and stole valuable possessions. Before they left, the intruders shot Raul multiple times in the chest, ultimately killing him. Brisenia was shot 2 times in the head, killing her instantly. Gina was shot in the leg, but survived the ordeal to give police the description of the intruders. Shawna Forde, the leader of the group, is being held on trial for the murder of Brisenia and Raul Flores. If Forde is found guilty, she will face the death sentence. The other members are being held on trial for their actions.

    I was just stunned after I finished reading this article. How could someone shoot a poor innocent little girl? I hope that Forde will be sentenced to death, because thats what she deserves. In addition, I hope that her accomplices will be convicted as well.

  19. Ariel Gunn
    Period 7
    Topic: Space Exploration (You may need a NY Times login to see this article.)

    NASA has recently issued several grants to companies to help them design shuttles for NASA to use. There was a total of $50 million dollars to be given out and the majority of that ($20 Million) was given to Sierra Nevada Space Systems and the rest was divided between a few other companies, including Boeing as well as SpaceX. NASA will have another competition at the end of March, which $200 million dollars will be given out to the winners. NASA has been forced to do such as this because last year Obama canceled the Ares I rocket, the next generation of our current shuttles.

    I think that its sad and pathetic that our country can't even build our own shuttles anymore, because of the cuts and the program being cut. At this point Russia and China have both just surpassed us in manned space programs because they can currently send people into space while we can't. I feel like it shows that our country doesn't care about science as we say we do and we really should. I feel like we as a people should really be pushing the fact that this is something very important to the government.

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  21. Female doctors are slowly falling behind their male counterparts as far as pay is concerned. Studies have shown that women are paid 17,000 dollars less than their male coworkers. One of the more shocking surprises though is the fact that in 1999, women were only 3,600 dollars behind men. That means that over the last 10 years we have gone south with our advancements. Researchers say that for starting cardiologists, salaries were $228,188 if they were male and $204,671 if they were female. Over half of the medical students are women and one in every three doctors in the US is female. Many professors believe that this is not a sexist movement. Researches have studies that show men are more willing to negotiate their salaries and women are more likely to accept it for what it is. They also say women are more likely to ask for more family-friendly hours in exchange for a slightly lower salary.

    I find it surprising that women have fallen so far behind as far as the medical world is concerned. It is quite irritating that women who are doing the same job as men but on different hours are being paid less. The fact that women don’t want to be rude and demand a raise is not the point. If the same job is being done, it should yield the same pay.

    Jenny Vaughn
    Period 6


    While visiting Penn State, President Obama expounded his plans to increase the amount of research done in the green technology field. In the spirit of the "Winning the Future" initiative he introduced at his State of the Union Address, Obama explained how green technology could be a bolster to our economy, not a burden, that could save American businesses $40 billion a year in utility bills. He also talked about plans to reduce energy use by commercial buildings by 20% through the next ten years. How will he pay for all this? Simple. Just end the tax cuts that the fossil fuel industries currently enjoy.

    I'm glad to see the Obama administration working to reduce our fossil fuel dependance, and more importantly, giving initiatives so average Americans will be more likely to want to do so. It is important that we continue our research on "green" technologies because for us to be able to continue our heavily energy consumption into the 21st Century, we will need to find new renewable sources of energy to replace our dwindling fossil fuel resources.

  23. New Planets Discovered
    Maria Miggs

    This week NASA announced the discovery of 1,235 possible planets. NASA is continuing research to distinguish real planets from stars. This finding will stimulate further inquiries regarding earth-like planets. Scientists are specifically investigating the planets near stars that resemble the sun whose environment would allow liquid water. If they can find moderate enough temperatures, there may be reason to look for life on these planets. The most important part of this discovery is the sheer amount of planets that we uncovered. If most turn out to be planets, this will triple the amount of known planets in the universe.

    It’s bewildering to think of the vast size of the universe and this discovery provides evidence to it’s immensity. It shows that we have just scratched the surface of our potential knowledge. These new potential planets may lead to exciting new discoveries regarding the universe. I agree with an astronomer at Yale, Debra Fishcer who said “This is an amazing era of discovery for astronomy.” She added, had “blown the lid off everything we thought we knew about planets.”

  24. Tanner Gardner-7th Period

    According to the 2011 Energy Report released by the World Wide Fund for Nature, the entire world population can get all the energy it needs from wind, water, solar and geothermal sources by 2050. WWF South African correspondent Richard Worthington said the report showed that in four decades, power, transport, industrial and domestic energy needs could be met by renewables, with only isolated residual uses of fossil and nuclear fuels. The report also states that such a change would be cost-effective, saving nearly $5.4 trillion a year. The halting of pollution and preserving the environment are extremely significant, but the cost of the massive changeover would be equally as weighty. The costs would increase exponentially, requiring capital spending to increase accordingly. By 2040, however, the investment would start to pay off.

    This may be a vague estimate created by some nature organization which may not know as much on the subject as say an organization dedicated primarily to energy itself, but still the message is clear: a purely renewable-resource foundation for the world's energy is feasible. If possible, you must not support oil companies-at all. I'm not talking about bio-fuels; at least those only contribute a small amount of green-house gases. No, I’m referring to the big dogs: Exxon, BP, etc.-the ones who cause irreparable damage to the planet through continuous oil spills, emission of toxic gases, among other things. Politicians need to be their peoples’ representatives and actually do what they tell them: boycott oil. A quote form the report sums it up perfectly: "Throughout the world, national legislation needs to overcome the bias towards the energy status quo ... "

  25. Tristin v

    In Apex, NC a man was charged with first degree murder of his wife. The man, John Evans, age 67, was convicted of shooting his wife twice in their home. Jamie Lee Brauer, a woman who lived in their home said that she heard two loud bangs while she was in the shower and ran to the room to see the wife, Donna Evans, on the floor shot, while John was also shot yelling that his wife shot him. Investigators said that Donna had been shot twice in two fatal places and that she could not have done it to herself. John was also shot. John recovered in the hospital but his wife died. John tried to say that his wife had shot him but from the evidence of her wounds, that would not be possible. It was also noted that their relationship was struggling, and in the room was a safe of Donna’s jewelry and over 1,000 dollars in cash. Many people who knew Donna in the town are shocked and devastated. John Evans is being held in the Wake County Jail without bond.

    This case makes me really sad, especially that it occurred so close to home. It’s very mysterious though. I see both sides of this case. Part of me thinks, how can they prove that the wife didn’t shoot John and then herself? I mean, the gun did shoot her in two fatal places, but what if the trigger was sensitive and just went off twice? And even if you get shot, you don’t die right away so she could have shot herself twice and her husband. The other part of me agrees with the fact that it was John. If experts say that she could not have possibly shot herself in those two different locations, then I believe them over me. But I still think this case might not totally be figured out. Despite these conflicting issues I hope Donna is in peace and that her loved ones get through this.

  26. Riley Hutchison
    7th period
    Topic: Science

    This week President Obama's administration announced that they would be regulating certain levels of harmful chemicals in our nations drinking water. These chemicals are found in 26 states, and could affect anywhere from 5 million to 17 million americans. These chemicals have been found to be carcinogens. up to 90 toxic chemicals have been found in the water, and restrictions will be placed on 16 of them. Certain toxins are found in rocket fuel, fireworks, and flares. These chemicals have been found to stunt the growth of fetuses, infants and kids. Military contractors seem to think that these restrictons are unnessacary. Environmentalists say that we need to restrict these toxens such as pentachlorate, and many others. Pentachlorate has been found in 26 states, and it has been found in food sampels, and in breast milk. There will be preposed regulatory levels within 2 years.

    I think it is crazy that we havent put limits on these toxins before hand. These are putting peoples lives in danger, especially thoes living near military bases. These restrictions should have been out into place a long time ago. These could have been contributing to our climbing cancer rates, and other illnesses that we have in our country. These regulations will help us become a healthier country all together, and hopefully we can get our water as clean as possible as soon as possible. I am glad that these restrictions will be put into place soon, but i wonder why it took so long.


    Congress decided on a resolution asking Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak to step down was the best idea. His power will be handed to a caretaker government and make a transition to a democratic society. Senators John Kerry and and John McCain are the leaders of the bill. Mubarak already said he would give up his power but that hasn't done much. The bill also says that the state of emergency must be lifted.

    I think it's suprising that the United States is willing to have Mubarak give up power. Egypt has always been our ally in the Middle East. It like the United States is turning their back on Mubarak, who's been the president since Anwar Sadat was assasinated in 1981. Hopefully the conflict will be done before it explodes.

  28. Jessica Yin
    7th. period

    A recent study of the epidemic of H1Ni, or swine flu,at a school of Pennsylvania showed that the children are the ones who are the least likely to be infected by sitting near an infected classmate,and their parents are not likely to be infected by their children, either, they are infected through their social network,that children are more tend to be infected by contacting/touching the people of different grades but not the classmates of the same class. Thus the adults cannot catch the flu directly by their household, and they are more tend to be not infected according to their stronger immunity, but they are the ones who transmit the virus to others quickly and easily once they get sick.Some statistics showed that 38%of children 6 to 12 were infected, compared with 23% of 11 to 18-year -olds and 13% of those older than 18.Adults were only about half as susceptible as children.

    As for my opinion,the point of this article is also that, the closure of school for reducing the rate of occurrence of flu does not show any effect,based on the study, it did little to slow the rate of transmission. I learned from the article that the children of the same sex are also more tend to infect each other rather than the being with the opposite sex children,additionally, the fourth-grade students are more likely to be infected through their social network, I think the addition of the age not only increase the immunity, but also increase the rate and possibility of infecting and being infected.The study is very helpful that the information could be used to understand whether it might be better to close a school, or to close individual classes or grades.

  29. Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson from california says that he belives that the county of Stanislaus have found the body of a young boy. That has been missing since Jan,18, 2011. They say he was last seen with his grandmother. They belive he was taken by his mother ex boyfirend. His body was seen inside a canal in California. He was found by one of the water authority employee Tuesday around 7 in the morning. They say that they will not find out until in two or three weeks. They also think that his step father might also be inside that canal. The police have not found him get.

    I really dont know why sommone would want to hurt a child or minor that is unable to defend ?him/her self. If he was having problems with his mother what did he have to do with it. I still dont understand why is still the mother having his baby he they have been over for five months. The little boy should of never died he had a chance to live and have a childhood. I really think the penalty for killing a young child or minor should be really high. I really think they should not be able to leave jail. They should not be let out in public.

  30. (Education)

    State governors around the country are trying to remove tenure for public school teachers. They say that tenure makes firing bad teachers almost impossible. Instead of having the incompetent teachers fired, the newer, younger teachers are fired. These governors are all Republican, but many Democrats agree with them and are trying to get this to happen from other offices. The teachers’ union and a few other organizations are against this. They say that tenure keeps teachers from being fired without cause. According to them, the focus should be more on how to keep incompetent teachers from ever getting into a classroom, instead of getting the already established bad teachers out.

    I believe that something needs to be done about improving teaching. I agree with the governors that our current form of tenure needs to be removed. I have first-hand felt the effects of a tenured teacher who was not able to teach. People like that need to be fired for the sake of the education of the students. I do, however, think that there needs to be a way set to make sure that teachers are not fired without cause. This protection, however, should not extend only to the most senior members. There should be checks in place to make sure that there is a cause for all firings, whether the cause be child molesting or ineffective teaching. This will be better than tenure because it helps younger teachers to not get fired. This is important because young teachers are often just as good as old teachers, and they bring fresh ideas to the classroom. I agree with the teachers’ union that there should also be guards in place to keep incompetent teachers from ever setting foot in the classroom. But this cannot be the only change made.

    Chiara Salemi

  31. Leila Doerfer
    Topic: Science

    On Wednesday, the Obama administration decided to place new limits on the amount of toxic chemicals allowed in drinking water. These limits include a chemical called perchlorate which comes from rocket fuel and is found in the drinking water of 26 states. Studies have found that carcinogens are found in water systems around the country. These chemicals cause cancer and are threats to millions of people. According to the EPA it will take three to four years to complete the regulations. Research has found that perchlorate affects the thyroid gland. This means that over exposure to perchlorate can stunt growth in fetuses, infants and children. The EPA says that perchlorate contaminates the drinking water of 5 million to 17 million Americans. Traces of perchlorate have been found in breast milk and foods tested by the Food and Drug Administration.

    I think it's really sad that we think we're drinking clean pure water and eating healthy food, but there are chemicals that we can't tell are there, and they are hurting us without our knowing. I'm really glad that the EPA is taking control of regulations on
    these dangerous chemicals. It's really scary that there are harmful chemicals in breast milk because they are being passed down to babies, and that means that there are babies starting out their lives already exposed to perchlorate and other dangerous chemicals. I hope that the EPA is successful with these prohibitions and that the level of contamination of these chemicals goes way down.


    Due to the recent protesting and chaos in Egypt, there have been a lot of internet blackouts there. This has been the government's response to the protesting. They began with shutting down social networking sites, and then moved on to completely shutting down the internet in a lot of areas. This is a problem, because it's leaving people out of touch with what is happening with the rest of the country and the world. To help people still get their voices out and stay in contact, Google and Twitter have set up a new service. People can call a number and say a message, and it will automatically be posted to Twitter. People can also call those numbers and listen to other people's messages.

    I think this is a very good thing Google and Twitter are doing. The Egyptian government was not right to shut down the internet. To cut off contact with the rest of the world and the country is a very powerful thing to do, and in my opinion the government should not be allowed to do that to it's citizens. Google and Twitter are using technology to help Egyptians still keep in contact and stay organized, which could help the situation go over a lot more smoothly.

    Kate Boyd
    7th pd

  33. Geoff Thomason
    7th period

    Yesterday, KiOR, a company that works out of Pasadena, Texas, was offered a loan guarantee for a $1 billion project, to support the method of turning wood chips into a usable oil substitute. If finalized, the loan would be around four times larger than any previous ‘biofuel,’ loan that the government has ever granted. This loan is designed to encourage alternative forms of energy to be produced; mainly efficient, working substitutes for gasoline and diesel that can be obtained from clean, renewable sources. Many different companies and groups across the nation are working towards finding a perfect substitute, but there has been little success. KiOR is to build two plants in Mississippi, one in Georgia, and one in Texas in order to fill their contract and to increase productivity of energy from wood chips. In each of their small four factories, they would heat the wood chips in a chamber with a controlled amount of oxygen and catalysts to produce a liquid and gases that can be turned into fuel. This would produce a synthetic crude oil the company calls “Re-crude,” and then they would convert that to materials that could be blended directly into gasoline and diesel fuel. This method has proven to be somewhat successful, in that no industry has produced a high quality fuel that would be sold at an acceptable price.
    I think that it would be wonderful if we could receive our energy from something as simple and lavish as woodchips, but I don’t think this will work out in such a simple manner. I think that it’s a great idea, but it’s too risky and pricy. However, if a fuel sample that is just as efficient in use as gasoline and diesel, is developed, then I believe that it is even better than alternative source of energy. If we can maintain sufficient amounts of this clean alternate fuel for gasoline and diesel, then we can still use cars and types of machinery that depend on oil.

  34. Thomas Nguyen
    2.3.11 Period 7
    Topic: National News

    Lisa P. Jackson, the administrator for the EPA has announced that the Obama Administration would set new levels on toxic chemicals in drinking water. This will help set standards for drinking water, which has fallen behind environmental and health science in terms of regulation activity. The standards would affect many dangerous compounds including perchlorate, known to be in rocket fuel and fireworks that has contaminated the drinking supply of 26 states across the US. According to some studies, many carcinogens are found and deadly chemicals are in many municipal water systems. Drinking water regulation laws can not keep up with the spread of contamination. Perchlorate can debilitate the thyroid as well as stunting the growth of fetuses, infants and children. Perchlorate is mostly found near military installations because of rocket testings there. The EPA has let to make a limit on Perchlorate and is in the process to determine and set a standard. The EPA also said it will regulate organic compounds such as trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene.

    I think this is good because many dangerous substances in our drinking water are lowered and may disappear within 10-20 years. I think the EPA should set more standards as soon as possible because this could prevent 5-10 million people from receiving the harmful effects of Perchlorate. I hope that North Carolina does not have harmful amounts of Perchlorate in our drinking water because it would pose a very serious risk on young children drinking tap water. There are more dangerous chemicals in our drinking water that need to be strictly regulated. For now, I am happy with the news of drinking water regulation. The military doesn't like the news because they will have to find a way to dispose most of the Perchlorate that comes out of their rockets during testing.


    Astronomers have identified 1,235 potential planets orbiting other stars. This number of planets would potentially triple the number of currently known planets. Scientists have said that fifty four of these planets could be potential carriers of water and maybe even life. It is not certain that all of these planets are real, but after running a series of tests, scientists have said that they are confident that at least ninety percent these planets could turn out to be actual planets.

    I think this is huge news for the astronomical community. These are 1,235 planets that we previously did not know existed. Scientists have been searching for life on other planets for years, and now they have discovered fifty four planets that are good candidates for containing water or maybe even life. The discovery of life on another planet would be a huge finding for the scientific world. Knowing that there is life on other planets would completely change how we look at the universe around us. Finding these planets could be potentially be a massive scientific step towards the discovery of life on other planets.

    Brady Strine
    6th period


    Andrew Cohen 7th

    Subject: Economics

    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake made it very clear with lawmakers in his appearance before reporters at the National Press Club Thursday as he told them to raise the debt limit. He said that if we don’t increase the limit, America could default on it, which would be “catastrophic”. The Treasury Department mentioned Wednesday that the United States is expected to pass the legal borrowing limit of around $14.29 trillion sometime in between early April and June. Bernake mentioned that the economy is on the mend, using higher consumer spending as an example of this. Some of Bernake’s critics pointed towards the rising food and gas prices as to why the economy is not on the mend. He refuted his critics’ arguments by mentioning, "Right now, inflation overall -- including food and energy prices -- is quite low in the United States, quite lower than any other industrialized country."
    This is important because it is about the economy and the massive United States debt that needs to be fixed. The Federal Reserve Chairman, who heads the central banking system, is a very important man in the United States, especially regarding US economy. I think that Bernake is right about increasing the debt limit because I also think that the economy is on the mend due to rising consumer spending. If we increase the debt limit, it will give the United States more room to work with economically and stop us from “kicking the can down the road”, as Bernake would phrase it.


    The Obama administration is discussing with Egyptian officials a proposal for President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak to resign immediately. America wants the Vice President, Omar Sulieiman, to lead the transition in government. Mubarak wants to stay president until the next election in September. One Egyptian official said, “My political answer is [America] should mind their own business.” Egyptian protesters plan to march on the presidential palace on Friday.

    I believe America made the right decision by siding with the Egyptian protesters and interfering with Egypt’s internal affairs. The Egyptians need to be given more rights by their government. The downside to this whole thing though is that if the protesters get their way, the banned Muslim Brotherhood may find their way into the Egyptian government. Although this is one downside, the Egyptian people deserve to make their own decisions and live in a democratic country.

    Chris Barth

  38. Topic: Human Rights
    Alex Grosskuth
    6th period
    In Pakistan this week a 17 year old teenager was arrested for breaking their laws by righting offensive libel about the Islamic prophet Mohammad on his exam paper. It has not been released what was written, but no matter what it was, the laws in Pakistan state that anyone that insults the prophet must either be killed or imprisoned for life. These laws have been controversial for a long time, a liberal politician was gunned down after claiming that he wished to change these laws. The Human Rights Watch stepped into this situation and told Pakistan to drop their charges immediately. They argued that the "Convention on the Rights of the Child" promises free speech to all those under 18 and Pakistan is a country that agreed to this convention. Pakistan claims they've used these blasphemy laws with people under the age of 18 before.
    Whenever i read one of these articles, i realized how lucky we are to have all these rights guaranteed to us by the constitution. Here, we're allowed to say whatever we want and do pretty much whatever we want without worrying about getting arrested for it. Another surprising thing from this is the fact that they obviously don't have a separation of church and state within their government because this law blatantly favors Islam. We take this separation of church and state for granted here also, many countries don't have the freedom of religion that we do here. In Pakistan its obvious that if i compared Mohammad to Batman, there would be serious retributions. Here in America i can say otherwise though, 1 Mohammad doesn't have any batarangs, 2 Mohammad isn't friends with Chief Inspector Gordon 3 Mohammad doesn't have to pretend to be just a mild-mannered citizen by day, prophet by night 4 Batman doesn't command one of the largest religions in the world. <--- just saying thats all true. Overall, this article caught my attention because we never think about having restrictions like that while we live here in America, we take so much for granted that many people are just realizing they should have as a basic right.

  39. Kim Rubish
    Period 6

    This Wednesday, NASA's Kepler satellite which find planets reported 1,235 planets possibly orbiting around other stars. This finding could triple the previously known number of planets. Fifty-four of these possible planets are being referred to as "habitable", because they have temperatures allowing liquid water to exist. While these planets may take years to either confirm or disprove as far as existance goes, statistical tests predict that 85 to 90 percent of these planets are really there. It has also been announced that a group of Kepler scientists have discovered a star orbitted by 6 planets, the most they have seen so far.

    I think that this is absolutely incredible. I mean, sure, not all of these planets will end up really being there, but some defniitely will! It really makes you think, is there another Earth (or another Earth-like planet) out there? Are there thousands? Nothing like this has ever been discovered, and it is a huge breakthrough in modern astronomy. Maybe there are people on other Earths right now making the same breakthroughs we are. With new information like this, you have to wonder. A step in scientific knowledge of this magnitude can only lead to bigger and better things, bringing us closer and closer to answering the big question: is there life on other planets? With this new information, maybe we can finally answer it.

    Leon Pickles

    Scientists have been trying to clone a woolly mammoth. This experiment would cost $10 million but afterwards woolly mammoths wouldn't be extinct anymore. They would do this by using the DNA the have from a little bit of hair and clone it. They would then make it into an embryo and put it in an elephant so that the elephant would have a woolly mammoth baby. They could only do this with elephants because elephants are woolly mammoths closest relatives. Scientists are also thinking about cloning a Neanderthal. But this could bring up a lot of controversy.
    I think cloning a woolly mammoth would be super cool because if we did that we could know that we would be able to clone any other extinct animal that we have DNA from. This would make learning about dinosaur times very easy because we would be able to clone the dinosaurs like in Jurassic Park.


    Virginia's attorney general, Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, let it be known on Thursday that he wanted to go straight to the Supreme Court with the issue of the Obama health care law on an expedited basis in order to determine its constitutionality. Only rarely does the Supreme Court agree to skip over the appellate court, but Cuccinelli wants this issue resolved quickly. The attorney general stated, “Currently, state governments and private businesses are being forced to expend enormous amounts of resources to prepare to implement a law that in the end may be declared unconstitutional." He is the first plaintiff to challenge the act.

    I can understand wanting to take this to the Supreme Court quickly because it is a major issue that affects everyone in America. It is going to cost a great deal of money and bring a massive change the way the health care system is run. Although normally I would say that bypassing the appellate court - which is the customary step before the Supreme Court - should not occur because that is the way the system is set up, but in this case I can at least see where Cuccinelli is coming from. It is, however, a highly difficult and controversial issue

  42. Hannah Blackburn: Social Injustices

    We Are All Egyptians - Nicholas D. Kristof

    Kristof is a journalist who specializes in going to the worst places in the world to get hands-on experience in what he wants to write about. This week he has been in Egypt, in Tahrir Square. He has met many protesters and he says the most startling thing about the protesters is their courage. They all tell him that they are willing to die for this cause. One doctor he talked to said that he didn't care about ever going home. He said that if he died in Tahrir Square, it was for his country. Kristof also met an idol of his, Dr. Nawal El Saadawi. She is a frail old woman, but still has a lot of passion for her causes. She is a women's activist who fights against genital mutilation. Although she is old, she planned to sleep with the rest of the protesters on the Square.

    Dr. Nawal El Saadawi and the others amaze me wtih their courage and determination. They are constantly under attack, but they won't give up. Kristof said that the lesson learned was that "We are all Egyptians". I think he means that THEIR struggle for democracy is OUR struggle, too. He hopes the US will force Mubarak to step down immediately. Violence is shocking to me, having lived the protected life I have. The first time I ever really heard about modern violence was when the Trade Towers fell in 2001.

  43. Logan current event
    Connor Randolph
    President Barak Obama will be taking questions from reporters about the continuing violence In Egypt. This may be a changing day for the crises as anti-government demonstrators escalate the protests. Obama and his administration are putting the blame on Egyptian government authorities and President Hosini Mubarak for the violent fights in Cairo. The President of Egypt has not called to resign immediately as the protesters want. The protestors have made clear that the aren’t satisfied with Mubarak’s announcement that he will not be seek reelection in September after his 30 years of power.
    I think that if Obama can answer question in the right way and show that Mubarak stepping down will be a very positive thing for the country than this speech could make a large defense. Citizens on the government will see that nothing positive has come out of Mubarak being there president and they will side with the anti-government protestors. There needs to be a change in this country and Obama might have the guts to say what is on his mind and make it right.

  44. This article is about a woman wanting to give children a good quality education by sending them to a school in a different district. In Akron, Ohio Kelley Williams- Bolar took her children out of school in their district and enrolled them in a suburban district where her father lived. William- Bolar used her fathers address to enroll her girls; she claimed that she lived there part time. The Copely- Fairlawn School District didn’t believe her so they hired a private spy to follow her. They demanded that she pay $30,000 since she sent her daughters to a school district where she didn’t pay taxes. Williams- Bolar refused and she was charged with two felonies and found guilty and was sentenced 10 days in jail.

    I feel that this is TRULY unfair. EVERY single child has the right to get a good quality education. But as we know not every student is granted one because of where they live. I think what Kelley Williams- Bolar did was completely legit, sending her children to a another school for a better quality education. Just because she didn’t pay taxes in that district mean she should have to pay $30,000, she clearly pays taxes regradless. This article makes me realize how unfortunate some students are and they cant help the situation that their in so they just have to settle for less, which is unfair.


    A Portuguese male model, Renato Seabra, 20, was accused of killing a well-known Portuguese television journalist last month. However, he pleaded not guilty. On Tuesday, February 1, the model was indicted on the second-degree murder of 65-year-old Carlos Antonio De Castro, in a Manhattan, NY. The body was found by one of the victims acquaintances, saying she was in contact with him earlier in the day. The body was later found by hotel employees. Law enforcement officers said the victim had been beaten with a bludgeon, and castrated. Seabra was arrested as he came out of a hospital after being treated for cuts on his wrist. After the arrest he was given a psychiatric evaluation. The story goes that Seabra and Castro were staying at the same hotel in NY; sources say it was unclear why they were in NY. Seabra’s lawyer says "We plan a vigorous defense, and we think we'll get a positive result," and, "Considering what he's been through, he's in pretty good spirits." Seabra is still at Bellevue, he said.”

    I believe that Seabra is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. There really is no other explanation to the murder of Castro. I don’t think this model is going to win the case because all evidence points to him. The crime that this man committed seems to be unnecessary and incredibly violent.

    Laura Musalem
    6th period


    Topic: Health

    In the U.S.,being overweight is a very common problem. The obese population of America is greatly higher than that of most other countries in the world. That doesnt go to say, however, that these other countries dont have high obese populations as well. In the entire world, the population of people who are obese has doubled since 1980. Obesedity is a serious problem around the entire world beause it somes with many serious health risks and problems associated with it. More than half a billion people in the world are considered obese. These obese people suffer a greater cchance for heart attack, diabetes, and many other health risks. Some research groups are finding ways to cut down on the population of obese peoplein the world. One main problem that comes along with obeseidity is the chance for high cholesterol. High cholesterol is very dangerous because it can allow for blood clots and fat bulid-up to occur much easier.

    I beleive that something needs to occur very soon to prevent more of the world's population from falling into the category of obese. This already affects many people, and it is not something positive. Also, i think it is very important that word about problems with obesity is getting out to the public. They need to see how serious of a problem it really is. By showing them the dangers of obesity, they can attempt to spread the word as well. The more people who know about this problem, the more of a chance there is for someone to help prevent obesity around the world!

    Cole Shoup
    Period 7


    Jackson Wright
    7th Period

    Topic: Middle East

    This article touches on the 11th day of the Egyptian protests, possibly one of the most encouraging so far for the protesters. These Egyptian protesters want to rid their country of Mubarak's monarchy reign and move into a more democratic regime. This looks a possible outcome in the near future, with Mubarak having witheld his violent cavalrymen today. Also, Amr Moussa, a leader of the Arab league and former servicemen of Mubarak spoke twice today to protesters and has looked to join the movement. This bodes well for the protester that they have high standing Egyptian figures behind them, and hopefully these figures can form a democracy if Mubarak resigns.

    I think that Mubarak was a decent ruler, considering the small amount of conflicts he partook in, but he has not done much positive either. With the unemployment rates over 25% in Egypt, something must be done. This something is the end of Mubarak's reign and the beginning of a democracy. Hopefully the things that commenced earlier today are signs of the end of the Mubarak reign.

  48. Ryan Hegedus
    Arrest made in Bellagio casino robbery; suspect is son of local judge

    A man wearing a motorcycle helmet went into the Bellagio Casino and stole about $1.5 million in Bellagio chips using a gun. The man who was later arrested and suspected of committing the act is Anthony Assad, the son of a Las Vegas judge. The father said that he was deeply devastated that his son would do such a thing but, "people who break the law need to be held accountable." Anthony Assad is being brought up on robbery with a deadly weapon, burglary with a deadly weapon, and trafficking of a controlled substance. Anthony Assad is also suspected of robbing the Suncoast Casino a few weeks earlier, a 20 minute drive north of the Bellagio. Regardless of how much money was stolen in chips, some of the higher value chips are hard to convert, but some reports said that the chips were being auctioned off on eBay.
    I think this man is not very smart. If indeed he did rob both casinos, why would he wear the same thing to rob both, with the same getaway method? If the man really wanted to be successful with this crude form of robbery that requires almost no skill, he could at least remember to change clothes or borrow a friend’s car. Also, his father is a judge in the city of Las Vegas! Not only has he disappointed his father, but he might even be tried by him. Although the criminal’s face was hidden by the visor on the helmet, the police should have no problem linking the robberies and convicting this man considering they made no mistakes in collecting evidence. After all, the same methods were used to rob each casino.

  49. Julie Wulforst
    Topic: The Middle East

    Inspired by the successful revolution in Tunisia, thousand of protestors gathered in the streets of Egypt to protest poverty, severe unemployment and government corruption, among other things. They blame President Hosni Mubarak, who's been leader for the last thirty years. The situation in the streets is violent, heated and quite frightening, with many people injured and some even dead. Journalists from all over gathered in Egypt to try to catch some of the action. These journalists reported being detained, beaten, jumped and interrogated this week while reporting on the situation in Egypt. There was one journalist from Sweden who was even stabbed. Another was taken back to her hotel ,at gunpoint while many journalists are unaccounted for. Many of their cameras and equipment have been smashed. Egypt is an extremely dangerous place.

    I think that the Egyptian citizens are right for protesting, but I don't think they should take it to the lengths they are taking it to. I understand their anger and frustration, but they should be protesting more peacefully. I give the journalists credit for having the courage to go over to such a dangerous place to supply us back home with upfront, current information. There is no excuse for what Egypt is doing to our citizens and citizens of other countries. I think America just needs to get out of foreign countries and deal with our own domestic problems for a change.